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Hartline: Beat New England, turn attention to Buffalo

Brian Hartline is a bright guy. A reporter asked him on Tuesday if he's practiced doing what he did against Pittsburgh last week -- catching the ball that is not exactly on target, getting both feet down and in bounds and falling as he does all of that.

"Practice that play?" he asked. "I don't practice falling in practice."

The guy thinks about the question and his response. He's told me he likes measuring talent and I think he might have a future in personnel after his career ends.

Right now, however, he's concentrating on Sunday's game against New England.

He did a conference call with the New England media on Wednesday. This is how it went:

(On facing Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib) – “It’s exciting, I always enjoy going against the top rated, quote, unquote corners in the league and he is one of the guys that is always well talked about. I hope he is coming back well from his injury, if end up seeing him I am looking forward to the opportunity and the matchup."

(On his impressions and if he sees any difference in the Patriots secondary over the past few weeks with a number of them battling injuries) – “Really just watching all the games it just how many different guys have been playing. I don’t think its necessarily seeing a guy play injured or who he is trying to pull up there. Its just seeing a guy here that is moved around and a guy there, that’s probably been the biggest notice and I am just speaking from the back end from the corners to the safeties and the nickel players, so that is probably where I have seen the most, the versatility and the amount of the defensive backs that have played."

(On Aqib Talib stating that (Hartline) plays at one speed and if that is something that he practices) –“Yeah I have just always been that kind of guy. Every once in a while you can kind of mix it in, but I have always kind of been a 100 percent kind of guy all the time and it another thing that can get you into trouble, but sometimes it can be to your advantage, so it just depends on how things go. Hopefully it’s a nice hot day down here come Sunday and we will see how it plays out."

(On his impressions of Ryan Tannehill’s development and if there are specific areas that he has seen him improve on since last season) – “By this point it’s not about last season, we have basically played a full season so seeing his growth even throughout the season this year I think has been well documented. I think he is playing well, I think he is doing a great job in two minute situations. He is doing a great job at commanding the offense which we kind of see on the inside, it seems like and feels like we have carried more pass opportunities the last three, four weeks and he has handled it well. He has put the ball in great spots. Guys are making plays on the ball and we are turning them into big plays. So to take that next step and kind of carry the team on his back is really what he is doing at this point."

(On how the team recovered from a four game losing streak while dealing with outside distractions to get back into playoff contention) - “In the NFL four games are important, but so much goes on so you can recover. Our backs, we felt like got up against the wall a couple times and we responded in the right way. But overall nothing really changed. Everyone wants to think that there was some miraculous change, but nothing changed. The situation really for all intents and purposes was not in the locker room. The individuals were outside the locker room, they were not on the team. The biggest hole that we had to fill wasn’t any quote, unquote, distractions, it was the fact that we were missing two staring offensive linemen and if that happens to any team in the NFL it can cause some rifts and getting guys to step up and play. But we had that and guys were able to step up and make some plays that kept us in games, we didn’t pull all of them out, coming out of that, but we still played well and at this point some guys are getting more and more comfortable in the positions they are in and Bryant (McKinnie) is doing a great job on the left side. So it was just some growing pains really in the end and we have grown through it and we are looking forward to these next three game opportunities. You guys can kind of understand, New England always demands your full attention, so to think of anything other besides that would be doing ourselves a disservice."

(On if he feels if there is any room for error the rest of the way) – “I think anytime you play December football you don’t have much room for error, it just depends on what caliber. I am sure New England feels the same way. They want to either finish off the division or earn a first spot or whatever they are going for, so everyone feels that way. Just because ours is in a different line or a different level doesn’t make it less important. We have our goals, other teams have their goals as far as I know a lot of things are not locked in the NFL, so basically every game is important for every team throughout the NFL at this point and we are one of them."

(On if he’s aware that the Patriots are 5-1 in their last six visits to Miami) – “I didn’t not but I think the last time we played them and we beat them I believe was my rookie year so that makes sense."

