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Here comes two poor quarterbacks -- oh no

Go ahead, try to understand the Miami Dolphins. You cannot. It's impossible. They cannot be predicted. They cannot be understood.

And there is no more obvious way to illustrate this than to offer Miami's success against quarterbacks in 2013.

The Dolphins this year have beaten Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Andy Dalton, Phillip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger. Impressive, right?

They have lost to, among others, rookie Mike Glennon of Tampa Bay and Thad Lewis, who started the year on the practice squad and was at the time Buffalo's fourth quarterback choice to start. The Dolphins also lost to Joe Flacco, who went on a tear last postseason to help Baltimore win the Super Bowl but this year is average at best with 18 TDs and 17 INTs and a QB rating that puts him 30th out of 35 rated signal callers.

And that is interesting only because in the final two games the Dolphins play two rookie quarterbacks -- one of whom is inconsistent and the other of whom has played quite poorly.

The Dolphins are in trouble!!!!

Seriously, the final two games against the Bills and Jets would seem to be a gross mismatch of a solid, veteran defense against two young QBs.

This week Miami faces E.J. Manuel, who is the 28th rated passer in the league tied with, get this, Matt Schaub. Manuel was injured during Miami's early-season loss to the Bills so he did not play. He's made five consecutive starts since returning from his knee injury. The Bills are 2-3 in those games and Manuel has been, well, inconsistent.

(At least he's consistent with his inconsistency).

Manuel completed over 70 percent of his passes in wins over the Jets and Jacksonville last week. He failed to complete even 60 percent in losses against Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Tampa Bay, which was his personal meltdown game in which he threw four interceptions.

Let's just say Manuel is not a rookie phenom. He's held his own and that's about it.

Geno Smith has been a disaster this year, as the Dolphins saw for themselves Dec. 1 when he posted an 8.3 QB rating against them and was benched in a loss at MetLife Stadium.

Smith has thrown 21 interceptions. He's had five games in which he's failed to complete even 50 percent of his passes. He's had only one game where he's thrown more TDs than INTs in a game and that came Oct. 7. He's the lowest-rated NFL quarterback among starters with a 62.9 rating.

So he's not exactly the biggest challenge the Dolphins have faced this season.

All that should encourage a Dolphins fan. All that plays to the Dolphins' benefit.

Now, if the Dolphins can only do to the youngsters what they've done to far better quarterbacks -- namely, beat them -- everything will be good for Miami. 



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I love that story! Very heartwarming, have any more to share? Hmmmm, I wonder is she is nervous, every time she farts.

Dashi, Jordan at least at this young age has the agility and athleticism to play OLB and he's had plenty of experience playing coverage in college. he may be not be able to do this ina few years but the dude runs a 4.6 and his cone and shuttle results tell you he has excellent change of direction for a man his size.

If we lose to Manuel or Smith we dont deserve to make the playoffs no stupid TOs and we should win both games ita all about Focus and busimess will take care of itself

Oscar, since this is all in teh distant past, I would just leave it alone ... you had fun, it was a beautiful "woman" .. all is good.

In the Future, Everybody will be the color of café con leche(café au late), claro o oscuro, with slanted eyes and women with a Big Asss, something resembling Kim Kardashian. Those are very penetrating genes.

Fireland haters beware. Jeff's picks and acquisitions are starting to pay off. Samm Brenner? Michael Thomas? These two guys have been huge for us!! Charles Clay a 6th round draft pick by Jeff will be a pro-bowler this year. The Dion Jordan pick was great and he can't even get on the field because of another Ireland pick, Olivier Vernon, who could also make the pro bowl. Vernon was a 3rd rounder, pretty good value there. He also signed Wake from Canada. He also re-signed Harline (pro bowler), and I'm hearing Dion Sims is improving steadily in his rookie year, and he was a 4th rounder. And Tannehill looks like he's going to be a top tier QB. I think it goes to show that Ireland can pick players, but it takes a coach to turn them into legit NFL players, which Philbin and staff are doing.

So now Dansby is saying he was disrespected in Miami and that he was old and going downhill?I would agree.

Does he not realize he wasnt playing worth a crap while he was here? He got the big contract and got fat and lazy, literally.

I hate players who can only find motivation through being "disrespected" Play hard cuz you care and want to, not because your little gay feelings are hurt.

Karlos, you sir can suck a Di#k!!

The game against Buffalo will be quite different this time. The Dolphins line, although not great, has improved since the last meeting between the two teams. This has helped the running game, but mostly Tannehill. Fact is Tannehill's play has greatly improved these past couple of weeks, which some of it stems from improved line play and some from learning the tangibles from playing behind an awful line. One thing is for sure; NO ONE can call him a bust anymore (okay, the trolls will call him a bust but they have no evidence that he is). There are many tangibles that Tannehill is picking up, many of which we do not see while watching the game. This week the Dolphins have been awarded the "Drive of the Week" on NFL Network for the go-ahead score in the 4th quarter. If you want to know how far along Tannehill has come and know how GOOD he is, watch the video, here is the link:


The only major thing Tannehill needs to do now is improve his deep throw accuracy. Once he gets that down, the Dolphins have the next Steve Young/Aaron Rodgers type of quarterback. We have our franchise QB Dolphin fans!

