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Dolphins vs Jets: PFF and Salguero review

The grades from tape review are in and the Dolphins predictably looked as good on tape and scored highly in the grade category for this week's ProFootballFocus review as they did on the field.

As always, I offer you PFF's assessment and add my commentary and insight.



Lamar Miller handled 65 of 82 snaps, clearly claiming lead-dog duties with Daniel Thomas sidelined. Miller ran into the Jets’ brick wall when running up the middle, recording 16 yards on 8 totes. On his 14 other carries, running either right or left, he totaled 56 yards.

Salguero: The Dolphins were a right-hand running team this game. Miller, for example, collected 54 of his yards 77 yards running to the right side.

Four of Mike Gillislee’s nine snaps came late in the fourth quarter as the Dolphins were killing the clock.

Dion Sims (45 snaps) and Michael Egnew (27 snaps) played the majority of their snaps in the second half as the Dolphins ran the ball with a lead.

Ryan Tannehill was 0-for-4 on passes 20+ yards down the field, as he did not need to go deep to beat the Jets. He was, however, 7-of-8 on passes that went 10-19 yards.

Salguero: Tannehill missed an open Brian Hartline deep down the left sideline. It would have been a TD. This QB's inability to connect deep is no longer a coincidence. It is a fact we've seen time and again over two seasons now.

Tannehill threw an interception when he was blitzed, but overall, went 8-for-11 for 134 yards when the Jets sent pressure. 

Brian Hartline did a lot of his damage against rookie Dee Milliner, catching four of nine targets for 54 yards.

Mike Wallace caught four of five targets for 28 yards when matched up with Antonio Cromartie. His two longest plays, though, came against Dee Milliner (28-yard TD) and Demario Davis (21-yard catch and run).

Salguero: Milliner was benched in the third quarter. This is not the first time he's been benched this season. The No. 9 overall selection for the Jets is not picking the Rex Ryan defense up very well, not tackling well and looking nothing like the player he was at Alabama.

Charles Clay terrorized Demario Davis and Dewan Landry on Sunday, catching six of his seven passes against them for 63 of his 80 yards.

Salguero: You didn't hear much from the Miami offensive line, did you? That's what a good day sounds like. They should be anonymous. When you hear their names, bet that bad things are happening. LT Bryant McKinnie, who had his worst game of the season according to PFF last week, had his second-best day as a Dolphin versus the Jets. Nate Garner and Tyson Clabo also got positive grades. RG John Jerry and C Mike Pouncey got negative overall grades. Pouncey was downgraded mostly because of his run-blocking. But I must say, Pouncey did a masterful job of getting the Dolphins into the right blocking schemes and perhaps PFF doesn't consider that when grading the center.


After playing his most snaps of the season last week, Dion Jordan was back at 19 snaps out of a possible 55 plays. He played sparingly until the final quarter of the game.

Salguero: The Dolphins are going to have to figure something out that makes better use of Jordan going forward. Obviously, it's up to him to beat out either Olivier Vernon or Cameron Wake for more playing time. But he needs the opportunities to make plays because when granted such opportunities, he usually makes an impact.

Will Davis played the first 13 snaps of his NFL career. First, he spelled Nolan Carroll when Carroll left briefly with an injury. Then, he came in during garbage time.

Carroll was the most picked on cornerback for the Dolphins in a game that didn’t see them tested much. Carroll gave up four catches on six targets for 34 yards.

Dannell Ellerbe had one not so good play in coverage; a missed tackle on the 20-yard screen to Bilal Powell. But, he had one good play in coverage; tracking back on Greg Salas and intercepting a Geno Smith pass.

Salguero: The Dolphins had three sacks against the Jets, but that wasn't the entire story of their pressure on the QBs. Miami also had three QB hits and 12 hurries of Geno Smith and Matt Simms.

Salguero: The Dolphins defense did not have a penalty all game.


