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Joe Philbin addresses the media before Christmas

The Dolphins adjusted their schedule this week so players and others could have Christmas Day off and celebrate the holiday with their families if they wish.

So the team practiced Tuesday and will return to work Thursday.

Coach Joe Philbin talked to the media today.

This is what he said:

(Opening statement) – “I thought our players had a good practice today (in) our normal down-and-distance preparation for the Jets. We talked to the team this morning about playing our best game of the year. There is nothing to wait for or hold back for. We have to play our best game of the year Sunday at 1 p.m. It should be a great atmosphere. We get to close out our season at home. That’s where we are.”

(On where he would rate his one-two receiving combination of Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline at this point) -  “I think they’ve both made a good contribution to the offense. I think they’ve been consistent throughout the course of the year. I like what they’ve done. I think they can do different things, complementary skills to one another. I think they’ve been good.”

(On if Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline’s production is what he expected out of them) - “I think it’s good to have balance as an offensive unit and have more than one guy that you can go to throughout the course of the season or a game for that matter. I think it’s been great.”

(On what Dannell Ellerbe and Philip Wheeler have done well against the run) – “I think they’ve played downhill. I think their play-speed has been good. I think they’ve done a good job attacking the line of scrimmage. I think overall they’re tackling has been good. Not unlike other teams, our defense at times, we’ve got to continue to work on our run fits as a unit, not necessarily just those two individuals.”

(On what does a sack do to an offense besides jeopardizing a quarterback’s health) – “The objective is to move the ball into scoring position and ultimately score points, touchdowns hopefully. Negative plays are something you as an offense you coach against. You don’t want penalties. You don’t want negative yardage runs or sacks. We approach it kind of from the opposite that we want to teach good pass protection fundamentals, good schemes that are sound and protect our quarterback. At times we protected our quarterbacks well. At times we haven’t.”

(On the 65%-35% ratio between passing and running on offense)  – “Again each game is a little bit different. I know after 15 games that’s where we are in terms of the run-pass ratio. As I said the other day, I would like to have run the ball more than 12 times the other day. I also would have liked to have a longer run more than three yards. I think game-to-game you are in different situations, and the scoreboard dictates some of the play-calling. I think in a perfect world we would like to be running the ball more.”

(On what number he would strive for per number of rushes) -  “I haven’t really thought about it, but yeah more than where we are at now”

(On why the team doesn’t run the ball more on third down) – “There is no opposition to it. They hadn’t really done a lot of that prior to this game. To their credit they had a couple of good looks and executed their plays well, but we are certainly open to any way we can move the chains. It’s not like we are not going to run the ball. It’s just the defenses we anticipate we don’t think it is real advantageous to do that.”

(On what is the cost benefit of running the ball) – “Usually football is a game of leverage. If you have leverage or advantage numbers wise, you may want to run it as opposed to pass it. If they have more than you got, it becomes a little bit of a dicier proposition. You just have to weigh those factors when you are putting your plan together.”

(On if the Jets have progressed the three games since they’ve played) – “I think their quarterback’s playing better.  We knew (Chris) Ivory was a good player, he seems to be more productive.  Their sack total is down a little bit so they’ve been staying out of the situations we were in the other day.  Offensively when you’re in better down and distance, your second down is more manageable, you’ve got a bigger playbook, you have more play action, you have movement passes and those type of things that we were kind of out of.  I think they’ve just been doing a better job managing the sticks and playing sound football.”

(On what he can take out of the first meeting) – “I thought we executed relatively well.  Our guys made a couple plays. We broke some tackles especially in the second half.  Certainly want to do a better job in the red zone, we kind of went down the field a lot we got a lot of yardage, we need to score more points the second time around.  I think we’ve got to take advantage of our field position and the opportunities we get when we’re in the red zone.  I thought we moved the ball consistently well but we’ve got to score more.”

(On how the players who have played with a one year contract have performed) – “They’ve done a good job.  I thought (Tyson) Clabo played a very good game the other day, Brent (Grimes) has been consistent all year long.”

(On what the pressures are while playing on a one year contract) – “I think those guys are professionals, they’ve been in the league for a long time.  They are professional and come into work every single day looking for a way to contribute to the success of the team.  I think when you’ve been in the league for a while you understand, really the fact of the matter is most everybody that plays or coaches is (on a one year contact), your paper might say different, but that’s kind of life in the NFL.”

(On the decision to give players Wednesday off) – “I did make it a little while ago as I looked at the whole season and how we do things.  It is a little bit of a change for us, we talked about it.  We’ll do something things a little bit differently on Thursday than we typically would do.  I just think Christmas comes once a year and when you have an opportunity to spend Christmas with your loved ones you should do it.  I think it’s a doable thing, sometimes we may not be able to do that, but I think when you can do it you should do it.”

