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Four Dolphins in the Pro Bowl

The NFL announced its Pro Bowl players for the 2013 season and four Dolphins are on the teams that will play next month.

Defensive end Cameron Wake, cornerback Brent Grimes, center Mike Pouncey and punter Brandon Fields were named to play in the game on January 26. The game, held in Honolulu, Hawaii, will be played at 7 p.m. eastern and aired on NBC.

“I want to congratulate Brandon, Brent, Mike, and Cam on being named to the NFL Pro Bowl team,”  Dolphins coach Joe Philbin said. “It is a well-deserved honor. I know they will be outstanding representatives of their teammates and the rest of the Dolphins organization in Hawaii.”

Fields, in his seventh NFL season, will be making his first trip to the Pro Bowl in 2014. Fields is ranked second in the NFL in punt average (48.8 per punt), second in net average (42.8), third with 33 punts inside the 20-yard line and has also recorded the third longest punt (74 yards at Buffalo on December 22, 2013) in the league during the 2013 season. Fields is one of only two Dolphins punters to be selected to the Pro Bowl, joining Reggie Roby (1984, 1989).

“It’s a great honor to be selected to the Pro Bowl,” Fields said. “I am very excited on my first selection and to be able to celebrate it with three of my teammates. I want to thank coach Philbin and also (special teams coordinator) coach (Darren) Rizzi and (assistant special teams) coach (Marwan) Maalouf for all the work that they have put in and guidance the last few years to help me get to where I am at today.”

Grimes, in his seventh NFL season and first with the Dolphins, will be making his second trip to the Pro Bowl. He previously was selected to the 2011 NFC Pro Bowl squad as a member of the Atlanta Falcons. In 2013, Grimes has started all 15 games at cornerback and has recorded 55 tackles, leads the Dolphins with 15 passes defensed, and is tied for the team lead in interceptions with four, including one which he returned 94 yards for a touchdown. Grimes is the just the third Dolphins cornerback selected to the Pro Bowl, joining Sam Madison (1999-2002) and Patrick Surtain (2002-04).

“This selection means a lot especially coming off last year, to come back and make the Pro Bowl is a big deal,” Grimes said. “I would like to thank all the fans, the whole Dolphins organization for believing in me and giving me a chance. Of course I would also like to thank all of the defensive coaches, especially (defensive coordinator) coach (Kevin) Coyle, (defensive backs) coach Lou (Anarumo), (assistant defensive backs) coach Blue (Adams) and (defensive assistant) coach (Jeff) Burris for not only believing in me to get me here but believing in me throughout the year and helping me to become a better player.”

Pouncey, in his third NFL season, will be making his first trip to the Pro Bowl in 2014. Pouncey has started at center in 13 games for the Dolphins in 2013. He is the first Dolphins center selected to the Pro Bowl since Tim Ruddy in 2000 and is only the fourth Dolphins center selected to the Pro Bowl, joining Hall of Famers Jim Langer (1973-78) and Dwight Stephenson (1983-87) and Ruddy (2000).           

“It’s truly a great honor to be named to the Pro Bowl, this recognition obviously would not have been possible without the all the other guys on the offensive line around me,” said Pouncey. “I would also like to thank the fans, the Miami Dolphins organization, Coach Philbin, the offensive coaching staff and especially Coach (Jim) Turner who have helped me reach this honor.”

Wake, in his fifth NFL season, will be making his third trip to the Pro Bowl and second as a defensive end (he made the Pro Bowl in 2011 after a 14-sack season as a linebacker). In 2013, Wake has registered 35 tackles, 8.5 sacks, 19 quarterback hits, eight tackles for a loss, two forced fumbles, one fumble recovery and one safety through 15 games. On October 31, 2013, Wake recorded the first safety of his NFL career when he sacked Andy Dalton in the end zone with 6:42 remaining in overtime giving the Dolphins a 22-20 victory over the Bengals. It marked just the third time in NFL history that an overtime game had been decided on a safety.

Wake is one of only two Dolphins players to earn Pro Bowl recognition at different positions (linebacker in 2011 and defensive end in 2013 and '14), joining teammate Randy Starks who was selected as a defensive end in 2011 and as a defensive tackle in 2013.