(On what it would mean to beat them on Sunday at home with that in mind) –“Nothing more than another win.  Like you said every game is important.  It’s obviously important, we have three division games to finish the year, New England being one of them.  In the end, it’s always good to beat New England they are the division leaders, that’s always important to us.  To say it’s worth more or weighs more, I think that’d be wrong.  As soon as we win this game, if we do win this game, pull this out, which we do plan on doing that we have to turn our focus right away to Buffalo and move on.  It’s not really a big celebratory situation and obviously when you play a great football team, a good football team at that matter it’s a good time to test your team.  It’s a good time to test yourselves, the one on one match ups put it all to the test, the team as a whole and see where you are after all this work you’ve put in come the middle of December, so it’s a great opportunity like I said."

(On what Ken O’Keefe has brought to the team) – “Well actually both, Coach Phil McGeoghan played at (Maine)and was from that area and coach (Ken) O’Keefe but they’re great, they’re a great combo.  Coach O’Keefe, we’ve grown together as a tight knit group and Coach Phil McGeoghan has done a great job too.  He’s a younger kind of coach and was at UCF if I’m not mistaken, or USF and he came here two years ago.  You kind of have an older guy who’s been around the block and seen a lot of things, a lot of intellect along with a younger guy who’s very smart but has also played the game a little bit in the NFL in his younger days.  It’s a great mesh, we have a great group of guys the coaching staff does a great job leading us and we follow and Coach O’Keefe has really helped me bring my game up to another level as well as my other receivers in the room."

(On what surprises him most with Charles Clay, and how comfortable has Mike Wallace become in the offense) – “Mike’s always been a factor, whether we have any kind of glamorous stats or not, that’s never changed.  (Charles) Clay’s always been a factor as well and I’ve see it for the last couple years, it was just a matter of continuing to work, continuing to get that opportunity and when you get that opportunity really shinning.  He’s had some small opportunities throughout his career so far, the last couple weeks have gotten him more attention but what he’s done and the mismatches he creates has never been a secret to us at least.  Maybe we’re doing a better job of using him, I don’t know but he’s making some great plays right now, he’s getting a lot of opportunities and in order for us to be successful he has to be able to keep doing that.  I’m looking forward to watching him play and enjoying him play this weekend with us. "

(On what’s the secret with him having good success on third down) – “Catching the ball."

(On how he’s able to stay open with extra attention due to his success) – “Yeah, I think that’s a credit to the coaching staff moving me around, providing opportunities.  Really in the end, I think catch rate and all that kind of stuff that I check every now and then, it’s pretty good throughout the league.  I just pride myself with when the ball is in my area, coming down with it.  Maybe it’s not always the prettiest thing in the world, but sometimes they’re not always pretty but converting when you need to convert and making the plays when they are there and really creating that trust within my coaching staff and my quarterback so that’s just how I’ve gone about my business."


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Ape might be dumber than a load of steaming camel poo. Pennington was here before Ross. But she knows that.

Ross owned 49% of the team at that time you imbecile Eh? But you out of touch out of towners are always CLUELESS Eh?

Ross owned 49 percent. dummy Eh?


we kept Long, there is no BullyGate...

we have 2 more wins...

AND a clinched playoff spot.

Ape Tamer = Kris

The refs in the NFL get paid pretty good. They also receive a certain amount of training. For the most part, I think they do an exceptional job.

But not when it comes to a very few teams. They even go to blatantly obvious lengths when need be.

It's not rocket science and it's certainly not a conspiracy theory. It happens, week in and week out. The patriots are just having trouble living up to Goodell's expectations and up to Krafts "Little Deal".

It's pretty easy to see how it works. Just watch ANY patriot game. First off, the refs simply let the patriot tackles hold as much as they want or need too. This for the most part negates opponents pass rush and allows Brady to sit back and camp out in the pocket. He just sits there, relaxes and waits for his receiver to come open.

On the rare occasions when this doesn't work, Bellicheat calls a deep pass play. If it doesn't work, the refs step in and call another of those phantom pass interference calls.

