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Hartline: Beat New England, turn attention to Buffalo

Brian Hartline is a bright guy. A reporter asked him on Tuesday if he's practiced doing what he did against Pittsburgh last week -- catching the ball that is not exactly on target, getting both feet down and in bounds and falling as he does all of that.

"Practice that play?" he asked. "I don't practice falling in practice."

The guy thinks about the question and his response. He's told me he likes measuring talent and I think he might have a future in personnel after his career ends.

Right now, however, he's concentrating on Sunday's game against New England.

He did a conference call with the New England media on Wednesday. This is how it went:

(On facing Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib) – “It’s exciting, I always enjoy going against the top rated, quote, unquote corners in the league and he is one of the guys that is always well talked about. I hope he is coming back well from his injury, if end up seeing him I am looking forward to the opportunity and the matchup."

(On his impressions and if he sees any difference in the Patriots secondary over the past few weeks with a number of them battling injuries) – “Really just watching all the games it just how many different guys have been playing. I don’t think its necessarily seeing a guy play injured or who he is trying to pull up there. Its just seeing a guy here that is moved around and a guy there, that’s probably been the biggest notice and I am just speaking from the back end from the corners to the safeties and the nickel players, so that is probably where I have seen the most, the versatility and the amount of the defensive backs that have played."

(On Aqib Talib stating that (Hartline) plays at one speed and if that is something that he practices) –“Yeah I have just always been that kind of guy. Every once in a while you can kind of mix it in, but I have always kind of been a 100 percent kind of guy all the time and it another thing that can get you into trouble, but sometimes it can be to your advantage, so it just depends on how things go. Hopefully it’s a nice hot day down here come Sunday and we will see how it plays out."

(On his impressions of Ryan Tannehill’s development and if there are specific areas that he has seen him improve on since last season) – “By this point it’s not about last season, we have basically played a full season so seeing his growth even throughout the season this year I think has been well documented. I think he is playing well, I think he is doing a great job in two minute situations. He is doing a great job at commanding the offense which we kind of see on the inside, it seems like and feels like we have carried more pass opportunities the last three, four weeks and he has handled it well. He has put the ball in great spots. Guys are making plays on the ball and we are turning them into big plays. So to take that next step and kind of carry the team on his back is really what he is doing at this point."

(On how the team recovered from a four game losing streak while dealing with outside distractions to get back into playoff contention) - “In the NFL four games are important, but so much goes on so you can recover. Our backs, we felt like got up against the wall a couple times and we responded in the right way. But overall nothing really changed. Everyone wants to think that there was some miraculous change, but nothing changed. The situation really for all intents and purposes was not in the locker room. The individuals were outside the locker room, they were not on the team. The biggest hole that we had to fill wasn’t any quote, unquote, distractions, it was the fact that we were missing two staring offensive linemen and if that happens to any team in the NFL it can cause some rifts and getting guys to step up and play. But we had that and guys were able to step up and make some plays that kept us in games, we didn’t pull all of them out, coming out of that, but we still played well and at this point some guys are getting more and more comfortable in the positions they are in and Bryant (McKinnie) is doing a great job on the left side. So it was just some growing pains really in the end and we have grown through it and we are looking forward to these next three game opportunities. You guys can kind of understand, New England always demands your full attention, so to think of anything other besides that would be doing ourselves a disservice."

(On if he feels if there is any room for error the rest of the way) – “I think anytime you play December football you don’t have much room for error, it just depends on what caliber. I am sure New England feels the same way. They want to either finish off the division or earn a first spot or whatever they are going for, so everyone feels that way. Just because ours is in a different line or a different level doesn’t make it less important. We have our goals, other teams have their goals as far as I know a lot of things are not locked in the NFL, so basically every game is important for every team throughout the NFL at this point and we are one of them."

(On if he’s aware that the Patriots are 5-1 in their last six visits to Miami) – “I didn’t not but I think the last time we played them and we beat them I believe was my rookie year so that makes sense."

(On what it would mean to beat them on Sunday at home with that in mind) –“Nothing more than another win.  Like you said every game is important.  It’s obviously important, we have three division games to finish the year, New England being one of them.  In the end, it’s always good to beat New England they are the division leaders, that’s always important to us.  To say it’s worth more or weighs more, I think that’d be wrong.  As soon as we win this game, if we do win this game, pull this out, which we do plan on doing that we have to turn our focus right away to Buffalo and move on.  It’s not really a big celebratory situation and obviously when you play a great football team, a good football team at that matter it’s a good time to test your team.  It’s a good time to test yourselves, the one on one match ups put it all to the test, the team as a whole and see where you are after all this work you’ve put in come the middle of December, so it’s a great opportunity like I said."

