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Dolphins vs Jets: PFF and Salguero review

The grades from tape review are in and the Dolphins predictably looked as good on tape and scored highly in the grade category for this week's ProFootballFocus review as they did on the field.

As always, I offer you PFF's assessment and add my commentary and insight.



Lamar Miller handled 65 of 82 snaps, clearly claiming lead-dog duties with Daniel Thomas sidelined. Miller ran into the Jets’ brick wall when running up the middle, recording 16 yards on 8 totes. On his 14 other carries, running either right or left, he totaled 56 yards.

Salguero: The Dolphins were a right-hand running team this game. Miller, for example, collected 54 of his yards 77 yards running to the right side.

Four of Mike Gillislee’s nine snaps came late in the fourth quarter as the Dolphins were killing the clock.

Dion Sims (45 snaps) and Michael Egnew (27 snaps) played the majority of their snaps in the second half as the Dolphins ran the ball with a lead.

Ryan Tannehill was 0-for-4 on passes 20+ yards down the field, as he did not need to go deep to beat the Jets. He was, however, 7-of-8 on passes that went 10-19 yards.

Salguero: Tannehill missed an open Brian Hartline deep down the left sideline. It would have been a TD. This QB's inability to connect deep is no longer a coincidence. It is a fact we've seen time and again over two seasons now.

Tannehill threw an interception when he was blitzed, but overall, went 8-for-11 for 134 yards when the Jets sent pressure. 

Brian Hartline did a lot of his damage against rookie Dee Milliner, catching four of nine targets for 54 yards.

Mike Wallace caught four of five targets for 28 yards when matched up with Antonio Cromartie. His two longest plays, though, came against Dee Milliner (28-yard TD) and Demario Davis (21-yard catch and run).

Salguero: Milliner was benched in the third quarter. This is not the first time he's been benched this season. The No. 9 overall selection for the Jets is not picking the Rex Ryan defense up very well, not tackling well and looking nothing like the player he was at Alabama.

Charles Clay terrorized Demario Davis and Dewan Landry on Sunday, catching six of his seven passes against them for 63 of his 80 yards.

Salguero: You didn't hear much from the Miami offensive line, did you? That's what a good day sounds like. They should be anonymous. When you hear their names, bet that bad things are happening. LT Bryant McKinnie, who had his worst game of the season according to PFF last week, had his second-best day as a Dolphin versus the Jets. Nate Garner and Tyson Clabo also got positive grades. RG John Jerry and C Mike Pouncey got negative overall grades. Pouncey was downgraded mostly because of his run-blocking. But I must say, Pouncey did a masterful job of getting the Dolphins into the right blocking schemes and perhaps PFF doesn't consider that when grading the center.


After playing his most snaps of the season last week, Dion Jordan was back at 19 snaps out of a possible 55 plays. He played sparingly until the final quarter of the game.

Salguero: The Dolphins are going to have to figure something out that makes better use of Jordan going forward. Obviously, it's up to him to beat out either Olivier Vernon or Cameron Wake for more playing time. But he needs the opportunities to make plays because when granted such opportunities, he usually makes an impact.

Will Davis played the first 13 snaps of his NFL career. First, he spelled Nolan Carroll when Carroll left briefly with an injury. Then, he came in during garbage time.

Carroll was the most picked on cornerback for the Dolphins in a game that didn’t see them tested much. Carroll gave up four catches on six targets for 34 yards.

Dannell Ellerbe had one not so good play in coverage; a missed tackle on the 20-yard screen to Bilal Powell. But, he had one good play in coverage; tracking back on Greg Salas and intercepting a Geno Smith pass.

Salguero: The Dolphins had three sacks against the Jets, but that wasn't the entire story of their pressure on the QBs. Miami also had three QB hits and 12 hurries of Geno Smith and Matt Simms.

Salguero: The Dolphins defense did not have a penalty all game.


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chad ryan jax

As the Dolphins get ready for the playoff run, fans hoping for a Superbowl run should consider:

Only Houston’s Randy Bullock has more misses than Sturgis.

Wallace drops more passes than almost anyone.

Only six teams have a worse run defense.

Tannehill is close to the worst QB in the 4th quarter in the NFL. Even in all four quarters, he is 24th in rating and 29th in interceptions.

The OL is still dreadful.

A win against the hapless Jets is not the stuff that starts a championship run.

This team has problems and they've not earned any trust from fans IMO.

NH, nobody actually believes Tannehill = Henne. That's just provocation talk...

exactly 2 watt, and 61.4% is below average ... thanks for coming out. League average is 61.7%

Sigh, i can spin it too...

Tannehill is 11th in the NFL in passing yardage

9th ranked pass defense

respectable 13th in the NFL most important stat in turnover differential

9th in red zone defense

The team is playing their best ball of the season right now..