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Posted by: Sam I Am | December 03, 2013 at 08:36 PM


You forgot the two mo's:

The Steelers would love nothing more than to kick our butts. Only way we win, is going into Heinz Field playing like we're fully aware of this.

If not, we leave Heinz Field wondering what the hell ever happened.

I seriously doubt the coaches are going to let their team go into this thinking it's a cake walk. Not after we lost to TB and Buffalo with a 5th QB making his first start.


Your idea that a glass half full mentality is ALWAYS a good attitude to have is bullsh*t.

Being a realist and questioning things is the attitude to have.

Show me a glass half full person and I'll show you a clueless idiot.

In the off season the glass half full types thought
that this team was going to be good.

Wrong, idiots.


Glass half full = Obama will bring hope and change.

Glass half full = I can leave my child alone with Jerry Sandusky, he does work for charity.

Glass half full = Henne is a franchise quarterback.

Glass half full = Lamar Miller will be better than Bush.

Glass half full = Politicians are noble public servants.

Glass half full = Cops protect and serve.

Glass half full = To hell with education and Science, there's an invisible man in the sky who loves me.

If you thought I was, I wasn't implying we should go into the game thinking they would lay down.

I was implying that we have shown flashes that we are a more complete team than the Steelers at the moment.

If we truly are then we will be prepared and will limit mistakes, out execute them, and really should win the game.

The Steelers have began to turn things around but they still have a long way to go.

yes sam, miami will have to play there best game of the year to win there

Lmao, looks like somebody got offended by being called an idiot for thinking that The Dolphins would actually be good this year.

I was right, you were wrong, glass half full clueless idiot.

My life is education, not football.

Same can't be said for the bottom feeders here.

rick pitt has chance to become second team ever to make playoffs after starting 0-4. be sad if they did and we didnt after starting 3-0

fire ross if your life is education, u have failed big time

There is nothing wrong with the Dolphins that a top QB wouldnt fix.

sure atlfin, with this oline we could have marino in 85

Same can't be said for the bottom feeders here.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | December 03, 2013 at 09:07 PM

A man can be judged by the company he keeps. Welcome to the club.

Our OL has been pretty good lately.

oline has been bad all year

I come here to take the pi$$, and to amuse myself.

The people in here who consider themselves part of the club are the most pathetic.


These are the types of games you should win if you want to call yourself a contender. This regime needs to show us they can do it.

Beating the Bills and the Jets again and backing into the playoffs shouldn't mean we've turned the corner is what I was attempting to say earlier.

HAHAHA! Add RT being a franchise QB to that list

Glass half full = Obama will bring hope and change.

Glass half full = I can leave my child alone with Jerry Sandusky, he does work for charity.

Glass half full = Henne is a franchise quarterback.

Glass half full = Lamar Miller will be better than Bush.

Glass half full = Politicians are noble public servants.

Glass half full = Cops protect and serve.

Glass half full = To hell with education and Science, there's an invisible man in the sky who loves me.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | December 03, 2013 at 09:00 PM

true rick, think we both know miami isnt making playoffs

If you think our OL is bad take a look at the Falcons.

yup both are reallllllyyy bad, giants also

I have zero allegiance with fat, out of shape, price gouged, no lifers, who live for BBQ Sundays.

People who communicate in possessive teams about sports teams, attaching their egos lol.

...and the way attitudes can't be so easily swayed.

Especially with Dolphins fans.

This week it's all hope and glory after a win.

After the Pittsburgh loss it'll be fire em all again.

Predictable monkey like behavior.

I come here to take the pi$$, and to amuse myself.

The people in here who consider themselves part of the club are the most pathetic.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | December 03, 2013 at 09:18 PM

What a lame excuse. Does it fool you? Because it doesn't fool anyone else.

Admit it, you are busted. Loser.

Well we certainly haven't seen anything he past 5 seasons to make us believe we can make the playoffs or even win an important game.

Don't need Vegas to find out those odds.

so true rick, that will change next year

Last I paid attention the Steelers o-line was also in shambles. Haven't heard much about it lately.

