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Injuries? Dolphins say what injuries?

It's a good day to be a Dolphins doctor because, well, you don't have a lot of work to do.

The injuries that were the cause of some concern for fans after the New England victory -- Nolan Caroll's knee, Brent Grimes' groin, and Paul Soliai's ankle -- apparently are not so serious.

All three players worked at least on a limited basis in practice today. Practice is not entirely open to the media. On Tuesday, the Dolphins limit access to only 15 minutes.

But during today's open session, Carroll was well enough to work with the scout team kickoff team, suggesting he'll be well enough later in the week to play his starting cornerback job. Soliai worked on individual drills -- obviously showing his ankle injury is not serious. And Grimes was also on the field, although he didn't take any work with the starting kickoff team on which he usually serves.

I'd say all three are limited. But limited is better than out.

The chances all three play against Buffalo seem quite good, barring the dreaded setback, of course.

This is interesting: Running back Daniel Thomas, who injured his ankle late against New England, is not practicing today -- at least he wasn't during the open portion. He didn't even have his helmet.


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EXACTLY. Jordan was picked THIRD OVERALL! Not in the 3rd round. #3. 1, 2 3!

yeah, the Wheeler signing was not a good one and after seeing Ellerbe miss a ton of tackles the last few games I am wondering about him too.
The team is playing better and if it gets into the playoffs is capable of beating any of the other teams as they all have weaknesses.
Regardless, I am still hoping Ireland is gone after this season. Some of his acorns have done quite well (Vernon, Clay, Hartline) but his FA signings have not been that good and there are too many draft busts. Martin is perhaps the biggest 2nd rd bust in the history of the NFL, taking into consideration what he did to the team this year. I am also not sold on Jordan. He's done very little this year to justify being the 3rd pick in the draft. He's just a part time role player who cannot defend the run and disappears for long periods when he is getting snaps. I've seen him get stood up way too easily on way too many plays this year.
Beating the Jets will be easy. But playing in Buffalo in December is always a tough test and that is the game that concerns me.

We cant afford the luxury of grooming players for 3 seasons down the road. Not when it involves a top 5 pick.

Posted by: dolfan29 | December 17, 2013 at 02:19 PM


Completely disagree. Unless you are a team right on the cusp of a title I don't think you EVER draft strictly on immediate need. Going after the chance for greatness--even if it takes a couple of years to fully emerge--is always the smartest option in my book.

Making decisions strictly based on a "quick fix" mentality is how a FAN would draft (or play free agency). A General Manager worth his salt is looking at a much broader picture and trying to build a winner that will endure for awhile.

Was N.Solder a Top 10 Pick?
Riley Rieff?
B. Baluga?

And many more.

Posted by: Dashi | December 17, 2013 at 01:33 PM

Oher was a terrible LT as the experiment showed, Baluga is terrible at either Tackle spot while the others with the exception of Solder are simply adequate! Remember the deep group Solder was a part of at LT in his draft! The knock on him was that he lacked toughness and given his 6'9" frame could be had by the inside speed rushers. He disproved it week-1 were he man-handled Wake in the Monday Night meltdown After-CBA debacle.

The Eagles were going to draft Jordan with the very next selection in the draft. That's not even supposition. I live in Philly and they have said as much. He was the number one guy on their board.

You can disagree with the selection but not that he was a reach. He was not.

d29, should know by now that starting or not starting in year one with this coaching staff means diddly squate.

Vernon didn't start last year for example. JPP didn't start year one either by the way because he was behind Strahan, Osi, and justin Tuck. In Miami he is behind Wake and Vernon. And you shoudl know by just watching him play when he gets a chance that he will be excellent.

I don't buy that theory that a rookie must start right away. Who cares?

Draft the best player period. The one that will have the biggest impact for the enxt six years, not for the next season.

Fill needs with free agency, find your stars in the draft.

Very few teams take BPA - it's a bunch of BS. They almost all draft for need - that is why you see teams reaching for QBs and other positions early in the draft. That is why Pouncey was taking where he was. Does anyone really think he was BPA when Ireland picked him? What bothers me is that Ireland an Co. could not predict that Vernon would play this well (talent evaluation failiure) so drafted Jordan as an RDE because they thought it was a need.

Marc, look how long it took for Mario Williams to truly become a force. He ertainly was not in his first year. Even Cam Wake was situational when he got here. People kept screaming play him every down but he had work to do. He has definitely had some flashes whenhe has played and Cam and Vernon are doing fine.

On another note. Did anyone see when Herm Edwards was talking about the whole Jonathin Martin thing and use of the N word would have happened in his locker room and that it was the coaches fault for lack of control? Does anyone remember how he was throwing our coach and team under the bus? Well today he said his dark horse team to watch was Miami and that he has Philbin on his short list to win Coach of the year. AMAZING!!!

