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Here comes two poor quarterbacks -- oh no

Go ahead, try to understand the Miami Dolphins. You cannot. It's impossible. They cannot be predicted. They cannot be understood.

And there is no more obvious way to illustrate this than to offer Miami's success against quarterbacks in 2013.

The Dolphins this year have beaten Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Andy Dalton, Phillip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger. Impressive, right?

They have lost to, among others, rookie Mike Glennon of Tampa Bay and Thad Lewis, who started the year on the practice squad and was at the time Buffalo's fourth quarterback choice to start. The Dolphins also lost to Joe Flacco, who went on a tear last postseason to help Baltimore win the Super Bowl but this year is average at best with 18 TDs and 17 INTs and a QB rating that puts him 30th out of 35 rated signal callers.

And that is interesting only because in the final two games the Dolphins play two rookie quarterbacks -- one of whom is inconsistent and the other of whom has played quite poorly.

The Dolphins are in trouble!!!!

Seriously, the final two games against the Bills and Jets would seem to be a gross mismatch of a solid, veteran defense against two young QBs.

This week Miami faces E.J. Manuel, who is the 28th rated passer in the league tied with, get this, Matt Schaub. Manuel was injured during Miami's early-season loss to the Bills so he did not play. He's made five consecutive starts since returning from his knee injury. The Bills are 2-3 in those games and Manuel has been, well, inconsistent.

(At least he's consistent with his inconsistency).

Manuel completed over 70 percent of his passes in wins over the Jets and Jacksonville last week. He failed to complete even 60 percent in losses against Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Tampa Bay, which was his personal meltdown game in which he threw four interceptions.

Let's just say Manuel is not a rookie phenom. He's held his own and that's about it.

Geno Smith has been a disaster this year, as the Dolphins saw for themselves Dec. 1 when he posted an 8.3 QB rating against them and was benched in a loss at MetLife Stadium.

Smith has thrown 21 interceptions. He's had five games in which he's failed to complete even 50 percent of his passes. He's had only one game where he's thrown more TDs than INTs in a game and that came Oct. 7. He's the lowest-rated NFL quarterback among starters with a 62.9 rating.

So he's not exactly the biggest challenge the Dolphins have faced this season.

All that should encourage a Dolphins fan. All that plays to the Dolphins' benefit.

Now, if the Dolphins can only do to the youngsters what they've done to far better quarterbacks -- namely, beat them -- everything will be good for Miami. 



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Just WIN Miami....and Your IN....

Finally we are in a position where we control our own destiny........I don't know for sure if we will finally move on from what seems like a snake bitten eternity........but I will also throw this in all u Jeff haters ......need to look @ big pic instead of focusing on a couple of picks er moves that didnt pan out ........if he didn't sign Michael Thomas we lose to patriots ......and that's just a small portion of the good he has done.........................here is hopin we finally take nxt step......

going to he game! putting another W up in the weather where Ryan Tannehill has never played in it.....oh nevermind. he did.

Good Point Armando and true hard to figure out Dolphins should be at the top of the AFC east this year, I can see Pats losing to the Ravens, but they will defiantly beat the Bills

definitely should beat the Bills

Sorry Dolphins fans I just don't see us winning out. Over the years when we have played a good team and won we simply come out and play poorly, I don't know why, it is just what they do. Trust me I am not a nay sayer, I am a realist, and if past history has shown us anything it has shown us the Dolphins, for whatever reason, come out flat when it really counts. Have we turned the corner? can we put the smack down on theses last two games like we should, or will we continue to flounder in mire of mediocrity, in my opinion these last two games are more important than the previous one, because any team can win on any Sunday, the real question is can we build on it, the next two weeks games will tell us what kind of team we have.

In typical Armando fashion and bloggers here comes the glass half empty gang!!!

Nothing positive only negative.

"Go ahead, try to understand the Miami Dolphins. You cannot. It's impossible. They cannot be predicted. They cannot be understood." -Armando Salguero

Yep- LOL- hard to figure. It works on paper but put them on the field and watch how things change.

