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Hartline: Beat New England, turn attention to Buffalo

Brian Hartline is a bright guy. A reporter asked him on Tuesday if he's practiced doing what he did against Pittsburgh last week -- catching the ball that is not exactly on target, getting both feet down and in bounds and falling as he does all of that.

"Practice that play?" he asked. "I don't practice falling in practice."

The guy thinks about the question and his response. He's told me he likes measuring talent and I think he might have a future in personnel after his career ends.

Right now, however, he's concentrating on Sunday's game against New England.

He did a conference call with the New England media on Wednesday. This is how it went:

(On facing Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib) – “It’s exciting, I always enjoy going against the top rated, quote, unquote corners in the league and he is one of the guys that is always well talked about. I hope he is coming back well from his injury, if end up seeing him I am looking forward to the opportunity and the matchup."

(On his impressions and if he sees any difference in the Patriots secondary over the past few weeks with a number of them battling injuries) – “Really just watching all the games it just how many different guys have been playing. I don’t think its necessarily seeing a guy play injured or who he is trying to pull up there. Its just seeing a guy here that is moved around and a guy there, that’s probably been the biggest notice and I am just speaking from the back end from the corners to the safeties and the nickel players, so that is probably where I have seen the most, the versatility and the amount of the defensive backs that have played."

(On Aqib Talib stating that (Hartline) plays at one speed and if that is something that he practices) –“Yeah I have just always been that kind of guy. Every once in a while you can kind of mix it in, but I have always kind of been a 100 percent kind of guy all the time and it another thing that can get you into trouble, but sometimes it can be to your advantage, so it just depends on how things go. Hopefully it’s a nice hot day down here come Sunday and we will see how it plays out."

(On his impressions of Ryan Tannehill’s development and if there are specific areas that he has seen him improve on since last season) – “By this point it’s not about last season, we have basically played a full season so seeing his growth even throughout the season this year I think has been well documented. I think he is playing well, I think he is doing a great job in two minute situations. He is doing a great job at commanding the offense which we kind of see on the inside, it seems like and feels like we have carried more pass opportunities the last three, four weeks and he has handled it well. He has put the ball in great spots. Guys are making plays on the ball and we are turning them into big plays. So to take that next step and kind of carry the team on his back is really what he is doing at this point."

(On how the team recovered from a four game losing streak while dealing with outside distractions to get back into playoff contention) - “In the NFL four games are important, but so much goes on so you can recover. Our backs, we felt like got up against the wall a couple times and we responded in the right way. But overall nothing really changed. Everyone wants to think that there was some miraculous change, but nothing changed. The situation really for all intents and purposes was not in the locker room. The individuals were outside the locker room, they were not on the team. The biggest hole that we had to fill wasn’t any quote, unquote, distractions, it was the fact that we were missing two staring offensive linemen and if that happens to any team in the NFL it can cause some rifts and getting guys to step up and play. But we had that and guys were able to step up and make some plays that kept us in games, we didn’t pull all of them out, coming out of that, but we still played well and at this point some guys are getting more and more comfortable in the positions they are in and Bryant (McKinnie) is doing a great job on the left side. So it was just some growing pains really in the end and we have grown through it and we are looking forward to these next three game opportunities. You guys can kind of understand, New England always demands your full attention, so to think of anything other besides that would be doing ourselves a disservice."

(On if he feels if there is any room for error the rest of the way) – “I think anytime you play December football you don’t have much room for error, it just depends on what caliber. I am sure New England feels the same way. They want to either finish off the division or earn a first spot or whatever they are going for, so everyone feels that way. Just because ours is in a different line or a different level doesn’t make it less important. We have our goals, other teams have their goals as far as I know a lot of things are not locked in the NFL, so basically every game is important for every team throughout the NFL at this point and we are one of them."

(On if he’s aware that the Patriots are 5-1 in their last six visits to Miami) – “I didn’t not but I think the last time we played them and we beat them I believe was my rookie year so that makes sense."