Boring day...

Groin injury for grimes sucks. Wonder why they called it cramps. That's what basically shut Patterson down for the year.

I meant the 'N-word would NOT have been used in his locker room.' And it is an exciting day, marc...we just beat the pats and sent Tom Brady off the Deep end. Only sweeter day was having our players beat the snot out of the jets...in their house...and have their starting QB benched.


Any player has a chance to be great no matter where they are drafted, but my point is we traded up to get what right now is a situational pass rusher to a spot where you get impact, elite players. My point is that we dont have the luxury of taking a project and trading other picks to do it. I dont have a problem with drafting the BPA, but when we have big glaring needs like the OLINE, then that is the smarter play. This whole past draft was about Ireland taking guys who wont contribute right away. Too many times hes done this while missing out on ready made talent who can make an impact right away. Outside of Wake. Jordan drafted at third overall should beat out a Vernon or odrick

youguysaretoads...TROLL....listen you have a bad habit of saying people say stuff they never said. I am on record stating that the Dolphins MUST make the playoffs to get Tannehill experience. I further stated that once in the playoffs we would be on the road throughout and a win would be hard to come by. I STAND by my statement!!

Forest through the trees

Maybe we arnt on the cusp as you stated because we are drafting too many projects instead of for need. To totally ignore a position when its glaring is just being ignorant of the quality at that position. We lost our pro bowl left tackle to FA and didnt realize the guy behind him wasnt up to the task of taking over. I wonder how Nick Foles likes having Lane Johnson as his protector. Just sayin

Wow we talking draft so EARLY in the season?? We are headed for the PLAYOFFS with a FRANCHISE QB!! Feels good to say that.

at times, defense has looked totally inept especially the past two games. we better step it up against a buffalo team that can put up points. RT is the reason we have won the last two games. I can't believe I just wrote that. And offense can only carry us so far.
To see Jimmy Wilson's lack of effort, on NE's last touchdown is pathetic. Solai,Grimes,Wake are the only ones getting it done every Sunday. GO FINS!

MassD, i would agree that Qb is the one position you draft for need and position.

Franchise QB? Cart before the horse sir. Cart before the horse

D29, extremely, extremely premature to label Jordan as a situational pass rusher.

Any player has a chance to be great? No, no they don't.

And project?!?!? Project?? How is he a project???

And you think Lane Johnson is an impact player year one? Tavon Austin?? Who is this magic fairy that would've been in the instant impact player drafted at #3 last year? Dee Milliner???

Ziggy Ansah probably has the most impact drafted around there but he would've been in the same predicament here.


Hes a situational passrusher in the fact that he plays on 3rd down. Hes weak against the run thus hes not starting. This was all talked about when he was drafted and if he wasnt situational then he would be starting and playing all three downs. Hes a project in the fact that he may become elite and great but for the time being and right now hes a one down player. Obviously the coaches see it the same way otherwise why isnt he starting.

on monday night countdown, mike ditka said, "the dolphins aren't great, but they come to play"...he may be partially right, i mean we aren't blowing any teams off the field, that said...next years team WILL be GREAT, another offseason influx of QUALITY talent and the return of keller and gibson has me brimming, but...that's not to say that this "very good" team can't PLAY great, really, all it would take is for one or two bombs to wallace, the D-LINE to come on really strong, and a little more effort from the runningbacks, that's it, that's all miami needs to be a great team this year. that being said, i know the coaches are doing all they can and are extremely busy but...two area's that can really make a huge difference from here on out are 1) the return game and most importantly 2) backs picking up the blitz, we all know buffalo's pass rush, if miami was to hammer out one thing heading into these next few games it should blitz pick up! get that straightened out and stuff the the pass rush and miami will win! it will be time well spent, the blitz pick up was sloppy against the pats and if anybody remembers our first matchup against the bills(how many sacks?) then it would be wise to galvanize this part of the game....i'm tellin ya, if buffalo get's frustrated becuase they can't get to tannehill, we will win this game!


Never said Lane Johnson was an impact player but hes had more an impact than Jordan has had with us. Maybe with Johnson instead of Martin at LT, we wouldnt be staring at the most sacked QB in franchise history which Tannehill has had to endure. Im not trying to argue but the reward of maybe dion jordan becoming great and another three wins that a better oline would have gotten us. I go with the wins

Where has Krissy been, now that Tannehill has undeniably improved??? And Craig Moron doesn't come around much anymore:(

I would Take Jordan over lane Johnson in a heartbeat, Jordan can play it is just Vernon is playing awesome. We could try Jordan in Wheeler's spot, Wheeler is jut okay at best. It might be wise to stick Jordan at Outside line backer he doesn't have to play at DE. This would get your best players on the field and play him in the nickle as well just take out Wheeler. This kind of stuff is on the coaching staff, this is where they need to be creative, Jordan is going be an elite player I believe he just needs to play more take out WHEELER OR MISI

A known lesbian just walked past my home.

