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Here comes two poor quarterbacks -- oh no

Go ahead, try to understand the Miami Dolphins. You cannot. It's impossible. They cannot be predicted. They cannot be understood.

And there is no more obvious way to illustrate this than to offer Miami's success against quarterbacks in 2013.

The Dolphins this year have beaten Matt Ryan, Andrew Luck, Tom Brady, Andy Dalton, Phillip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger. Impressive, right?

They have lost to, among others, rookie Mike Glennon of Tampa Bay and Thad Lewis, who started the year on the practice squad and was at the time Buffalo's fourth quarterback choice to start. The Dolphins also lost to Joe Flacco, who went on a tear last postseason to help Baltimore win the Super Bowl but this year is average at best with 18 TDs and 17 INTs and a QB rating that puts him 30th out of 35 rated signal callers.

And that is interesting only because in the final two games the Dolphins play two rookie quarterbacks -- one of whom is inconsistent and the other of whom has played quite poorly.

The Dolphins are in trouble!!!!

Seriously, the final two games against the Bills and Jets would seem to be a gross mismatch of a solid, veteran defense against two young QBs.

This week Miami faces E.J. Manuel, who is the 28th rated passer in the league tied with, get this, Matt Schaub. Manuel was injured during Miami's early-season loss to the Bills so he did not play. He's made five consecutive starts since returning from his knee injury. The Bills are 2-3 in those games and Manuel has been, well, inconsistent.

(At least he's consistent with his inconsistency).

Manuel completed over 70 percent of his passes in wins over the Jets and Jacksonville last week. He failed to complete even 60 percent in losses against Pittsburgh, Atlanta and Tampa Bay, which was his personal meltdown game in which he threw four interceptions.

Let's just say Manuel is not a rookie phenom. He's held his own and that's about it.

Geno Smith has been a disaster this year, as the Dolphins saw for themselves Dec. 1 when he posted an 8.3 QB rating against them and was benched in a loss at MetLife Stadium.

Smith has thrown 21 interceptions. He's had five games in which he's failed to complete even 50 percent of his passes. He's had only one game where he's thrown more TDs than INTs in a game and that came Oct. 7. He's the lowest-rated NFL quarterback among starters with a 62.9 rating.

So he's not exactly the biggest challenge the Dolphins have faced this season.

All that should encourage a Dolphins fan. All that plays to the Dolphins' benefit.

Now, if the Dolphins can only do to the youngsters what they've done to far better quarterbacks -- namely, beat them -- everything will be good for Miami. 



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signal Ellerbe is doing great now. I agreed about him for a little bit but he's really figured out this system and is even covering well now. He's made more impact plays in one year than Dansby and Crowder combined in their time in Miami.

That's why they were brought in. Wheeler saved two games for us this year making huge plays at the end. Ellerbe has made multiple big plays including an int two weeks ago.

But I agree on Wheeler, someone better would be nice because he is overpaid to a degree. He has a lot of trouble in coverage, zone AND man and Jenkins has started replacing him on obvious passing downs.

But Ellerbe has been the man and is also starting to become more of a vocal leader in the locker room.

Anyone see big Paul firing the troops up before last weeks game?!

new blog

The Defense needs to step up this weekend. They should DOMINATE this Bills team. Stuff the run and force Manuel to beat us. Grimes and company should have a turnover or 2. This should be a statement game...much like we did the NY in their house!!

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Yes, the list of QBs Miami has beaten is impressive and they probably should have won a few games they lost, against mediocre QBs....but ALL of that, along with what we've seen across the league, only confirms that the difference between just about every team is razor thin....MAYBE a couple of exceptions at the top and bottom of the league, but any of the roughly 28 teams in the middle can beat another in any given week--seems like more parity this year than any other.

It's probably just my memory but I can't remember the last time either met any running back in the hole. Their first contact seems to be from 2-4 yards past the line of scrimmage. Just can't buy either with any confidence. I'd seriously play Jenkins or Jordan much more and either start in the off season brings Misi in to the middle or draft someone like Max Bullough from Michigan State in the 4th to eventually be the man.

With all the Win and In talk, Miami needs to realize that they can also be ELIMINATED this weekend. If they lose and Balt and Cincy win, we are out. They simple gotta beat Buffalo. Philbin has to treat the entire game like it's do or die. We simply cannot lose

signal, for the money, we lost little in the caliber of play between Burnett and Wheeler. If Wheeler eventually lost his job, say, to Jelani Jenkins, then sobeit.

Phin78 I'll give you Elleebe if we agree on Wheeler being the weak link? But I'm going to be in a wait and see on your man Elleebe!

Gentlemen you may or may not find PFF all that accurate but here's their ratings on the comparisons between Burnett #12 and Wheeler ranked #32 (Misi comes in at #19). Now to ILB, we have Ellerbe @48th and Dansby @5. Granted they can be wrong at times but their figures don't begin to place the Ellerbe/Wheeler duo anywhere near the talent lost in Dansby/Burnett. At this time it's an Ireland f@#$$***p!

The fins will have to play fourth downs in this game like we did the Pats. The weather will be horrible for kickers expect us to go for it on fourth down at least 2-3 times in this game. Running game better be ready and the OL.

**** retraction *****
last night i watched a replay of the dolphins FIRST matchup versus the bills, i initialy thought we gave up a LOT of sacks in that game...i was WRONG, we only gave up ONE sack against the mighty buffalo pass rush, martin and incognito(still with the team) actually played a good game, the main reason behind this loss though was pretty clear...tannehill threw 2 interceptions early in the game that buffalo took complete advantage of(scoring from both), and although the runningbacks seemed to be giving good effort is just wasn't enough as tannehill was inacurate for most of the game and thus the passing game suffered...tannehill was off the mark in this first match-up, and buffalo's secondary played well. i'm still waiting for wallace to have a big game, and i'm still waiting for the defense to play to it's potential, tannehill is in the groove and this team is fired up...my prediction- MIAMI 31 BUFFALO 17

..Fellas..Thanks for the advice..

Maddie is cool as it comes. She has Phin fever too. We will figure out a way to see the game. She has suggested to her family that Brunch is more appropriate.

Bill A..I agree with you. Win out. We ripped on the jets for "backing in". I would love to see the Phins go in on a 5 game winning streak. Talk about confidence!

He's comparing Joe Flacco to Thad Lewis and Mike Glennon? All of his columns should come with the disclaimer "For Entertainment Purposes Only." Armando is the Miss Cleo of sports writers.

P78, your post at 12:38 got me excited. So true. My wife on many occasions has told her parents. No, we can't do something on Sunday afternoon because Mark is watching football. Now we do have the occassional baptism or birthday partty that gets in the way that the wife has no control over but in general she defends my right to be the psycho that I am regarding this team. Man, I love that woman...

You love your wife MarK? What kinda J Martin crap is that?!

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