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Here comes two poor quarterbacks -- oh no

Go ahead, try to understand the Miami Dolphins. You cannot. It's impossible. They cannot be predicted. They cannot be understood.

And there is no more obvious way to illustrate this than to offer Miami's success against quarterbacks in 2013.

The Dolphins this year have beaten Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Andy Dalton, Phillip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger. Impressive, right?

They have lost to, among others, rookie Mike Glennon of Tampa Bay and Thad Lewis, who started the year on the practice squad and was at the time Buffalo's fourth quarterback choice to start. The Dolphins also lost to Joe Flacco, who went on a tear last postseason to help Baltimore win the Super Bowl but this year is average at best with 18 TDs and 17 INTs and a QB rating that puts him 30th out of 35 rated signal callers.

And that is interesting only because in the final two games the Dolphins play two rookie quarterbacks -- one of whom is inconsistent and the other of whom has played quite poorly.

The Dolphins are in trouble!!!!

Seriously, the final two games against the Bills and Jets would seem to be a gross mismatch of a solid, veteran defense against two young QBs.

This week Miami faces E.J. Manuel, who is the 28th rated passer in the league tied with, get this, Matt Schaub. Manuel was injured during Miami's early-season loss to the Bills so he did not play. He's made five consecutive starts since returning from his knee injury. The Bills are 2-3 in those games and Manuel has been, well, inconsistent.

(At least he's consistent with his inconsistency).

Manuel completed over 70 percent of his passes in wins over the Jets and Jacksonville last week. He failed to complete even 60 percent in losses against Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Tampa Bay, which was his personal meltdown game in which he threw four interceptions.

Let's just say Manuel is not a rookie phenom. He's held his own and that's about it.

Geno Smith has been a disaster this year, as the Dolphins saw for themselves Dec. 1 when he posted an 8.3 QB rating against them and was benched in a loss at MetLife Stadium.

Smith has thrown 21 interceptions. He's had five games in which he's failed to complete even 50 percent of his passes. He's had only one game where he's thrown more TDs than INTs in a game and that came Oct. 7. He's the lowest-rated NFL quarterback among starters with a 62.9 rating.

So he's not exactly the biggest challenge the Dolphins have faced this season.

All that should encourage a Dolphins fan. All that plays to the Dolphins' benefit.

Now, if the Dolphins can only do to the youngsters what they've done to far better quarterbacks -- namely, beat them -- everything will be good for Miami. 



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Hate to say this as probably not popular but Grimes, Mathews, Mikkinie, Michael Thomas all appear to be good Ireland pick-ups. Clay and Hartline in 4 th round too boot.

Wheeler seems to be his biggest whiff---Jenkins time.

Phinbo Hartline was a Parcells guy, I'm almost 100% sure of it. But your point stands, Jeffs players are paying off. If they lose the next two all of that goes out the window.

Jeff will be in the hot seat again unfortunately but it is undeniable that his player picks, post Parcells, are really starting to shine.

The respect and discipline of this coaching staff has brought this team together. Look at how this team rallied around Thomas. Look at how they support Incognito. When Philbin says character in the locker room, he means it, and, the players are all for it. Great coaching staff.

Wallace is blocking, talking up his teammates and saying "us". Big difference from 6 weeks ago.

Ellerbee and Wheeler are not brilliant so it took them some time. Lots of patience from the coaching staff. Big difference from 6 weeks ago.

Armando says every week in his match-up analysis that the opposing coaching staff is better. I think he is dead wrong. This coaching staff has helped the GM build a good football team and is doing a great job of leading them and teaching them to be better.

...So I'm going to be in Austin Texas this weekend, meeting mi novias familia. We, they have a big lunch planned on Sunday...It is going to be brutal..My girlfriend was great about making arrangements to watch last weeks game..(we were traveling last weekend as well)She understood it was NE. How do I convince her that this weeks game is even more important? Buffalo...How do you sell this one?

HoHoHo! We here in Miami(those born between 1940-1952 in Cuba) are light years ahead of most everybody IN THE WORLD in terms of Education and Advancement, even of Canadians, jeje. Makes sense. We came from Cuba with an unmatched European Education like I hope you have in Canada, Mark. Then, We have added all the benefits of living for 50 yrs in the most advanced and powerful Country this World has ever known. No wonder that if it wasn't for the Globalization we are helping to advance, We might have been the Owners of the World.

I agree with Mando . Too many times i have sat and watched the Phins lose a game against a team they should have beat . Some of them with a lead going in to the second half . If you look at statistics , we should win both of these two next games . It's great to see them finally doing something in a postive way . Living here in St. Aug , i have to watch the hapless Jags . Drank too much beer at the bars to see the game . If they make the playoffs , I can enjoy it at home . GO PHINS!!!

