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Injuries? Dolphins say what injuries?

It's a good day to be a Dolphins doctor because, well, you don't have a lot of work to do.

The injuries that were the cause of some concern for fans after the New England victory -- Nolan Caroll's knee, Brent Grimes' groin, and Paul Soliai's ankle -- apparently are not so serious.

All three players worked at least on a limited basis in practice today. Practice is not entirely open to the media. On Tuesday, the Dolphins limit access to only 15 minutes.

But during today's open session, Carroll was well enough to work with the scout team kickoff team, suggesting he'll be well enough later in the week to play his starting cornerback job. Soliai worked on individual drills -- obviously showing his ankle injury is not serious. And Grimes was also on the field, although he didn't take any work with the starting kickoff team on which he usually serves.

I'd say all three are limited. But limited is better than out.

The chances all three play against Buffalo seem quite good, barring the dreaded setback, of course.

This is interesting: Running back Daniel Thomas, who injured his ankle late against New England, is not practicing today -- at least he wasn't during the open portion. He didn't even have his helmet.


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This may be a testament to our training staff. Injuries seem to be handled way better than in the Sparano years. They know when to pull players from games to avoid further harm and when to let them return. I just wish we had this medical team when they were assessing Drew Brees (we may have won a SB by now).

If Grimes was cramping, I'm not sure how that's a lingering injury. Unless we're not getting the whole truth and anything but the truth. But that's fine with me. As long as he can go Sunday.

Armando, the homerz are predicting a cake walk the next 2 games

Final 2 games against division rivals. They'll play for sure


Salguero in only the way he can would ask these questions to bait Sherman into saying that L.Miller was the starter. Even though he gets the Depth chart every week and PFF gives him the snap count. Salguero this whole preseason tried to make that into a debate. Who should start L.Miller or D.Thomas.

Did he ask is Hartline the starter every other day?

Or is OV the starter?

No. But every press conference this preseason he asked Sherman who is going to be the starter "in the RB competition". Armando and a couple on here really thought there was a competition for the starting RB job all preseason.

Heck, L.Miller gets hurt last week and what is the first thing armando says? Should D.Thomas be starting because he had a good game against the Steelers.

How many more ways should Armando Imply if D.Thomas should be the starter to the coaching staff.

It got to a point this preseason that he asked Philbin the question and Coach just told him ask Sherman.

I believe Salguero doesn't understand Philbin. The Bigger the Lie the straighter the face Philbin has.

Philbin is the type of guy that you can't tell when he is joking or not. He keeps a good serious face.

Notice you never see Philbin emotional at Press Conferences. He stands there with his PokerFace.

Posted by: Dashi | December 17, 2013 at 01:16

Definitely not a cake walk, but if at the start of the season you could have given this team a win two and you're in scenario I am sure they would have taken it.

Buffalo will be tough. They did already beat the Dolphins, but the Dolphins team has improved since then while the Bills seem to be in limbo. Also if they get the win here, with some luck (Balt lose and Cinci lose) they click a spot in week 16.

The Jets will always play the Dolphins hard. Especially if they have a chance to spoil a playoff run. This scenario has happened, both ways, a couple of times.

I'd like to see them win out and go into the playoffs on a steak. At that point I'd say they have a legit chance. No team in the playoffs is dominate and the Dolphins have beaten half of them (and honestly should have beaten more).

MIT from last blog,

Agreed. 2015 is the year of the RB. I expect all 3 to be first rounders.

Give it up dude. You're WRONG. 3 people agree that Mandy prefers L Miller, and always has. You are the ON:Y person saying otherwise. FIND THE TEXT AND QUOTE IT that says otherwise, or just STFU...

Grimes apparently wasn't cramping. He torn a muscle in the leg and I can't recall exactly where. Perhaps it was a quad but for some reason I don't like so. He had a torn muscle in the leg. Where? Serious or not? I don't know. But it wasn't cramping as originally reported. With cramping after a couple of plays you would normally see the player return but not Sunday. So...?

they picked up another CB from waivers Jalil Brown 4th rd pick 2011 from Colorado...