 “This honor would not have been possible without my teammates, the coaching staff and the fans of the Miami Dolphins," Wake said. "I have to thank, coach Philbin, coach Coyle, (defensive line) coach (Kacy) Rogers, (assistant defensive line) coach (Charlie) Bullen and the rest of the defensive coaches. It’s an honor that I will share with all my teammates who deserve credit for this as well.”

The Dolphins and Patriots lead the AFC East teams with four Pro Bowl players. The Bills had three players on the team. The New York Jets did not have a Pro Bowl player this season.


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the Fins are not good/consistent enough to "count on" beating any team, including Buffalo…..they're just not--thats actually about the best barometer of a truly good/sound team, in my opinion--for the most part, good teams win the games they're supposed to…..you can pretty much book those wins (with a few exceptions)--Miami is not there yet, just too unpredictable week to week…..same as other talented teams like Detroit, SD, Dallas….all hovering around .500/playoffs

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 27, 2013 at 10:32 PM


If there's eve a game n Tannehill's young career he should have cussed out some mugs and put foot to their asses, it was this game.

He's the supposed future of this franchise. He needs to take a stand and act like it. Not be passive with his team when the play like total crap around him.

As supposed franchise leader, Tannehill needs to take a stand and take control of this team. Put foot in ass no matter which side of the underachieving side of the ball his team plays on. Brady does it.

Tannehill can not sit back and be passive as to what is going on when the team is playing like crap. Franchise qb's take charge of the entire team.

Debating the completely uninformed is an exercise in futility.

Take away the teams that totally luck into a true franchise QB and then do your analysis, based on history, not imagination.

Elway didn't win until his final two years. Dungy and Cowher didn't win until their final year.

Shula's early fins team was the best team on earth. Knoll had the best team on earth afterwards. There is no recipe for that. There is no combination of GM/Coach that can just make that happen. History shows that you ride with competent people long enough to get there.

Changing too often as we have done has only perpetuated our mediocrity. No one can argue that.

Posted by: 100% | December 27, 2013 at 10:36 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/12/four-dolphins-in-the-pro-bowl.html#storylink=cpy

Elway didnt win till his final two years?. so making it to the superbowl counts for nothing?. Yes the ultimate goal is to win it all but i'd take that success over just maybe making the playoffs

Rick…..there is really no progress if we lose to the Jets this week (and the Bills last week)--controlling your own destiny, with the playoffs on the line, and the chance to have gone 10-6 (ie. how much more motivation do you need?)--losing to the Jets would be a regression, factoring in the extra cap money/free agents signed, and extra draft picks

Posted by: 100% | December 27, 2013 at 10:36 PM


Just FYI, Dungy didn't win until he went to Indy where there was already a top offense in place and someone named Peyton Manning.

Dungy was a great defensive coach but conservative to his on detriment on offense. That's why he was let go in Tampa.

Decades means more than one or ten years which is a decade

This sentence makes no sense. A decade is 10 years or more.

If you want to cite the few rare exceptions they are in the bottom 1%, pure luck. I'm addressing the 99%.

Changing to often hasn't hurt the team The two owners in charge of that change hurt the team. Huizenga/Ross.

Ross still kept part of the garbage Huizenga brought in. Jeff Ireland.

If you never make the right change, then you'll always be stuck in perpetual change, as we are now.


I knew the answer. I was curious to hear Orlando's opinion of it.

Dolfan 29,

So if Tom Brady and Bill Bellichick were on this team, would you then say that Ireland is great? The fins would be 12-4 every year and in the playoffs. The fins lost 4 games in the last minute this year that if Tom Brady was the QB they would have won. You know what their record would be 12-4.

As for the Dolphins playing down to competition. Is that Ireland's fault? Is it Ireland's fault or is it the coach not getting his team ready to play their opponent (or maybe the players fault?).