D29, he would be starting and putting up numbers on a lot of teams. let's ahve this discussion a year from now.

Kenny Vaccaro? DJ Swearinger? Sharrif Floyd? Lacy, Bernard? Bell?, Kennon Allen? C Patterson? K Alonso, Ansah, Ogletree, Te'o, Reid, Cyprien, Honeybadger

Too soon to tell, but, all of those guys have made more of an impact than Jordan has, and considering we picked up Jordan at #3 we literally could have drafted ANYONE that wasn't a tackle


Bulaga is pretty good. He just tore his ACL this season.

Oher is OK at RT.

All those players are starters.

I didn't just say LT, I said O-Tackle.

My point is that it is ignorant to say that you can't find OT after the top 10. You are basically saying anytime you use a pick on a LT or RT after the Top 10 the guy will be a bust. That is what Sam was saying. I don't believe that. I believe you can find linemen anywhere in the draft.

With that said, Dashi agrees with Mark in Toronto. The first and second rd pick are BPA. You draft for talent not need the first 2 rounds.

Winter in Buffalo was our Graveyard many times during the Marino Era.
I am so fearful of our dreams being dashed there once again.


And lane Johnson has been playing RT all year for the Eagles for what it's worth and been exposed playing there at times. I don't think he would've been our answer at LT.

Anyone else watch Reggie Bush having yet another decent game for the Lions?
Someone please explain to me why we traded him again?

Yeah Marc, take the honey badger at #3 overall... really? Are you argumentative just to be so??

I would think you would've learned by now not to judge a rookie class or player after less than one year.

Doing so is folly to say the least.


This is my point about drafting for need over the BPA. Vernon is playing great, but if Jordan was more than a situational guy then he'd be on the field over him and anyone else. case closed. My whole arguement is you dont take guys in the top five unless they are great now or will be starting from day one. Not saying Lane Johnson is better than Dion Jordan, but anyone who knew our needs going into the draft knew the OLINE was our biggest weakness and in a year where we sold out in FA to bring in all these weapons, we didnt have the luxury of taking someone who may be elite or great in 4 years. Im not hating on Dion Jordan and i like what ive seen when hes gotten the chance but you cant always take the BPA regardless of position

Actually, we didn't even trade Bush. We got ZERO for him. just let him walk as an UFA

Vernon is #4 in the NFL in sacks, you think ANY rookie would beat him out??

Not to mention that last year's draft was one of the worst in years.

Still have yet to see who you would've drafted? The RT, the dwarf wr who wouldn't see the field other than as a kick returner on our team, or the other De who is less dyanamic than the one we took? maybe an OG??


To say what Jordan might have done on other teams and the numbers he would have put up is irrelivant. I only care about my team which is Miami. The fact remains a third overall pick cant make the starting lineup. We are not a team that can afford to do this. Our line has gotten better in recent games but for the most part our line over the whole season has more holes than swiss cheese. Thats not a reach but a fact in the non existant run game and the sacks given up. Would lane Johnson had helped?. I gotta think he would have. surely more than Jonathan Martin, who Mr Ireland felt was good enough to allow our pro bowl LT to walk to St louis

Honeybadger has done more than Jordan

As has EVERY rookie I listed

Kiko Alonso was the steal of the draft it seems

Marc, are you Rick Spielman?

haha, honey badger better than Dion jordan now...

Kiko Alonso padded his non tackle stats in the first four weeks of the season, good player. Maybe you wanted to draft him thrid two although nobody had him pegged anywhere near the first round let alone top 5. maybe you're not Rick Spielman, maybe you're jerry jones.

And last year a tonne of rookies outpointed Olivier Vernon and Ryan Tannehill but where are they now??

Holy Cow some are on here day and night.....claim to have active sex lives....hmmmm don't know how if you are ALWAYS on here!!

Franchise QB.....check
2014 Cap Space....check
Team got better....check
Coaching seems better....check
.500 or better record.....check

Playoffs 2013......PRICELESS

So D29, lane Johnson is your guy? remember the draft is for player you control for more than one year. That being said, i'm glad Ireland was making the pick over you.


It is true what you say about looking at a draft 2-3 yrs out. Jordan has shown flashes of how good he can be. The game is very fast and he most likely needs the game to slow down. Next year I expect him to get it and be explosive....due to the glimpses of greatness we have seen from him.

Kiko ALonso, MLB

137 tackles, 2 sacks, 4 INTs, 1FF


Not taking away from Vernon, but the fact remains that the dolphins traded a second rd pick which could have gotten B. Albert from KC and remained at 12th overall, but instead moved a second rounder to go get Jordan at 3. We may see returns with Jordan in two-three years but at what cost. If Jordan was a player worthy of a #3 overall pick then his whole game would be that of an elite player. Drafting the best player available is fine if two things. You dont have another glaring need and if that player your getting is special now. Not he might be special.