I'll be going to the game this Sunday, all decked out in Dolphins gear to see our Phins kick Buffalo's Butts! Living 60 miles from Buffalo, it is the only way I am going to see it as the Bills are expecting the game to be a blacked out. STAY HOME BILLS FANS! The weather is forecasted to be in the upper 30's with a 70% chance precipitation of rain and freezing rain. UHG!

I have many other heartwarming stories to tell, but out of respect for Mark in Toronto, I will reserve them, for now.

Out of respect for me? Nobody appreciates a good huering like I do, go ahead!

db, I will be there too. Just got an email from Nike that my custom made Dolphins kicks are shipping ... sweet. Just in time for Christmas ... Merry Christmas to me!!

Rdbus, IDK kind of wish we kept Dansby instead of signing Wheeler

Armando please help us poor starving Dolphins fans. Please mention this fact to EVERY defender you see. (Of course you should choose your words carefully so no one challenges you to a fight (see Omar Kelly). But please ask them if they are aware about their struggles against inferior quarterbacks. Ask them if it makes them mad. Ask them over and over,,,,and over and over please. Make them aware they should be mad!

Nahh, our Cuban sense of Humor is very different from that of Americans and I assume of Canadians by extension. We tend to go more intimate, more into the nether regions.

You should come to Miami, Mark. Our Daughters here are infinitely better than those you might get in Cuba. Most are White, as most Cubans are racist as hell, beautiful and with the same great bodies as our other progeny in Cuba. Besides, they are Bi-cultural and Bi-lingual. Of course, being so, they might hang you out to dry and make you scram. Still, they are worth a shot, if you have the tools.

Only problem is, are you classy, Mark? I'm not so sure our most esteemed of Them would want to associate with you if you are not.

This is hilarious. When the team is struggling and going through hard times this place is super busy with hits. When they're doing well it's dead?

WTF? Theories?

I'll say it again..biggest concern with bills is cj spiller/fred Jackson and those outstanding de's.


Nice. Glad to see you are wearing Dolphin gear and not going incognito, because as we know, it is not good being incognito (Pun intended)! Lol. I hope that we get a good showing of area Dolphins fans because of the blackout. I'm looking forward to a great game and a win to keep this ride going!

Have all the normal sane posters been chased away by the fake Dolphin fan trolls and that's why it's dead.

Think about it. When the team struggles fans come here to talk, and then quickly find out they are just being ridiculed. They leave and never come back. The trolls stay posting multiple Dolphin bashing posts further turning real fans off. These trolls hate the Dolphins or just found this blog and think it's funny to treat people poorly.

But now the team is doing well. The trolls have nothing to say, they're pretty quiet unless they're irreparably brain damaged, and the real fans were long ago chased away.

And now the blog is dead. If this is true it's the the fault of whomever monitors this blog. We've told them over and over so I guess this would be pretty fitting. They can only blame themselves.

Manual does have skills and can beat you especially in the cold and rain/snow of Buffalo but Smith is a JOKE and should not even be a starting NFL QB. Ryan is only playing him hoping that by using the GM's QB for the year he saves his job (which he probably will NOT).


There are no trolls; it is as simple as that. Winning solves all the problems!

At least a few good people are here. This place definitely isn't what it used to be and I guess that's a good thing for me because I need to get some Christmas shopping done.

Scared as hell about Buffalo. Sorry, it's SO hard to win in Buffalo in December. They are going to have to play great but more importantly Tannehill needs to limit any turnovers, 1 int is all he is allowed. Any more and they probably lose the game. Buffalo is ranked at the top of the league in ints and has been playing solid defense this year. They give their offense a chance every Sunday.

The Dolphins need to jump out and get a good lead so Coyle can mix it up and confuse Manuel more. We need to let the D pin their ears back and get after him. If we can get a 2 score lead before the half I will be a happy man. Go Dolphins!!!!!

Start fast
Stop bills big plays
Don't turn the ball over
Don't miss field goals
Pressure the qb

Start fast
Stop bills big plays
Don't turn the ball over
Don't miss field goals
Pressure the qb

I have found Cubans and Cuban food to be pretty boring on balance.

Neither is even remotely as exciting or unique as Cubans themselves tend to believe.

Oscar, I've been to Miami many times and I prefer the original Cubans. Much easier to bed than those in South Florida. Sometimes they jump in two at a time... without much effort at all...

