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Hartline: Beat New England, turn attention to Buffalo

Brian Hartline is a bright guy. A reporter asked him on Tuesday if he's practiced doing what he did against Pittsburgh last week -- catching the ball that is not exactly on target, getting both feet down and in bounds and falling as he does all of that.

"Practice that play?" he asked. "I don't practice falling in practice."

The guy thinks about the question and his response. He's told me he likes measuring talent and I think he might have a future in personnel after his career ends.

Right now, however, he's concentrating on Sunday's game against New England.

He did a conference call with the New England media on Wednesday. This is how it went:

(On facing Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib) – “It’s exciting, I always enjoy going against the top rated, quote, unquote corners in the league and he is one of the guys that is always well talked about. I hope he is coming back well from his injury, if end up seeing him I am looking forward to the opportunity and the matchup."

(On his impressions and if he sees any difference in the Patriots secondary over the past few weeks with a number of them battling injuries) – “Really just watching all the games it just how many different guys have been playing. I don’t think its necessarily seeing a guy play injured or who he is trying to pull up there. Its just seeing a guy here that is moved around and a guy there, that’s probably been the biggest notice and I am just speaking from the back end from the corners to the safeties and the nickel players, so that is probably where I have seen the most, the versatility and the amount of the defensive backs that have played."

(On Aqib Talib stating that (Hartline) plays at one speed and if that is something that he practices) –“Yeah I have just always been that kind of guy. Every once in a while you can kind of mix it in, but I have always kind of been a 100 percent kind of guy all the time and it another thing that can get you into trouble, but sometimes it can be to your advantage, so it just depends on how things go. Hopefully it’s a nice hot day down here come Sunday and we will see how it plays out."

(On his impressions of Ryan Tannehill’s development and if there are specific areas that he has seen him improve on since last season) – “By this point it’s not about last season, we have basically played a full season so seeing his growth even throughout the season this year I think has been well documented. I think he is playing well, I think he is doing a great job in two minute situations. He is doing a great job at commanding the offense which we kind of see on the inside, it seems like and feels like we have carried more pass opportunities the last three, four weeks and he has handled it well. He has put the ball in great spots. Guys are making plays on the ball and we are turning them into big plays. So to take that next step and kind of carry the team on his back is really what he is doing at this point."

(On how the team recovered from a four game losing streak while dealing with outside distractions to get back into playoff contention) - “In the NFL four games are important, but so much goes on so you can recover. Our backs, we felt like got up against the wall a couple times and we responded in the right way. But overall nothing really changed. Everyone wants to think that there was some miraculous change, but nothing changed. The situation really for all intents and purposes was not in the locker room. The individuals were outside the locker room, they were not on the team. The biggest hole that we had to fill wasn’t any quote, unquote, distractions, it was the fact that we were missing two staring offensive linemen and if that happens to any team in the NFL it can cause some rifts and getting guys to step up and play. But we had that and guys were able to step up and make some plays that kept us in games, we didn’t pull all of them out, coming out of that, but we still played well and at this point some guys are getting more and more comfortable in the positions they are in and Bryant (McKinnie) is doing a great job on the left side. So it was just some growing pains really in the end and we have grown through it and we are looking forward to these next three game opportunities. You guys can kind of understand, New England always demands your full attention, so to think of anything other besides that would be doing ourselves a disservice."

(On if he feels if there is any room for error the rest of the way) – “I think anytime you play December football you don’t have much room for error, it just depends on what caliber. I am sure New England feels the same way. They want to either finish off the division or earn a first spot or whatever they are going for, so everyone feels that way. Just because ours is in a different line or a different level doesn’t make it less important. We have our goals, other teams have their goals as far as I know a lot of things are not locked in the NFL, so basically every game is important for every team throughout the NFL at this point and we are one of them."

(On if he’s aware that the Patriots are 5-1 in their last six visits to Miami) – “I didn’t not but I think the last time we played them and we beat them I believe was my rookie year so that makes sense."

