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Injuries? Dolphins say what injuries?

It's a good day to be a Dolphins doctor because, well, you don't have a lot of work to do.

The injuries that were the cause of some concern for fans after the New England victory -- Nolan Caroll's knee, Brent Grimes' groin, and Paul Soliai's ankle -- apparently are not so serious.

All three players worked at least on a limited basis in practice today. Practice is not entirely open to the media. On Tuesday, the Dolphins limit access to only 15 minutes.

But during today's open session, Carroll was well enough to work with the scout team kickoff team, suggesting he'll be well enough later in the week to play his starting cornerback job. Soliai worked on individual drills -- obviously showing his ankle injury is not serious. And Grimes was also on the field, although he didn't take any work with the starting kickoff team on which he usually serves.

I'd say all three are limited. But limited is better than out.

The chances all three play against Buffalo seem quite good, barring the dreaded setback, of course.

This is interesting: Running back Daniel Thomas, who injured his ankle late against New England, is not practicing today -- at least he wasn't during the open portion. He didn't even have his helmet.


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I Don't know man that was pretty damm funny @546...by...2 Cities...I personally think Washington fans are the worst ever...but I think its just the region I live in...most all these people are retardo...but IMO...Washington fans take 1st place...Armando included...

I think both the Wets and the Bills will be thinking off season with out a long rehab with a bad injury to worry about, we will see. Bill

Oscar...do you admit to being a mediator of this blog???

mediator?? LMAO

Armando...why in the Fk would I root for the Cheatriots??? I want the DIVISION...its there...I can smell it...F the Ravens...F the Bungels...F the Cheatriots...These Dolphins are going to screw them ALL...

Oscar is Armandos Tio but you stupid homers have not figured this out yet right STUpid Eh?

There is no excuse for most Everybody now to keep on festering in the obscurantism of Ignorance. There is ALL the knowledge of theWorld right now at the disposition of most fingertips. It is a Beacon of Knowledge and Everyone should grab Its Light.

Hey stupid,go walk around outside in the U.P woods for a few days and maybe that herpes sore around your mouth will finaly fall off in the sub zero temps Eh?
if not,stay out there untill it does Eh?

I just got done reading the posts and its obvious this Marc guy is only here because he's lonely. Every single one of his posts is negative like he just wants attention. The Miami Dolphins are in control of their own destiny for the first time in years and the team is on the rise in the NFL and all this guy does is complain. Stop trying to show him the light because he doesnt get it and doesn't care he's just YGing you.

To me going into that playoff spot hot is more important than just going into it...they need to keep rolling and you don't really accomplish that by losing anymore games...for me its one and they're done...I don't really see the Cheatriots losing 3 in a row...baby Brady would be inconsolable and watching game film in the fetal position...sucking his thumb...non-throwing hand...the NFL can't have that...if we do win on Sunday there are only 4 other teams with equal or better road records...Philly Seatlle SanFran KC...

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Brady would be inconsolable and watching game film in the fetal position...sucking his thumb...

Posted by: Jack! 10.6 | December 17, 2013 at 06:51 PM

More likely he'll be cruising around in a Ferrari, eating at 5 star restaurants and sucking his super model wife's pajoomba.


Just man up and admit T-Hill is the truth. Get it over with. The faster you do the Faster we can Move on. Else, the catcalls are going to keep coming.

Plus, you won't look like a hypocrite next time T-Hill does bad and you want to show face.

I know the thing is you have high expectations for the Dolphins qb position. But you have to admit Tannehill is even reaching your expectations.

I believe the Fins are starting to click. I know some of the Bills fans here believe this will be a close game. Hate to break it to you Buffalo is the least talented team we have played in the last 4 weeks. Or longer.

Love to hear that J.Philbin is getting coach of the year consideration. That would be the biggest slap in the face to J.Martin and his family. They thought they would destroy this organization. But you know what they say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

The Kicker with Kristina is that he was on here criticizing others for not being objective.

I asked him to show us where he had ever shown to be objective about RT. I said, you only show up when he has done poorly, to tell us about it, and to say he was a reach, and a project player, and meh. Never did he show us one single post praising RT after one of his good games. His response was to run away and hide every time.

This is objective?

And this was the same guy crying season after season urging the team to TAKE A CHANCE on a first round QB! You know what his typical dumb response was? Only if it was a sure thing! Yeah, like when is it ever a sure thing??? How is TAKING A CHANCE the same as only if it is a sure thing? He is not accountable for his own words.

Now that RT is on fire, looking special, outplaying Luck and RG3, Kristina can't face the fact he is shyyyt at evaluating talent. It's no big deal, many GM's are just as bad.

