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John Jerry to start Sunday versus Pittsburgh

Dolphins guard John Jerry has passed the NFL's baseline concussion testing protocol and is expected to start at his usual right guard spot against the Steelers Sunday.

Jerry practiced in full during Friday's practice and is listed as probable.

The news is not quite so good for rookie cornerback Jamar Taylor, who is listed as out with a hamstring injury that has forced him to miss last week's game. This will mark the seventh game Taylor misses due to injury this season.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson (groin) and running back Daniel Thomas (ankle) are questionable. They both practiced on a limited basis on Frday.

For the Steelers, they had already said defensive end Brett Keisel would miss the game due a foot injury.

Left tackle Kelvin Beachum is listed as doubtful due to a knee injury. He was limited in practice on Friday. DT Steve McLendon (ankle) is listed as questionable and he was also limited in practice on Friday.

OLB LaMarr Woodley, who has missed the past couple of games for Pittsburgh with a calf injury, has practiced full the past two days and is listed as probable.



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Jerry...good news
Thomas...he can stay on the bench as far as I'm concerned.

Lucky us, we get Woodley back. He and Timmons are the only defensive players that concern me on that team.

I Try Palomaulu doesn't scare you? He does this to me and every OC in the league. Always have to know where this dangerous jungle cat is.

He's always ready to do a deadly pounce. he entire dynamic of the Steelers defense changes when Palomaulu isn't playing. That defense becomes suddenly mortal

Polamalu is not nearly the fearsome player he once was. Yes, he still flashes at times but it has become rarer and rarer.

First ballot Hall of Famer no doubt, but this is not the Polamalu of 2010.

Armando Salguero @ArmandoSalguero

Remember when Mike Sherman predicted Ryan Tannehill would be NFL's most improved QB this year? Won't happen thanks to Nick Foles.

Yes, and no. Tannehill is still MOST IMPROVED amongst 2012 1ST RD qb's.That'st a FACT.

Weedon is about to be run out of Cleveland. Both RG3 and Luck, clearly have taken at least SLIGHT steps backwards.

Saw the Steelers play once this year, and they did not look impressive at ALL. I am cautiously optimistic for Sunday.

Posted by: time marches on | December 06, 2013 at 03:58 PM

Half a Troy Palomaulu is more tan a hole with most NFL safeties. You still have to account for him and know exactlywhere he is. NO DOUBT.

"You still have to account for him and know exactlywhere he is."

Do you mean that there are other safeties who may be "safely" disregarded? Surely not.

Pats scored 55 on the Steelers this year.

I mean, I would take Palomaulu as he s now, over both Clemons and Jones. If they cuuld ever prove to behalf of Palomaulu's career NFL impact, then we really have something there.

Sam, Polamalu has nice hair and makes funny commercials but he's lost a step... Ike Taylor too. And Randall Gay plays like his name. If they keep Woodley off Tannehill, the air raid will be fun to watch.

The Circle-Jerk is in full swing! May I be the pivot man?

Anderson, I don't kow if Palomaulu played in that game vs the Pats, but I do know That Brady is will xperienced in looking safeties off. Even a Troy Palomaulu.

Cleverness of qb's such as Brady plays a HUGE role in success or failure against great safeties. I'm not sure Tannehill has that much game savy yet. But we shall see.

@ 4:08, you can be the basket, open wide bicch

Good, no moves on OL

Kubiak for OC

Ha! Keep strokin' each other, guys!

MIT, Remember go vs go-go? Palomaulu is an abslute beas when he has a team SNAP COUNT down to a science.

He's sacking the qb almst before the olinemen fully come out of their stance. He's still a beast around the line of scrimmage. He's like having a extra lb on their defense at times. Making plays on the qb and run game.

He's still very dangerous and I would not under estimate him not one bit. If an offense does, hey leave themselves fully exposed to the terror of the jungle cat.

Sam, he is not like having an extra LB, he is a LB these days. Look at the nickel package, he plays LB. Range is gone...

Clay/hartline all day untilla slower Troy P starts gambling....then up top to Wallace. T-hill has to see it, look him off and also deliver as the go route will be there at some point.

MIT I am not contending he hasn't lost a little something over the years. Clearly, all players do, no matter who they are.

Just simply saying he's still extremely dangerous and offenses can not make egregious errors in has sector. He still has enough left to make offenses deftly pay.

OC's can not totally ignore him when it comes to devising game plans. He still warrants attention. Any NFL OC would tell us the same.

Dolphins look good and win by 10 Sunday. Strong playoff push coming. If we get in, I think we'll win in first round. Round 2 would probably be the end. But I'd take that kind of progress. Pitt and Miami are close in talent. Pitt was never as bad as their early season record. But they are slowly on the way down and the Fins on the rise.

55 tackles, 3 FF, 2 sacks, 1 INT. OK, but I'm not losing any sleep over this.

bottom line...Steelers have 7 loses against 5 wins so obviously they are not clicking this season.

