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Dolphins vs Jets: PFF and Salguero review

The grades from tape review are in and the Dolphins predictably looked as good on tape and scored highly in the grade category for this week's ProFootballFocus review as they did on the field.

As always, I offer you PFF's assessment and add my commentary and insight.



Lamar Miller handled 65 of 82 snaps, clearly claiming lead-dog duties with Daniel Thomas sidelined. Miller ran into the Jets’ brick wall when running up the middle, recording 16 yards on 8 totes. On his 14 other carries, running either right or left, he totaled 56 yards.

Salguero: The Dolphins were a right-hand running team this game. Miller, for example, collected 54 of his yards 77 yards running to the right side.

Four of Mike Gillislee’s nine snaps came late in the fourth quarter as the Dolphins were killing the clock.

Dion Sims (45 snaps) and Michael Egnew (27 snaps) played the majority of their snaps in the second half as the Dolphins ran the ball with a lead.

Ryan Tannehill was 0-for-4 on passes 20+ yards down the field, as he did not need to go deep to beat the Jets. He was, however, 7-of-8 on passes that went 10-19 yards.

Salguero: Tannehill missed an open Brian Hartline deep down the left sideline. It would have been a TD. This QB's inability to connect deep is no longer a coincidence. It is a fact we've seen time and again over two seasons now.

Tannehill threw an interception when he was blitzed, but overall, went 8-for-11 for 134 yards when the Jets sent pressure. 

Brian Hartline did a lot of his damage against rookie Dee Milliner, catching four of nine targets for 54 yards.

Mike Wallace caught four of five targets for 28 yards when matched up with Antonio Cromartie. His two longest plays, though, came against Dee Milliner (28-yard TD) and Demario Davis (21-yard catch and run).

Salguero: Milliner was benched in the third quarter. This is not the first time he's been benched this season. The No. 9 overall selection for the Jets is not picking the Rex Ryan defense up very well, not tackling well and looking nothing like the player he was at Alabama.

Charles Clay terrorized Demario Davis and Dewan Landry on Sunday, catching six of his seven passes against them for 63 of his 80 yards.

Salguero: You didn't hear much from the Miami offensive line, did you? That's what a good day sounds like. They should be anonymous. When you hear their names, bet that bad things are happening. LT Bryant McKinnie, who had his worst game of the season according to PFF last week, had his second-best day as a Dolphin versus the Jets. Nate Garner and Tyson Clabo also got positive grades. RG John Jerry and C Mike Pouncey got negative overall grades. Pouncey was downgraded mostly because of his run-blocking. But I must say, Pouncey did a masterful job of getting the Dolphins into the right blocking schemes and perhaps PFF doesn't consider that when grading the center.


After playing his most snaps of the season last week, Dion Jordan was back at 19 snaps out of a possible 55 plays. He played sparingly until the final quarter of the game.

Salguero: The Dolphins are going to have to figure something out that makes better use of Jordan going forward. Obviously, it's up to him to beat out either Olivier Vernon or Cameron Wake for more playing time. But he needs the opportunities to make plays because when granted such opportunities, he usually makes an impact.

Will Davis played the first 13 snaps of his NFL career. First, he spelled Nolan Carroll when Carroll left briefly with an injury. Then, he came in during garbage time.

Carroll was the most picked on cornerback for the Dolphins in a game that didn’t see them tested much. Carroll gave up four catches on six targets for 34 yards.

Dannell Ellerbe had one not so good play in coverage; a missed tackle on the 20-yard screen to Bilal Powell. But, he had one good play in coverage; tracking back on Greg Salas and intercepting a Geno Smith pass.

Salguero: The Dolphins had three sacks against the Jets, but that wasn't the entire story of their pressure on the QBs. Miami also had three QB hits and 12 hurries of Geno Smith and Matt Simms.

Salguero: The Dolphins defense did not have a penalty all game.


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Montana might not have aired it out much (even though he did), A Rogers certainly does!

WC is NOT all 6 YD passes

Biggest concern with Dolphins in the hunt is Sturgis, he is inconsistent and these games can possibly have that FG on the line....Armando please write a story on this dilemma as it hopefully pressures management to get another Kicker now.......to lose our chances because of kicker would be horrendous......