It's sickening. If you don't believe, then explain this. In our first game against them, with us leading, they called a CRUCIAL pass interference(I think on Carroll). Of course, they show the replay and Lo and Behold, it shows our player and how he doesn't even make contact with the patriots WR-LOL.

They ah......kind of.......ah......got busted on that one. There wasn't even any contact made, none whatsoever. This was just ONE of MANY-MANY calls that go in Brady's favor.

It's disgusting, it reminds me of the old Big Time Wrestling Programs.

Thanks Roger Goodell, for ruining what was once the best Sporting League in the history of mankind. You Dumbass!!!!

Keys to the Game: Phins host Cheats ahh Pats..
If Gene "Sanitary Napkin" Steratore refs the game, expect one if not at least two critical calls going against the Phins and in favor of the Cheatriots, deciding a close victory for the Pats.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/12/hartline-beat-new-england-turn-attention-to-buffalo/comments/page/5/#comments#storylink=cpy

Its been straight downhill since Parcells left.

Posted by: Attention to Detail | December 12, 2013 at 08:48 PM

No, that's Ape Tamer's home your smelling. He doesn't bathe or wipe or flush the toilet, just sprays floor cleaner on his armpits and butt to try to cover up the odor.

Don't pick on Oscar.

Its been straight downhill since Parcells left.

Posted by: Jay | December 12, 2013 at 08:57 PM

Try to do your best in life, as hard as that is, instead of endlessly hoping enough fail to make you look better.

I had heard something about Watkins and drugs, odin. Adderall is a combination of amphetamine salts used to treat ADHD, same as Vyvanse. It has become extremely popular in Miami also, not only among addicts, but also among overweight women, as like all speed, it suppresses appetite. If that's the case with Watkins, forget it.

I don't know, I just let the cleaning lady do whatever she wants. I don't care, I have better things to do.

Yep Oscar, he plead guilty to posession of Marijuanna, Adderoll and Vyvanse.

To be fair, he only had small amounts of each in his posession.

But still, we're talking multi-million dollar contracts and something as unpredictable as a possible drug addiction. GM's and their scouting staffs are going to have their work cut out for them when it comes to Watkins.

Barring a major meltdown on Watkins part, I imagine somebody will give him a shot. I mean the kid is obviously **LOADED** with talent. Of course, he's **LOADED** every Friday and Saturday Night too(Rimshot!) - LOL ;)

OK, seriously, he'll get a shot somewhere. A shot of Methamphetemine and Demerol(Rimshot!) - LOL ;)

Speed Ballin.........Whoop-WHOOOOOOOOP!!!!

OK, ok......I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. In all seriousness, his measurables are outstanding. Every 8-Ball he snorts, shoots or sells weighs out at a perfect 3.5 on the Digi-Scales(Rimshot!) - LOL ;)

(WHAAAA - WHaaaa - whaaaaaaaa..........)

I Slay Me ;)

Hartline nailed it-- the key to Clay's success is catching the ball. He has the physical and mental attributes.

How the mighty have fallen...The Broncos and Chiefs coming back down to earth. Those teams haven't been that much better than our Phins recently. Did they peak too soon in the season?

Phins over Pats by more than a TD. It's turned out well the last couple of weeks so I'll stick with it...I have faith in this talented young team. Phins 31 Pats 23

You can clearly see in Tannehill's delivery that he's placing the ball better and with better touch on the short passes. An improvement there from the heavy ball he used to throw.

Also, did you see him(Tannehill) bouncing on his feet a la Marino before throwing? I told you Doctors are smart, very smart.

Can we get Richie back on the team already? This is now at the point of ridiculous. How much punishment does that guy deserve? It seems there is growing amount of support for the guy and with the fact that Wells is not going to release his report until after the season there's no reason to continue the charade...the quitter Martin has shown his intent with his lack of cooperation. It's shameful the guy was deemed guilty by the hyped media and hung out to dry by the Phins with little evidence of bullying. Is guilty until proven innocent the new American way? He has overwhelming support in the locker room.