(On what it would mean to beat them on Sunday at home with that in mind) –“Nothing more than another win.  Like you said every game is important.  It’s obviously important, we have three division games to finish the year, New England being one of them.  In the end, it’s always good to beat New England they are the division leaders, that’s always important to us.  To say it’s worth more or weighs more, I think that’d be wrong.  As soon as we win this game, if we do win this game, pull this out, which we do plan on doing that we have to turn our focus right away to Buffalo and move on.  It’s not really a big celebratory situation and obviously when you play a great football team, a good football team at that matter it’s a good time to test your team.  It’s a good time to test yourselves, the one on one match ups put it all to the test, the team as a whole and see where you are after all this work you’ve put in come the middle of December, so it’s a great opportunity like I said."

(On what Ken O’Keefe has brought to the team) – “Well actually both, Coach Phil McGeoghan played at (Maine)and was from that area and coach (Ken) O’Keefe but they’re great, they’re a great combo.  Coach O’Keefe, we’ve grown together as a tight knit group and Coach Phil McGeoghan has done a great job too.  He’s a younger kind of coach and was at UCF if I’m not mistaken, or USF and he came here two years ago.  You kind of have an older guy who’s been around the block and seen a lot of things, a lot of intellect along with a younger guy who’s very smart but has also played the game a little bit in the NFL in his younger days.  It’s a great mesh, we have a great group of guys the coaching staff does a great job leading us and we follow and Coach O’Keefe has really helped me bring my game up to another level as well as my other receivers in the room."

(On what surprises him most with Charles Clay, and how comfortable has Mike Wallace become in the offense) – “Mike’s always been a factor, whether we have any kind of glamorous stats or not, that’s never changed.  (Charles) Clay’s always been a factor as well and I’ve see it for the last couple years, it was just a matter of continuing to work, continuing to get that opportunity and when you get that opportunity really shinning.  He’s had some small opportunities throughout his career so far, the last couple weeks have gotten him more attention but what he’s done and the mismatches he creates has never been a secret to us at least.  Maybe we’re doing a better job of using him, I don’t know but he’s making some great plays right now, he’s getting a lot of opportunities and in order for us to be successful he has to be able to keep doing that.  I’m looking forward to watching him play and enjoying him play this weekend with us. "

(On what’s the secret with him having good success on third down) – “Catching the ball."

(On how he’s able to stay open with extra attention due to his success) – “Yeah, I think that’s a credit to the coaching staff moving me around, providing opportunities.  Really in the end, I think catch rate and all that kind of stuff that I check every now and then, it’s pretty good throughout the league.  I just pride myself with when the ball is in my area, coming down with it.  Maybe it’s not always the prettiest thing in the world, but sometimes they’re not always pretty but converting when you need to convert and making the plays when they are there and really creating that trust within my coaching staff and my quarterback so that’s just how I’ve gone about my business."


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At least he gets his points across in 1 post.

Unlike you, who takes 4-5 to get his point across. Mentally challeneged are we?

Stop spamming you dope!

Posted by: Believabe | December 12, 2013 at 12:09 PM

Yes, you are mentally challenged. Because "he" meaning YOU never get your point across in one post. You're exactly like Craig. Every blog is the same thing, Craig points out everyone's past mistakes except his own and you point out how much you hate Craig. EVERY BLOG, EVERY DAY.

You two are absolutely the most moronic people in existence. And then you sit and try to figure out which one is less annoying. Let me clue you in, it's a dead even tie. I sincerely hope you disappear very soon. Please drive home very fast tonight.

Way to spell believable you dope. Spell check doesn't work in the sign in box and you still haven't figured out how to use a dictionary. No wonder our country is 31st in education right behind Slovakia. Morons like you are dragging our country down, please disappear.

Cool Hartline story for all who give a care. I'm at the Colts Dolphins game this year early in about the 20th row. A lot of the of the other fans in our section are not there yet.