"Phillip" Michael Thomas showed some pretty good ball skills Sunday. In limited action Sunday, he truly could be called:

"Miami's Vice".

I disagree with the Jets being tough. Jets are a different team away from home. At home, they can beat the Saints on any given Sunday. Away from home, they look pretty pedestrian. Luckily, we already played them away, so I think this home game WILL BE a cake walk.

Buffalo however, that's a different story altogether. They have a young HC, good talent, QB learning the ropes, nothing to lose, possible inclement weather. Sounds like a gauntlet to me.

2 Watt,

I'm a definite homer, but I do not predict easy victories. Neither opponent has anything to lose. I do think, however, that our team is on the upswing and if we are indeed worthy of postseason play then we need to beat teams like the 2013 Bills and Jets. But any given Sunday. Also doesn't help that we don't exactly know how to knock teams out when they're down-> I think we've had 10(?) games where it's come down to the wire this year?

division games are always tough, regardless of the year or circumstances--season sweeps are not easy to come by, rivals get up for each other even if they stink or have little to play for.....and as we've seen clearly over the past few weeks across the league, the difference MOST teams is literally razor thin--a few bounces here and there and Miami is 10-4.....or 6-6....and you could say the same about most teams--BUFF and NYJ will be tough games to win, no question.

Monday's Herald should have read:

Brady's Heist, Foiled By Miami's Vice"("Phillip" Michael Thomas)


Thanks for the post. I can always count on you to say the exact opposite.

On drafting LTs late in the first. Again, you are showing your true colors. So you are saying after the Top 10 picks no team should draft a LT because he is going to suck. True brilliance only you can come up with.

I'm not saying Draft the Next J.Long or J.Thomas. But you can draft a pretty decent O-Tackle at any point in the first.

Was N.Solder a Top 10 Pick?
Riley Rieff?
B. Baluga?

And many more.

Miller, who confidently predicted before training camp he could rush for 1,500 yards this season, might still do just that. But he has yet to separate from Thomas and, in truth, has failed to win a job that was presumed to be his.

That’s a disappointment at this stage.
Dashi....I figured I would help you out with the pervert MARC!!

Heres is one more to follow"

This job was Miller’s to lose. And he’s slowly doing just that. He has left the door open for Thomas and what didn’t seem like much of a competition at the beginning of camp has turned into one

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/21/3575505/salguero-no-clear-starter-at-rb.html#storylink=cpy

Sam...I agree. He showed natural instinct's that I've not seen in any of our current safeties. Still has to be integrated into the system. We won't know, probably, until next year. We need Clemons to either upgrade himself and to find that upgrade. Maybe Thomas?

Dashi....I figured I would help you out with the pervert MARC!!

Heres is one more to follow"

This job was Miller’s to lose. And he’s slowly doing just that. He has left the door open for Thomas and what didn’t seem like much of a competition at the beginning of camp has turned into one

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/21/3575505/salguero-no-clear-starter-at-rb.html#storylink=cpy

said this several weeks ago....IF Jelani Jenkins progresses in the offseason/training camp, Wheelers days could/should be numbered....Wheeler has been mediocre and I could easily see him getting cut after next season, if he doesnt pick it up and Jenkins improves--assuming of course that the salary cap ramifications arent prohibitive

Bill...I'm not so sure that Miller can reach his goal of 1500 yards. He'd have to gain roughly 425 yards per game in the last two. Don't really believe he's up to it.

Hey guys, can you please fill out a short survey for me for my research class. That would be awesome. Itll only take 2 minutes https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1433XFHI3wpvjY_IiWhQuCHNkY4hFJ4cQQhbtxw-uCqI/viewform

I see I'm not the only one that picked up on the Phillip Michael Thomas - Miami Vice thing...

havent been much in the mix here over the past few days so dont know if a number of people have already brought this up, but Michael Thomas' value to me is much higher to me than the normal practice squad guy because of his college/pro ties to Jim Harbaugh....that alone gives Thomas alot of credibility and added value in my opinion, vs the normal practic squad filler

Dashi, I'd rather buy my o line too. Spend the draft pick on something else. That 20 some draft pick won't be able to start from day one and be a very good LT. Draft one if he's the ebst player but you better re-sign McKinnie or another vet because the kid won't be ready to go - maybe RT but not LT.