...Steelers at home are always tough. Lost two at home to start but have recently caught fire.

Again, it will be close and probably come down to a FG late in the game. I pray Sturgis does not choke.

TD, though our offense has obvious faults, like you I like our prospects once we get into the playoffs. Sort of like the Jets with Sanchez.

Jets had played dominate d and had a very good run game. Our pass rush is heating up(VERNON/Wake/Jordan). Perhaps we can have Patterson healthy in the playoffs.

Though we've lacked in the run stop game, we still have 3 of the top 16 rated d-linemen. We seem to be a defense that if fully healthy can make some noise.

Although we do not run the ball as well as the Jets did in their afc championship game march. This PRESENT oline seems to be on the verge of doing what the oline has not done all year:


If all of these things come together in the playoffs(fully healthy both sides of the ball) I love our chances of pulling out a COUPLE SHOCKERS during the playoffs.

Plus, even with the present long ball issues, I like Tannehill much better than Sanchez as a passer, at the exact same point of their careers.


Two in the pinko, one in the stinko!

NHFF we also need consider at least 3 of the Steeler losses were early in the season when they were still trying to get on the same page with the new defensive personnel. Like us, they've also experienced decimated oline performance.

Steelers are 3-2 over the last 5 games, we are 3-2 over the last 5 games. This is a more evenly matched game than most think. The Steelers having the overall lesser win-loss record basically means nothing.

This is and always will be a "What Have You Doe For Me Lately" professional football league. Lately, both the Steelers and Dolphins have a 3-2 record, last 5 games.


Unfortunately the Dolphins have a history of making mediocre teams look AWESOME! I obviously want the Fins to win, I just think playing in Pitt will be too much.

I'll be conservative and predict he winner of the Steelers/Dolphins game will win 16-13. Just think that the game will be so close, the victory can go either way.

Keep the fingers crossed with Caleb Sturgis, his performance may represent victory or defeat.

I've seen some players get some nasty concussions this year, yet they play the very next week. It makes me wonder if this is the NFL's baseline testing protocol:
Doctor: How many fingers am I holding up?
Concussed Player: 35?
Doctor: Congratulations! You passed.

pitt at home, bad weather. 5-3 last 8 games. won last 3 home games with balt and detroit included

However, it would both SHOCK and be a welcomed surprise to see the Dolphins have their first 30pt offensive explosion. Even the worst offenses in he league have at least 1 30pt game a season.

This offense is long overdue! This would be a very nice time to come through, against a tough defense, and on the road.

pitt at home, bad weather. 5-3 last 8 games. won last 3 home games with balt and detroit included

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 06, 2013 at 04:50 PM

Exactly why I've been trying to caution posters going on overall record alone. Overall, Steeler are playing better than earlier in the season.

Overall record does not always reflect this. It's far from a cake walk Sunday based on both teams overall record.

yes sam, pitt started 0-4. trying to become 2nd team ever to start 0-4 and make playoffs

Moron (from the last blog),

It's obvious you STILL don't get it. mark and DC AND myself and DD AND kris and Odin and Phins78 and others don't have to ALWAYS agree on things. In fact we seldom agree. But what we don't do is resort to name-calling and carrying grudges against each other. You call it 'the circle jerk club'. Normal people would call it getting along and have mutual respect for one another. I know you don't get that. You NEVER will. You were the kid in school with no friends and who got picked on. It's not your fault you're the way you are today.

So I MAY still be a MORON but you'll ALWAYS be you and that's a Hell of lot worse.....right, pal?

But what we don't do is resort to name-calling and carrying grudges against each other.
Posted by: Craig M | December 06, 2013 at 05:03 PM

This of course is patently false. You have called many, many people Moron and worse, so have all of your buddies many times over.

Gary Kubiak was just fired.
Ross needs to call his agent, pay whatever, and waive buh-bye to Sherman and son.

Kubiak sucks, that is why he was fired.

So many of you continue to think another teams trash will be our gold.

It's the QB Stupid Eh?

John Jerry to start, the slide to 6-10 Eh?

Ultimately, I shall decide the value of your life.

Frankly, you are no more than an insect to me. Something to squash beneath my shoes.

Lamarr Woodley has been hurt more often than is good for him. Should not be the same Player anymore. Polamalu also, and should not run a 4.2 anymore.




- Am I, Doctor? My colleague replied, - You definitely are, son.

Ape,Aloco and OC doc the other bloggers are easily sold on 2nd year QB T-Hill but Joey Philbins the boss and this is what he had to say in an interview concerning young T-Hill.

Tannehill has to show he can do a few things, among them be an efficient third-down passer (he ranks 26th with a 69.1 rating), an efficient fourth-quarter passer (he's 34th with a 63.1 rating), show he can "throw guys open," and prove he can lead the team.

Coach Joe Philbin has other criteria for his quarterbacks - decision-making, accuracy, and play-making at critical times.

