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Keys to the game: Dolphins vs. Jets

The Dolphins should be the New York Jets on Sunday. They have more at stake. They have more talent -- as easily illustrated by a look at the quarterback position and the fact Miami has four Pro Bowl players and New York has none.

So I'm picking the Dolphins to win. Again.

I did so last week in a big game and the Dolphins did not cooperate. So we shall see.

Anyway, here's the breakdown of the game:

When the Dolphins pass the football: Ryan Tannehill is aiming for his third consecutive home game with 300 passing yards but it’ll be more about the points than the yards for Tannehill, who is coming off his first poor December performance of the season. The Jets were not able to cover Mike Wallace in the first meeting. He was open on short and intermediate routes all day in part because Antonio Cromartie had a hip injury and wasn’t able to get his weight under his hips as quickly as he usually could to react to short routes. The Dolphins took those short completions but were unable to connect on longer routes because, well, Tannehill and Wallace don’t connect on those very often. Brian Hartline schooled rookie Dee Milliner in the first meeting and Milliner was benched, but he’s coming off his best game of the season – one in which he had his first NFL interception and had five passes defensed. ADVANTAGE: Even.

When the Dolphins run the football: The most important person connected to the Dolphins running game doesn’t wear a uniform and hasn’t gained a yard this season. Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman first must decide he wants to run the football before the Dolphins can actually attempt it. Last week against Buffalo, Sherman decided he didn’t want to run the ball. He called only 12 run plays all game. How’d that work out? The Dolphins have run the ball only 327 times this year and only Dallas and Atlanta have run the ball less. This despite the fact the Dolphins average 4.1 yards per rush, which is tied for 18th in the NFL. The only game Sherman has been persistent running the ball this season was the first meeting against the Jets when Miami ran 36 times. If and when the Dolphins run against the Jets this game it’ll be Lamar Miller getting not enough carries followed by Daniel Thomas, hobbled for a couple of weeks with an ankle injury, getting not enough carries.  The Jets rush defense is No. 3 in the NFL. ADVANTAGE: Jets.

When the Jets run the football: If offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg is smart, he looked at what the Bills did last week (51 rushes for 203 yards) uses a Xerox copy of that plan against the Dolphins again because his situation is the same as Buffalo’s: Young inconsistent QB and decent running game. The Jets are the No. 2 run offense in the AFC. Running back Chris Ivory rushed for 100 yards last week. The Dolphins have a problem that has been getting worse, not better, in defending the run. The Dolphins haven’t shut down or even considerably slowed down an opponent’s running game in 10 weeks. Look for safety Reshad Jones to spend a lot of time in the tackle box near the line of scrimmage. ADVANTAGE: Jets.

When the Jets pass the football: When quarterback Geno Smith plays well, the Jets win. That’s why the team is 5-0 in games Smith has an 80-plus quarterback rating. The last game the teams met, Smith was terrible and was benched. Not surprisingly, Miami won the game. The Jets passing game has been inconsistent in part because primary receiver Santonio Holmes has been injured most of the year and gets only limited practice repetitions with his starting quarterback. Tight end Kellen Winslow Jr., dealing with knee issues, is also mostly a name but not much of a threat anymore. The Dolphins can take solace that Olivier Vernon had his best game of the season (three sacks) against the Jets. ADVANTAGE: Miami.

Special teams: The Dolphins tried a fake field goal two weeks ago. This game, with a playoff spot and the season on the line, might be another time for the team to try something special from the special teams. Outside of Brandon Fields, Miami’s special teams haven’t been special this season. The Jets are slightly better than Miami statistically in kickoffs and punt returns. The Dolphins are better at covering kicks and punts. ADVANTAGE: Even.

Coaching: Rex Ryan is coaching for his job. He’s reportedly told his team he’s going to go down fighting and they should do the same. That suggests an emotional coach and team on the opponent sideline. Joe Philbin’s team is coming off a game where they showed no urgency at Buffalo. The coach is not emotional but rather a planner and detail-oriented guy who doesn’t want to get too high or too low. ADVANTAGE: We’ll see.


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You may not be that far off, but I think it is more.

ok, let's say 15, but all working for the Miami Herald. Heheheh

I'd take Ryan as HC in a hearbeat.

Yeah, but Ryan would never come here with ross at the helm and Jeff Ireland looming in the wings.

Sad, this is a football town it is has been 10+ years since we had a real pro or college contender here. Even sadder neither team actually plays in Miami.

Miami is not a football town dude. We took a coach from a football town, Baltimore and won a couple of SuperBowls. Since then its all been what Miami is, a drugged out Coke Capitla of America, full of the X-factor adoring trash that is the A-hole of humanity.

Rex is white thrash. We don't want that kind of element here.

I remember the good old days in Miami, when the fans really knew their team and the tean reflected the fans.

Today Miami is full of trashy wannabees that have very little intellect or knowledge of the team and the history of the franchise.

Worse even still is the lack of connection that Ross, Ireland and Philbin have towards the Dolphins. The guys that love this team are not around anymore.