Cam is having a decent year on film outside of the stats. He didn't play on point his first game or so back, but he's been flashin all over the place. I'm not sure how many hurries he had on Sunday, but 1 or 2 of those Vernon sacks would have probably been sacks by Wake had Vernon not gotten their a step sooner. With the Dolphins currently you have to pick your poison. I saw Cam at the beginning of the year and I'm watching him now. He's the same player he's always been. Probably has another year or 3 of playing at that same level.

DC, you ask the question, i answer ... this is the bizarro Miami Dolphins... last year they struggle against the pass and struggle to pass but stop the run and run the ball ok.

This year we can't run, can't stop the run but can pass and have a good pass defense.

Does that equate to more wins?

Let's see...

Anthony Fasano 2013

22 catches 181yds 8.2ypc 3 tds

Charles Clay 2013

53 catches 581yds 11.0ypc 4 tds

I think we really should have resigned Fasano(sarcasistic sarcasm).

Actually Sam, Fasano cost next to nothing. I'd love to have him here just for short yardage and red zone trips...

Charles Clay is on pace for: 71 catches 775yds 5tds
I would love to see the td numbers much higher, but the catch and yardage numbers are above average for the TE position.

MIT, it wasn't until Gronk's 2nd season that he could actually be considered a great run blocking TE. Hopefully this happens for Dion Sims next season.

Sam, I'm nto bailing on any of our TEs Egnew included - and I don't include Clay as a TE. Clay is the new Frank Wycheck... and Egnew and Sims are talented dudes in tehir own way. Sims as an old school TE and Egnew as an athletic TE ... frankly it's up to them to determine how good they can be.

Just like Vernon snagged the opportunity that even the franchise wasn't sure he could do or Jordan wouldn't have been the first pick...

cant believe this is a story....yet another mediocre phins team trying to make the playoffs...even if they did they are out in 1st round....a qb (henne part 2) scared to make REAL throws and no pocket presence, poor coaching decisions and adjustments too.

the pats and the bills will put this team out of their misery....

hopefully we can get a new GM who will replace philbin with SOMEONE who knows what their doing

"the pats and the bills "


hahaha, go back to Batavia you loser!!!

dd/Mark, I do agree our OL has been better since Mount McKinnie got here. And I agree being able to pass and not run is different from our usual problem of being able to run but not pass. So we'll see. I just think this team is not disciplined enough to win multiple games in a row when their back is up against the wall. I hope they prove me wrong.

DC, teams are made or broken in december ... this is the drama we have yet to see unfold.

You must admit it is fun having games that really matter in December instead of just being mathematically alive Dec 1.

That in itself is fun for us sufferers of a long lost franchise.

Why not us?

And re: the o line ... we just need a decent o line - don't need to go crazy investing in this o line going forward - stress should still be on the skill positions. We have seen first hand what just getting a capable guy in McKinnie has done and he's no star anymore.

Herm Edwards
Bill Cowher
Jon Gruden...............
Of course none would play for a Ross owned team,One can only hope he sells....

Miami is not going to win 4 straight games, especially with this pathetic offense. People are dreaming here.

...Cuban..Aren't all of the above to old to play for a Ross team?

Mark, I do like having meaningful December games. That's why I'm not totally willing to throw everyone overboard if we don't make the Playoffs. But at this point, if we go 1-3, it'll be hard to take the bad taste out of peoples mouths. Especially with a favorable schedule. And the fact the team put itself in this place by not winning those winnable games earlier in the year.

For once (well, at least since '08) I want to see our team win "must have" games at the end of the year. It would repair a lot of despair I felt just a few short weeks ago.

Cuban, Herm predicted we will be the 6 seed in the Playoffs, so he's definitely tops in my book.

As for HC, no thanks. Unfortunately Herm isn't a great HC, he should stay in the booth.

Herm Edwards
Bill Cowher
Jon Gruden...............
Of course none would play for a Ross owned team,One can only hope he sells....

Posted by: Cuban Menace | December 03, 2013 at 02:36 PM


It was Ireland, it was always Ireland...

None of those guys were going to put up with being "overruled" by him.

Not that any of them would have been the right choice here.

Marc, see we're squaring off again in FF for last place..