And while both those articles are true, it does not prove that Mandy didn't prefer Miller. Which he has.

But Miller had 65 yards on 10 rushes against Oakland (a whopping 6.5 yards per carry). Miller contributed a 19-yard touchdown run that showed his explosion now and promise for the future.

Lamar Miller is running the football better than Daniel Thomas. When Miller is in the game, the Dolphins' offense has put together a better string of running plays this year. When Daniel Thomas has been in games, good things don't happen nearly as often.

The proof is on the tape and in the statistics. Miller is gaining 4.6 yards per carry. Thomas is gaining 2.8 yards per carry. Miller has a long run of 49 yards this season. The long run of the season for Thomas was 12 yards.

So doesn't Sherman get that Miller is clearly better and deserves a greater majority of the careers while Thomas deserves more time as an observer?

If Philbin and the Dolphins are expecting more than one big running play per game and, more specifically, expecting more production from Lamar Miller, the number of opportunities have to go up.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/09/run-game-needs-more-chances-to-be-explosive.html#storylink=cpy


My suggestion on how to maximize the Dolphins running game?

Obviously running it more is a theme here. But splitting the runs more intelligently might be almost as good.

So far this season Miller has carried the ball only nine times more than Daniel Thomas (32-21). The two backs are close to splitting carries. Well, perhaps it's time to not split carries. Thomas is averaging 3.1 yards per gain and his long gain is 12 yards. He's not typically going to come up with a 50- or 60-yard run.

So stop splitting the carries.

Give Miller more carries. Give Thomas fewer carries. Make Thomas the true change-of-pace back rather than a near-equal partner in the backfield. Defer, as the statistics and the eyes suggest, to the better breakaway threat.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/09/run-game-needs-more-chances-to-be-explosive.html#storylink=cpy

Yea Bill Arnsparger, I think it was last week you posted "why would we want the phins to win and get to the playoffs when Miami doesn't stack up to the any of the teams that they would come up against, so lets get higher on the draft pick list and look towards next year". Look at that Miami beats the Pats and NOW YOUR ALL IN. You are weak.

Wheeler's days are done. The coaching staff finally had enough last week when he got beat by the Pats version of jerod mastrud. Keep him because you are financially obligated, I understand that but he shouldn't be getting so many snaps. he had his chance. Jenkins is ten times the athlete and already a better coverage LB and better tackler.

Not sure jenkins stuck around so long in the draft - durability concern i imagine.

benz...the salary cap ramifications are significant. He signed a 5 year 25 mil to 27.5 mil contract with at least 15 mil guaranteed. This means we have him for another two years. If we were to cut him, it would be roughly 6-7 million in dead money for the next two years. Same with Ellerbe and Jones.

35 Degree with a 70% chance of a Wintry Mix.

This Buffalo game scares me more than the NE game did.

What do you get when you have a great D-line, a decent to good secondary and terrible LB'ers? Ask Misi, Wheeler, and Ellerbe ;)


Marc...neither ball carrier is our future. It's been 3 years for Thomas and 2 for Miller. If Miller is the best of the two then him having 650 yards in 14 games, with relatively no injuries speaks volumes.

For the next two years we are stuck with Ellerbe, Wheeler and Jones. Jones, however, is redeemable. The weakest part of our defense is our LBer's. Wit the youngsters starting to show talent I only hope that they get a chance to play within this two year window.


I had Wheeler pegged before Ireland picked him up. If he couldn't hang on to three previous teams there was a reason for that. He can't get off blocks and the main reason they picked him up was for coverage and he is awful in coverage. That's evidenced by the fact that D.Jordan has taken over his spot in coverage and now Jenkins. I like Jenkins in coverage but playing inside, he will be eaten up. He's still on the small side.