(On how he promotes playoff atmosphere through the holiday week) – “We talked to the team today about it.  This is truly a one game season and it’s going to be December 29th and we need to put together our best effort in all three phases of the game.  It’s as simple as that.  There are nine millions scenarios that everybody can get into and worried about but our players need to be worried about preparing well and playing the game at one o’clock.”



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Ever wear mismatched socks? Look at he personnel of this team vs the schemes.


Most here play GM exactly like Ireland does. With little knowledge of how these players will "fit into the scheme".

Many say, "Why doesn't Philbin scheme around the player strengths?" Well, how can he do this when his knowledge is pretty limited to what GB does. He was a FIRST TIME OC in GB, just like he's a FIRST TIME HC in Miami.

Making matters worse, he wasn't even trusted to call plays in GB. Mike McCarthy did. Philbin has even less experience calling plays than being a FIRST TIME HC.

Continued In Next Post....

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 24, 2013 at 03:21 PM

Sam Are you Odindouche???????????????

Continued From:

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 24, 2013 at 03:21 PM

Blame Ross/Ireland for this.

We had a roster, 4yrs in the building to play a certain style of football. All of a sudden, Ross/Ireland hire a first time hc, bringing in a system we did not have the current personnel to play. Then Philbin hires a DC who brings in a system we did not have the personnel to play.

Even worse on the Philbin hiring, even as an OC, he was never trusted to call plays. Only thing he has on Sparano is Philbin was actually an OC vs Sparano being an oline coach.

Also, if I read Philbin opening a presser with, "We had a good practice" one more time. I may gouge my eyes out. If our offense out performs our D in practice, or vice versa, actual gameday tells us this could mean very little.

Has more to do with how inconsistent this team is on both sides of the ball. It is not surprising we could look good in practice against ourselves. Duhh...

Merry Christmas to all the crybabies here

Philbin's pressers are getting about as pointless as Sparano's. He tells us a bunch of nothing to keep from throwing underperforming coaches and players underneath the bus.

He's even in denial of his own inadequacies as a hc. If only we could get lucky and have someone smarter than Steven Ross running our football operations.

This is prime example of what happens when a FAN buys a football team and hasn't a clue as to how it should be run. Whatever happened to those "GOOD OLE' DAYS" when owners were actually football people?

Making matters worse, he wasn't even trusted to call plays in GB.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 24, 2013 at 03:21 PM

7 days ago you were giggling with joy about this team. One loss and now you've lost all objectivity.

To say Philbin wasn't trusted to call plays in GB is nothing but a slanted, biased statement about something you can't possibly know anything about. The word 'trusted' may not be the issue at all. It may very well not have been what he was brought in for.

Furthermore, most HC's have OC's and DC's that call the plays. There is no rule or standard that says HC's should be play callers.

Philbin's pressers are getting about as pointless as Sparano's.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 24, 2013 at 03:41 PM

Yes, and as a matter of fact, so are Belichek's. Outside of Rex Ryan, there is no other coach that handles the pressers any different.

So what is your point?

Cmon nobody should be surprised they are inconsistent,but they have more talent than last year, although the offensive line was weak even before the preseason started.
They have a chance to finish with a winning record but I think the changing of the entire coaching staff the same year was a another big mistake for this franchise.
I believe the coaches are not getting the best outta the players, but I dont think Ross will do what needs to be done.I also believe the season ticket buyers wont be fooled even after a playoff appearance if it happens.

Merry Christmas to all the crybabies here

Posted by: Dashi | December 24, 2013 at 03:40 PM

Merry Christmas and while your here maybe you tell tell us again how great Miller will be

If Peyton Manning were our qb and played this D in practice. Manning would throw 51 TDS every practice.

Good practice? Didn't we have good practices prior to playing Buffalo last week?

Joe Philbin, come on man! Practice? We're talking about, practice?

Posted by: Pile | December 24, 2013 at 03:44 PM

My only point is that you sure chose the right screen name. You are most certainly a pile of something that doesn't smell very nice.

Kudos to you, man!

Pile 2, YG 0

My only point is...

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 24, 2013 at 03:50 PM

You have no point is the point. Therefore you have no rebuttal.

If you want to whine away, go ahead, but at least be objective and not distort things to favor your ever changing argument.

You know what annoys Dashi, when people act like they know football yet complain about the QBs cadence. Cause he says go instead of hike or hut. When people try and argue that point it shows how little they know about the game.

Football 101

You can use any word that is clear and loud to commence any play in football. If the QB wants to yell "now" instead of Go or Hike or Hut. Then you clowns will be crying about T-Hill yelling Now-Now instead of Go.

How about the Times the offense goes on set? Even before he says go.

If you ever been in a huddle or are being taught to play QB the first thing you learn is cadence.

Now those who say go=run and go-go=pass. Don't understand the difference between going on 1 or going on 2.