(On what it would mean to beat them on Sunday at home with that in mind) –“Nothing more than another win.  Like you said every game is important.  It’s obviously important, we have three division games to finish the year, New England being one of them.  In the end, it’s always good to beat New England they are the division leaders, that’s always important to us.  To say it’s worth more or weighs more, I think that’d be wrong.  As soon as we win this game, if we do win this game, pull this out, which we do plan on doing that we have to turn our focus right away to Buffalo and move on.  It’s not really a big celebratory situation and obviously when you play a great football team, a good football team at that matter it’s a good time to test your team.  It’s a good time to test yourselves, the one on one match ups put it all to the test, the team as a whole and see where you are after all this work you’ve put in come the middle of December, so it’s a great opportunity like I said."

(On what Ken O’Keefe has brought to the team) – “Well actually both, Coach Phil McGeoghan played at (Maine)and was from that area and coach (Ken) O’Keefe but they’re great, they’re a great combo.  Coach O’Keefe, we’ve grown together as a tight knit group and Coach Phil McGeoghan has done a great job too.  He’s a younger kind of coach and was at UCF if I’m not mistaken, or USF and he came here two years ago.  You kind of have an older guy who’s been around the block and seen a lot of things, a lot of intellect along with a younger guy who’s very smart but has also played the game a little bit in the NFL in his younger days.  It’s a great mesh, we have a great group of guys the coaching staff does a great job leading us and we follow and Coach O’Keefe has really helped me bring my game up to another level as well as my other receivers in the room."

(On what surprises him most with Charles Clay, and how comfortable has Mike Wallace become in the offense) – “Mike’s always been a factor, whether we have any kind of glamorous stats or not, that’s never changed.  (Charles) Clay’s always been a factor as well and I’ve see it for the last couple years, it was just a matter of continuing to work, continuing to get that opportunity and when you get that opportunity really shinning.  He’s had some small opportunities throughout his career so far, the last couple weeks have gotten him more attention but what he’s done and the mismatches he creates has never been a secret to us at least.  Maybe we’re doing a better job of using him, I don’t know but he’s making some great plays right now, he’s getting a lot of opportunities and in order for us to be successful he has to be able to keep doing that.  I’m looking forward to watching him play and enjoying him play this weekend with us. "

(On what’s the secret with him having good success on third down) – “Catching the ball."

(On how he’s able to stay open with extra attention due to his success) – “Yeah, I think that’s a credit to the coaching staff moving me around, providing opportunities.  Really in the end, I think catch rate and all that kind of stuff that I check every now and then, it’s pretty good throughout the league.  I just pride myself with when the ball is in my area, coming down with it.  Maybe it’s not always the prettiest thing in the world, but sometimes they’re not always pretty but converting when you need to convert and making the plays when they are there and really creating that trust within my coaching staff and my quarterback so that’s just how I’ve gone about my business."


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Armando i was the first to post in yesturdays blog but came back later and noticed you had deleted my post. Todays blog is better at least it has to do with actual football questions to players

So excited for this game I can hardly stand it, they better win, and I think they will

Team is confident going in


The Fins have really progressed this year. It has been great watching them play. Im from South Florida but live in the Atlanta are now. Im flying down this weekend to attend the game. My wife and sons first Fins game!

From Wallace's comment "we have something up our sleeve" it sounds like the coachig staff is planning to introduce a new wrinkle of sorts. I'm interested to see what that might be.

The Fins went to New Egland a few weeks ago and played them tough. They let up the 4th QTR lead, like many teams the Pats faced this year.

If the Fins can go without a turnover this game AND score 24 points or more they should be able to pull out an imporant win this Sunday.

I look forward to going to the game and seeing if they can deliver.

Go Fins!

JPAO, have fun at the game. I think slightly more accurate (than us letting up in the 4th) was that Belichick made halftime adjustments and we did not adjust to them, we kept doing what WAS working, but they finally were able to counteract, and we didn't adjust to that. And of course Brady being clutch when it matters. And we can't forget the refs stepping up for them when the game got close to give them the final edge to win.

For the first time in a loooong time I am going to allow my emotions to get the best of me. I know miami can win this game. I'm 100% emotionally into this game. I'm playing the role of fanatic. I'm excited. The season starts Sunday, go 'Phins!

"The Most Important Game of The Season"

This game will demonstrate how far we have come and how far we need to go.