I do sense a difference in offense, though. B Hartline, M Wallace, C Clay and even R Tannehill seem to be playing with a sense of purpose recently. Overall, mistakes are being minimized. If M Sherman gets it figured out, these guys would be hard to keep a lid on.

Defense is still somewhat of a mystery although I think much could be traced to the linebacking crew. They have not been good at stopping the run nor defending against the pass. Their strong suite was to be rushing the passer but that has also failed to materialize.

I think the offense is playing too well now for either Buffalo or NYJets to stop them. I look forward to seeing the Dolphins in the playoffs.

I don't care who we beat in the past, what QB or other dumb stat. We have two division games in front of us and one happens to be in Buffalo. This was the game that scared me the most. Our OL needs to show up big time against there front seven. That is where this game will be won or lost. It would be nice to get a good lead against them and have them shutdown. I don't want any ray of light for this team to keep playing hard.

My point exactly Señor Salguero. The Dolphins shouldn't be scared of these two teams. We have beaten way more talented teams.

Our offense seems to be clicking. At least the part that can function properly cause we know the run game won't be fixed til we get a new O-line.

Also, I would be the first to admit that I thought G.Smith would be a better qb. I understand he was a system qb in college but he didn't turn the ball over as much. I blame M.Morningweig. I think that is how you spell it. The guy sucked in Philly as an OC, he sucks with the Jets as an OC, and he really sucked as a HC of the Lions. They went from bad to worst, from Spo to Marty.

With that said, Dashi couldn't be happier. Brady has about 2 more years in him, EJ Sucks (always has, even at FSU), and G.Smith has been destroyed by bad coaching. The Fins are the Team of the future in the AFC east, and the future is already here.


A little early for you today playa?

FSU is going thru at QB what Alabama went thru at RB just recently. They just had 2 players over drafted at a position and now they have the truth. I just hope that the way Ponder and EJ have played doesn't affect J.Winston draft stock when he comes out. Doubt it because QBs are always a priority in the NFL. But just like E.Lacy, J.Winston is a Man among boys.

I think with what the teams and fans have gone through this year, wining these last to games and playoffs is the only success for this year.


I agree. Winston would be the first player taken.

Interesting points.

I think the Buffalo game is huge for us, I just don't see New York beating us at home to close out the season.

Buffalo is massive, because I feel that the Ravens win out from here.

Daniel Thomas tweaked his injured left ankle in the fourth quarter vs New England and was limited in practice according to Andrew Abramson.

I'ts Armando 'Glass Two Thirds Empty' Salguero.

I don't know about the other elite QBs we have played but the odd thing about Brady vs Miami this year is he played a much better game statistically in the game he lost than the one he won.

The challenge with the bills and jets isn't their QBs it is their running games. The fins have struggled against the run all year and both of these teams, especially the bills, can run. If they committ to running the ball it keeps tannehill off the field and opens up some easy play action passes for the rookie QB. Hopefully solei is good to go and the linebackers show up.

This seems pretty clear...Miami SHOULD win these two games and SHOULD make the playoffs.

I, along with many fans this year, have been frustrated by the inconsistency of the 2013 team. There are weeks where I think the coaches, GM and players have done a great job. Followed by weeks where they look like idiots and losers.

The past 3 games have been solid and I am really hopeful and encouraged at this point.

If for some reason they lose to these two teams that would, in my mind, tell me a lot about this coaching staff. We know in the NFL you HAVE TO WIN the games you are SUPPOSED TO WIN and then try to pull out a couple you were supposed to lose. If the Fins can't win these next two....I put that directly on the HC, OC and DC.

The challenge with the bills and jets isn't their QBs it is their running games. The fins have struggled against the run all year and both of these teams, especially the bills, can run. If they committ to running the ball it keeps tannehill off the field and opens up some easy play action passes for the rookie QB. Hopefully solei is good to go and the linebackers show up.

Posted by: GAfin | December 18, 2013 at 07:58 AM

ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. Fins will need to stop the run in both games. They have to have big games from their front 7. I would be putting 8 in the box most of the game. Force these two QB's to beat you but don't allow their RB's to beat you.

And don't forget the TE. If we stop the run, then that might open up the TE in the middle of the field, and that's also been a weak spot for our defense.