Cause from the massacre on Sunday you should all realize that go and go go doesn't mean run or pass. Cause that second half the fins didn't run the ball at all and t-Hill was alternating between the two.

Ross/Ireland told us when Sparano was fired, it wasn't a another rebuild. He's right. They brought in a new hc, with systems that fit players we did not have amongst our personnel, and everyone is dumbfounded why the "old skins" do not support the "new wine".

Bringing in 2 vastly different systems on both sides of the ball, you have little choice but to "rebuild". The biblical statement of not being able to place new wine into old skins, or the old skins will burst. Is certainly playing out here in Miami.

You not have to be a biblical scholar to see this.

Dashi please spare us of your weekly explanation of cadence. We all knew about this long before you ever saw a football game.

What are you going to try to teach us next? Thermo-Nucluer Reactions?

Douchi, nobody asked you to a family Xmas party hUh????
not surprised really...
You and Odin should get together....

Can we please finish 8-8 so we can clean house and Ireland and philbin are gone for good and I don't really won't go to the playoffs now because we got sweep by the bills.

You not have to be a biblical scholar to see this.

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 24, 2013 at 03:58 PM

And you don't have to repeat this opinion ad nauseam either. You've been harping on this endlessly. Come back when you have something new to say.

Meanwhile this team that is so awful may be in the playoffs. Strange.

Why did Ireland move up to the #3 spot to draft a 3-4 defense outside linebacker(Dion Jordan)? Seems he totally forgotten his defensive coordinator brought in the 4-3 defense.

Can't call Jordan a great pass rusher because that's not how he was used in college. The way he was used in college translates more to 3-4 olb than 4-3 DE.

As poor as Wheeler at times plays, he can not even take the olb spot in a 4-3 defense. Not even Misi's 4-3 olb spot.

Ireland trades all the way up to the #3 spot to draft a player without a "true position" in our current D system. I can only shake my in disgust.

After you tell me how Gillislee will be starting over L.Miller. Or how E.Lacy sucks and will suck as a pro. GTFOH!!

Even with the worst O-line in team history and splitting carries with D.Thomas. If L.Miller would've got the average amount of carries that an NFL starting RB gets he would already be over 1000yds for the season. Something R.Bush and R.Brown have only accomplished ONCE THEIR WHOLE CAREER.

Plus, R.Bush would've sucked the big one on this team. Bush can't even get 1000yds rushing on one of the most potent offense in the NFL.

But sure whatever you say buddy. You're #1

Not to say that Dashi is a Football Guru. But I value my opinion more than yours when it comes to Sports or life in general.

Meanwhile this team that is so awful may be in the playoffs. Strange.

Posted by: Dying Bird | December 24, 2013 at 04:03 PM

I wonder if they'll be giving out a VINCE LOMBARDI for this EINSTEIN?

Please you fair weather fins fans go away!! If Miami makes the playoffs this would be a good thing for the coarse of a young team, it could be a hell of a lot worse!! Just saying!!!

But I value my opinion more than yours when it comes to Sports or life in general.

Posted by: Dashi | December 24, 2013 at 04:08 PM

Life in general? baby Dashi hasn't even lived yet. Maybe never will. LOL

Clueless owner, clueless gm. Means with these 2 cluelesses in place, we'll always received clueless results on the playing field.

Clueless coaches will always be in the building when cluelessness runs amuck all the way to the top.

It's the QB STUPID Eh?

Dying bird the stray cat just pooped you out Eh?

Aponte wrote another speech Eh?

Aponte wrote another speech Eh?

Posted by: Ape Tamer | December 24, 2013 at 04:29 PM

Leave Dawn Aponte alone. She's auditioning for her "new future" of working in the White House.

Maybe for our "next President". Eh?

The problem lies in that the players brought in are either not good enough to play in any system or used improperly. You can put Wheeler, Ellerbe and our OL (less Pouncey) in any other system and I can't see them playing to a higher level then they're currently showing. Not because of the coaching but because of their talent level. This is on Ireland.

Putting players in a position to succeed is the idea for any coordinator. Take Rashad Jones, Jordan, Jenkins or even Tannehill and you may be able to place another one or two players into the category of not being used in a way that allows them to play to their full potential. This is on the coordinators.

Do we have enough talent to be deserving in making the play offs, absolutely! Despite the efforts of Ireland and our coordinators.

Oh, I forgot to add our two main running backs to the list of 'too little talent'. I can, maybe, see Miller as a change up to a real running back but little else.

Philbin = Moron

I can't get a real good fix on Philbin. But I can say that Ireland has to go as well as both coordinators. If Philbin can't see the box both Sherman and Coyle have put him in then he deserves what he gets. But we the fans also have to endure the mistakes.