Oh, those are our Sons and Daughters, Truth. I agree, they are trashy wannabees, but, We, are still here.

How about Teddy, how about Teddy!. Let's nab him.

Oscar, the orange carpet ???

Look at the Packers and the Steelers, they kept it real. We changed everything about ourselves to be more 'popular'. Its the worst feeling in the world to lose your identity.

Ross is guilty of identity freud, he has stolen the lot. All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put the Dolphins.... you know the rest.

I follow team stats vs other team stats and it dosent matter how many yards you get or give up or how many 3rd down conversions you make,the winner is who scores the most points and the only stat that I follow that dosent directly impact the scoreboard is takeaways,but points off of takeaways does impact the score.
The Fins didnt even get in the Red Zone last week so just sayin that they lost unless they scored all their points off of pic sixes or long plays outside of the Red Zone which of course they didnt.The long ball to Wallace hasnt really panned out for whatever reasons.
The last meeting with the Jets they won ALL THREE STATS and it was a blowout the only game this season the Phins have won in Takeaways,points off of takeaways,Red Zone scoring.I think they gotta win in these or at least 2 out of 3 to win and play another because NE plays late and Cinncinati has incentive to win and SD plays at home against the 2nd teamers so both the Ravens and Chiefs wont win.

Teddy, ok, where do we get him 2-3rd round ? Tannehill will have to go toe to toe with the next amnup, a new Oc will make sure of that. Philbin has all his loyalty to sherman rather than the Dolphins, thats the way we roll.


Identity has nothing to do with Ross. We lost it the moment Shula retired. There was nothing like the pride you felt seeing Shula on the sidelines of your team. He was the definitive man of character. Never did you think you'd rather have the coach on the other sideline.

JJ was a flop and so were all that followed. Shula's shoes were far bigger to fill than Griese's or Marino's.

Well, Ross is a Major Rich Assshole and from there, it descends. Everybody knows that.

The face of every team is the face of the HC. Not the owner, not the GM. We lost face a long time ago and never got it back.

Posted by: Bodine | December 28, 2013 at 10:07 PM

The owner sets the tone. The coach is the man who eats, sleeps and breathes for the team, not treat it like an after thought.

I want my coaches and players to start to play for the jersey and its not happening anytime soon. Ross brought in all those trashy Z list celebs that really make you want to puke in your programme. Then we bring in coaches who are puppets with ZERO HC experience on their CV's. It's not a coincidence that all the Ross HC have had ZERO experience in the NFL as HC's, no-one esle in the league would put up with his BS. Please don't tell me that Ross has no influence on this team, think about it ?


I don't care about the face, that more shallow BS. I want the heart of the owner to create a real, tangible ID on this club.

We are a reality football team at the moment. the players are there I know that, we could we playoff ready with the right coach. Ross is really clueless as far as football is concerned, that fact is clear for all to see, just look at his HC choices and GM extensions.

Truth your argument does not hold water. Every coach that won a SB at one time had no HC experience. So what's your point? Some flopped the first time, like Belichek and Coughlin who actually did well with an expansion team. Also, no coach has ever won a SB with two different teams, keep that in mind.

When you think of the early Cowboys, you think of Landry. Raiders early years, Madden. The Steelers dynasty, you think of Knoll. Fins dynasty, of course you think of Shula 49'rs dynasty, of course you think of Walsh.

The celebrity stuff you mention has no bearing on the team or coaching whatsoever. It was nothing but a publicity stunt from the business side.

The HC is the face of the team.

Truth I think you are very young. Your arguments show a lack of insight.

Ross got schnookered by Hijinka, who stuck him with Parcells no-work-required contract & Tuna's two unqualified butt-boys FIRELAND and Fist-Pump. Until last stench of Tuna is removed (Jeffy), we're doomed.
The Debacle in Buffalo was shameful. Inexcusable.


BB coached was HC of the Browns and Coughlin as HC, coached the Jags. Shula as HC coached the Colts.


Not looking for a fight but you are the one failing to know your facts.

Plus simply showing guts & pulling trigger on Brandon Albert trade would have eliminated Martin's unprepared promtion, the Cogs/JM scandal,&Tannehill getting hurried, sacked & hit more than any other QB in league.


If you think that all the celeb stuff has nothing to do with the team you are failing to see the big picture, its about style over substance. Do you understand what this means ?

Truth you are not paying attention. The fact is Cleveland and Jax gave up on SB winning coaches. The other fact is hiring a coach with a SB ring has never resulted in a championship.

Harbaugh never had HC experience before the Ravens and he won a SB. The Same can be said for Tomlin and many other coaches.

Your argument holds no water. Simple as that.

Truth I would be shocked if you are over 30. And if you are under 30 you just don't have enough life experience for this debate.

There is no issue with my facts. I'm fully aware of Belicheks and Coughlin's history.

Your argument that hiring a HC with no previous experience is wrong has proven time and again to be untrue. While hiring coaches with HC experience has most often failed just the same.