I'm on the Colts side for the warmups. Hartline is side stepping around the perimiter of the field. I gave him a cheer something like ya go Hartline !!! He smiles a bit and quickly points at me while continuing his warmup. That and sending those Colts fans out of their with a loss made my day.

So yeah, that 2 seconds makes him a cool dude in my book. I always liked him and I am glad the team kept him, he is a big part of this offense and one of the best #2 WRs in the NFL.

Hartline pointed at me once.

Do we REALLY need to see a Mike Shanahan press conference every freaking day on NFL Network?

Sorry, but his travails and RG3 are just not all that fascinating.

Posted by: DB | December 12, 2013 at 02:25 PM

No you don't. Because there's this thing called free will that allows you to make your own choices in life. Let me give you an example. Instead of watching the press conference you can simply choose not to watch it. There's a device a remote control that allows you to switch the station or just turn the tv off. I'm surprised you haven't heard of this but it does exist. If you have any other stupid questions please feel free to ask and one of the more intelligent posters will fill you in.

Cool story bra, lol I deserve that. Idk I guess it was a cool moment for me being at my first Fins game after having being a fan.

I guess I like his play and his attitude.

NeMo, Hartline has been a great find for the Fins, and a cure for the Ginn Family, for sure. Although, Imagine the ginn Family on one side, the Wallace family on the other.
And, of course Hartline in the middle!

NeMo that was a cool story. Most athletes won't give anyone the time of day when they're warming up. I was on the sidelines when Ricky was warming up standing 2 feet away from him and he wouldn't even acknowledge we were there. It was the same with Strahan so it's really cool that Hartline did that. It shows he's having fun and doesn't take himself too seriously. Thank you for sharing your story.

No Nemo, you didn't deserve that. Don't ever apologize to that stupid idiot. He's just here because he's lonely, he's hitting you because he has a crush on you. It's very obvious. Great fan story, thank you.

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Mike from Carolina Wholesales hit me up. You know what I'm talking about, we never finished the other night and I'm all pent up.

@ 2:33, IMA, ahaha, the guys in Buffalo still make money that way. last time I went to a game in orchard Park, I parked in some guys yard right under his kid's swing set.

For Sunday I think the offense will need to score at least 27 to beat New England and I think they can do it. As good as our defense is, I know they can only limit Brady so much even with Gronk out.


Dont let homeboy crap on your story. Ii think it is cool that Brian Hartline gave you a glance. Nothing wrong with finding something positive and personally exciting to ones self. Heck I was all excited the first time Armando sent me a personal message on twitter, when I asked him a question. Getting a nod from Hartline is much cooler!

Mark in Toronto, ESPN/Scouts Inc. has Kelvin Benjamin as their 25 overall prospect. I think thats much more accurate than Walter Football having him as 2nd-3rd round the guy is a beast.

Pulled a little stat from the SS.
In the 7 games when Gronk was in the lineup,The patsies averaged 32 pts per game. When he was out, they only averaged 20.8.
I really think Shane Vereen is going to be the one we have to put an extra man on. He seems to be doing his best impression of Darren Sproles. And we all know Sproles killed us in NO.

Do "Char Women" still exist? I would like to wake up on Christmas Morning as a Char Woman.


Die hard phins fan from Canada as well as remember watching Marino light up the orange bowl circa 84, with shots of beautiful Cuban women on Monday night Football. Seemed live heaven to a small kid from Saskatchewan.

I have seen 6 road games but waiting for them to host a playoff game before coming down to South Florida.

nemo, on a opposite note,
do what I do, I don't ever acknowledge any akaletes,
I see tons of them,
nothing burns them more than being totally ignored,
c mark, I'm not just a dikk 2 u

Rage, Vereen scares me the most. I wonder if Jordan would have any success covering him? Hopefully, the coaches come up with something.

NeMo, I still understand how he's that low when he's projected to run a 4.5 and the way I see him leap to catch some passes. I think he's one of thesee guys that shoots way up the board when combine time comes around. If he runs a 4.5 and puts up a 40 inch vertical it's over.