(On what Ken O’Keefe has brought to the team) – “Well actually both, Coach Phil McGeoghan played at (Maine)and was from that area and coach (Ken) O’Keefe but they’re great, they’re a great combo.  Coach O’Keefe, we’ve grown together as a tight knit group and Coach Phil McGeoghan has done a great job too.  He’s a younger kind of coach and was at UCF if I’m not mistaken, or USF and he came here two years ago.  You kind of have an older guy who’s been around the block and seen a lot of things, a lot of intellect along with a younger guy who’s very smart but has also played the game a little bit in the NFL in his younger days.  It’s a great mesh, we have a great group of guys the coaching staff does a great job leading us and we follow and Coach O’Keefe has really helped me bring my game up to another level as well as my other receivers in the room."

(On what surprises him most with Charles Clay, and how comfortable has Mike Wallace become in the offense) – “Mike’s always been a factor, whether we have any kind of glamorous stats or not, that’s never changed.  (Charles) Clay’s always been a factor as well and I’ve see it for the last couple years, it was just a matter of continuing to work, continuing to get that opportunity and when you get that opportunity really shinning.  He’s had some small opportunities throughout his career so far, the last couple weeks have gotten him more attention but what he’s done and the mismatches he creates has never been a secret to us at least.  Maybe we’re doing a better job of using him, I don’t know but he’s making some great plays right now, he’s getting a lot of opportunities and in order for us to be successful he has to be able to keep doing that.  I’m looking forward to watching him play and enjoying him play this weekend with us. "

(On what’s the secret with him having good success on third down) – “Catching the ball."

(On how he’s able to stay open with extra attention due to his success) – “Yeah, I think that’s a credit to the coaching staff moving me around, providing opportunities.  Really in the end, I think catch rate and all that kind of stuff that I check every now and then, it’s pretty good throughout the league.  I just pride myself with when the ball is in my area, coming down with it.  Maybe it’s not always the prettiest thing in the world, but sometimes they’re not always pretty but converting when you need to convert and making the plays when they are there and really creating that trust within my coaching staff and my quarterback so that’s just how I’ve gone about my business."


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The Pats have tons of injuries and no real incentive in this game. Fins 23-17.

I now understand why the glorious history of the Dolphins franchise is not bandied about on this blog....y'all are young'uns that did not live through the glorious early 70's years when the Dolphins dominated all of football. You don't know what it feels like to win the Super Bowl.
I became a fan on 11-17-68 Dolphins v Bengals...we got killed. It was my first football game with my Dad and lil brother...we just moved to Florida from NYC. I became a Dolphin fan that day and my bro became a fan of the bengals. Flipper in the end zone, Dolphin Dolls on the sideleines....park on a Cubans lawn for a couple of bucks...it was heaven.

I parked on many a lawn back then!

Sunday....Better coached team with best QB will probably win, but it doesn't always work that way...look at the Jets beating NO. So there's always a chance. Bear in mind this team won last week by literally half an inch.

monte have ton of incentive, one loss and cincy is in the 2 seed with a bye if miami makes playoffs they are either playing at cincy or at pats

and Oscar I agree the ONLY way to eat a Cuban sandwich is with mustard....and don't forget the MOJO!!

Looks like most of us are marino's children. Except for rdubs, not quite sure why a young guy like him would've subjected himself to this?

Nemo- good story!

IMA- thanks for the reply.

Simon- for sure! I wanna see Brady-boy eat some dirt!


Armando i was the first to post in yesturdays blog but came back later and noticed you had deleted my post. Todays blog is better at least it has to do with actual football questions to players

Posted by: glenn | December 12, 2013 at 06:28 AM

You're supposed to say: First!!
This 1st post should be deleted too.

Remember we play the Patriots this week, so that means we also play the Refs, Tom Brady always gets a couple of extra opportunities, usually in the 4th quarter.

I think that Brady get knocked out of this game early and the Dolphins get a big win. 30-14. Wake and company are sick and tired of hearing about the wonderful Tom Brady. I think they gonna WHACK him silly!

