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Injuries? Dolphins say what injuries?

It's a good day to be a Dolphins doctor because, well, you don't have a lot of work to do.

The injuries that were the cause of some concern for fans after the New England victory -- Nolan Caroll's knee, Brent Grimes' groin, and Paul Soliai's ankle -- apparently are not so serious.

All three players worked at least on a limited basis in practice today. Practice is not entirely open to the media. On Tuesday, the Dolphins limit access to only 15 minutes.

But during today's open session, Carroll was well enough to work with the scout team kickoff team, suggesting he'll be well enough later in the week to play his starting cornerback job. Soliai worked on individual drills -- obviously showing his ankle injury is not serious. And Grimes was also on the field, although he didn't take any work with the starting kickoff team on which he usually serves.

I'd say all three are limited. But limited is better than out.

The chances all three play against Buffalo seem quite good, barring the dreaded setback, of course.

This is interesting: Running back Daniel Thomas, who injured his ankle late against New England, is not practicing today -- at least he wasn't during the open portion. He didn't even have his helmet.


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Jordan isn't a 'one play' player going forward. He's a star in the making. He needs some work but from what he's done in the sparse number of plays that he's been allowed, he do look good!!!

Lets get this straight , nothing is easy for the Dolphins. I cant believe when some bloggers feel that the Bills and Jets are going to be easy. All of our games are to the wire, I do think they are going to win,but easy? No way.We have had our future for playoffs in the past and we always lose the game we are not suppose to lose. "Just saying". GO DOLPHINS!

By the way, Kiko got all four of his INTs, his FF, and one sack by week 5, just one sack since...

MIT. I said hes a one down player right now which is a fact. There is more to beating joe thomas on one play out of the many in a game or running stride with Gronk for one play. I wont take away the flashes hes shown but going into the draft, Jordan was a player whos knock was he wasnt a three down player. i want my DE to play all parts of the game great not just one My arguement is that taking a guy that high and doing it by moving up was a luxury we couldnt afford when other areas of this team were down right horrid. ie the OLINE if we could call it that back at the start of the season

Holy Cow you didn't finish eating your crow dinner over how wrong you were about Tannehill and now your jumping allover Jordan??? When do you get sick of being WRONG!! Go back to your Egnew hatred at least that's warranted!!

T-watt, how is anyone predicting east win when we only had one all season? Although I do think we put a dagger in Rex Aryan's coaching career!!

You were predicting a losing season so the homers still have down a better job than you!

El Duque....your right, this is the NFL. We're currently only a 2 1/2 pt. fav over Buffalo. That's only one play!! Easy to get both of them? Nope! And Buffalo in 35 degree weather with freeing rain is not the place to be over confidant!

2 watt + piece oh shite

= a bigger piece oh shite

On the whole draft debate. While i hope Dion Jordan turns out great the jury is and still will be out for a few years. IMO, i just feel we arnt a team in a position to take a luxury pick and wait two-three years for development, but this seems to be how Ireland runs his drafts. Bottom line is i hope this philosphy works out for Miami but i will let the record of the team determine that. Go fins

Wow no Kris for a few weeks now...hmmmmmm just reading the blog buddy??? Nothing to add?? Mouth full of CROW??

I missed the point JET HATER. It just could be me but any mention of the Jets until Sunday night is jumping the gun. It's Buffalo, Buffalo and more Buffalo!

Wake is getting old and Ireland knows how important a great pass rush is. Dion Jordan will eventually be the successor to the JT, Cam Wake legacy of great pass rushers in Miami.

Was the weather a factor for the Dolphins in Pittsburgh? No. It is not a factor for them this week, either.

This belief that warm weather teams can't play in the cold is ludicrous. This is the NFL. There are as many Floridians and Californians playing for the Packers and Bears as there are guys from Ohio or Minnesota playing for the Bucs or the Chargers.

And only the hopelessly dimwitted actually believe nonsense such as "thick blood" or other old wives tales.

The dominant Dolphins of the 70's NEVER had any problems in the cold or any other weather conditions. Neither did the Buccaneers when they had that great defense that destroyed the Eagles on an arctic day in Philly in the NFC Championship.

BAD teams on the road tend to lose. It has never had a damn thing to do with cold weather.

Miami is not a bad team. Non factor.

dolfan29...we're in a great position for the youngsters to be allowed to develope. Having a great chance for the playoffs this year coupled with the young players coming up only spells Playoffs, Playoffs and perhaps even more Playoffs. Keeping T'hill healthy wouldn't hurt.


I know that you are probably not an elderly Cambodian peasant woman selling onions and celery from a dusty roadside stand, but may I please imagine you as this?

It comforts me.

While i hope Dion Jordan turns out great the jury is and still will be out for a few years. IMO, i just feel we arnt a team in a position to take a luxury pick and wait two-three years for development,

Posted by: dolfan29 | December 17, 2013 at 04:18 PM

At the time of drafting, I was just happy Ireland did not move up to #3 to get Lane Johnson. Scares hell out of me drafting guys who all of a sudden become top draft day picks as a result of combine results. They rarely pan out or reach their expected top potential.

Last time we did this we ended up with

And the problem with me being an elderly Cambodian peasant woman with my onions bothers you how?

#23 Ronnie Brown

I am putting out an APB missing persons report for Kris.....is he hiding in Tannehills house??

Marcooooo where are youuuuuuu?

Thank you, beloved elderly Cambodian woman with your onions and celery.

Good Luck and Good Night!!

Sorry 'bout not coming with something original.

Geee is Tannehill still a bust? or a reach? never be a good QB? just like Henne? nooo wait just like Beck?? Where are all you guys?