Since Kris is being called out on Tannehill (odd that he hasn't been around), I'll admit I was wrong about the coaching staff. I thought they should have been canned earlier this season, but they seem to have 'righted the ship,' so to speak. I can't say I'm 100% convinced yet; let's see if they win these last two games that they should win. And on Daniel Thomas- he has been playing better, so maybe he's average at best? Still need a true bell cow RB, in my opinion. Tannehill has really shown improvement, and we as fans finally have something to truly be excited about. The future is looking brighter in Phin-land!

I honestly thought Daniel Thomas was going to be a much better back. He has his moments, but too few. He needs to be a little tougher up the middle or a little faster on the outside. It may be time to move on and get someone better to compliment Miller.

I was wrong about him. No big deal.

If the trend continues....Tannehill will be the best QB of his draft. Wilson is still playing great, but how durable will he be over time?

Grading him on a scale of Eliteness to measure a qb. Right now I would give Tannehill a C to C-minus.

He's on the right road, yet still, quite a few miles away.

To make any great noise should we make the playoffs. This team needs to have a great run in ALL 3 phases of it's game. I feel if we can keep the opponent within 10pts, Tannehill may have enough to overcome that.

More than 10pts behind, Tannehill may not be quite ready for this yet.

Tanny is still horrible on 3rd downs, cant throw a deep pass, and has no pocket presence. Is he any better than Henne was? Maybe.

Henne has the worst stats in the league.

Jay you make a crack head sound smart.

Henne throws the ugliest fade I've ever seen.

Russel Wilson was easily the best QB in his draft. He's better than Luck IMO.

Henne's hot, he's been winning lately. Thats the only stat thats meaningful.

Henne/Ginn beat the great Revis in his prime on a bomb that went for a TD. We gave up on both of them too soon.

Henne would actually be a huge upgrade for the Jets. They should look into getting him this offseason. His 4-7 record this year could them.

If history is any guide, we will lose the next two games.

Is it possible the Phins, Vikings and Pats win this Sunday? If so we clinch a playoff spot in week 16. Can you feel the playoff vibe around the team? I can these guys are confident and playing well.

There is an application to our offense that I would be very interested to see-- Clay in the single back set. Think about how many options this creates. I am not just talking about him on the wing. I say put him in the pistol or anywhere. Use him on sweeps, screens, fades or anything that is imaginable that will utilize his abilities and screw up the D.

Opa Locka--

Can you gift wrap me five baggies of crack? We're running low.

Henne just got smoked by the Bills.

I seen the highlights...

Deja vu....

Tannehill missed like 6 or 7 deep passes on Sunday.

If he can connect on half of those he'll be alright.

The problem with the deep pass seems to be some what of a conundrum. I have said before that I think it is a timing problem more than QB deficiency. This should be a teachable circumstance. If the QB releases the ball a fraction sooner, the under thrown pass is on target.

Its gotta be timing because Sherman said they don't even practice the deep ball.

They need to work on it because Tannehill's only incompletions is when he went long.

He missed Hartline, Wallace and Matthews a few times.

But I did love how Mike Wallace finally caught one of those side line passes when he has to do a 360.

Incognito is not coming back to avoid the circus.

O line must hold...

I enjoy napkins. They are part of a modern and gracious lifestyle.

I'm skeeered about the Bills, not just because the weather will be brutal (much worse than Pittsburgh) or our dismal December record there, but also and especially because there will be a lot of pressure on our guys to play well.
I'm unsure if my nerves and anxiety will allow me to watch.
My fear and foreboding are intense.
You too?

He has the arm to get the ball anywhere within reason. The deep ball should come with repetition. Coaching is in perspective here;Wallace should never be under-thrown.

Agreed. He'll figure it out.

Hardin Drye,

I think Tannehill tries to be too perfect with his deep passes at times. Unless the Wallace can get get past the CB cleanly, it's impossible to time. There is just too much bumping and tripping that keeps the WR from running a straight line at full speed to make the play. Tannehill needs to learn to account for that then overthrow enough for the WR to outrun his coverage.

Posted by: Hardin Drye | December 18, 2013 at 12:55 AM

I completely agree. I think now that Sims is catching up to speed we should make Clay our power back. I also think Thigpen should line up as a 3rd WR more often.

Think about this-With Clay playing RB in the single back ,Sims at TE and Thigpen at WR #3, we can run an effective 3 wide single back, 2 TE single back (Thigpen as RB, Clay #2 TE) and an empty backfield with 3 WRs, 2TEs without changing any personnel!

Also, Charles Clay has become a very effective blocker. Most improved Player on the Team by far.

I love how on the video highlights that play on the right, the pansy Patriot receivers come up whining for a flag every time the ball is incomplete. So funny to watch, and very satisfying too.

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