DC, I think we have a firm shot at 3-1 and that should be good enough. If baltimore with their remaining schedule goes 3-1 then I'm sorry, they deserve the spot because that's a much tougher schedule they have down teh stretch and they beat us head's up thanks to one crazy pass rush they ahd in that game.

Somehow there is a part f me saying, come on Mark, they will go 2-2 and not make the playoffs and do just enough to get me to come back to this board everyday...

But I'm trying to ignore that part. If we win this Sunday then there is no excuse to not go 3-1 ... unless there's the mother of all snow storms in Buffalo in the next to last game ... seriously thank you scheduling guy for sending us to that hellhole that late in the year...

Posted by: The Signal | December 03, 2013 at 03:00 PM
Did you forget Ross was with Ireland on that little trip to see Harbaugh? You know while Sparano was still HC?

I think Dustin Keller would have been the money red zone guy. Would like to re-sign him to a one year deal to see if he can come back from the injury.

Agreed with Mark on Dion Jordon. He is flashing some serious closing speed. Would love to see him more this weekend.

Wow its December and there are meaningful games…stoked.

That's true about Idiotland,They looked at 3 coaches 2 years ago and settled for a OC who's kid killed himself 1 month prior..
Should have seen the writing on the wall....

come on Cuban ... come on....

Hate to say it, but Cuban nailed it

Did you forget Ross was with Ireland on that little trip to see Harbaugh? You know while Sparano was still HC?

Posted by: cocoajoe | December 03, 2013 at 03:19 PM


Haven't forgotten that at all...

In my opinion, pretty much sums up Ireland as both a GM and a man.


Dion Jordan is the first guy that I can remember chasing down Cam Newton as a DE. Cam has such escapability that I was shocked/stoked when Dion caught him.

haha, you guys are jerks... act as if the team is 2-10...

dolfnman: just because it would be incredibly stupid not to work with RT, doesn't mean that they ARE working with him.

I don't think we beat Pats, not if Brady's healthy and his WRs are out of jail.

But the other 3 are doable. Pittsburgh has looked SAD this year. Pray god we don't make them look good.

A good way to find out all the things Dion Jordan can do, is for the coaching staff to simply ask. He is a great, and unique athlete who should make a big impact.


We beat the Pats, because I am going to be there. So stop saying that. They are beatable. Just have to cheat like they do.

Did you forget Irescum asked 22yr old Dez Bryant if his momma's a hooka?


I honestly think we can beat the Pats. I have never really believed that with the exception of the year Brady was out in '08. But I think we're really starting to gel (especially on defense). If our offense can execute, then I think we truly have a fair shot at beating them. Our gameplans the last 2 weeks has been really solid though. The Carolina game still smarts (hahahha).

Exactly Paul, just get him on the field. he's so unique that he could be either a LB or DE - just get him out there, play multiple positions - he's doe it all - actually playing strictly DE is new to him.

DC, I think we have a firm shot at 3-1 and that should be good enough. If baltimore with their remaining schedule goes 3-1 then I'm sorry, they deserve the spot because that's a much tougher schedule they have down teh stretch and they beat us head's up thanks to one crazy pass rush they ahd in that game.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 03, 2013 at 03:13 PM

Excellent points, but, I'll take it a step further.

Make the playoffs or not, I feel it's absolutely CRUCIAL to finish the season on at least a 3-1 run. If not, I don't feel great about this team's prospects for next season either.

We must beat the Jets/Bills, zero questions about it. We must beat the Pats to feel we have ANY chance of UNSEATING them in 2014. If not, our prospects of unseating them in 2014 will only be the same old, same old.

We also must beat the Steelrs for this team to feel it has a chance of beating anyone if we make the playoffs. Tall order, but, I feel all of these things are necessary to go into 2014 really feeling legit.

4 games left against 3 below avg. teams, and the Pats at home. If we can't win these 4 games, the team just isn't there yet. Esp. the Pats at home - we woulda beaten them in Foxboro except for the refs so there is no excuse not to beat them at home.
An 8-8 record would be a failure in my mind, as we play in one of the weakest divisions in the NFL.

One way to get Jordan on the field more? Don't play Shelby anymore! Have Jordan spell Wake at LDE and Vernon at RDE, and even Misi or Wheeler at OLB. That'll get him on the field.

So, we are better without Incognitabrain, yes?