Wheeler seems more of a weak side LB not really an ILB. But I agree, I don't trust him on the field in pass coverage.


Ellerbe has done a decent job and when Misi was out and Trusnik was in, that LB's were beyond HORRIBLE. I can't defend Wheeler, he is just plain awful.

Dashi Out

I see my post are getting deleted again. Funny thing is that dashi isn't cursing. But I know the authority loves to control what is said here like some type of dictatorship.

Bill, you sir are correct. I had a couple good post that just got deleted. But I agree with everything you are saying.

Also notice that when ever Marc gets flustered he results to the you can't comprehend insult. Remind you of someone.

If that is true youguysaretoads, that is funny. I had my suspicions but I have not been on consistently lately to say anything, but I thought that was the case. Hilarious.

then if it stings the cap too much to cut Wheeler after next season, I'd keep him for a 3rd year as an extremely overpaid backup (plenty of teams have them)--not ideal but he has been underwhelming at best.....SO, add LB as a need in draft because we aint got much after Jenkins (and we dont know for sure that Jenkins can play)--our LBers need upgrading, for depth if nothing else--D Jordan could be in the mix there too though....

Armando, the homerz are predicting a cake walk the next 2 games

Posted by: 2 watt | December 17, 2013 at 01:17 PM

Look everybody, 2watt is bored again.
Miami will finish this season, don't you worry. You havnt said anything about TanneBum in at least 3 posts. Whats a matter? Toad got your tongue? Or does he not $uck anymore? Or is Ireland still the worst GM ever? Or Philbin sure has to $uck still? Or Coyle is just the worst? Or, better yet, Miami is just lucky, right? bwahahahahahaaah


I gave how I will resole the O-line a couple days ago to Odin. Agreed. I won't put all my marbles on draft picks. I would resign McKinnie and Clabo, and Draft 2 OT that way they can develop behind them for a season or beat them out as rookies.

The only big money I will spend on the line is on a RG.

Decent? The LB'ers have ZERO awareness. They are never in the backfield. SHooting the wrong gaps, bad angels, losing contain, missing tackles on screens...Sproles straight up humiliated Wheeler

I predict Miami will win both games.


it is true.

nyfinfan...his reaction time can be timed with a sand dial. As far as Ellerbee we need him to come up quickly, in other words read the play quicker. Another factor that negates our speed to an ILB that we threw a lot of money at. Doesn't look like he has much anticipation for the run! I'm not sure if it can be taught! Your either a good footballer or not!

Time for food. Enjoy!

When I think about what Miami has accomplished this season so far, I am seeing a team that is coming together. This season hasn't been easy with all the crap going on that I will not mention. No need to.

But one of the things that make a great team is toughness. Those teams learn to win those close games and Miami is learning that this season. We've had 9 games that were decided with less than 4 points. We won 5 of those games. This builds great team character and I am seeing a lot of that.

So the next 2 games will be tough as both teams have nothing to lose, some very good players and a young QB. BUT due to the toughness I am seeing I believe we'll come through those games just fine.

If so, we'll be seeing Miami in their first playoff game since 2008 when we lost to the Ravens in the 1st round 20 to 3.

Wheeler only has dead money associated to his deal through next year, after that - he's cut unless he has a much better year next year.

NYF, he does play outside but jenkins is 243 pounds on a six foot frame, not sure that is too small or not. I think he can play all three.

LOVE Philbins poker face...and dry sense of humor...the kind that everyone looks around awkwardly after a comment from Joe wondering if he will crack a smile...or not...its great...

Posted by: Jack! 10.6 | December 17, 2013 at 01:41 PM

Good point...Brady and the Cheatriots have received EVERY single break in the proverbial "book"...this year...the NFL even adjust the rules of the game for Brady and Co...but Brady loses a game against the team that will soon be replacing them on top of the East and he storms out of his presser...after cursing...like a like Brady beetch...Classless...If they would have won that game he would still be up there talking with that little...someone please smack me in the mouth grin...Fk Tom Brady and Fk the Cheatriots!!!