The Pats already have the division rapped up. They just want to avoid more injuries.

ohhhh so the pats fans are already getting excuses ready....the pats are playing for #1 or #2 seed they wanna win

monte u really are that clueless

Same as with Big Ben, a big rush up the middle, but more against Brady as he cannot throw the ball that well on the run. I think we did a great job vs Big Ben in that respect.

I really think you gotta keep this staff together one more year. With Tanny's progression, he will make them all look much better and we will be more consistent week in and week out. ONE MORE YEAR!!!

Will Tannehill ever complete a long pass??

Toronto Mark (last name first)…
Yes, there ARE some folks here that are positive Paul McCartney was in a band BEFORE Wings! LOL
Only in Canada…The Ottawa Rough Riders, and the Sass(whatever) ROUGHRIDERS.
Don't shoot me, my mum was from "Winterpeg."

Will Tannehill ever complete a long pass??

Posted by: Still Waiting | December 12, 2013 at 05:32 PM
Yes, Sunday. But not to Wallace.

Hartline is a beast. Flat out stud straight up pro ballplayer A+ superstar

We need to organize and force Ross out as owner. Similar to A's fans in Oakland. Like we did with Lew Sheffel and the Heat. Ross is in for money. Will never invest in this team. We will never win with him. But we show up with 20,000 fans a game. Enough for him to get paid.

Even though I wouldn't have minded trading 3 picks for RG3 - because under Philbin and Sherman, RG3 would easily be a top 10 qb in teh NFL right now

But Tannehill is mighty fine and much cheaper...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 12, 2013 at 09:26 AM

I think you're on to something here Mark.

Sherman has his faults. But developing QB's is NOT one of them. Time and time again, Tannehill was asked why he didn't run the ball more. Time and time again Sherman was asked the same.

Early on the question was deftly evaded. But eventually, Sherman let it be known. On numerous occasions now, Sherman has stated that he wants Tannehill to learn how to play QB from the pocket FIRST!

In other words, Tannehill had it drilled into his head early on, stay in the pocket and keeps your eyes down field. Most importantly, GO Through Your READS(BTW-I think this played a large part in people condemning Tannehill's so-called "Pocket Awareness" early on)! By following Sherman's "Teachings, he APPEARED awkward and indecisive at times. Nonetheless, you can see this diminishing and you can see Tannehill picking and choosing when he decides to tuck and run. All Good!

With RGIII though, Shanahan choose the "Other Route". He chose to simplify things by cutting the field(and his reads)in half. He chose to try and ride RGIII's legs through the year. He seemed to coddle RGIII and led him down the garden path.

I do believe that Philbin and Sherman would have developed RGIII in the opposite manner. I believe Mark's statement in that Sherman would have him in the top 10. Proofs in the pudding and Sherman has Coached Tannehill into the top 10.

You can't fault Sherman for the way he's developed Tannehill. He made him a Pocket Passer FIRST and the Running QB business came second. Kudos Coach Sherman!

BTW-I think that one of the "Wrinkles" we'll see in Sunday's Game Plan is a lot of the Read/Option and a lot of Tannehill running to Day Light!

Go Phins!!!!

Very good point,Odin. What's your prediction on the game?

Hey, odin, what do you think of Sammy Watkins, is he a Special Player?

As it turns out Jeff Ireland's draft picks over the last few years continue to get better & better. By next year we won't have any of these idiots calling for Jeff Ireland's head anymore. I have been telling all these morons that he is a good general manager for a long time, but they were all blinded by Bill Parcells & Tony Sparano's outdated coaching styles that isn't suited for this day & age anymore. As for the first couple years of busted draft picks, mostly all of those mistakes was Parcells doing.

Rick, when I see Jeff Ireland draft picks going to Hawaii, then I'll begin throwing roses at his feet.

Jake Long? A #1 overall pick had better go to pro bowl or someone's head needs to roll.

Anyone other than Long that Ireland drafted has done the Aloha circuit thus far?

Disagree, odin, I believe we are going to throw long, and if they try to double cover, they will have to deal with Clay on short to intermediate routes. Don't know which one they would prefer.

Sam, it was Parcells that drafted Jake Long.

Johnathan Martin = Another Irescum bust.

Well.. If Monte said we win it must be true.

If someone said you had to beat the Pats one out of 8 times to make the playoffs and you've already lost 7 in a row. You hope to at least win one game.