If Tannehill was a Doctor he would be a Surgeon.

Cause he is carving up Defenses.

Posted by: Dashi | December 18, 2013 at 11:34 AM


Here's another....we spilt our last two and Balt. does the same. Then our only hope is for San Diego to win their last two. Head to head w/ Balt. we lose. But in a three way with us/Balt. and SD (both Oak. and KC @ home and KC won't have much to play for)we get the 6th spot due to Conference record.

Armando worried, and his cohorts.

I think its a joke that its blacked out in buff. "Thes best fans in the league". LOL, yea right. What a bunch of losers - sell the franchise and move on already.


I recommend doing to her, what Oscar did yo his Canadian girlfriend...Just a thought

Again, Yawn, you and your statistics are rubbing elbows with the wrong Cubans. Who do you think brought all those rich, Brazilians, Venezuelans, Argentinians here, thru different means. We did, of course. We might be a small nucleus of Cubans but infinitely powerful, even knowing how to use the Metaphysics if need be.

"Wallace is blocking, talking up his teammates and saying "us". Big difference from 6 weeks ago."

THIS IS HUGE TO ME, GREAT POINT MADE. Wallace was a me me guy in the beginning. Not his fault entirely and it is actually admirable if you think of it from his side of things.

1.He was the highest paid player last off season and almost everyone complained the Dolphins overpaid.

2. He was being talked about in Miami as the next Duper and the deep threat savior the team so desperately needed.

So who wouldn't put a tremendous amount of pressure on themselves to perform well out of the gate, to prove themselves worthy?

And that's where Philbin and crew come in. They keep the message consistent. It's about TEAM first,,,CHARACTER. You play for each other and everyone on the team gets the win no matter how little the actual contribution is on the stat sheet. Wallace has bought in, the players have bought in and that's HUGEEEEEEEE.

No matter what happens these last two games Philbin deserves some time to see this through. Hopefully they can get in but if not I have a feeling they're really going to make some noise next year. Go Phins!!!!!

Sorry Dashi, not trying to be mean, just laughing with you. I've been there many times. It sucks when you tell a joke and everyone talks around it. Just throw me a frickin bone ya know? Hahahaha It was a good try Dash!

Because of Ross' distancing himself from Ireland and that Rapopport report of Ireland having no guarantee of coming back. Wonder if there is something in the NFL report with Ireland's fingerprints on the Martin case?

Cubans are not even the most "advanced" immigrant group in MIAMI. Census data bears this out.

Cuban-Americans have this cherished notion of being the "golden immigrants" who "built Miami." It is absolutely essential to their self-image that they believe this.

In truth, though, Miami's growth rate from the 60s onward was actually much LESS than many other Sunbelt metropolises such as Atlanta and Houston and it remains among the poorest cities in the country.

The "golden exiles" get convenient amnesia about that part.

Here, I'll give you a demonstration. We are going to beat Buffalo by 10+ points.

Hush, el yawn! Oscar doesn't want people to find out the truth.

The coaches did not lose those games. It takes awhile for players to have each other's back and know what to expect. Remember Wallace's little rant?

And, ATTITUDE is very important. I think this team has attitude now. They think they can win. The coaches instilled that attitude.

signal! Don't do it man, don't do it to yourself because you will go nuts! ha. Just let it play out, if they deserve it they will get in. If not we can look forward to next year because this team is finally figuring things out. There's a lot of work to be done and they're far from where they need to be. But finally, we are seeing real progress and not the farce that was 2008/2009 when every week some player from the other team was hurt while we stayed healthy the entire season. Lucky bounces, lucky weather scenarios, that team was lead by Penningtons heart and a CRAP TON of luck.

This team wins games because they are better than their opponent now they need to just stop playing down to inferior talent! Excited for the first time in years.

Here's a downer scenario: We lose and Baltimore/Cincy both win and we're eliminated from Playoff contention by 8pm EST Sunday. That would ?
make the blog go back 2 normal

I was saying the same thing signal. I have a feeling Jeff has some sort of culpability in the Martin thing. It would figure, right when it looks like he's figuring the gm thing out.

Dashi, Judging from how small some of those holes he threw into were, maybe he should be a micro-surgeon?

dd, sorry bro, that's a rough one. Here's how I would spin it:

They sound like they are a Spanish family (maybe even Mexican). So you just ask to be excused so you can watch the FUTBOL game (you have to pronounce it like that too). They'll think you're talking about a soccer match. Say you need to get to the PITCH (soccer field) to see the action. If they think you're into soccer, they will both understand and respect you that much more.

..Rbdubs..Not sure what Oscar did.. I have to figure this out..Fast!