Between the players selected and how they're used there seems to be a giant disconnect! Almost like one person isn't talking to another and you have 4 different takes on the same problem! With no one strong enough to step forward and make a clear decision. Other then the corporate politics that, I'm sure, are in full swing at present or shortly after the season ends. No one is being held accountable.

it is not so much the Dolphins lost it was how they lost, totally dominate by a non playoff team and out coached, I like Philbin but he has to part with Sherman at the end of this year. We need somebody younger with fresh ideas as OC.

Oh and one more thing he couldn't be serious about Wheeler and ellerbe they have been a disappointment especially Wheeler he stinks and always makes dumb penalties.

Look, lets be real here. I love the Dolphins and bleed aqua and orange blood. I am not a fair weather fan, I ve followed these Dolphins for 30 years, but the inadequacies of this franchise need to be highlighted, or nothing will change. We ll beat the Jets Sunday, and will make the playoffs, but will be one and done. Anyone who knows football knows this.
We have a terrible O line. We have square pegs in round holes on both sides of the ball. Worst of all is Sherman. He needs to go, and Philbins credibility will stand or fall on this in the offseason. Coyle? The jury is (just) still out. We ll see. But Sherman HAS to go.

the way they played they need to practice on christmas. they owe it to the fans. again they really don't get this thing about winning. be with the family after the season. as for the LB's. they stink and if he doesn't see it we are in trouble next year. they need to practice the long ball more. tannehill threw a ball 70 yards so he proved he can do it. if they practice it more and get the timing down wallace would be a huge threat. that is on sherman. and sherman needs to go. he has no idea how to call a pro offence. i'm done. go rant at me........you know i'm right.

kill the jets

Hey, everybody have a good holiday!!!!!!! And if a good one isn't had, don't have a bad one!

If The Phins happen to luck into a play off spot...they'll lose another 62-7 game.

I predict that The Dolphins won't score another point until 2014.

Jets 19

Dolphins 0

Back to back shut outs to end the season.

Sherman gets a five year extension.

Playoffs. Lets get in and get hot again! You never know we could surprise. We can beat Cincy or Indy again,KC too. Merry Christmas everyone!


Fireross wrote Santa for a brain...sorry pal even he can't fix your kind of stupid. Lumps of coal in future for him. He's been a bad troll. lol

Not to say that Dashi is a Football Guru. But I value my opinion more than yours when it comes to Sports or life in general.

Posted by: Dashi | December 24, 2013 at 04:08 PM

Good L@rd somebody invite poor Douchi to there home.

If The Phins happen to luck into a play off spot...they'll lose another 62-7 game.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS IS LAUGHING | December 24, 2013 at 05:37 PM

And if they win, you'll weasel out and disappear for a week like you did after telling us to bank on the Steelers beating us right before the game.

Ross has no clue how to build a winner. Pray for new ownership.

Ross has no clue how to build a winner. Pray for new ownership.

Posted by: Shula | December 24, 2013 at 06:11 PM

We'll also pray for your internet connection to go dead for the next 20 years.

Good L@rd somebody invite poor Douchi to there home.

Posted by: Bark Odin,Bark. | December 24, 2013 at 05:55 PM

Post of the week.............

God, you guys need to change your man-pons....Merry Christmas

My Christmas "Like" or "Don't Like" List.

I Like Tannehill. I Don't Like that the O Line is awful.(Again)

I Like Clay I Don't Like that Egnew is pretty much a bust 3rd Rd pick.

I Like Gibson I Don't Like Mike Wallace for 60 million.

I Like Ellerbe sometimes. I Don't Like Wheeler in pass coverage.

I Like Wake I Don't Like drafting a injured hybrid OLB/DE that can't
get on the field to contribute other than ST.

I Like Grimes. I Don't Like drafting 2 CB's that can't beat out Jimmy
Wilson for playing time.

I Like Fields I Don't Like Sturgis or drafting kickers.
Merry Christmas!

In retrospect, had we not supsended Cogs - guilty until proven innocent - we'd have another win. Brenner? Some of you ate that bait right up. Buffalo didn't.

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time,

Best wishes to you Dolphins fans and hope to see you in the playoffs.

Have a great 2014


Incognito was a cancer in the locker room. The team is playing far better without that distraction.

Playing better? Record number of sacks? Shutout?

Are you ok?

You Can Fire Your Son, But Can You Fire Your Father?

If The Dolphins Have Talent How Is Ireland To Blame?

Dolphins have zero talent....

XMAS MENU for CJ Club (Phins78, Dashi, Craig, et al)

baby lettuce with yogurt dressing
5 cheese souffle
tube steak with pearl onions
creme brulee with walnuts
After dinner cigars

#1, #2, #3, #4 Priority!! In The Off-Season Should be LT, RT, LG, RG!! 2 Of Them Should Be Draft Picks!!

Soliai And Starks Should Both Be Let Go In The Off-Season!!

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