JI draft plan in 2014

round 1. Trade 2015 1st rounder to Jags to take allstar hot dog vender. This will shore up our concession stands on sunday and ensure we lead the league in sales

round 2. Forfeit that pick as we took too much time evaluating a solid grounds keeper whos thought to be up and coming in three years.

round 3. not to worry. we get the grounds keeper and he goes on to lead the league in grass growing

round 4. We go outside the box and actually take a football player. Pop warner MVP in the california league. Pro bowl ready in 2025

We trade the rest of our draft for new shoulder pads that league officals say will change the game forever

thank you jeff ireland

Elway didnt win till his final two years?. so making it to the superbowl counts for nothing?
Posted by: dolfan29 | December 27, 2013 at 10:43 PM

Sorry. Don't mean to be rude. But this post confirms what I already expected, you are too brain dead to debate. Try a diet of super foods or something.

The debate is there is no magic formula to bring in a new FO and be winners so quickly. The debate is not that winning a SB after 10+ years doesn't matter.

You are a typically brain dead product of the American dumbed down education system.

Good luck. I would suggest engaging in self study, reading comprehension and basic math.

No need to respond. I will waste no more time with you.

Posted by: dolfan29 | December 27, 2013 at 10:26 PM

I am not at all saying give anyone ten years...if things don't work out next year fire everyone. I m saying 1 more year, it has only been 2 years.

Good night.

And let's all take a moment to congratulate the American government for succeeding in dumbing down society to new levels of ineptness.

Orlando and 100 %

TB or BB isnt on the dolphins so its irrelivant. However to answer your question. Yes i would be the first to give ireland all the credit he deserves if he finds those guys to lead this team. What has ireland found?. Sleepy no emotion Joe Philbin. this is my whole point. This team is worst than when he took over from BP. It has regressed. That is fact in their win loss record over the past 4 years.

100 %.

U kept saying decades. Decades meaning more than one. iI cant help you with plurals


If the Dolphins lose to the Jets on Sunday, I will be shocked. They simply match up well against the Jets and they are not playing in sub freezing and swirling winds. However, if they were to lose I would say shame on Joe Philbin and this coaching staff for not having the Dolphins ready to play a less talented team.

100 %

its been a pleasure to prove you wrong over and over again. Enjoy your evening.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 27, 2013 at 10:43 PM

Joe Flaco a veteran that just won the superbowl threw all over himself and got blown out by the patriots at home in a must win game (the same week as the fins). BTW the fins just beat the Patriots the week before. The Steelers blew out the Bengals and the week before the fins beat the Steelers on the road.

The NFL is a roller coaster ride. The teams with the best QBs are left standing in the end.

It happens Sam. This week I am rooting like hell for the fins and hoping to be in the playoffs.

Brandon Fields, definitely and perhaps Grimes. But Wake has been inconsistent this year. And Pouncey, puhleeese, this has been his worst year. What is this poll based on, reputation, other?

The blog has steadily gone downhill for some time.

To see some of the old regulars engaging those that post filth and slime is particularly disappointing. It is sad to see them so desperate for football chat.

I have to believe the heyday of this blog is long gone, and will be eventually replaced by one of the national options.

Posted by: dolfan29 | December 27, 2013 at 10:26 PM

Orlando…..to the point I made earlier…..cant be shocked if the Dolphins lose to just about anybody--surprised, disappointed……scratching your head…..sure--but not shocked--Dolphins arent good enough to be shocked if they lose, regardless of the circumstances, or team they're playing--Tampa Bay and Buffalo (twice, with a 3rd string QB) has taught us that

dolfan 29,

Last I checked the dolphins were 7-9 last year and did not make the playoffs. This year they are on their way to 9-7 and the playoffs. How is that regressing? That is improvement. Next year I expect to go at least 11-5 and to contend for the AFC East.

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | December 27, 2013 at 10:28 PM

Add to that Philbin & Co don't know how to make in game adjustments. If the game plan coming in is solid, Fins can win. If not, can't.

Posted by: dolfan29 | December 27, 2013 at 10:49 PM

ok I understand now, you are a comedian.

good post lol

Well lets just win Sunday baby and root for the Bengals because I don't have a good feeling about the Chargers beating the Chiefs knowing they have nothing to play for.

Goodnight Dolfans and Go Fins!!!!