Im still here. A few good performances hardly cements Tanny as a "Franchise QB" Settle down

Ellerbe was getting eating up on a lot of playes on Sunday. The revamping of the LB unit was a huge misstep by Ireland.

I've singed off Dr. But I do send my onions overnight to anywhere in the US. Must be prepaid, at least from this group and doctors in particular (either real or imagined)!

Doctor and y'all have a good night!!!!

MarC I know you are here...you're not hiding. However the growth of Tannehill leans more towards him being a franchise QB than the failure you claimed he would be. Lets just continue to agree to disagree.

Signal is right concerning ILB, you either have it or you don't. I used to coach Jared Allen's younger brother Scot, that kid was an instinctive, natural ILB, had a great nose for which hole the RB would try to use and would stuff it in a heartbeat. Kid was also one of the fastest players on the team, he played tailback as well as ILB. I wished he would have gone on to play HS and college ball but I guess one famous brother in the family was enough for him.

I keep waiting for Ellerbe to fill just one hole at the LOS, but I don't hold my breath. How can you play ILB or MLB and not be filling the hole all the time? I would simplify the scheme make the ILB's each take a one gap responsibility and switch to a 3/4 rather than the 4/3 we are currently using, or give the MLB one of the A gaps and put the DT on the other A gap, that way we shut down the inside runs.

Unfortunately Im outta here now for the night. 2 weeks and Im free!!

Discussion on NFL Live teams that they thought were SB contenders...not even giving the Dolphins a chance at making the SB. But right there were the Ravens.

Why do they think that? What evidence do they have? Because they used to be good?


Now that the kindly old Cambodian woman with her onions and celery has departed, I would like you to assume the role of Albanian peasant woman selling wooden trinkets and traditional goat-hide vests in the town square.

I need to picture you this way as it brings me great joy and inner strength. Thank you.

Hey Horace, I've got some "goat skin' for you. Maybe have some wild root oil too.

No, thank you. I know about you old Albanian women and your sorcery.

Who cares bout the crap Dolphins?

Don't do it cocoajoe. I went to Wikipedia and it seems the doc fits the profile of a 'serial New York Jets fan'. Ya! It couldn't possibly be worse.

Henne had 2 decent games and you stupid homers along with Ross said he is he next Marino Eh ?

Henne had 2 decent games and you stupid homers along with Ross said he is he next Marino Eh ?

Posted by: Ape Tamer | December 17, 2013 at 05:20 PM

I sling poo at you! Now shut up and get me some more bananas!

This just shows you how pathetic the AFC is when you are taking about the lowly barbies making a bid for the playoffs Eh? With out that defence T-puke is no better than Fieler Eh?

Well Mr. Hardin, if there is opportunity now for All, even if unequal for some, you must admit that, At the End, the results will be equal for Most.

Oscar, The Castro regime had no choice but to side with the Russians after te Kennedy administration tried to take him out ,why so bitter Eh?

Signal, you're probably right...jet fans are the lowest of the low. You ever been around any of them? Right out of Jersey Shore and South Park "It's a Jersey Thing"

If the Dullfins sneak into the playoffs they'll just get slaughtered anyway.

Henne is playing BETTER than Tannehill.

ANOTHER BIG ONE SUNDAY fight that freezing rain off and win it

If the Jags had Wallace they would have at least 10 wins Eh?

They played a LOT of attention to Charles Clay, deservedly so. That's a mean mother coming off from so many different positions and being such a load to bring down as he is.

I'm still waiting for those bananas f@ggot!

A sweep by Buffalo will end all of this MORONIC post season talk Eh?

At least the Jets have fans!!

Who's talking about Cuba here? Sometimes, we talk in Universal terms. Why? Because we can do it.

It's funny how very different Jets and Giants fans are.

Giants fans tend to be educated, far classier, and wealthier. They come mostly from Manhattan itself, along with the tonier suburbs in Westchester County and Connecticut. Some are also from New Jersey, but from wealthy, highly educated areas such as Rumson, Atlantic Highlands, Princeton, etc.

Jets fans are drooling Neanderthals. These are people who were still wearing mullets well into the 90s and think Bon Jovi represents the epitome of rock. They hang out in crappy bars with equally moronic high-school dropouts and many of them have unibrows to go along with their flabby beer guts. Jets fans are mostly from the poorer sections of Queens, the white trash areas of Long Island in Nassau County, and the Guido and Guidette portions of New Jersey. They are laughed at in Manhattan as troglodytes.

Which they are.

Bend over qweer and you'll get a BIG BANANA Eh?

Do you slugs ever get tired of typing 'jet fans'? Do you really think they are any different than any other teams fans?

They ain't.

Most fans are slime dogs.

Who cares bout the crap Dolphins?

Posted by: HEAT WORLD CHAMPS | December 17, 2013 at 05:13 PM


Probably a lot of Heat fans like myself do. But of course we're actually FROM Miami and root for ALL of our teams you front-running phony.

Bend over qweer and you'll get a BIG BANANA Eh?

Posted by: Ape Tamer | December 17, 2013 at 05:46 PM

I knew there was a reason all the other monkeys spread their butt cheeks when you patted them on the head.

What's that matter, your species to good for you, eh?

Look...all NFL games are hard to win no matter who's playing...the Bills beat us at home so I look for us to split with them and do the same...its the Jests game that REALLY worries me...you don't think those jokers want nothing more than to knock us out of the Playoffs??? The Bills running game worries me...EJ not so much...his running won't be a factor in the game either...we can contain QBs on D...the quick...shifty...multi-threat backs??? Not so much...

All these banal and downright offensive responses to certain commentaries here are all being taken down by Paul and I, only with the purpose to see if we can elevate the level of Education of the population in this Blog(and in others). We only mean to help.

We are so much better without that jackass Incognito.

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