All this being said if he measures out to who i think he is and is our pick next April, I will be beyond ecstatic. This guy physically is exactly what we are missing on offense. No need to draft an o lineman unless he's the best player on the board. Plenty of guys available in free agency that can hold the fort.

And I'm with everyone else, don't let that bugger get to you - be sorry for nothing. That is a cool story. i remember my first game and I met Zach Thomas (and he only had played three games or so then) it was so awesome. Got to meet a few cool guys that day actually. i remember meeting Shawn Wooden (who was an underrated guy for us a lot like Chris Clemons today), Zach - who thought we were all crazy to be all hootin n a hollerin for them in Buffalo, OJ McDuffie was hittin on some barely legal arse that had a fitting McDuffie jersey on, and Craig Erickson who was our starter that year while Marino was injured. One of my favourite days ever. be proud!

Clee, recently heard that Saskatechwan Roughriders gear is the highest selling merchandise seller of any Canadian Based Pro sports team. Considering they share a national market with the Montreal Canadians and Toronto Maple leafs, that's mighty impressive. Rider nation!!!

Vereen is a rich man's Darren Sproles.

When I was in Middle school and still living in south Florida.I was at a movie theater, waiting in line for some popcorn. I was standing behind a short blond guy and from behind, I hear someone say "Hey Larry, get some napkins!" It was Zach Thomas, anyone wanna guess what Larry's last name was?



Nemo, Jordan has some mad speed. It was a thing of beauty watching him catch Cam Newton from behind for a sack.Kid is going to be special. He needs to be on the field more often.

Spell check? We don't use that sh-t, man. Only colonists do.


They were best buds...

You win Mark!

I think they were with Shane Burton? Was that his name, defensive lineman.

I remember hearing how Izzo and Thomas had to start sitting apart when they went to the movies, so people didnt think they were Gays!


Rider fans are insane as huge party when they come to Calgary and half the stadium is green ( where I live now). That said CFL feels like flag football to me. Too many people in motion and the field it too big.
Alway been an NFL guy first.

he's ghey?

Considering how much Johnson treasured Izzo, I was surprised the Dolphins let go of him so easily.

I do remember Shane Burton, nto the most skilled guy but tough as nails. Went on to have a solid career even after he left the Dolphins including two eyarws where he was a pain in the arse with the Jets. Always remember him batting down passes.

It cannot be emphasized more, the only two Immigration waves the have been worth anything to this Country have been the Jews fleeing Hitler during WWII and the Cubans in the early 1960's fleeing Fidel Castro. The rest, have been mostly crap.(I don't know about Canada)

I could go for a nice Cuban Sandwich, I break tradition and put mayo on it!

yimmy never talks about his phinz days
I wonder y?
that axxhole

Yeah, I used to watch the Toronto Argonauts when they showed them here before the NFL season started. Man, they had to run like hell in there, seemed the Field had no end.

clee, recently heard that the average fan's commute to a Rider game is 4 hours. That is some dedication....

I don't watch CFL either but I find the Rider case study extremely fascinating.

Oscar, in Toronto everyone's an immigrant! There's like ten anglo people in the whole city, haha

...Rdubs..Hey, great post yesterday @ 11:51...

I thought what you said was spot on. I am definitely guilty of rushing to a rash opinion of HC Philbin. I have been a bit harsh, probably unfair to him during a time where as a fan. I should have shown support. I don't know if he is a good HC or not. I do know that some of the things I have been critical of. Have proven to be wrong. Philbin, has stuck to his guns. The offense that I railed on, looks to be coming around.

If nothing else. Philbin deserves some credit for not wavering on his vision. Trusting his system, and his players. I haven't even mentioned the locker room incident...I don't know what the report will say. But when it comes out. I probably will owe Philbin a big apology..

3 more games..Win or lose..Philbin has gained my respect over the last month. He is not immune from mistake. He is far from a polished HC. He does have conviction. I hope this trait rubs off on this team. I hope both continue to grow, and get better.