I mean, what else can we contribute Football wise if most every poster here, like slam above, already know that our 2 main concerns with Buff is CJ and their D line?

For sure DBM, time to take over Orchard park!



As a Fan of the Dolphins, I felt disrespected by Dansby's performance. Ultimate Disrespect was the Tebow Miracle. 15-0 with like 5 mnutes, What Would Dansby Do? QUIT!!

Yes, Ellerbe or Wheeler aren't as Talented as Dansby but They Don't Quit!!

Even with Coyle calling bad play after bad play at the end of games they don't quit.

And Dansby was fat too!!

If Tannehill stays in the relative "groove" he's been in since SD, we're good money.

I know there have been some underthrows and Ints, but he has been making some throws lately that he wasn't making, even during the three game win streak we had to start the season.
I have no qualms admitting that I was against the drafting of Tanne, and while I never rooted for him to fail, I haven't been convinced that he's That Dude either...but my mind is changing...
I'm still grasping the fact that this former wideout is likely to end up with about 26 td passes and 4000+ yards...In my youth, that'd be enough to be a starter in the Pro Bowl.
He's gotta keep it up, but in today's league you only go as far as your qb takes you

Fellow Dolfans

Eat this up:

Fins...top 5 in interceptions forced
Fins...top 3 in fewest penalties
Fins...top 10 in fewest points allowed

All that being said...this game is not going to be a BLOWOUT by any stretch of the imagination at all! Bills are a Funky team and their stats are really not that pathetic in general..offense...some are...defense is respectable.

I wish I felt STRONG about this game..have some hesitation..BUT do feel we will prevail!!!

I'm out..

Manual, says Sam. What kind of manual, boat building, surfing, harrowing the ground, which?

John in Springs....good observation about Wheeler. Coyle has a problem with square pegs and round holes.

Some others also had it right...team came out flat and with no fire earlier this season. What I've seen in the last few weeks is a different team.

Would Dansby accept a move to OLB with the Dolphins? He would find that as a demotion. A man as prideful as Dansby.

For those that want to put tannehill's last four games in perspective, he is playing top 5 Qb over that stretch. Down the pike, he's been red hot, not merely good or improving. He's been on fire!

Dashi I understood why tehy swapped out Dansby for Ellerbe (with some very creative financial manouevering by Dawn Aponte) but I wasn't really feeling why they swapped Burnett for Wheeler. After watching Wheeler much closer, I'm even more confused.

Of course you People don't find Us Cuban-Americans more exciting than those of the Island. We are infinitely more Educated than our brethren there, with also infinitely more $$$ and power, of course, but, if you can get into our Inner Circle, still a lot of fun, and beautiful, of course.

....and Tannehill has been the central piece in stabilizing things, on the field, during all the foolishness that's happening off of it.

Hopefully we are truly done with Ray Lucases, Cleo Lemons, Joey Harrington's, Jay Fiedlers, Chad Hennes, AJ Feeleys, washed up Culpeppers, and broken down Penningtons trying to lead this team.

Ray Lucas....Good grief...

I trust that the Dolphin offense, on a tear lately, will continue to push themselves. The receiving group has helped Tannehill to post some relatively gaudy numbers over the last 3 games including 8 TDs; a 7% TD/att ratio; a 65% completion rate; and a 103.2 passer rating.

Teams able to put it into a higher gear at this time of the year usually, 1)end up in the playoffs; or 2)fare much better the following year. I think the Dolphins keep the heat on Sunday and burn the Bills.

P78, it's very easy, most of the traffic on here came from loser rival fan trolls who would rather stay here talking to Dolfans than speak to the dregs on the Earth that must go onto Bills, Jets and Pats blogs. Now that we're headed to the front of the class, their taunts only look pathetic. So they've disappeared (probably to cry on other posters' shoulders about their teams disintegrating in front of their very eyes).

As far as the regulars, some might be busy with work at this time (like me and I'm assuming Craig). Kris might be in transition (he was moving abroad). And the others show up from time to time to reconnect (but might have found the blog injected with too much nastiness and ignorance to stay very long).

But don't fret, first roadblock and the blog will be humming again (misery loves company).

There are really very few good Cuban Restaurants in Miami, perhaps Havana Harry's in Coral Gables. As Bi-Cultural that we are, we have preferred to import other Cuisines here, like Argentinian, Brazilian, Spaniard, etc. The really good Cuban food is cooked by Us, in our Houses, from the very genuine Cuban recipes.

..Dashi..Jimmy Wilson is going nowhere. I'm not just saying this cause he is my boy. But he is a top 5 nickel corner right now. Top 5. You do not jettison good players who cost close to nothing. Players who were developed from within. 7th round picks who are huge contributors.

As far as the rookie corners go..I think it is asinine to make assumptions either way. We don't know that they will be "just fine" or if they stink. I'm sure they will both get shots to play. But making a statement that both are better then proven VETS...Not even close right now.