Bring back Richie...Bring back Richie...Bring back Richie!!

Hey I feel great about the way the OL has played and all but we may really need that guy if we are making a playoff push and another player goes down. Why is Cogs being held to a new standard of guilty until proven innocent...this is complete BS and unfair. Come on Ireland and Philbin!

Bring back Richie!

Two main themes here...

#1 - I would boil the game down to simply how many times the Fins DEF moves Brady, Hurries Brady and Sacks Brady.

The Fins have been getting after QBs well all year. They need to impose their Will on the Pats O-Line.

#2 - Protect the football with NO Turnovers. NO EASY PATS SCORES! Make them work for all scores.

Most of the other game stuff will take care of itself if they can do those two things...


Incognito is done in the NFL.


Be up by more than a TD. 11 games have gone down to the wire.

Hit Brady, hit Brady and hit him again. Then hit him again.

Jam their baby receivers at the line all day. Our corners aren't that big either but we still need to disrupt their routes.

UNLEASH DION JORDAN!!! RELEASE THE BEAST!! Coyle needs to find ways to set him loose.


I made a few posts at the end of Armando's last blog. He posted a new one shortly afterwards. So I'm guessing no one saw it. This is "My Take" on Martin's "Hissy Fit Gate". I think it's serious and could possibly affect our team negatively during a Wildcard Hunt! So I would like some feedback or comments.



I was blasted here for my take on the "SissyTard Gate". But recent events are starting to back up my **ORIGINAL** assessment. Basically(sadly), Martin had a Big Hissy Fit because **HIS OWN POOR PLAY** caused him to be replaced by McKinnie. So **HE** QUIT! Beginning and End of story. To make matters worse, he didn't care who he took down(like SUPPOSED Friend Ritchie Incognito)in TRYING to HIDE and JUSTIFY his slimy Sissy Tard actions.

It's that simple! I'm SURE he perceived a PROBABLE, eventual financial loss as well, playing right side instead of left. But this was all about GREED and being OUTPLAYED! That's what it amounts too. He then made the accusations against teammates in an effort to hide his TRUE, pathetic motives. In layman's terms: He's a Scum Bag!!!!

That's why he won't give up the text messages. That's also why the investigator canceled any further interviews. He's got Martin "Figured Out" and doesn't want to inconvenience anyone else unnecessarily.

His text messages show that he's as involved and willingly participated in ALL the things he's accused Incognito of. The messages show that he and Cog's were indeed thick as thieves. That they were "best Friends" as far as NFL Locke rooms go. Therefor, I suspect they show that Martin's "Hissy Fit" was motivated SOLELY by the FACT he was demoted BACK to the Right side.

When it's all said and done and regardless of how you feel about Incognito, I think he'll EASILY have sufficient grounds for a civil suit against Martin(w/Dolphins as possible co-defendants). The so-called "investigation" ALONE(despite Cog's appearing in a negative light)should establish liability requiring monetary recompense.

Yep, you may have decided that Cog's is a bad person, so be it. Despite this, the FACT is, Martin's WORSE! He's a BUST and a GREEDY Slime-Bag! A big Jelly Roll of PURE Sissy-Tard!

PS: I absolutely LOVE the way Philbin/Turner are handling the Guard situation. Garner, ALREADY a valuable Back Up is getting tons of Real experience. Then we have the Steal of the Draft in Sleeper Sam Brenner(lol)splitting reps(considerably more reps than Garner vs steelers)and gaining invaluable experience.

Brenner came off the Practice Squad one day and was starting the next. The fact he played so well is unbelievably good news. I didn't think we would see Brenner AT ALL because we're still in the hunt. But Philbin obviously sees something. Not only is he getting a look, he's making plays, impressing Coaches, impressing teammates, and gaining desperately needed LIVE Game Action and Experience.

(Don't know how Garner feels about it, but McKinnie stated that he prefers playing next to Brenner! Huh? What? That's a huge endorsement for a Rookie when you consider the guy it's coming from knows a little about offensive linemen!!!!)