Phins78...I think this season has seen a lot of players-coaches go from goat to hero in the eyes of the fan base..For instance. Wallace was ripped by everyone here the first 10 games(at least..) Now he has come around, and looks like a valuable piece to the puzzle moving forward. Clabo..He was as bad as it gets early on. Benched even. He has more then redeemed himself. He is playing as well as any Phin player, offense, or defense right now.

Philbin-Ireland-Sherman-Croyle.. Take your pick. I thought Philbin should have been axed. I did not think his system was going to work with this particular offense. I thought he would ruin Tannehill by putting the weight of the offense on his shoulders so early. Well he has stuck to his guns. He looks pretty smart today..And I look like a bafoon.(it is much better this way).

A long season. I think we all are a little manic when it comes to this team(not like the craziness that is game day..Those are clinical manic episodes each week)

Things are going well now. Players are coming into form, and the team sees to be peaking. I am excited to see what we do this weekend. (if I can get away to watch)

Errr, ask ANYBODY in the World what they prefer, coming to Atlanta or SoBe. Guess?(not that Sobe is that in anymore, there are much better places to frequent in Miami now, some of which you might never know).

You better hope so 2watt because your posts are fading out otherwise. No one will care what you have to say and your mocking posts will be ignored and ridiculed. Your character and shtick will be made obsolete.

Here's to hoping the Miami Dolphins kill off the 2Watt character like Family Guy killed off Brian the dog! Seriously, take a walk on a busy street would ya? ;P

dc dolfan:

If Miami S.D and balt end up 9-7, assuming balt win sun and Miami loss sun and sd win sun...THEN they would be Miami 8-7 on sun bal 9-6 on sun and SD 8-7 on sun...going forward after this sun..if bal lost on 12/29 and Mia won on 12/29 and SD won again at home for finale against KC(prob already locked into 5 seed)...then you have scenario: Miami 9-7 Balt 9-7 and SD 9-7...FINS win in that scenario...better conference record!!!!

Very well said Phins78!!!!

How do you hire a new GM and keep a coach? they have to be connected. Package deal in my opinion.

Hi guys,I'm new here,is it to late to join in?

Pipe down, Yawn, or We might not let you in to those places, even if you could. Remember you are talking to a Doctor here, on Internet, yes indeed. Want a free consult?

Oscar, if the bills have a smaller # on the score board
when the game is over

the phinz should pull out a win

DC dolfan:

In my scenario just outlined...the X factor is Cin winning because if they win this sun and Balt loses this sun..the finale for Cin will be meaningless..for Cin will have won the division by sun eve and BALT will prob win and then be 10-6 if they win vs NE on sun

Got it??

Listen enough with the losers way into the playoffs. WE WIN OUT WE ARE IN...that is the only scenario we should care about. Do you really feel we DESERVE it and EARNED it if we back in??? Are you really happy with 9-7?? Will you feel we have a chance to advance if we back in?? The Dolphins mantra should be WIN AND WE ARE IN.....plain and simple! They are better than both the Jills and the Jest!

That was before, this team sees the road to play offs and so far there bringing the pain i doubt they will let up on anybody from here on out go fins!!

We accept no less than 10+ points above the Bills, 2watt. Otherwise, We would consider it a loss(to our pride).

Great post Daryl, you and me both. I was upset with Philbin earlier on, Sherman too for pressing Tannehill to be the savior. Now it's looking like it did the kid some good and yes, I too feel stupid for not realizing the coaching staff knows more about Tannehills make up than anyone else in the world. They know when to push and how to bring him along. We're just here for the ride even though second guessing is fun.

But I also consistently likened Philbin to Coughlin. I watched the same thing in ny, fans hating the coach and wanting him fired, owner sticks by him and they win two Super Bowls. BECAUSE, he was allowed time to bring in high character guys. Those Super Bowl teams weren't the most talented, but they all bought in to what Coughlin was preaching and they rallied around each other. Coughlin got rid of the outspoken locker room cancers fans yelled but he stuck to his guns. Give Philbin a couple more years, I think he may surprise us all.

Oscar what's lv?

Yes Oscar the Cubans in little Cuba should be proud of there contribution to the drug trade in the late 70's and 80's. Miami certainly was a fun place during those years!

Look every race, creed and color has made a contribution to society...none is better than the other and none has no benefit over any other.

How do I convince her that this weeks game is even more important? Buffalo...How do you sell this one?

Posted by: darryldunphy | December 18, 2013 at 11:47 AM

Very easily, she knows you're a very avid Dolphins fan, the last PLAYOFF STRETCH was 5 YEARS ago, and the Dolphins have had only TWO PLAYOFF APPEARANCE, now expanding a little over a decade.