Im not knocking giving Ireland another year if it makes sense. You think with all the holes we have coming up that Ireland and one more year is going to make a great difference?. We have seen JI and his ceiling. when you have 250 million to spend on talent and still cant get it right. Whats one more yr going to do

Chargers will win, Rivers and company will compete no matter what. KC is not going to risk to many starters. That is Andy Reid's M.O. They have nothing to play for, the Chargers do. They are rebuilding and the players want to be seen as winners by the new head coach.


There is only 1 Tom Brady and perhaps 2 in the league that are as good as him (Breez and Manning) and I would take Brady over them.

My point is that in many areas the fins are a better team than the pats. The big difference in terms of personnel is Tom Brady. I would take the fins receivers over the pats', the fins DL, and the fins secondary. And you know what I guarantee you Tom Brady would not have been sacked 58 times if he was on the fins.

100% = 100% annoying.

dolfan 29,

Last I checked the dolphins were 7-9 last year and did not make the playoffs. This year they are on their way to 9-7 and the playoffs. How is that regressing? That is improvement. Next year I expect to go at least 11-5 and to contend for the AFC East.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 27, 2013 at 11:06 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/12/four-dolphins-in-the-pro-bowl/comments/page/2/#comments#storylink=cpy

Im using JI whole body of work which means 2009-2013. In that time its been more 7-9 than 9-7. Lets not just gift them a win over the jets. could still be 8-8. sorry but with this talent and money spent. 9-7 is still average and a failure to wehat was expected going into this season. with the pats injuries this year and bills and jets rebuilding we should be AFC east champs now.

As far as next year. 11-5 and possible AFC east champs. Whats this based on seeing how we have 14 free agents and losing the players we will lose

Only thing affecting Dolphins/Jets game is:

"Which Geno Smith Shows Up"?

Could it be the Week 3 Smith, passing for 314yds beating the BUFFALO BILLS 27-20?

Or the Week 13 Geno Smith who looked horrible losing 23-3 to the Dolphins?

If Week victory over BILLS Geno Smith shows up, forget about it! Fins playoff hopes are SMASHED!

Last I checked the dolphins were 7-9 last year and did not make the playoffs. This year they are on their way to 9-7 and the playoffs. How is that regressing? That is improvement. Next year I expect to go at least 11-5 and to contend for the AFC East.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 27, 2013 at 11:06 PM

right on Orlando and like the Steelers and Patriots who bounced back after being beat by us, I expect the Fins to bounce back this week.

D-29 after 6yrs of rebuilding some are happy about the prospects of being 9-7. Havent been this close to being a 500 team since 2008.


New England is more than just Tom brady. Yes hes the guy that malkes them go and when hes off the pats suffer. However if any team was ever a team its the pats. they turn over their roater and win with guys name Nikkovich. guys you never heard of making impact plays and getting it done. Tom Brady doesnt play defense nor does he coach or find that talent. Do give TB to much credit and give some to the Pats FO


NY JETS: 4th and 15 on their 35 yard line. "lets go for it what do we have to lose?"

my concern

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 27, 2013 at 10:49 PM

I say Brady would have won us 1-2 more games. He's not automatic. He couldn't close against the Fins.

Add Belechick, though, and easily 2-3 more games. He knows how to make in-game adjustments.

I really do think we have the Jets # and I expect a win today, quite apart from my reservations about our Future.

I think the Fins will be very hungry and inspired Sunday. I hope the same crown from the Pats game shows up as well. it's Friday and time to start getting the fire burning.

Posted by: dolfan29 | December 27, 2013 at 11:14 PM

The fins are 30 million under the cap. Most of the guys that are FA are expendable. They need to resign 1 of the DTs, Grimes, and Clemmons. The rest can leave.

This team is starting to take shape. Like I said, they are 4 plays away from being 12-4 this year. I would say that if either Tom Brady or Bill Bellichick were here they would be 12-4. That tells you that from a talent stand point they have a pretty good team. Only area that I would consider seriously lacking is the OL.

100% = 100% annoying.

Posted by: C'mon Phins! | December 27, 2013 at 11:14 PM


D-29 after 6yrs of rebuilding some are happy about the prospects of being 9-7. Havent been this close to being a 500 team since 2008.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 27, 2013 at 11:18 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/12/four-dolphins-in-the-pro-bowl/comments/page/2/#comments#storylink=cpy

Sam i am

I almost had sex with the prom queen once but still considered my efforts a failure when it didnt happen

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 27, 2013 at 11:18 PM

Sam what do you do on Sunday's? Do you root for Miami?