Kudos to Garner, Brenner and the Coaching Staff. Everybody knows we have to rebuild the O-Line and Philbin and Co are ALREADY "On It!"

The Dolphins are going to be in the playoffs and they are going to be a hard out.

I already knew that. Just needed a record of saying it to settle future bets.

Brady is going down.

Bring back Richie,,,Bring back Richie....Bring back Richie!!!

Richie=overhyped media target=unfairly punished employee of the Phins=2012 Pro Bowler=great team mate according to T-Hill and rest of locker room=guilty until proven innocent

Another Re-Post from the last blog.


Most important question facing the Dolphin's Defense:

How long will it take Philbin and Coyle to realize that Dion Jordan should be playing Weak-side Linebacker?

Vernon is coming on like a Play making Pro Bowler. He has 48 tackles and 11.5 sacks.

Cameron Wake **IS** a Play making Pro Bowler. While missing a few games due to injury, he has 28 tackles, 7.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. He's also made numerous game changing plays including a game winning sack/safety in overtime against Cincinnati.

Derrick Shelby is another 2nd year player who is steadily improving at DE. He has as many sacks as Dion Jordan and he got them in less snaps. He also has two forced fumbles. He's improved against the run, can get after the QB and has quickly become a valuable rotation Player.

I said all that to say this: We don't really need another Defensive End. Not as bad as we need a Super Talented, Game Changing, Play making Outside Linebacker. As talented as Dion Jordan is, he should be on the field FULL TIME as a starter and making plays.

As it stands, Jordan's snaps are ridiculously limited. All the while we have guys like Phillip Wheeler, Koa Misi and even Jason Trusnik getting snaps. This while Jordan rides the pine.

Whatever happened to getting your best 11 players on the field?

Memo..to JMart, Ireland, Philbin and the rest of you sensitive type of overly soft peeps that believe Richie should still be suspended.

This has served me well all my life starting when I think when I was in kindergarten...Come on say this with me now.

Sticks and stone may break my bones but names will NEVER hurt me. See how easy it is? Now keep saying it over and over until it sinks in. Sheesh.

Bring back Richie,,,Bring back Richie....Bring back Richie!!!

Richie=overhyped media target=unfairly punished employee of the Phins=2012 Pro Bowler=great team mate according to T-Hill and rest of locker room=guilty until proven innocent

Posted by: TruthhurTs | December 13, 2013 at 05:03 AM


The more we find that Martin was a willing participant and instigator in the hazing and practical jokes, the more we begin to see the fabrications and why!

Once the details are known, there will be no excuses for the troubles he caused Incognito and the damage he caused his career/livlihood.

I fully expect to see Martin banned from the NFL for at least a year once the details are made public/known. I also suspect that if not for the suspension, Martin would/will be Black Listed by most, if not ALL 32 NFL teams. The spoiled rotten Sissy Tard was just looking for a way out. In so doing, he didn't care if he ruined anybody elses careers. Not even his own supposed best friend on the team. He never expected it too become national and in some cases, world news.

Martin is in big trouble.


I'm sick and tired of all these interviews by Dolphin players before big games. We haven't done anything yet. The last time we played the Pats we got embarrased. The Patriots never grant all these interviews. They follow their coach's lead. Keep answers short and generic. That's class. Let's talk after we make a long run in the playoffs (not just one and done).

the pats will run the the hurry up offense,good luck with that

The challenge for RGIII is the challenge for every QB who runs the ball a lot. You get injured frequently and the offense becomes inconsistent. You are great when healthy but overall the team does not do well. This has been true for all the running QBs who use their legs for affirmative yardage - going back to Randall Cunningham (probably the best running QB ever) and forward to Vick or McNabb before his injuries and everyone in-between. This is why I disagree with the people who want to see Tannehill use his legs more often. I want Tannehill to stay in the pocket and if he runs to do it Tarkenton style behind the line of scrimmage to give his WR and TE time to get open.

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