We need to play a whole 60 minutes.

Tannehill needs to keep showing growth.

The Defense can't take a play off against Tom Brady.

As a team the Dolphins are in a pretty good place right now. Problem is most Dolphins fans are pessimist. That or they don't really know what they are watching. Could be the latter. Just look at Most Heat Fans.

hey nemo! hey mark!
go phinz.
yeah,the whole team actually and I'm gonna watch the o this week for 1ce

Cleveland kept Brady scoreless well into the 3rd qtr last week.
Miami kept Brady scoreless in the first half last month.

Obviously the Pats offense is out of sync this season and we must take advantage. If we continue to stop the run and pressure Brady off the edge we'll win.

I was watching tape of last weeks Pats game and Nate Solder their LT was getting beat quite a bit and gave up 3 sacks.
Pressure Brady...do not let him settle into a rhythm and he's becomes an average QB.

Our Defense is the key to victory this week, not Tannehill and the offense, they'll be fine.

The worst is having a discussion with a person who is ill-informed on the topic but is not willing to admit that he is wrong.

You get a whole Persian are Arabs argument. or Jews are blacks. Race doesn't equal religion.

So when "God" comes down from that spaceship on judgment day there is no predetermined 500k that would be saved. It doesn't matter what you do with your Saturdays either.

See, more funny stuff going on which just so happens to work in the Patriots favor. Pouncey was not at practice because he was in New England for the grand jury summons. So, he was given it almost 2 months ago, and JUST SO HAPPENS they call him THIS WEEK, when we play New England. What a coincidence huh?

He's NOT EVEN A SUSPECT! This isn't the accomplice, or doubtful if his testimony is what turns the case (I've never heard he was anywhere near the scene of the crime). So it's SO IMPORTANT that you make a guy leave his professional duties to address this? During THIS WEEK OF ALL WEEKS? Just so it didn't sniff of conspiracy why didn't they do it LAST week? Or wait a few weeks for the end of the season? Makes no sense to me.

I feel like Kris, I see conspiracy everywhere.

How is RG3 getting benched for taking to many hits, when Tannehill is the most sacked QB in the league.

Guess it helps being bigger than a LB when you play QB in the NFL.

Dashi, he's not. He's getting benched so the HC can stick his thumb in the eye of the Owner before he gets fired.

Not hearing too much about how we should have traded the franchise for RGIII, while Tannehill was 'a HUGE reach at 8'.

Fukking putzes.....

RG3's sacks are only one component of why he's being benched.
His decision making is horrible, his ability to stay in the pocket and deliver is slipping. His accuracy is slipping, his confidence is slipping. His ability to lead is slipping.
RG3 is a man in distress due to lingering knee injury and internal strife with his coaching staff (Shanahan Clan).

I think shutting him down is a smart move.

NE by 2 1/2. Hmm...

The defense is the key this week. But I don't mind seeing Tannehill get better. Another 3 TD game wont hurt.

This offense has 3 legit Receivers. 4 if you add R.Matthews who has the best hands on the team. 5, cause all our RBs can catch out the backfield. They just have to block on every play because our O-line is suspect.

The Pats defense has lost its 2 most important players. And the Pats offense isn't that good. Brady has Zero Weapons. He has S.Ridley but he can be contained. Put a CB on him when he lines up wide. J.Wilson.

Stop Ridley and the running game, force Brady into being a sitting duck on 3rd and Long then Dial Up the Drive-by package. Wake and Jordan at DE, Odrick at NT, and Vernon standing up as a LB.

I would make Vernon and Jordan interchangeable. Picture Jordan standing up with Wake and OV at DE. Vernon probably nows more of the Defense right now than DJ. But still this would be a nice week to expand the defense a little. Coyle needs to use more than 1 game plan against Brady.

It seems that every Game now is, The most important Game of the Season. Of course. We have our backs to the wall because of all the earlier fukkkups.

So Cody Wallace was going for a loose ball when he penetrated Randy Starks, he says.

Nice phrasing ... I know it wasn't a "football" he was after.

@ 8:38, who are you and what have you done to 2 watt?