You are not even aware of the point you are trying to make, because you have no point. You just can't see it yet.

The last 4 Dolphin HC's had no NFL HC experience and they all stunk. No more experiments. If they want to win they need to hire an NFL proven HC like Kansas City did.

Holds no water ?

Really there is a long list of Hc's that have been with other teams, then gone on to win with other teams.

The point is the guys who have come in have really been puppets that have no brains or balls and are capable of winning the championships.

A few unforgettable, and unforgivable, things about this Organization. The Dez is your mother a whore, the Harbaugh/Sparano fiasco, the Florida/Tebow homecoming to the Home of the Dolphins/UM, the severe mis-calculation by Ireland of this year's OLine, The JMartin/Incognito affair. A few more of these "things" can be uncovered, but only if you want. But you get the picture, don't you?

Anybody got a link?

Well that is just what the Cleveland fans said about Belichek. And what the Jax fans said about Coughlin. Even the Giants fans wanted Coughlin fired twice and each time he won a ring.

I say hold's no water because - pay attention - there are more experienced HC's that fail on another team than succeed (meaning win a SB). By a long shot.

Truth, don't take my word for it.

Do the math.

Count how many experienced HC's went to another team, and then how many of them won a ring. Then figure the percentage.

It will be tiny.

Yes holds no water.

Well, almost all rookie HC's fail. Like 90% lol

Bodine you are an idiot.

How many teams hired Wade Phillips and Schottenheimer and Edwards and Gailey and Norv Turner and the list goes on an on, and the most of these experienced HC's failed to win a ring.

All first year coaches since 2005

Nick Saban=losing record

Cam Cameron= losing record

Tony Sporano=losing record

Joe Philbin=losing record

Dolphins franchise.

The teams in 2013 with the best records, 4 of the 5 have HC's that have been HC's with other teams, this is my arguement that you claim holds no water. There is your water. Feel wet now ?

Just sayin,

sorry that your GED failed to get you a lucrative job. Keep trying though.

Shula was an experienced pro HC when he came to Miami. How did he do? Better than Cameron, Saban, Sparano, and Philbin?? lol

A few unforgettable/ unforgivable facts about this Organization. The Dez is your mother a hooker?, the Harbaugh/Sparano fiasco, the UF/Tebow Homecoming to the UM/Dolphins Home, the severe miscalculation by Ireland of this Year's OLine, the JMart/ Incognito affair. There are a few more of these "things" but you get the picture, don't you?

Truth, you are absolutely right. Bodine is an ignoramous. Just ignore him.

Recent first time HC's in the modern era that won a ring:


You see? First timers.

Want more?

I guess none of you like that crowd?

Just sayin are you Truth or Truths gay lover?

Bodine = Village Idiot


See my post at 10:54. All SB winning coaches with no previous experience. Looks like a Hall of Fame list.

Yes, your argument holds no water. Facts are facts.

Just the fact that no coach with a ring has ever won a ring with another team further bolsters my point.

Have yourself a hot chocolate and do some studying now.

Bodine loved Cam Cameron and Tony Sparano !!!!!!!!!


You have locked in on an arguement and have started to miss the other instruments on your dash board.

When an organisation needs direction and looks for stability you go for a vetern to right the ship. Right now the Dolphins are lost and have no direction IMO. In the top 5 teams 80% are coached by former HC's. I don't want the Dolphins to keep going through the trend of being a training center for rookie HC's that bomb after a few seasons.

Just saying, knowledge requires effort, study, discipline. Try it. And you just may rise above whatever your current lame job is.

Cam Cameron would still be our HC if MORON Bodine had a say!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's see if we make he playoffs tomorrow. It is damn hard to convince me a team that makes the playoffs is on the wrong track.

Posted by: Just Sayin' | December 28, 2013 at 10:58 PM

Got it, thanks.

We would've never hired Don Shula if MORON Bodine had a say!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow are some of you silly people. I feel embarrassed for you, and your parents.

Cam Cameron was the greatest hc we ever had. He failed forward faster than any hc in Fins history.

Let's see if we make he playoffs tomorrow. It is damn hard to convince me a team that makes the playoffs is on the wrong track.

Posted by: Bodine | December 28, 2013 at 11:01 PM

Guess you loved the Jets the last 3 years?? MORON!

How to tell if someone hasn't reached puberty? They need to add LOL and LMFAO to there trite posts in hopes that will make them more viable.

If only it were that simple.

We would've never hired Don Shula if MORON Bodine had a say!!!!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Just Sayin' | December 28, 2013 at 11:02 PM


Bodine = Village Idiot

If we miss the playoffs the heat will be on Philbin.

Ross has shown he doens't mind looking at other talent in the HC market. If an experienced HC with a winning record comes on the scene then Ross will explore the option.

The Jets game is a major step for Philbin, thats why so many fans actually want us to lose so we have a regime change. Philbin doen't have what it takes and I hope we make the playoffs, however I really wouldn't put money on it.

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