Offensively, if we can run on them, that will give them less time to work us down, so it's a 2-way street.

I have to agree with a lot of other fans,because I have been a fan since the bginning,the Dolphins have played up to good teams and play down to poor teams. It has driven me nuts for far too many years now. I can only hope that Philbin has put a stop to this tradition once and for all!

First of all Mando, the Dolphins didn't beat the QBs of each team, they did, in fact beat the actual teams these QBs played for. Get it? And theres not stat of "QB rating". Thats a numerical invented by ESPN to make themselves seem important.
But your are right in regard to the Dolphins being wishy, washy, you can't depend on them to win or lose. My considered opinion is they will lose in Buffalo. I assume it will be rather chilly in Buffalo this Sunday and the Fish don't play well in the cold. The JETs at home and again we can't depend on the Fish to finish with a win. When the Dolphin lose to Buffalo the Jet game won't mean much. Its about time for another Dolphin crash back to reality. Buffalo 10, Dolphins 3. I do hope IM wrong but the Dolphins have not won 4 games in a row in decades.

hopefully the run D shows up and finishes out the last 2 games. some games the dolphins shut people down and then others they can't seem to wrap up and finish a tackle. the strength of this team has become the most inconsistent.

I am hearing a lot of "when" we lose these 2 games. Not even "IF" we lose these 2 games.

Well Dashi is putting his word on the line (yeah, I know it means nothing). THE MIAMI DOLPHINS WILL WIN THE NEXT 2 GAMES.

I Trust Philbin & Co. Will have a good game plan and T-Sizzle Inc. Will execute it to perfection. They just finish beating 3 teams with better talent and better coaching than the Jets or Bills. Way Better. But I get it this blog is filled with ETERNAL PESSIMIST.

I guess it is easier to expect Defeat than to want to Win. That pushover mentality has brought down countries, even empires.

I don't know maybe I wasn't raised with the mantra losing is OK.

Yes, I understand. We have been losing for the better part of the decade. Wah!! Wah!! Wah!! :'( :'( :'(

This team is on the rise. They have done great for the First year of the Rebuild. Better than most expected. You know those who always expect the Dolphins to lose.

We all know what Dashi expected.

So Yes!! I expect the Dolphins to win the Next 2 games.

We could've been 13-3 If we would've signed J.Long and Kept D.Carpenter. Heck, I would've brought back O.Mare instead of Sturgis.

There are 2 things we can do to contain CJ Spiller in this game, edge blitzes on run downs to try to stack him up before he can get started, and secondly take away the cut-back lane. But to take away the cut back it means the OLB's have to stay home and play disciplined, something that I see lacking in Wheeler's play this year.

Wheeler is a freelancer, he rarely show the discipline to stay home, he frequently overruns his area of responsibility and gets himself out of position. I see it game after game. This is what gets us in trouble against the cut-back runners.

Give Wheeler a single gap responsibility and I think he could be effective, but when he plays two gap he's all over the field, and hardly ever in position to make a play.

I don't blame him for this, he wants to make every play on the field, he hustles like there's no tomorrow. I just think that they need to greatly simplify his role on the defense for him to be most effective.

I'm not ready to toss him out with the bath water, I think they need to rethink his position and put him in better situations than they have been, he is a very instinctual player and one I think can flourish with the right scheme.

Limiting his area of responsibility with clearly defined areas for him to work within will yield good to great results in my opinion. Don't make him have to work sideline to sideline.

Yup. Inconsistency had been the mark of this Miami Dolphins Team until Nov 17 when we beat SanDiego. Since then, the play calling has been excellent, the in-Game management superb, Tannehill has shown why he is going to be a Doctor never repeating a mistake, the Kraken Clay has surfaced and even Clabo appears to be trying not to make Tannehill a cripple. What happened? A little help from our Friends.

guys....this is NOT your father's dolphins anymore. We WIN in Dec and will win out to easily make the playoffs.

Since the departure of Cogs & Jmart, this unit has bonded and come together as a strong unit by overcoming adversity. No way they just fall apart up in Buffalo.

Maybe Miami Vice makes J.Wilson or C.Clemons expendable. But what I do know is that Coyle knows Secondary. He might be a horrible DC, but he can spot a Corner or a safety.