I know RG3 is getting benched slightly for a different agenda. But it is actually a smart move if Shanahan were to stay as the coach. You want RG3 healthy going into the off season. You need him to spend the off season getting better at playing QB, not recovering from an injury. The problem is the Redskins are 3-10 and they don't have that Top 5 pick. That would've definitely helped the Redskins.

I'm just pointing out that when T-Hill gets hit it doesn't look that bad. It could be because when T-Hill is out the pocket he is usually bigger than the defender trying to tackle him.

Even though I wouldn't have minded trading 3 picks for RG3 - because under Philbin and Sherman, RG3 would easily be a top 10 qb in teh NFL right now

But Tannehill is mighty fine and much cheaper...

Dashi also helps when you catch a tonne of balls as a WR in college - to know how to take a hit.

We win this game the other 2 aren't as important. Plus, this is a real test for how good this team is.

We lost the 1st Bills game, but the defense is playing better since then. The Bills and the Jets are games that we should win. This game against the Pats is a game we shouldn't win.

Dashi and Dr. Seuss have different opinions on many things but one thing is true. Good Teams can Score a lot of Points. And Good Teams can beat Good Teams. We haven't beaten that many good teams.

It's not Brady who is the key to this Game, man, it's Belichick, as it has always been. He's very smart and wily. Watch out for his 2nd half adjustments.


But we wouldn't have D.Jordan.

RG3 is great but Ireland wasn't going to over trade for anyone. Not 3 first round picks. Maybe 2.

Dashi, definitely not complaining on how things turned out. You know I believe Tannehill will be good enough for this team to win with and if he continues his play from the last four games is already there.

Thing is, that for us to leapfrog Wash, we would have had to offer more than 3 first round picks. So then it was going to start getting crazy.

And Oscar, the key is not stopping Belicheck or Brady or whoever, it's making this game lopsided enough so that the NFL can't come in with phantom calls to turn the game. have to beat them the way Baltimore used to ebat them. Just knock em the fawk out... Have Jimmy Wilson knock out one of their skill players then you see the team fold like a cheap suit.

Look at this nimwit saying that if we win this Game vs NE our next Games are not as important. EVERY Game is important.

Guys, I'm not sure of much anymore. But one thing you can bank on, is that Mike Shanahan will be unemployed sometime after Dec. 29 and before the end of the first week in January. I GUARANTEE IT!

This isn't Jeff Ireland on the rocks-type shaky. This is as definitive as Jonathan Martin never stepping on the field as a Miami Dolphin again. Well, I take that back. What if he has an illustrious career and retires, think he'd want to retire as a member of the the team that drafted him into the league? Haha, just keeping it light today.

Someone else brought it up, but I'm also interested in Nolan Carroll's performance this week. All the talk is that he's getting better. I happen not to be in the camp of full endorsement of Nolan. I'd need to see a few more consistent games from him to sign off on his improvement. This week will provide a great test, he's facing an elite QB and WRs that are less-than-special. If he gets shook with any more double moves (like against the Saints) I'm gonna know he hasn't yet arrived.

Jimmy Wilson? WhoTH is Jimmy Wilson compared to Bill Belichick? If BB wanted he would take poor Jimmy out of the Game from the first play, as he is going to try to do with Clay.

...the key is not stopping Belicheck or Brady or whoever, it's making this game lopsided enough so that the NFL can't come in with phantom calls to turn the game. have to beat them the way Baltimore used to ebat them. Just knock em the fawk out... Have Jimmy Wilson knock out one of their skill players then you see the team fold like a cheap suit.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 12, 2013 at 09:41 AM

I love this post more than you know. But wait for it, some cupcake-Pats fan-sugarpuff is gonna post something about it being classless to wish harm on another human being.

I think JPAO and other going to the game this weekend have a duty to do more than attend and cheer on the home team, I think they need to pelt their buses as they go to the stadium with manure bombs. Go to their hotel night before and make enough noise so they can't sleep. Better yet, meet them at the airport with shouts and jeers and don't allow their caravan to leave for hours. THAT would be a successful fan experience.

DC @ 9:49, you mean like Oscar?

