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John Jerry to start Sunday versus Pittsburgh

Dolphins guard John Jerry has passed the NFL's baseline concussion testing protocol and is expected to start at his usual right guard spot against the Steelers Sunday.

Jerry practiced in full during Friday's practice and is listed as probable.

The news is not quite so good for rookie cornerback Jamar Taylor, who is listed as out with a hamstring injury that has forced him to miss last week's game. This will mark the seventh game Taylor misses due to injury this season.

Cornerback Dimitri Patterson (groin) and running back Daniel Thomas (ankle) are questionable. They both practiced on a limited basis on Frday.

For the Steelers, they had already said defensive end Brett Keisel would miss the game due a foot injury.

Left tackle Kelvin Beachum is listed as doubtful due to a knee injury. He was limited in practice on Friday. DT Steve McLendon (ankle) is listed as questionable and he was also limited in practice on Friday.

OLB LaMarr Woodley, who has missed the past couple of games for Pittsburgh with a calf injury, has practiced full the past two days and is listed as probable.



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They're even convinced that Bill Arnsparger is YG/Daytona or whatever his name used to be. I'm not convinced of that. Bill has good football sense, better than any that YG ever displayed. And Craig Moron attacked him one day, unprovoked.

Posted by: M is for Moron | December 06, 2013 at 09:30 PM

I cannot believe that YOU have actually defended me.....and you are correct Craig did attack and when I fought back he accused me of being YG, Daytona....funny now krissy is doing the very same thing....hmmmmm I guess your right it is a circle jerk club. I don't wanna join I like having my own thoughts and opinions!

I do know this all these fake GM's, Head Coaches and talent evaluators in the Circle Jerk club have NEVER played a down of organized football. They sit in front of a TV, with there chocolate milk and wait for mommy to bring them cookies, and watch the game. This they think is akin to what a professional does in regards to football. This fools on this blog couldn't tell you the difference from a cover 2 and a tampa D without google. They couldn't explain what 3 technique is and the difference between a 3 and 5 technique? They are so bereft of any real football knowledge they couldn't even tell you what personnel is on the field before a play.
Yet they come on here day in and day out and think they know more than the coaches and the pro's. I wonder if they would let lil suzy, with no medical degree, perform surgery on them? They why the fukkk would anybody value there rants on here?

Bill Arnsparger | December 06, 2013 at 10:52 PM

Krissy is 5
Craigy is 6
They still ride horses
Made of stix

Hee Haw I have a feeling your are correct.....its friggin football. If the Dolphins win we get the right to BUY a friggin T-shirt that says Champion! I mean get real and grow the fukkkk up. I watch for enjoyment. I root for the Dolphins. I have for 45 yrs. Ever notice after a loss the players for both teams smiling and greeting each other?? I noticed this yrs ago and that when I got it!

Yet 6'3" 230-230 lb krissy wants to challenge bloggers on an anonymous blog?? Wow he must be a real tough guy. We are supposed to believe thatthis punk is in the service.....he's in the service alright....the only service he knows is from his knee's!
Whoever heard of somebody posting there stats on a football blog???

Well the night is young here in NYC....you know the city that never sleeps....Im outta here!
krissy its safe for you to come out now and attack me while Im gone.

Yo folks...just read the bullturd answer that Sherman gave as to why Tanny and Marshall are not in sync on the deep passes.....basicall he replied that they don 't get to practice it enough....

Really ?!!! So how come Brady, both Mannings, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, and the other prolific QB's manage to get it right?

I guess those guys are just lucky......duh !!!!!!

Honestly, you guys are way too much. Most of you couldn't even complete a 5 or 10 yard pass. Do you know how difficult it must be to complete a deep pass with a guy running top speed with another one or two guys chasing behind him fighting for the ball?? With poor pass protection? Really think about it for a minute.

Brady, Mannings, Drew Brees, have two things Tannehill doesn't have

10+ years experience
Time to throw the ball.

Wilson yes is playing great. His whole team is great too.

Luck has taken a step backwards this year. RG3 two steps backwards.

Tannehill 1 step forward.

So he ain't perfect. He is probably better at his job than many of you critics are at your own job.

Give him some credit, it is not 100% bad or even close. He is showing he still has much upside.

Excuse me, but we can't make those passes, and aren't expected to, or paid to....that's like saying we all can't cook like Wolfgang Puck, so true, but when we go to is restaurant, we don't expect the food to suck cause we can't cook!!!!!!!!

..so because it's difficult, he gets excused for missing wide open receivers??????

...and I suppose all the other NFL teams' fans would also be ecstatic if their QB's were missing the deep balls? !!

face it...Tanny has an accuracy problem....last game, at half time, Bill Cower (who two seasons past many of us were wishing for as Coach) was criticizing Geno Smith for missing wide open receivers....so Dan Marino (you all remember him) chimed in with "well, what about Tannehill?" To which Cower responded, Oh..he's terrible too"....!!!!!!!!!

that was enough for me to confirm all my own conclusions regarding this accuracy issue.....he's a good kid, he's a tough competitor, he has improved a lot...he just has an accuracy issue...own it !!!!

John Jerry = Another Irescum bust

Tannebust cant hit the broadside of a barn if its more than 20 ft away. He sux.


Are you 7? Come back when Kris Kry and Craig-A-Roni are here.

Tannebust cant hit the broadside of a barn if its more than 20 ft away. He sux.

Posted by: We All Know | December 06, 2013 at 11:53 PM

You can't hit a cute girl with your load. Hence your frustration.