The way I see it, We should only bring back Grimes, next season. Miami Vice can battle it out with D.Jones for C.Clemons spot. D.Jones just needs developing. J.Taylor and W.Davis should be our #2 and #3 CB next season.

Either/Or it is better than having V.Davis and S.Smith at CB.

there is 1 thing 2 do 2 win this game
score 1 more point

Only the STUPID HOMERS are discounting the Bills and Jets as easy W'S.

Us becoming a very good Team might extend the life of Brady and Belichick, those are 2 very competitive guys. Good. We have never wanted any handouts around here.

Fins need to focus on doing 'wet ball drills' this week, gonna be ugly in Buffalo at game time...rain and 33.

it will be a catastrophic disappointment if the phinz suxx ^ the final 2
and then the homerz will be reeling as usual
yeah lets talk draft and fa with 2 games left
if the phinz collapse the homerz
u will be talking f'ing qb again got it?

The Bills and the Jets are terrible. Fins win both games easily.

No Game is easy same as no Life has been easy either, I'm pretty sure.

Gees Dragonfly

Wasn't that snow I seen in Pitsburgh? Didn't the Phins win? Most of these boys aren't raised in the South Side of LA. And Tannehill isn't afraid of a bit of snow and cold.

nice breakdown on wheeler john, thanks. hopefully front three come to play as well.

bills run d is 4th

The qb is not my worry this weekend, it's nobody on the Bills actually, it's the field conditions. If it's messy, i.e. no footing, it will favour the Bills strong running game vs our superior pass offense thus nulling out our massive QB advantage.

Brilliant analysis 2 watt, and indsiputable by the way.

Philbin has a golden opportunity to put his stamp on this team right now. If the Fins make the playoffs, everybody's job is safe.

I would agree with keeping Philbin but I don't know how much credit I can give on this run to Ireland. We are doing it with practice squad castoffs. I don't know who to credit most for that- the coaching staff or Ireland.

But I know this about Jeffy boy. Last year's draft crop has produced next to nothing. How good would this team look if we stayed put or traded down and drafted Eddie Lacey? Ireland gambled on what we had and our RB's are serviceable at best.

Ireland has proved very little with his drafts, yet he gets a pass because the team is defying all odds right now in the wake of adversity? I credit the coaching staff and players for that.

It's the shoes, man, the shoes.

Mark, you should be worried about C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson. They would be 1st ballot HOF'ers if they played every game like they do vs. Miami.

On The LBs,

Yes, they are the problem to this defense.

Ellerbe has been slow to learn the system. And Wheeler is just OK. Plus Wheeler is a little undersized for OLB. But they still cost 1/2 less than Dansby and Burnett, and produce just the same.

Jenkins looks like he will be a player. But he projects more as a MLB than OLB. Again, he is undersized for a OLB. OLB in the NFL have to cover TEs. And TEs in the NFL go about 6'5" 260.

The Fins need to draft a OLB for a 4-3 or switch to a 3-4 next season.

DC, if the conditions are playable, I know our offense can outscore theirs, even if they get 150 yards from Spiller and Jackson.

If the passing games are wiped out because Buffalo is well... Buffalo at this time of year... then there will be a problem.

Forecast won't be cold but there will be about 10-15mm of rain and 4 inches of snow during the 24 hours that is Sunday.

Only the STUPID HOMERS are discounting the Bills and Jets as easy W'S.

Posted by: M is for Moron | December 18, 2013 at 08:50 AM


So has the rest of the NFL. The Bills and The Jets could be drafting in the Top 10 next year.

Dashi, they already have one in 95...

Miami makes every game a nailbiter. There are no easy wins, especially in your division. Buffalo, especially, will gun for us.

Hang on, it's going to be a wild ride.

When I was very young, I had a beautiful blonde, Canadian girl. For some reason, she liked it up the Asss everytime. I advised her, listen, guys get used to this very easily and you might not have any children, ever.