I guarantee Bill is scheming to stop Charles clay. But someone else will be open...

And Clay might run someone over. Don't be surprised!





It is very hard to ascertain that BP or Ireland picked this or that Player, as Ireland was the GM and Personnel Man since 2008. Unless you are BP or Ireland.

@ Sam : Mostly all of Jeff Ireland's draft picks are in their 2nd & 3rd years unless they are still rookies. Except for a select few players, players generally don't start producing until their 3rd year in the league. This is the reason that guys like Rashad Jones emerged last year as one of the top 3 safety's in the league & it's the reason why Charles Clay, Chris Clemons, Nolan Carroll, Olivier Vernon & others are just now starting to blossom. Rome wasn't built in a day & it takes a few years to start getting the results you want.

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 12, 2013 at 06:50 PM

Except in this case where Parcells talked about HIS decision to draft Long. DUUUUUUHHH

You also have to remember that Jeff Ireland was basically starting over when Joe Philbin was hired as the new head coach last year, because when coaching changes come in they like to build tams with players that fit the type of team they want to run.

Funny that Craig Moron calls people who wanted RG3 putzes, yet he's the one who wanted Jared Cook. Not only is Craig Moron a moron, he's also a PUTZ! And a douchebag.

He did, FYI? BP is a smart one and I don't believe you, but if he did, he was talking crap. Probably a reason why he's not here anymore.

Dr Canosa the big tuna also known now by a new nickname dollar bill parcells took the safe pick when he drafted Long,heck for 13 million even Ireland would have drafted Long.
Parcells draft was worth more like 1.3 million than 13 million,but huizinga tried to hire coaches and then csars to be the face of his organization and also to take the heat for the results.Remember Saban the supposed savior before parcells.For a billionaire thats planning on selling his NFL franchise at a BIG profit what he paid the big tuna was small potatoes.

Besides EVERY SINGLE TEAM in the NFL gets some bust's (70%of all NFL draft picks are bust's all over the league) for draft picks & Miami has been in rebuilding mode for the last 2 decades due to all the coaching changes. Also if you were to judge Jeff Ireland's draft picks over the last 3 years that he has been doing the drafting, he has been more successful with his picks than most NFL teams have.

Huizinga is also one of the smart singaos. We know.

Very good point,Odin. What's your prediction on the game?

Posted by: rage | December 12, 2013 at 06:03 PM

I see a Lop-Sided victory on Sunday, borderline Blowout.

I agree wholeheartedly with Mark, DC(and others)that the refs help the patriots EVERY week. I'll go a step further and say that the refs can be credited with at least 3 patriot wins, possibly more.

Good teams can overcome bad officiating........except when they're playing the patriots. To beat the patriots, you have to beat them bad. You have to beat them and then put the game out of reach of the officiating crew. I say this in all seriousness, the Browns can attest to this fact as well as our first game against them. I'm sure there are more cases, but I don't watch the pats except when they're playing us.

The refs have shown that they don't care how obvious they make it, they are closing in on the WWE in terms of how blatantly biased they are in favor of the patriots.

Christ, they even changed the rules of NFL football **DURING A PLAYOFF GAME** and allowed them to cheat their way to a Superbowl title.

In saying all that, the fact is, we have to beat the patriots by a big enough margin so as to nullify the officiating crews attempts at a fourth quarter comeback.

As ridiculous as this post sounds, I hate to say it's true. It's a sad state of affairs when the average fan can see and recognize this type of corruption. Follow the money as I'm sure it's deeply rooted in monetary gain. Most corruption is. This is how far your NFL has fallen.

Go Phins!!!!

Ireland has set records for most busts ever by a GM. And idiot Ross does nothing.

BP will probably end his days peacefully betting on his Ponies.(nothing wrong with that)

Nahh, odin, they have a great Coach and a great QB, the 2 key ingredients for a successful Team. Tighten your seatbelts.

Mike you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING & you sound like a absolute MORON ! Try learning something about football & stick your sorry a**Jets up your a**.

The Pats have the best QB in NFL history and arguably the best coach ever. That being said I think the Fins win on Sunday because they have more motivation and are much healthier as a team.

Dont blame the refs for the loss Eh?