Yo Jack...no I'm 10...now KMA , you don't 'appreciate my opinion....tough ...insulting dyk...


Armando explained Sherman's comments in regards to Tannehill and Wallace's work schedule.

You commenting on something you missed or misunderstood makes you.......well.........how can I put this politely.........it makes you look/sound........ah......

Anybody wanna help....?

By Chris Perkins, Sun Sentinel

6:09 p.m. EST, December 5, 2013
NFL investigator Ted Wells is scheduled to meet with Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin, guard Richie Incognito and select players for a second round of questioning within the next week, according to ESPN.com.

Martin was scheduled to meet with Wells on Thursday in Los Angeles, according to the report, while Wells will travel to South Florida next week to conduct interviews with Incognito and select players.

The follow-up interview with Martin, according to ESPN.com, will be to present his findings to Martin. The follow-up with Incognito and players is to clarify some things. It's unclear whether Wells will want to meet again with coach Joe Philbin, General Manager Jeff Ireland or any assistant coaches.

Odin...makes too much sense for you to accept that all the other teams have the same time /practice schedule/ injury restraints?

Why are some fans trying to make excuses for Tanny's inaccuracy ?

And am I supposed to just accept Sherman's lame answer, and forget the problem?..
Sorry, for me that's called sweeping it under the rug..

The team is paying Wallace huge bucks for his long ball threat....and the QB can't seem to throw the ball far enough, or accurately enough...

..So, what are we left to think?...that they acquired him for the threat he poses alone?

...please already, I think that is simply being naïve..

and I didn't miss anything...and have not misunderstood...I get it...the QB has a problem, and his old college Coach is making excuse for him...period.

It's my opinion, and I stick by it...

and BTW, so then how does it make Bill Cower and Dan Marino look or sound? or have I missed their points as well?? !!!!!

Nope Buster, you misunderstood my response and attempt at levity.

Tannehill is obviously having deep ball accuracy issues, there is no denying that.

I don't care about any of the excuses, we're trying to make a playoff run here. Excuses have no place.

What I was speaking on is why Tannehill and Wallace haven't taken it upon themselves to work on this particular problem more on their own.

Apparently Wallace's injuries have been lingering and the coaching staff doesn't want him running a zillion routes during the regular work week. So as obviously not to jeopardize his availability.

I don't consider that an excuse personally. I think it's a legitimate concern.......for now.

BTW - Cower **IS** and **LOOKS** like an idiot all by himself with no help from anyone else.

The guy actually kissed his players on the sidelines during nationally televised games.

The Fvcking Doosh lost his friggin mind a LONG-LONG time ago!

Complete and total idiot and Lord have mercy, Thank God Ross never considered hiring him-Whew!

Odin...sorry I missed the levity....I could use a good laugh.

....and if Wallace , despite his "injuries" is beating corners by three and four yards on his double moves, can't wait until he's healthy, and gets behind them by 7 or 8 yards...won't that be a treat for the eyes...

....of course, it would be a greater treat if when that does happen the pass finds him on a regular basis...

...in anticipation of that much-awaited event, I will, with your permission, postpone any further discussion on the accuracy issue, or the lack thereof....

...but don't ask me to hold my breath, please....

Odin...no comment on your opinion of Cower...I'm sure you believe he couldn't even carry Philbin's challenge flag....

Duper said he and Dan would stay after practice every day and run 4 or 5 go routes.

Sherman said they don't even practice the deep ball.

That's an issue...


You're obviously a lot better at the levity than myself.

In my defense, I'll say that you're benefiting from Truth being stranger than fiction ;)

Philbin's Challenge Flag........? LMAO!

Another factor in my defense is the amount of celebrating I've been doing this evening.

I won $ 3007.70 at the Casino earlier today.

Tannehill's Balls don't really concern me very much at the moment.


I don't know many perfect QB's in this league that don't need work...even the great P. Manning was taking criticism for his deep passes this year. It's an issue but some of you just want to dwell on it over and over again. It's kind of boring at this point.

Wins are what are important. Not TD passes or QB ratings. Like all other things we need to see how this plays out and if it improves...my guess is that it will. I'm sure T-hill knows this and will work to get better at his deep throws. I don't think we need to worry about complacency with him at all.

I love that I know exactly who you are no matter how many name changes you come up with

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/12/john-jerry-to-start-sunday-versus-pittsburgh.html#storylink=cpy

Coincidence that Odin and Buster both misspelled Cowher as 'Cower?' Hmmm.

When was the last time The Dolphins beat the Steelers ? Seriously. I think Clinton Was still POTUS...in his first term.

Mando shows up to the blog on the day the lowly Phins play off pipe dreams come crashing down.


Joey Harrington was 6-7 in 2006.

Grandpa Philby can't coach with the big boys.

Phins fans come back down to Earth over the next two weeks.

6-8 upcoming.

3-8 over the last eleven.

Are we having fun yet ?

What kind of douche spells douche as doosh ?

That's even better than the internet classic, "Your an idiot."

I guess the kind of guy whose lady doesn't doosh, I mean douche, or is it duce ?.

Perhaps Odin is a human bidet ?

Seems like the dingleberry type.

Odin wins money , so he claims, probably monopoly money.

Accuracy doesn't improve, Tannehope is a bust.

Jerry starting at RG, Im not sure if thats good or bad news?

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | December 07, 2013 at 04:43 AM

Same thing every week, predict a loss and gloat that you called it if they do. Come back with a million and 1 idiot aliases if they don't.

Wash, rinse, repeat Daytona's of the world.

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