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Joe Philbin addresses the media before Christmas

The Dolphins adjusted their schedule this week so players and others could have Christmas Day off and celebrate the holiday with their families if they wish.

So the team practiced Tuesday and will return to work Thursday.

Coach Joe Philbin talked to the media today.

This is what he said:

(Opening statement) – “I thought our players had a good practice today (in) our normal down-and-distance preparation for the Jets. We talked to the team this morning about playing our best game of the year. There is nothing to wait for or hold back for. We have to play our best game of the year Sunday at 1 p.m. It should be a great atmosphere. We get to close out our season at home. That’s where we are.”

(On where he would rate his one-two receiving combination of Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline at this point) -  “I think they’ve both made a good contribution to the offense. I think they’ve been consistent throughout the course of the year. I like what they’ve done. I think they can do different things, complementary skills to one another. I think they’ve been good.”

(On if Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline’s production is what he expected out of them) - “I think it’s good to have balance as an offensive unit and have more than one guy that you can go to throughout the course of the season or a game for that matter. I think it’s been great.”

(On what Dannell Ellerbe and Philip Wheeler have done well against the run) – “I think they’ve played downhill. I think their play-speed has been good. I think they’ve done a good job attacking the line of scrimmage. I think overall they’re tackling has been good. Not unlike other teams, our defense at times, we’ve got to continue to work on our run fits as a unit, not necessarily just those two individuals.”

(On what does a sack do to an offense besides jeopardizing a quarterback’s health) – “The objective is to move the ball into scoring position and ultimately score points, touchdowns hopefully. Negative plays are something you as an offense you coach against. You don’t want penalties. You don’t want negative yardage runs or sacks. We approach it kind of from the opposite that we want to teach good pass protection fundamentals, good schemes that are sound and protect our quarterback. At times we protected our quarterbacks well. At times we haven’t.”

(On the 65%-35% ratio between passing and running on offense)  – “Again each game is a little bit different. I know after 15 games that’s where we are in terms of the run-pass ratio. As I said the other day, I would like to have run the ball more than 12 times the other day. I also would have liked to have a longer run more than three yards. I think game-to-game you are in different situations, and the scoreboard dictates some of the play-calling. I think in a perfect world we would like to be running the ball more.”

(On what number he would strive for per number of rushes) -  “I haven’t really thought about it, but yeah more than where we are at now”

(On why the team doesn’t run the ball more on third down) – “There is no opposition to it. They hadn’t really done a lot of that prior to this game. To their credit they had a couple of good looks and executed their plays well, but we are certainly open to any way we can move the chains. It’s not like we are not going to run the ball. It’s just the defenses we anticipate we don’t think it is real advantageous to do that.”

(On what is the cost benefit of running the ball) – “Usually football is a game of leverage. If you have leverage or advantage numbers wise, you may want to run it as opposed to pass it. If they have more than you got, it becomes a little bit of a dicier proposition. You just have to weigh those factors when you are putting your plan together.”

(On if the Jets have progressed the three games since they’ve played) – “I think their quarterback’s playing better.  We knew (Chris) Ivory was a good player, he seems to be more productive.  Their sack total is down a little bit so they’ve been staying out of the situations we were in the other day.  Offensively when you’re in better down and distance, your second down is more manageable, you’ve got a bigger playbook, you have more play action, you have movement passes and those type of things that we were kind of out of.  I think they’ve just been doing a better job managing the sticks and playing sound football.”

(On what he can take out of the first meeting) – “I thought we executed relatively well.  Our guys made a couple plays. We broke some tackles especially in the second half.  Certainly want to do a better job in the red zone, we kind of went down the field a lot we got a lot of yardage, we need to score more points the second time around.  I think we’ve got to take advantage of our field position and the opportunities we get when we’re in the red zone.  I thought we moved the ball consistently well but we’ve got to score more.”

(On how the players who have played with a one year contract have performed) – “They’ve done a good job.  I thought (Tyson) Clabo played a very good game the other day, Brent (Grimes) has been consistent all year long.”

(On what the pressures are while playing on a one year contract) – “I think those guys are professionals, they’ve been in the league for a long time.  They are professional and come into work every single day looking for a way to contribute to the success of the team.  I think when you’ve been in the league for a while you understand, really the fact of the matter is most everybody that plays or coaches is (on a one year contact), your paper might say different, but that’s kind of life in the NFL.”

(On the decision to give players Wednesday off) – “I did make it a little while ago as I looked at the whole season and how we do things.  It is a little bit of a change for us, we talked about it.  We’ll do something things a little bit differently on Thursday than we typically would do.  I just think Christmas comes once a year and when you have an opportunity to spend Christmas with your loved ones you should do it.  I think it’s a doable thing, sometimes we may not be able to do that, but I think when you can do it you should do it.”