Well, the Cats beat the Pats, and we ALMOST beat the Cats ...

Don't get me wrong, I want us to get medieval on the Patriots. But man, they are wicked in the 2d half. Against the Texans. Against the Saints. Against the Broncos. Against, uh, us.

Mass, that's true, but it's becoming more evident to me that Dion Jordan was a luxury not a necessity (and that's bad strategy by the GM). Not like they didn't know, the coaches SAID Vernon looked better in the offseason and would show marked improvement this year. So why get ANOTHER pass-rusher when you can't get him on the field, and on top of that move up in the draft to get him (not like it cost us much)? Rather than use that pick on a position of need.

UNLESS Jordan is replacing Wake, I think that's another example of Ireland thinking about long-term plans without accurately calculating the short-term implications of neglecting the present.

It's evident Ireland should probably be gone after the season. The rest of the season will determine if anyone else follows him.

If the Phins cannot beat their main division rival, at home in December, after losing at Foxboro, then they are not there yet. Not even close.

Jordan will eventually replace Wake. But ask this why should we not still have a legit pass rusher when Wake or Vernon are being spelled?

you can't have enough pass rushers.

DC I don't feel it's a bad strategy to draft Jordan, just not prudent. Still, if Jordan proves to become a Defensive MVP caliber player in the coming years, then the pick will justify itself.

I say justify itself, because, anytime you can draft a player whom becomes a top 3 at his position(just like Jordan's draft spot) then there's never a bad time to draft a player with a caliber such as this.

Just hopefully, this will be the case. If not, then it was very bad strategy compounded by being a very bad pick.

just read Herm Edwards column on ESPN, saying he thinks Miami gets the final playoff spot....never quite sure what to think of 'ol Herm--seems like he knows what he's talking about (sort of), he was a coach after all.....but after reading the column, I wonder if he's talking about the same Fins that we know, and watch....and same Tannehill too--??

MassD @ 4:17, that has been what I've pounded this board for weeks about! he doesn't need to start to make an impact or have his selection validated - for right now he would get plenty of opportunities if he was the first guy in for those you mentioned.

No reason for this defense to ever be gassed in the front 7 - so many guys that can come in and play effective snaps.

The three man DT rotation of all high quality guys
Jordan at De and OLB
Jenkins at any LB position

Jordan needs to play OLB- This kid needs to get on the field more!!

He has all the tools, just needs the reps

Sturgis worries me also- I do not trust him

You think Giants fans were saying the same thing about JPP when he couldn't get on the field in year one with Strahan, Tuck, and Osi on the team? Patience my pets ... #1 picks are not made for the next year in isolation. That's how we used to draft ... how losers draft. Why the Jets took Milliner with their #1 pick...

Jordan, will get on the field sooner or later. I think the problem may be that we have 2 studs at d-end than his performance.

Vernon's entering beastly territory. My greatest expectations for him before the season would have been 8 sacks tops.

Not only has he smashed my expectations, he has 10.5 sacks with 4 games left to play. Before the season began, who amongst us could have honestly imagined Vernon having a double-digit sack season and still going.

wheres wake been sam

Bring back Richie! Check out www.DoilphinsTruth.com


Yeah Sam its been a great year for Vernon. Here is the best part. To start next year he will still only be 23 going on 24 and entering his third year. He should have even more upside than he is showing currently.

The D as a whole really has played much better the last 3 weeks besides that last drive against Carolina and a couple of Chargers runs. I really do think we have a decent shot of shutting the Steelers down especially if Patterson is back.

Didn't Wake miss 3 games?

Wake has 6.5 sacks with 4 games left t play, so, there's great chance he could still hit the double-digit sack mark.

I don't know about any of you guys but I wouldn't bet against him.

nemo patterson is a pansy. guy never plays. just cut the guy after the season

Dion Jordan and Michael Egnes played about 70 plays between them, and I can't remember a single thing they did. Both are busts that should be traded while they still have some minor value. Maybe a 6th round pick for Egnew and a 5th for Jordan. that's all they're worth, sadly.

Pittsburgh can be 5-17 or 0-15. Their record doesn't matter. They always always beat us, especially in Pitt. We'll lose to them and to New England. Gotta hope Baltimore and all the other 5-7 teams choke during December

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