Posted by: Jack! 10.6 | December 17, 2013 at 01:48 PM

Ellerbe has been ok to fine this year. Wheeler has been an abortion other than the sack on Luck in week 2.

Biggest concern with the Bills--by far--is that they have enough talent on the DL to exploit Miami's deficiencies on the OL.

If the Dolphins can handle that adequately, they will win.

also not sure if this has been brought up lately and it wouldve been ridiculous to say just a few weeks ago, but I havent seen Philbin's name mentioned once as a coach of the year candidate.....and he clearly shoud be in the mix if not toward top of the list, after the teams rebound and obviously considering the craziness at mid season.....Chip Kelly has been mentioned, deservedly so....Mccoy, Reid, Rivera too, all fine....but why not Philbin? Is he still on the media's Do Not Mention list?

Dashi, fine to draft OT but I hate being "forced" to take Ots. Take them if they're the best players available but sign vets instead. I think Ireland's approach was good last draft. He would've drafted Joeckle or Fisher but didn't like Johnson (although I did a lot) so he went BPA gamebreaker. Should eb teh same this year. Those who draft with a set position already in mind won't draft well in the end.

Really, is that the best we can come up with? The linebackers are a bit weak. If they went 16-0 would you turds still be jumping on the teams back?

How do we know if the game plan is part of the problem. The bend but don't break type of team. We have had a ton of red zone stops this year.


I know Wheeler will be out of here after next season. Ellerbe is fine, he looks slow footed but he's solid. But Even as Philbin has been saying lately that Jenkins has good ZONE skills, meaning he can't diagnose runs or play man yet.

If I had it my way, I'd go 3-4 with Jordan and Misi on the outside and Ellerbe and Jenkins inside. Put Wheeler on ST's sub packages.

I hate hamstring injuries only slightly less than ACL injuries b/c they have a way of lingering for a long time with no chance of knowing when the issue will be resolved. Having said that, is there any status update with Jamar Taylor? Stoked that we should have him and Patterson full force next year.

Maybe Ireland will trade up for a rotational DE, or a plodding 3.1 YPC HB...Wait

or did too many media guys reaching for the spotlight hang Philbin out to dry too quickly during the Martin situation, because it was the easy/lazy/bandwagon thing to do, and now dont know how to pull Philbin back into the conversation without sounding hypocritical and losing a ton of credibility--tough to now back a guy that you crushed not too many weeks ago

yeah Marc, that would be the same rotational DE that essentially everyone had going in their top 10 in their mock drafts.....and many of them had him going top 5--well done by you though, nice job.


your comment about how Ireland looked at the draft with the BPA mentality. If Dion Jordan was infact that guy then how is he not starting right away and during the games. I know he still needs work in defending the run, but this is why i and most think Ireland reaches and drafts projects more than immediate help. When drafting top 5 that player taken better be a starter as those players are difference makers. While i think Jordan could become that. We needed immediate help. We cant afford the luxury of grooming players for 3 seasons down the road. Not when it involves a top 5 pick. Its not to say some of his projects havnt worked out as tannehill is growing before our eyes. I just think that Ireland becomes to obsessed with projects rather than drafting for the present


Agreed. Some here might not like it but I love Philbins humor. He is basically laughing at reporters during press conferences. It isn't a I'm better than you attitude like Belichick or Saban. It is more of a you ask a stupid question expect a stupid answer.


You know I'm all for drafting BPA in the first 2 rounds and agreed this is the Ireland way of thinking. But I expect that this draft has so many playmakers that you will be able to get a OT that would've been Top 10 other years to be a late first rd pick.

I expect about 5 WRs and 3 QBs to be drafted in the first round next year. Which is way more than this year. I doubt we will see 2 linemen drafted in the Top 10, instead of 3 in the top 4 like this year.

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