Dashi the difference is that RT sacks hve been deminishing, while RG3's sack have been increasing. The last 3 weeks he's average 5 sacks per game.

No, I was referring to the yahoo from the other day. Unless Oscar is her too.

Just beat em

DC, Carroll has definitely improved over the years. Last game he played very well. Hopefully he continues to improve, eventually could be a starter but as of now he is a great guy for depth.

Good to see the team develop players. A lot of good players on that D that were drafted by the Dolphins.

Common, I believe he's gotten better from last year too. I'm just wondering if it's from horrendous to adequate. I think you said it perfect "eventually could be a starter." That would be a feather in the cap of Coyle. Who woulda thunk it, a position coach gets promoted and actually continues to improve the squad at the position he came from?!? Sparano could learn from this guy.

Where is Sparano this year anyway? Hope he saved his money.

Still can't believe the Jets hired him as an OC. Man for as much as people want to talk about the Dolphins moves and Ireland. You don't have to look too far to see true dysfunction.


Good point on Nolan Carroll. I had to eat a little crow a few weeks ago because he has gotten better. How much better will be the question against Brady though. That will definatley be on the coaches and front office if he gets burned too. Replacing Patterson with a back up scrub and going with Carroll instead of making a deal to get a legit corner knowing we have a shot at the playoffs.

Apparently the have faith in Carroll. I hope they're right!

He's back as a oline coach in Oakland.

January 17, 1993 AFC Championship: Buffalo Bills 29, Miami Dolphins 10
this game on sun. is the biggest since ^^^^^


if the phinz lose sun. it will suxx suxx

Wish you would boycott his blog

lets c if this phinz team on sun
pulls a rabbit out of the phanz axxes
or shoves a water melon up the phanz axxes
that big

pressure! pressure!
♪ ♫ ♩ ♬

I like pressure

I only hope that our coaches do a better job of adjusting than the last cheatriots game.Belicheat is a great coach,very hard to out coach. Our staff has not shown much in the adjustment department so far.Maybe this week they will at last improve.One can only hope.GO FINS

bet the farm
if they lose,there is plenty of room
on the rogue train

is it time for the dolphins
to knock queen brady off of her throne?
will the phinz take a dump at the joe as usual?


Oye, y el barco Coreano lleno de armas de Cuba, en que paro'?

Darn, I confused blogs. That's what happens when you're multi tasking. Sorry.

adjustments?? i'd say losing that lead had everything to do with turnovers. second half was a nightmare on both sides of the ball.

break open the playbook and do things they haven't really seen. how about running that read option more?? but not hiding off EVERY time. honestly tannehill is a bigger weapon than this staff is allowing him to be. get him moving some where he can extend plays. 98% of his passing plays he is 5 steps directly behind the center!!! more no huddle. don't let defenses substitute. especially in that hot florida sun. you know brady is gonna do that to us.

Pats extremely beatable right now.

I'm excited that the Fins are toughing it out in the face of adversity down the stretch. Now for the reality check fellas.

This team is overacheiving. I commend the players and the coaching staff for that.

As for Ireland's job being secure. IMHO it is a bad thing for the Dolphins. The fact that the players are nutting it up and covering the very apparent weaknesses on this team is probably enough to save Ireland's job. But how soon the homers forget that Ireland's drafts have been abimsal. Case in point- this past draft has given us a bunch of players who have minimal roles or can;t get on the field at all. It doesn't speak to our depth because the Dolphins are not a deep team. It speaks to reality- for every Ireland acorn, he produces 3 failures.

Unless the Fins defy all odds and make a deep run, I don't want the same old thing next year. Unfortunately Ross is probably too dense to see that

Brady has only one more passing TD than Tannehill this season.

The league does not want the Dolphins in the playoffs this year with all the scandal still in the rearview mirror. So, do not be surprised if the flags favor the Patriots and Bills and the Jets.

It's nice the team is 7-6, but if they finish 8-8 or 7-9, then they are not on the right track. In fact, anything less than 10-6 or out of the playoffs is not on the right track. They've been rebuilding forever. Enough.

We beat the Colts and Bengals. That's it insofar as quality teams. The Jets and Steelers are not good teams this season.

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