So, we drafted a DE not to help this year, but, down the road when we could have drafted a RB, S, WR, LB that would be an upgrade THIS YEAR and in the future?!

Smart moves. I get it!

The next step for these Phins is taking their newfound confidence & building on it by dominating the final 2 games against inferior opponents & winning by double digits. They could be a force in the playoff if they accomplish that.

Kiko Alonso Not even on the radar of most teams.

NFL Comparison Ben Leber

Bottom Line Off-field problems and injuries kept Alonso from making his expected impact until into his junior season, but once he got past those two alcohol-related incidents and a torn right ACL, opponents began feeling his presence. Alonso is a bit of a linear athlete, but he still remains an explosive one. He could potentially fit into many different roles at the next level. Will fit best into an aggressive scheme as an OLB. If not a future starter, he should be capable of becoming a nickel 'backer that has special teams value.

Sorry, THEY, not we.


No lane johnson wasnt my guy. I wanted Fisher or Joekel. If we couldnt get either of them then sit at 12 and grab Eifert. This way i still have my second round pick to maybe move for Albert. I wouldnt have reached for right now is a one down player which Jordan is. you or me dont decide that but the coaches seem to think thats what best for him

People seem to think that a player that doesn't fit the square hole at present isn't, wouldn't, or couldn't be a star in the future. Not true! Case in point Jordan! Yes he seems weak at sitting the edge but in everything else he does he can be spectacular, and on a consistant basis. Also, he could use more moves in rushing the passer. His biggest problem, however, seems to be the coaching staff's not sure how to us him effectively. Granted our base defense is the 4-3 but when we go to the 3-4 he's almost the prototypical OLB. He can either rush the passer or drop into coverage. If they have a particularly good TE then that his job for the day. Taking away an opponents strong weapons.

As far as waiting for players to find their way in the NFL and begin contributing, look at us now. We are 2 games short of the playoffs and have a great chance to get there. All while the young guys are trying to find their legs. This says that this years run toward the playoffs will, most likely, become the norm rather then the exception!

If it takes a couple of years for a player to blossom, so be it. With total disregard of where he's drafted!

We drafted a player that the Dolphins brain trust identified as a player worthy of the #3 pick. They knew we may lose either Sparks or Soliai in 2014 and NOBODY expected what we got from Vernon.
Yes at #3 and moving up to take Jordan you would expect more from him but this staff seems to bring rookies along slowly. Maybe he is our secret weapon for the last 2 games and playoffs!!

If it was to replace a DT why not grab S Floyd?

And you think he's a one down player gpoign forward right? remember, let's have this discussion going forward.

As far as elite skill set, you mean like spanking Joe Thomas one on one, getting the hurry that forced a matt Ryan INT, tracking Rob Gronkowski down the field, tracking Cam Newton from behind in impressive fashion? Stop acting like this Aaron maybin or the stiff the Jets took in '08.

He is playing behind what is arguably the best or 2nd best DE bookend tandem in the NFL.

Marc, S Floyd wasn't even one of the two best Dts draffed last year. Those were Sheldon Richardson and Star Lotuleilei. Shariff Floyd, geez man.

So Marc, now that Tannehill has graduated, Dion jordan is your new target? You're going to lose this one too, man.

You got it Bill.
There is a huge improvement at all levels over last years team. The team is faster and doesn't allow a lot of points. Last year we bent and broke. This year not so much and we are getting great drives in the 4th quarter to win games. All with a very tough schedule.
Save for the New Orleans game we have been in every game.
Ellerbe is this and Wheeler is that. We shouldn't have picked Jordan?
Jordan is a rookie coming off a rotator cuff injury. What do we expect from the kid? He has put on the weight and is getting stronger. He has to displace some very good players.
We are 8-6 and have a very good shot at 10-6. I for one am very pleased with this team.

Signal and Bill A

I dont have an issue with taking a guy who will possibly be great down the road and possibly be elite but my issue is taking a guy at 3rd overall when first you had to trade up to do it so now you have invested a draft pick plus in that player at 3. I like the pick if Jordan was to drop to where they were at 12. If he didnt then so be it. My point is the Dolphins gambled on a what if. Thats very risky at the top of a draft.

Let's not forget making the play that forced a pick six from Joe Flacco. Big huge plays have been there in the limited snaps he got.

I notice a lot of complaining for the negative nellies on here. All they do is complain about everything.....we JUST beat the PATS, STEELERS and JETS...back to back to belly and 2 of them on the road.

I, for one, don't give a F&*% about the misses we have made in the draft.

Please tell me the team that hits on 100% of draft picks.....Im waiting????

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