These New Cubans in Hialeah use mayo in their Cuban sandwiches. I have tried to explain to them that it is mustard, mustard that has been traditionally used for 150 yeas, but they seem not to understand. So, I make my own sandwiches now.


Thanks buddy, I agree with you. I wanted Philbin's head after the TB loss. Up to that point I was a fan, I liked his attention to detail and his even nature. It seems like after that game things started coming together and hope he stays next year.

Sometimes positive results come through hard work,dedication and time. We want everything now and expect immediate results, but in most cases thats not how it works. Thats why it makes me mad that people want to crap on Tanny and say he sucks after a little under 2 years.

I would venture to say, Irelands drafts are even looking better today. I hope this is an upswing and a sign of things to come and not an illusion!


Its OK, I like the mustard and mayo. I am now one for tradition. Maybe if I was Cuban I would think differently, but I am white and don't care about my white people history LOL

I have been reading that Brady has been limited all week in practice with an injury to his throwing shoulder. Is there anyone in here that doesn't want to see Wake or Vernon slam that shoulder into the dirt on the games first play? Anyone at all? I can't wait for this game!

Neither am I sold on Philbin yet. But it is true, he is very inexperienced and rather naïve. The way the whim goes now, you don't wait for a review of a TD, you throw the darn flag as RT and Hartline pleaded for.

You might have meant, I'm not one for tradition, Rdubs. But, but, George Washington was white, I think.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 12, 2013 at 02:31 PM

Wow Mark, I thought I HAD a horrible story of how I became a fan (helmets, really? You must have gotten beaten up a lot as a kid, right, hahaha).

My family is actually from Miami, so I at least have some ties to the area, used to visit, and now even my immediate family lives there.

But like Mark, I too became a fan 1982 (SuperBowl). They were playing the Redskins, and my family went to a SuperBowl Party, and EVERYONE was rooting for the Redskins (my Dad included). And I was the type of kid who always went for the underdog. I was more of an outside kid (playing sports instead of watching) and had only come to the country a few years before (so just getting into football) and so didn't have a "team" yet. But since I wanted to be my own person, and everyone was rooting for the Redskins, I decided to go the other way and root for the Dolphins (I remember people being pissed).

Then, like Mark, Marino came out the next year and that's what made it stick, Dolfan for life! Things could have gone different, I was a big fan of Jim Plunkett and the Raiders before Miami (but never had been to Oakland, so they lost out).

(actually, he was rather pale and had sleeping sickness)

Actually, I became a Dolphin's just 1 sec after Joe Auer scored that TD. Also, in those times, I liked the guy had a Lion as a house pet.

DC, maybe I was scarred by the episode of Diff'rent Strokes when the Gooch beat up Arnold Jackson so bad that he tied the aluminum bat around his neck and cracked his helmet so hard that it split in half when he tried to remove it. Maybe that's where my affinity for helmets comes from.

Actully I've always had an affinity for team colours/logos. I only wear the colours of my favourite pro sports teams but NCAA is open season, I buy all kinds of polos, caps, track jackets just because I like the look. One of my favourite is North Carolina - love the baby blue

What is it with Cubans and wanting wild animals as pets. Tony Montana had a tiger in Scarface. Is Mike Tyson Cuban???

Very, very Young People here. Good. Easier to teach the very young'uns.

I like Dogs.

screw the pats. big game, start fast

No, nothing wild for me at this age. Although, a few years back, I had a Cocker Spaniel in my apartment that I think had ADHD and had to get rid of.

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 12, 2013 at 04:08 PM

Oscar, yes, and against the Raid-ahs! First touch ever for the Fins.
Before that, I was as Cleveland Browns fan, asa my dad was originally from Cleveland.
Watched MANY games featuring the great Jim Brown, and his battles with arch enemy LB Sam Huff of the Giants/Redskins.

Damn I have had enough of the Patriots and Brady. Nothing would feel better than to see them knocked off their pedestal.

Would love to see a healthy dose of Dion Jordon for this game.

How old are you guys?!?!?!

Any of you watch Knute Rockne play?

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