Joe Robbie will be a near ghost town Sunday. Guaranteed it will be a Jets home game. Very few dolfans will be there to anticipate being disappointed yet again.

Dolfans do not show up in masses after humiliating losess.

Bills 19 Fins 0

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 27, 2013 at 11:21 PM

Don't forget running back.

Ireland is a carbon copy of Dennis the Menace. Everything he touches turns to shyt.

Sam what do you do on Sunday's? Do you root for Miami?

Posted by: wallyfin | December 27, 2013 at 11:23 PM

This Sunday I may tune in during the 4th qtr to see what the score is. If again we're playing badly I will not be a glutton for punishment like you may probably be.


I dont care if a garden slug finds the talent to get our fins to where they need to be and consistantly winning in the NFL. Im sick and tired of seeing the same old results and hearing the same old excuses from guys like Ireland and company.

I will always root for Miami and show my colours proud. Sorry i cant stand for mediocrity and thats what we are more times than not.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 27, 2013 at 11:21 PM

And linebackers.

Jets play at home in Miami Sunday. Bank on it!

dolfan 29,

I agree that the pats are a heck of a team and I salute Belichick for that. However, what Brady has done with that team is miraculous. I have watched just about all of the pats games this games and he pulls games out of his butt. He should have lost games against the Bills, Browns (at home), the Jets (a home) and the Saints. That was all Tom Brady in those games. Oh I almost forgot down 24 to 0 against the Broncos he brought them back. A great QB in this league makes a heck of a difference. That is what we have to hope for from Tannehill because no matter who the GM is if they don't have a franchise QB, they will not win a Superbowl.

Ask Scott Pioli how it went with the Chiefs last year without Tom Brady. Or ask the Colts how it went for them when they lost Manning. You can argue that Bill Polian had built a garbage team around Manning. When Curtis Painter took over the team won 1 game that season.

The difference between a marginal team and a SB contender is a franchise QB. Until the fins have one of those (I hope it is Tannehill), it does not matter who the GM is they are not true contenders.

So I see many of you avoid reality. The only stat that matters is wins and losses.

We are in the top 34%.

66% of the teams in the NFL are worse than us. That is just shy of 2/3 of the league.

We are on the cusp of a playoff berth.

Say what you want. The factual results say our team is far better than average.

This team reminds me of the Wizard of Oz.

We need a brain, a heart, and every time we click our heels we're back in Kansas.

If you think our team is bad, then by default you must believe a full 2/3 of the other NFL teams are even worse.

This is confirmed by the results. Opinions don't count.

No SB win in 43 years.....and counting.

Numbers aren't everything Wake CHANGES the game... He is by far one of the best DE's in the league... AS for Fields didn't it say it's his first?... either way well deserved... Pouncey is a head scratcher but then I can't seem to think of any centers that are better... But the OLine is atrocious Run blocking and pass blocking...

wow Sam, that's disappointing. Glad I am a glutton for punishment instead of a Faux fan,,,,

Posted by: Poindexter | December 27, 2013 at 11:33 PM

We do not root for 2/3 of the league. We only root for 1/32 of the league. Miami Dolphins. Ross/Ireland makes it nearly impossible.

Sam, I hope your buddy Jesus Drip Bill Arnsparger comes back tomorrow so you can chat with him.


I agree with your assessment of TB. He has won games in ways that most couldnt have done. However football is still a team sport and you still have to have other pieces and not just the QB. Not saying a franchise QB isnt needed. It is. Only a few times have teams found success in winning titles in other manners. the 2000 ravens and 2004 bucs.

again its rare if you dont have that guy at the QB position. I dont worry about Tannehill. Its Ireland and his acorn theory that worries me. He was given $250 mil to spend this past offseason and its safe to say most of that money has been wasted. his drafts has brought guys for the most part who dont contribute on sundays and have no impact what so ever. This is my biggest fear that if we keep him around much longer its more of the same nonsense. i just dont get the love affair with JI

So tell me Sam if we win Sunday will you be a fan again, will you watch the playoffs?

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