Ireland has set records for most busts ever by a GM. And idiot Ross does nothing.
Posted by: Mike | December 12, 2013 at 07:11 PM

Winning is NOT a requirement for a Steve Ross GM LOL

Ireland has set records for most busts ever by a GM. And idiot Ross does nothing.
Posted by: Mike | December 12, 2013 at 07:11 PM

Winning is NOT a requirement for a Steve Ross GM LOL

Posted by: Xerxes | December 12, 2013 at 07:29 PM

You don't get it. The fans like losing more than winning. Just a glance at the posters here prove it.

Hey, odin, what do you think of Sammy Watkins, is he a Special Player?

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 12, 2013 at 06:20 PM

You're asking me if he's a special player?

Yeah, I think he might be. I haven't seen many of his games, but I have watched a lot of high lights. Like most "special" players, he looks like a man among boys. He always looks like he's one of, if not the best player on the field.

Having said all that, I suspect that Watkins might be an addict big time. He's messing around with some seriously addictive drugs and has convictions for Weed, adderol(hillbilly cocaine)and vyvanse(Had to look this last one up, very similar to adderol apparently).

So yeah, I think he's special alright. But I have to have some serious reservations as well. I don't know that he is an addict, but we at least know that he's been "Dallying". Therefor the Kid's career is going to be a crap shoot. That's just the nature of the beast. Also, if he has any type of Fvck Ups over the next year or so, you know the drug abuse issue will be piled on top. He needs to get seriously clean and STAY THAT WAY!

Stefan Stevenson, the TCU beat reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, citing a “source close to the Texas executive council of regents” is reporting that Nick Saban will be the next coach at Texas. This follows the Orangebloods.com report earlier in the day that Mack Brown will step down as head coach.

To much at stake for the naive offense and coaches to win this game Eh? the defense will hold the Patriots to 7 points under their average but the offense will fold in the 4th quarter as always Eh?
NE-24 barbies - 13 Eh?,7-7 and then 2 losses to the Bills and Jets to finish at 7-9 Eh?
Go barbies Go Ross Go Ireland.
Stupid homers Eh?

Keys to the Game: Phins host Cheats ahh Pats..
If Gene "Sanitary Napkin" Steratore refs the game, expect one if not at least two critical calls going against the Phins and in favor of the Cheatriots, deciding a close victory for the Pats.

It's Ape Tamer from Quebec eh?

As for the first couple years of busted draft picks, mostly all of those mistakes was Parcells doing.

Posted by: Rick | December 12, 2013 at 06:26 PM

Exactly! To complicate matters, Parcell's had final say on all personnel matters. As much as people like to blame Ireland, Parcells made a giant mess while here.

The O-Line has been our biggest problem dating all the way back to Parcell's arrival. Yet, in that first year Parcells cut Evan Mathis. Mathis now plays for the Eagles and is **THE TOP RATED GUARD** in ALL of the NFL by Pro Football Focus.

Ireland is far from perfect, but the simple fact is this: He's done a hell of a lot better job than Parcell's his entire time here in Miami.

I hate to keep saying: Just wait till next year. But I think it's becoming pretty obvious to most concerned. Ireland needs one more free agency and draft to solidify this O-Line and the rest is for depth and special play makers.

We have a great foundation as well as some play makers and depth(injuries notwithstanding). So next year were going to make it real tough on the rest of the NFL(the cheating officiating crews too-LOL).

We might have had another SB win if Parcells had stayed with the Fins.

Posted by: odinseye | December 12, 2013 at 07:10 PM


Disagree, odin, I believe we are going to throw long, and if they try to double cover, they will have to deal with Clay on short to intermediate routes. Don't know which one they would prefer.

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 12, 2013 at 06:44 PM

You don't have to disagree. The run game sets up the play action pass. Tannehill and a sucessful Read/Option running game should set up the deep balls PERFECTLY.

Eithwer way, I think you're right. From this point forward, I think we're going to see Tannehill taking more and more deep shots.

Tannehill has worked through a bunch of his questionable skills. Now that the rest of the offense has picked up their level of play, I think we're going to see a concerted effort on correcting the deep ball issue.

That's how it seemed to go with everything else. So what's left to correct? Wallace and the Deep Ball.

odin do you ever watch a full game or is it just the highlight clips after the games?

Parcelles brought in Josh Mccown because he knows QB's but when Pennington became available Ross forced his hand to get the EX JET since that is Ross' first love Eh?
How does Chicago like Josh By the way Eh?

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