Playoff runs haven't exactly been falling from the trees with this franchise. Let her know that Dolphin playoffs run have been as nearly priceless and special as she is. Almost :)

Dashi re: Wheeler, it's not the plays he does make, it's the plays he doesn't make. He doesn't do the routine sometimes and he also is not as athletic as I would like. he's tough, he hustles, but he misses way too many tackles and can't track ANYONE in coverage.

I think we all have that knee jerk/today attitude. Perhaps me more then most. But what we're seeing is a HC and his staff that brings players to the field ready. This is something that doesn't happen much around the league. It can be frustrating, waiting for a certain player to be ready, but it does seem to be paying off. Thomas seems to be the exception. But sometimes you need a good piece of luck to go along with some good play. Also, I'm in hopes that Thomas can be more then a one game wonder! If everyone is healthy, with this coaching staff, we have probably seen the last of Thomas this year. If the staff puts him in we then know that we might have a good one that just showed up at the door.

Anyone ever wonder why this one guy talks about circle jerking so much?

I think he's curious because I've never seen someone repeat something to this degree especially when he knows no one thinks it's funny. It's almost like, 'if you build it they will come' from field of dreams.

Guy, try Craig's list you might have more luck! Haha

dd,dvr It
watch it afterwards just stay away from commercials and other channels
this way u get some from the mrs. 4 being a good boy and u get 2 watch the whole game
dubbly fun

Bill Arnsparger:

YOU are RIGHT and I agree..don't want to be 9-7 and getting in that WAY!!

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 18, 2013 at 12:20 PM

Psssst , the Jets made it to the afc east championship game by backing into the playoffs. Its not ideal and yes I would rather win out and go in with momentum. But lets be happy with any scenario that might give us a shot at seeing these guys win a title. ;)

I've a sad feeling we might lose to the Bills. They have a strong running game and Miami has been inconsistent. I sincerely hope the Fins prove me wrong!

I don't know, what's lv?

Wheeler's job is there for the taking. What gets loss in all of this is Wheeler/Ellerbee were not brought in because they were seen as CLEAR UPGRADES to Danby/Burnett. Just possible better upside(youth) over the LONGTERM, and far less expensive for the pair they replaced.

Many are mistaken, that they were brought in because seen as huge upgrades. Right now, their play is similar to Dansby/Burnett, but far less burdensome on the cap.

Or a stall in the Minneapolis airport!

Phins78 if we cannot beat the lowly Jills and Jest how do you expect us to beat any of the teams in the playoffs?? Its time to FIN UP and beat the crap outta these teams....they are in our way and we need to BULLDOZE them! IDC if there is 2 feet of snow on the ground...they have to play in it also!!

Daryl you talking about a wife or girlfriend?

Look, if it's a girlfriend break up with her right now. If she's already trying to come between you and your Dolphins that's a deal breaker.

If it's a wife you should have made it clear from day one that for 4 hours out of the week you would be giving all of your attention to your first true love the Miami Dolphins. She can have you for the other ONE HUNDERED AND SIXTY FOUR hours in the week.

And if that's not good enough you should have ran. You can only blame yourself my friend.

"Every now and then , somewhere,someplace, sometime, you are going to have to plant your feet, stand up and make a point about WHO YOU ARE and what you believe in"


We Will Not Lose To Buffalo/NYJ!



I actually expect him to get slightly better and better with each upcoming game. This is the time of year EVERY TEAM with playoff aspirations would like to see their qb's CATCH FIRE!

I think you guys are selling Wheeler short...he has nearly 100 tackles already. We also do not know hat his assignment is on any given play....pretty much the same thing I have said about our WR and OL....we don't know the playbooks or assignments for this team.

European style education? You mean like that in Spain with their 30% unemployment rate?

Hahahaha Bill think about it. It's the point of this article.

No losers in the playoffs to get beat by. Only teams that we have already beat or already should have beat. The Dolphins play up when playing better opponents, that's good news for the playoffs!

Sorry Sam but I can't see any similarity between Ellerbee/Wheeler and Dansby/Burnett. Not sorry they went younger but am sorry with who they picked. Also sorry that we're stuck with them for another 2 years. Just too expensive to let either go. Both have guarantees' approaching 15-18 mil.

Sam now we know your last name is BUSH...after your Read My Lips post. The only way in for me is to win out after beating the Pats we MUST finish 10-6!!

If a mlb of Luke Kuechely's measurable and intangible is available in 2014's draft. That kid needs to be Miami's 2014 1st rd pick.

I still feel we do not have a TRUE LEADER on defense. I feel Wake's a great player, just not a true take charge leader on that side of the ball.

I feel what the defense lacks most is that take charge, take no prisoners, leader.

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