Big Ben doesnt need a great OL.

big ben is awesome, probaly be difference in game

Big Ben has gotten slow and plodding. We will get to him and make him eat dirt.

big ben has never been fast. hes strong as an ox and avoids rush quite well

Big Ben has a losing record. Nuff said.

What counts is only right now, this season.

RT > Rapeshitburger.

big ben has the second best record of all time and 2 super bowl wins

dusty, history is one thing. We are talking right now. Pitt has not been impressive. 2 years in a row they don't make the playoffs. If we can't beat them we haven't progressed.

I get what your saying Atlfin but you may be overstating it a tad. I believe he needed it in at least 5 of the games they lost.

The last one a kickoff return burned them.

There are some people who come here just to annoy others because it is the only feeling of accomplishment they can manage to bring into their miserable lives.

It's very sad that is how their life has played out. Yesterday's Gone.....but there is always today to be a fly in the ointment.

we havent done anything last 2 years either. pitt is at home. 5-3 last 8, fins 3-5. so if we are talking right now adv is on pitt also. beat bill,ravens,lions last 3 at home. very tough to play there. this is an elimination game

Some of you want to believe we've improved become worry warts any time we play an average team or better. You want an easy schedule and hope we can squeak in. If we've improved, they should worry about us, and the fans should welcome the challenge.

not me mahi, never thought we had shot this year. i think 2014 is the year of the fins

Some of you would rather see us destroy Jax in a primetime game. Not me. I'd rather see us beat Denver or Seattle by a point.

Nothing feels better than beating the best. That is what this team used to do. Now all of a sudden most of you are hen peck worried over playing a has been team.

Jets beat NO and NE and we destroyed the Jets.

Don't worry. Be happy.

We should win the game and if we don't we have not progressed.

mahi i dont rem us beating the best hardly ever sine maybe mid 80's

Big Ben is a HOFer.

jets werent same team as when they played them. u know that. balt and bills had destroyed them in last 2 weeks also

Here's another fact.

Marino is a HOF'er and sucked his last few years.

Few of you have any level of rational thinking. You suck up to labels and media nonsense.

I think it would be somewhat of a statement (In Dolphin terms) if we beat them Mahi. I'm just not putting any money on it.

marino sucked huh but his last year we won a playoff game. done that once since he left,ONCE


wish he could hit Mike Wallace in stride like he hits these trick shots..

true rick

Marino shouldnt be in the HOF. He never won nothing.

dusty stay on topic.

We are talking about today. If the fins have progressed, they should beat a struggling Pitt team. Period I don't care about their history. Now is now. If we lose, we are running in place it's that simple. We should win.

mahi fins havent progressed though. how is pitt struggling. 5-3 last 8 to get back in race

If you think it would be a statement to beat a 5-7 team, then your standards are very low. Your outlook should be too many of our losses were flukes and we should easily beat the fallen Steelers.

How some of you can have hopes we make the playoffs yet fear a 5-7 team is beyond me. If you fear them then you are admitting you think our team still sucks and therefore it would be only foolish to think playoffs.

U finally get it mahi

Many of you seem to be saying you hope we make the playoffs and at the same time hope we don't have to beat any good teams to get there. That is fantasy land.

I want the tough schedule. I want to beat the good teams. Raise your standards. If you want a champ, be a champ yourself.

I dunno I think a few of us are actually saying the same thing.

I'm merely saying, if we believe our team has progressed, if we believe that on a good day our defense is very good, we shouldn't act like pink sheep against a 5-7 team. Their past means nothing.

Now if you don't think we progressed. Fine. Focus on 2014.

The 2 biggest irrational fears on this board. Of course I'm excluding the non fans they want us to fear green grass.

1. The next opponent no matter who it is...as far as I know I was the only person that picked us to win by more than a TD vs the Jets. Of course I'm a homer/fan. But we have guys on here that claim to be fans that pick against us every week.
2. The Pats will pick up any player we cut and will be a star and go on to a HOF career.

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