(On how he promotes playoff atmosphere through the holiday week) – “We talked to the team today about it.  This is truly a one game season and it’s going to be December 29th and we need to put together our best effort in all three phases of the game.  It’s as simple as that.  There are nine millions scenarios that everybody can get into and worried about but our players need to be worried about preparing well and playing the game at one o’clock.”



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Ireland Sucks!! Yeah We Know!! What Else Is New?!!

Grimes Should Be Franchised!!

The punter is talented

3-1 without racist Incognito.

There is nothing wrong with racism.

Do you want Politically Correct, or do you want Freedom of Speech?

This idea of Politically Correct was born out of the early Bush Administration and further enhanced by the Tea Party. (Disclaimer I despise all the political parties post WWII and am certain none of them represent the general public).

However if you think about it, and so few people think these days, it is totally contrary to the First Amendment.

I'll side with our founding fathers who got it right the first time.

There is no difference between hating a race or hating cockroaches or hating your annoying coworker.

One can argue that hating based on race alone is ignorance, and I would tend to agree with it, as much as I agree with everyone's right to like what they like and not fear retribution from their opinions.

Society has become a farce. Bill Maher's show Politically Incorrect was taken off the air because he said something politically incorrect.

How ironic is that?

The media is big brother, and has been for sometime.

It has been truly fascinating discussing these topics with all of you and now wish you a pleasant evening.

FIRE ROSS is no weasel, FIRE ROSS' dog would eat him if he were a weasel. Rocco doesn't like small prey...he's a small prey bully.

Dolphins lose Sunday and I get to laugh...no playoffs.

Dolphins win Sunday and I get to laugh...62-7.

FIRE ROSS IS LAUGHING | December 24, 2013 at 08:31 PM

No, Fire Ross is very lonely. Nobody has to tell you when they are truly laughing.

Fire Ross wants to believe that his laughing causes you pain or frustration.

He is only fooling himself. In laymen's terms, he is a Sad Sack.

People, if Philbin sits Tannehill down for the rest of the season and we make the playoffs; everything will fall into place on offense and defense; GUARANTEED! The reason Philbin does not want Matt Moore on the field, is because he does not want Ross to see how big of a fool he has been in trying to MAKE this Tannehill project work; when it was obvious last year that Tannehill was worst than Chad Henne. It was obvious at the byweek to Philbin that Tannehill is not the one; but Philbin felt that it was too late to replace him with Matt Moore because so much had been invested in Tannehill, so the Tannehill project has to succeed at all cost. His desperation was obvious when Tannehill was sent back on the field two plays later after his leg injury. Sadlly, that was Philbin's out to bench Tannehill after his injury. So, Sunday Tannehill will be hobbling around, trying to dodge the Jets rushing attack. What I cannot understand though, is, if Tannehill could not evade the rush in a healthy state, how will he do it with a leg injury? PHILBIN, START MATT MOORE NOW, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: bond, david bond | December 24, 2013 at 08:53 PM

Great post! Philbn made the same mistake that Sparano made leaving Matt Moore on the bench.


Refresh my memory...

Why do you post here?

Posted by: bond, david bond | December 24, 2013 at 08:53 PM

Philbin may well start Moore Bond, he does read these blogs and takes advice from many of the bloggers here, on play-calling, roster moves and trades, etc.

Bet you a Christmas Cracker that he has read your post and Starts Moore.

Outstanding work 007, now go save the planet.

Tannehill's sacks are because he hasnt caught up to the speed of the game. He's very slow to react.

In defence of Mr Bond, Tannehill looks injured to me. Moore has always been reliable, I feel he is better than an injured RT anytime, a 'no-brainer', as they say in the USA.

Moore, 3 passes 2 interceptions. That is a 66% interception rate. Worst in the history of the game.

Would any of these Moore fan's really play him over TanneChise?

Panza; I post here because I have been a dolphin fan since the tail end of the Bob Greise days. Ii you examine my posts as far back as the year 2000; you will see how accurate I am.


Philbin may well start Moore Bond, he does read these blogs and takes advice from many of the bloggers here

Posted by: M | December 24, 2013 at 09:03 PM

Not only that, Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy are real.

Bond has a point. TannePuke is king of the 3 n outs. Worse than Henne.

Most of these trolls are not really trolls. They are merely releasing their frustration in not having had a nice, pretty, tight young snatch in years.

Mr bond, why are you weird? Why do you say weird things? Are you serious or are you practicing on a stand-up comedy act? Not sure, please clarify.


Most of these trolls are dorks, fat, ugly, shy, old, or for whatever reason never had a cute girl and healthy sex life.

They just come here to burn their frustration, nothing more.

Unfortunately, most bloggers are way too dumb and naive to realize this, so they engage them in a dialog that will never go anywhere.