"In my mind those are the three most important attributes to quarterback play at any level," he said.

I guess if Kubiak's health is ok he at least deserves to get an interview ?

There will be other casualties in the next few weeks for sure and all the college coaches looking for work.

However Kubiak has a great track record as an OC and why not get him in for a talk ?



RT will be starting for Jacksonville in 4 years lol

BE ...........

However Kubiak has a great track record as an OC and why not get him in for a talk ?

Posted by: Marco | December 06, 2013 at 07:14 PM

Because you dumb cluck Philbin is under the contract and not going anywhere.

Kubiak failed. He won't get another shot at HC in the NFL

Isn't ironic that those that complain the most about who we do have always are salivating to bring on others that are worse?

Let us gather in fraternal amity this evening and regale each other with witty Bon Mots.

Logico from wilkopedia he failed in Cleveland as HC

William Stephen "Bill" Belichick (/ˈbɛlɨtʃɪk/; born April 16, 1952) is an American football head coach for the New England Patriots of the National Football League. He also has extensive authority over the Patriots' football operations, effectively making him the team's general manager as well. Coaching continuously in various roles in the NFL since 1975, Belichick earned his first head coaching job with the Cleveland Browns in 1991. Following his firing in 1995, he did not serve as a head coach again until 2000, first with the Jets and with the Patriots.

Whose talking playoffs?

With New England looming and us needing to close on Baltimore, this Sunday's game in Pittsburgh is "The Playoffs". That's exactly how I would be Coaching it too, if I were Philbin, Sherman and/or Coyle.

Being realistic, we **MIGHT** be able to lose one game and still make it. But a loss against Pittsburgh and we're all but DONE! **TOAST**

We've been at this point at least a zillion times since the firing of Cam Camoron. We get to .500 and have a chance to make a statement. A chance to take that proverbial Next Step. A chance to let the rest of the NFL know we're For Real. All for Naught!

Well, here we are, Yet Again! Always being the Homer, I always predict, expect, suspect, hope, pray, fray my nerves, drink in excess, etc, etc Only to die another of a thousand deaths.

What will it take for this Franchise to climb out of the mediocre pit? We've been in this position so many times, it's like a routine. I mean, there's no mystery, no suspense, no nothing anymore. Actually, it's pretty easy to predict exactly what's going to happen. The Homer in me can't stand it and I hate to say it. But I know...........I KNOW! If I can find the right Sucker, I can make me some Money this weekend without even having to get out of Bed!

Sick and tired to the point of submission!

Go Phins!!!!

Belichek sucks. He proved it. It is HOF'r Brady makes NE good. Give him 5 brand new receivers and he still lights it up. That ain't Belichek.

Just got in from work. I work one of those jobs that doesn't pay me to sit on the computer and talk about the Dolphins all day. Stupid me! hahaha, but I'm finally done with the fall push and will be able to contribute more often. Snows coming, down time, WOOHOO!

A big thank you to Armando for running the q&a because it was an interesting read tonight. Awesome insight. Here's what was wrong with it. Next post

Some of the questions were great. Some were the most ridiculously stupid questions I have ever read or heard in my life! lol


"Historically we used to jump out of the gates quickly and then fizzle in December.

I blame the stupid bubble for ruining our home field advantage.

What do you think?"

HELLLLOOOOOOOO? Hello, are you a human being? How did this guy ask this question without giving his opinion about why he blames the bubble. Then Armando asked him what he meant and he never answered!

Are you kidding me? You ask the host a question, he responds to you and you are no where to be found? Didn't you want to hear his answer?

Yes he did. But when he realized Armando was smarter than a rock he didn't know how to respond.

AND THERE'S OUR TROLL. Un, f$#@ing believable. LMAO

"Would you trade Rothlisberger straight up for Tannehill?"

ROFLMAO Are you for real?!!!!!!!!!

Did you seriously just ask THE HOST if they would trade a probable hall of fame player, super bowl winning QB for an unproven second year qb with accuracy issues?

I don't even know what to say. I just am so disappointed that these people or person are/is supposedly a fan of football.

Once again this question SCREAMS 'look at me, I'm the ignorant troll who makes this blog a joke to outsiders who read the comments'!

would you say the OL IMPROVED play is due to the fact that that perhaps his work ethic (or lack thereof) reflected poorly on the rest of the line man...

not saying that COGS play was the problem...as much as I am saying his possible nonchalant/i don't give an EFF attitude...

Posted by: Kris | December 06, 2013 at 02:02 PM

Kris, none other than Bill Parcells told me Richie Incognito "works like a mule" so his work ethic was not the issue.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | December 06, 2013 at 02:06 PM

Another classic example of Kris confusing his imagination with reality. Kris knew absolutely nothing about COGS work ethic, he just projected his wishful fantasies on it and assumed it was true. That is what KrisIdiot does. Armando set him straight.

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