Truth is there is as much to be down about as there is to be optimistic about and tehy are right in the middle of all this mumbo jumbo that is the AFC. Other than NE and Denver, do you think any other AFC is really superior? Cincinnati, Indy? beat em both. Baltimore? We had em ... You only bury your head and quit if you're a quitter or don't really care.

same comp%
same qb
chad ryan = hennehill

TROLL ALERT!!! TROLL ALERT!!! Nobody respond to NH posts! He is a TROLL! He is DAYTONA!
Just kidding, NH

I have to say that I want the team to win, but I also think Ireland and Sherman (and his son-in-law) should be canned. Therefore, I have mixed feelings about a playoff run. If they sneak in, I worry that no changes will be made. I want a team that doesn't have to back in to a playoff spot. I want a team that is consistently good, not the same old crap we've been seeing for far too long. I'm sick of saying every preseason, "This is the year the Dolphins make a Superbowl run," only to be let down time and again.

So, the ONLY stat that's not in the middle, or bottom of the pack is YARDAGE?! and that's 11th?

Wow, that RT kid sure is a difference maker...

chad ryan jax is alot better than tpuke on 3rd + 4th dn's.
chad ryan > tpuke

Truth is there is as much to be down about as there is to be optimistic about and tehy are right in the middle of all this mumbo jumbo that is the AFC. Other than NE and Denver, do you think any other AFC is really superior? Cincinnati, Indy? beat em both. Baltimore? We had em ... You only bury your head and quit if you're a quitter or don't really care.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 04, 2013 at 09:39 AM

Actually, Mark is wrong about 1 thing above. We're actually at the top of the mumbo jumbo (of the Wildcard spot). We win out, and the only team we have to worry about is Baltimore, but their schedule is tougher than ours. This team has a chance to put all the nonsense of this season out the window and open eyes around the league. 4 games. 4 wins = A WHOLE NEW OUTLOOK ON LIFE!

Who on Earth is talking about a "championship run??"

That's beyond unrealistic...it's ludicrous. Miami still has too many issues, particularly a cobbled together OL that simply cannot be adequately fixed or addressed until the season ends.

They are not far away. And for a second-year guy with virtually zero run game much of the time and horrible protection in front of him as often as not, I think Tannehill has shown plenty of progress (as do most NFL analysts I've read/heard).

But this year? No. Not under any circumstances. Any playoff 'run' (if they even get there) would very likely be one and done.

You should all pray that they don't make the playoffs. What an embarrassment that would be.

marc, any worse than the pounding the saints gave them on nat. tv?

It might be worse!? Could you imagine how badly the Broncos, Seahawks, playoff Pats, or 49ers would manhandle this team?

Let me repeat (for the slow ones). 10-6 equals new life for Jeff Ireland, Joe Philbin, Sherman, Coyle, Tannehill, EVERYONE but probably Incognito and Martin. Plus, with all the injuries this team sustained, it would be a shot in the arm to the franchise, a show of real success in the face of adversity. It would resoundingly backup everything Philbin's been saying about the character of the men in the locker room.

And I would backtrack on all my pessimism that I've posted last several weeks.

So, yeah, it would be pretty huge. Likelihood of it happening..., realistically, slim to none. But that's why they play the games.

OK, Marc, how would your buddy kaepernick be doinng here???

Or is it his tattoes and douchey appeal that really gets you going there, man???

No telling MarK. He has a couple less passing TD's and a couple more rushing TD's. He's got less passing yardage, but more rushing yards. One thing is highly Probable. Kaep would peobably not underthrow Wallace!

Just to clarify, I DO agree making the playoffs (particularly if they ran the table to get there) would be a confidence builder going forward and a validation that the team's foundation is solid despite the obvious issues remaining.

I'm only saying a playoff run (as in winning more than one game, if that) is completely unrealistic. The OL would eventually be their downfall and there's simply no magic or coaching wizardry to hide that talent deficiency.

He's also got 2 games where he's thrown 3 TD's vs 0 INT's. Has RT ever done that? That's rhetorical.

./new blog

In truth, only Tannehill and Russel Wilson have shown real progress over their rookie campaigns. RG3 and Kaepernick have actually take a pretty significant step back this year, and Luck (while still awesomely talented) has been up and down along with the rest of the Colts, who as an overall team are also not progressing the way they were expected to.

All or any of it may or may not be relevant in years to come but what I CAN say without even an ounce of doubt is that you guys writing off Tannehill are delusional and short-sighted in the extreme. Not to mention not terribly bright by all appearances (sorry, but true). Aside from your VERY tiny bubble nodding their heads Pavlovian-style, you will find virtually nobody who analyzes or coaches the game for a living not pretty high on Tannehill's prospects.

May not be what you want to hear but that won't change the facts.

Why don't you try throwing the long ball with a helmet hitting you under your armpit or belly.

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