C'MON PHINS, either you accept LOGIC or you embrace fantasy. Now, for some sheer logic: if we have a QB who can make the deep throws to Wallace; who, by the way, can get behind the DBs at will it seems; and we have 2QBs who can accurately throw the bomb: What will this do for our offense? (1) it will prevent the opposing defenses from staking the line due to the fear of the home run bomb. (2) it will automatically open up the running game. (3) it will give our QB more time to deliver the ball, due to fewer rushing dbs. THE SOLUTION: "start Matt Moore or Pat Devlin" now!

Anyone got a link?

What will the deep pass do for our offense? (one) prevent defenses from stacking the line (two) open up the running game. (three) automatically increase the time our QB has to throw any pass; short or long, due to fewer rushing lindbackers, because they have to respect the deep threat. Thus a QB who can throw the deep passes can put every game out of reach by halftime; because Wallace can get behind any dbs in the league! Hartline has proven that he can too. So, with Moore or Devlin, if a defender just looks at us funny, Moore or Devlin can respond by throwing 8 touchdowns.

bond, your analysis is, well let's say, trite. You assume nobody, including the coaches, knows anything about football. You don't even have the knowledge of a high school bench warmer.

Happy Holidays.

p.s. If you are in Dade County, there is a soup kitchen for boat people, scavengers, and trolls. You could get a free hot meal there.

Let's not forget, Big Ben Raper could not get to the playoffs with Wallace last year.

SantaFyn, sometimes we all need to be reminded of the elementary things because we may be over-thinking a matter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its not fair to judge Wallace on his time
with T-Fumble. We all saw what he did with Big Ben.

Guys seriously, we should have kept Dansby and Burnett. Wheeler and Ellerbe are both inferior. Had we kept them, or had we signed Albert or McKinnie in the preseason, I have to believe we'd have an extra win and a guaranteed playoff berth.


So for how long now have you been the only one on the planet interested in touching your pecker?

There is no shame in paying for it if you have to. Don't let our Puritan society make you feel embarrassed about it.

You will be happier and your posts might even start to make sense afterwards.

Dolphins fans, please reserve your judgement of the offense and the defense until a change has been made at QB. I GUARANTEED the results will be different on both sides of the ball; in a positive way I might add!

Santa Fyn, I must be a unique individual. However, I had no idea that my practical wisdom would upset so many. I hope Philbin appreciates my pure logic.

bond, what are you doing at noon tomorrow? I'd like to introduce you to dashe. You two will hit it off nicely if you don't mind being seen with a poor latino.

ZitFace, I can have as many women as I want. I do not need any assistance; and for the record, I believe Latino women are attractive. In fact, there are attractive women in all race of people; so why would I feel ashamed of anyone?

bond, come back when your reading and comprehension skills exceed a 3rd grade level.

As is always the case, these trolls are seriously plain stupid. It's shocking, if not scary, how well our government has succeeded in deliberately dumbing down the population.

I ate some hummus at lunch time. It was tasty. But jeez I've been ripping and burning constant major stench farts ever since.

First is that the Dolphins played arguably the worst game by ANY team that the 2013 NFL season has seen. Good teams make adjustments at half. Saying they knew the cadence 48 years after the fact is cowardly and shows refusal to make changes inside the locker room at half (something the Dolphins coaching staff has struggled with all season).

Steve, did you say this after the wins against Pitt NE, and Cincy? Or were you so happy that you asked your mommy to jerk you off?

Steve69, would that be with you an Ma or you and Pa?

Armando, nice job of BURYING idiot blogger Craig M the other day.

You did it with tact. He deserved it.

Philbin says what a great job Ellerbee & Wheeler are doing. He can't be serious! They can't cover or tackle. Every game we watch their dreads flapping in the wind as they miss tackle after tackle. They make the fans long for Dansby & Burnett. If Philbin really believes they're playing well, he should be removed as coach. If he doesn't, then he should stop lying to the public. It would be refreshing to have a coach that tells the truth.

Merry Xmas everyone! I like what RT has done so far, unless i am wrong he was not supposed to be our starter last year and he had to with less college experience and i think he did well for a first season that started that way; i also think he has improved this season and has us in playoffs talk, hope he can nail it; all in all credit also to our OC for developing him, that is a big reason he is part of this team although i would only give him 1 more year to complete RT's development

I trust the team will win against the jets (better matchup than last week) and most likely get into the playoffs, though we will go out the earliest; next year's draft is absolutely VITAL for this team and GM (whoever that is)

phibin is a. stupid ass that at best should be a coordinator...when is ross gonna realize how many fans they lost cause of philbin-ireland.been goin to games since 1978 and that stopped this year...praying for christmas the jets win 50-0 and dumbass ross HAS to fire everyone

Explain to me how anyone played a good game against Buffalo? Philbin is so typical of NFL HCs, bullish**, bullish**, bullish**. And Mando where does the media, week to week, come up with the stupidest questions ?

Anyone with a so called Dolphin affiliation that hopes the stinkin' Jets win against the Fins, for any reason, should be shot on site. That's sacred, man.

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