Tony, great stats. Even though our defense doesn't seem as good as year's past, we've improved greatly in takeaways, combined with allowing fewer points, keeps us in games.

billcale, we also have 2 WRs on the cusp on 1,000 yd seasons. And that would be a great accomplishment (not 1, but 2 1,000 yd WRs). I think the offense will push to make that happen.

It would be nice for the run game to show up this week. This new O-line has been playing together for a couple weeks now. The RBs should be more comfortable with the play. Sherman should be more comfortable with Brenner and his ability to pull. The Dolphins finally have more than Pouncey to pull on a play. McKinnie and Clabo are serviceable. And with a better RG the whole line will look better.

I would even accept Incognito coming back next season as the RG. Under a huge pay cut. And Trade J.Martin for a 4th rounder or better.

Not so sure Cuban Americans are more educated than the islanders. Education is free in Cuba. Say what you will about their political ways but if you show an affinity for schooling, you will be properly educated in Cuba which we can't always say in North America.

People here, being so immature, used this Blog to discharge their frustrations when we were losing. We are winning now so therefore less frustration and less hits. Armando?

Here's one I've not heard...probably for good reason because I'm wrong. But that hasn't stopped me before. So here goes....We win our last two (guaranteeing us the 6th seed). But if New England were to lose their last two (@Balt. and Buff.) we win the AFC East. Yes losing to Buff. at home is a HUGE reach but this IS the NFL! If Balt. were to win their last 2 (New England and @Cinn.) and Indy were to lose to KC in Kansas City this week and win/lose their closer to Jack. If the stars a line and this happens we end up with the #2 seed and get a bye in the first week and play our first playoff game in Miami. That leaves New England at #6 and Cinn. out of it all. At that point we would, in our first game, play the winner of the Indy/KC game.

I have got to put my time to better use.

If Tannehill was a Doctor he would be a Surgeon.

Cause he is carving up Defenses.

4th rd pick for the worst OT and biggest cancer in the NFL? I would instantly petition for Ireland to receive a lifetime contract.

Actually, I one did research on the topic and Cubans are not even in the top 5 among Hispanic and Caribbean immigrants in South Florida in terms of education levels and per-capita wealth. Venezuelans, Agrentinians, Chileans, Peruvians, Trinidadians, and Bahamians all ranked higher in both categories.

Cuban-Americans also still rank well below native "Anglos" in terms of wealth and education.

The fact of the matter is that Miami remains one of the poorest cities in the nation. Many Cubans in Miami live in something of a "bubble" where they have convinced themselves they have tremendous power and economic might.

By U.S. standards they do not in reality.

It will be a tight game for sure. Probably come down to 2-3 plays. That said T-Hill/Philbin/Sherman seem to be hitting their stride.

Mathews seems to be a nice big body with sweet hands. Guy as really made the most of his opportunity.

If Cody Wallace was a doctor....


Wheeler for Burnett is still puzzling. The only thing I can say is that they probably felt that Dansby probably already got to Burnett. Wheeler is having a better season than Burnett.

We all criticize Wheeler but he is having the Best season out of all our LBs. And if he made more plays he would be a Probowl Caliber OLB.

I was wondering if someone could answer a question for me. When the Dolphins line up to snap the ball Tannehill either yells "go-go" OR "go" and it seems to me this is giving away all of our plays. Does anyone have any idea why this........ bwaaaaaahahahahahahahaha!

Please don't answer, this is a parody post of the silliest damned thing I ever heard in this blog! lmao

Here's a downer scenario: We lose and Baltimore/Cincy both win and we're eliminated from Playoff contention by 8pm EST Sunday. That would make for a miserable Christmas. Cincy has Minnesota, and we can't expect Cassel to play like he did last week. I can't believe (besides ourselves) our chances depend on NE winning. YUCK!

here's my problem with the dolphins coaching staff, offense not defense. i actually like what coyle does. he's hod it together well with secondary issues. and i like he's variety of pass rush formations.

BUT on offense we all see tannehill does two things quite well and s getting better at both. running the 2 minute offense, and throwing on the move. when will hey cut him loose?? run uptempo with more than 2 minutes left. move him around some times. have him run more the once every other game!! give us a shot at being 14 or more ahead in the fourth quarter. they re shortening my life expectancy with al the last minute games!!!!

Also just for the fun of it, (we had a friendly debate) I was wondering who I was talking with before the season that thought Tannehill would have 16 tds? You weren't saying it was a bad thing just that he was still growing.
I was figuring AT LEAST 20 Tds because 16 would mean one per game and that's not growth, I was praying you were wrong!

I was just wondering how you're feeling about the kid now?

Hey fans! Nice, who would of thunk it? Glad to see not everyone gave up on the blog.

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