Dear Ricky (Williams),

Stop going on "spiritual journeys" dude. You're playing into the characterization of you as a wacko bird. You keep talking about not being happy with "NFL success." Wanting more out of life. Don't you understand the NFL GAVE YOU THE OPTION to take all these "inner quests." Most REGULAR people get up, go to work, make just about enough to live, come home, do chores and responsibilities, only to do it all over again in the morning. To you that might seem like "contentment", but I doubt you'd be much happier if you didn't have the fortune you made from running the football to live off of. And those women you've seeded, they might not like you as much if you didn't have dollar signs after your name.

And why does everything have to revolve around you anyway? You want to work on your "relationships." Maybe it's not them bro, maybe it's you. Maybe you're too wrapped up in personal journeys to try and understand another human being (including those you've birthed). You want to change the definition of success, then go teach, be a coach, start a business, engage in a "cause", be a spokesman for human rights or the eradication of a killer disease, run for office, open an orphanage, etc. There are NUMEROUS ways you can use your fame to enrich and help others, and that should bring a thoughtful person like you happiness and maybe help redefine the success you've been longing for.

But stop whining. Us regular folk, 9-5 folk, who never felt the bright lights, the fame, the million dollar bank account, we don't feel to sorry for you, that you can't "find" yourself. Entertainers and athletes like you have it all, and become your own worst enemy. I'd respect you more if you said, "I stopped playing because I don't want to turn out like Tony Dorsett and scare my kids...or worse." At least that would show me you're trying to look out for someone other than yourself. But all I usually here with you Ricky, is "me" or "I". It's getting old. And I just don't really care anymore. Good luck to you, but my suggestion is: pick your skirt up. Life is hard, but dying ain't an option. The sun will come out tomorrow. I'm out of cliche's.

Yours Truly,
DC Dolfan

P.S. I just want you to know this is tough love. I was one of your biggest fans when you played in Miami. I have a jersey to show for it. Even when I was teased for wearing the "Dope Man's" jersey, I wore it with pride. Thanks for all you did trying to get this team to change. I won't forget it. I hope you find happiness in life, I just think you need to look outside of yourself.

the way i see it is simple, if you can't beat the Bills and the Jets to get in the post-season, you have no business going to the playoffs. playoff calibre teams win when they have to and having said that, when the dolphins get in be careful because this team has been in playoff mode for a few weeks now. the last 3 SB champs are teams that peaked late in the season and went on tear in January.

The achilles heal of our beloved Finz is that we don't play the best of our ability at ALL times. How we play all depends on who we are playing. Remember, though it's not the same team, our Finz are playing vs a team which beat us earlier in the season.
Buffalo and the J-E-T-S are going to pull out all options to destroy our playoff bid.....I hope our Finz are well prepared!

Oscar, u sure it was a woman? I've heard this same story on Jerry Springer a few times...


In a 3-4, #95 is the perfect OLB.

In a 4-3 he is a DE.

Coyle should give him more snaps. Specially with a guy like wheeler on the field who can't cover TEs and misses to many Tackles because he is to small.

I know they say D.Jordan is light. But he isn't Skinny. Plus at 6'7" that is an imposing figure on the end of that line. You aren't throwing quick screens over D.Jordan. and when he grabs you, he has you.

D.Jordan and C.Wake on one side with Odrick and O.Vernon on the other is like watching a young version of The Expendables.

Who is Jerry Springer?

I don't see that being a problem in this game. I really can't fathom how a team that hasn't been to the Playoffs in 5 years, on the cusp of doing something many of these players have never done, can't get up for a game that might plunge them into the Playoffs if everything else works out (Baltimore/Cincy losses). How great would it be to be able to sit some injured players next week because we're already in the Playoffs? For a team that was looking like it was headed to the AFC East basement mid-season.

I'm not worried about "playing down" to lesser competition. I'm worried that we give it all we have, and STILL lose. That would be the dagger that might put me down for good.

IMO losing to the inferior QBs was all about losing focus. The team came out flat without the mentaility to dominate the opposing team prob because the team felt they were the superior team.

If we come out with the same focus we did against the Pats, Carolina Falcons we will dominate Bills and Jets. Im hoping Philbin is keeping the team focus strictly on the Bills game. Leaders need to step up NOW and make sure the team will not be denied by these inferior teams!!

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