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Keys to the game: Dolphins vs. Jets

The Dolphins should be the New York Jets on Sunday. They have more at stake. They have more talent -- as easily illustrated by a look at the quarterback position and the fact Miami has four Pro Bowl players and New York has none.

So I'm picking the Dolphins to win. Again.

I did so last week in a big game and the Dolphins did not cooperate. So we shall see.

Anyway, here's the breakdown of the game:

When the Dolphins pass the football: Ryan Tannehill is aiming for his third consecutive home game with 300 passing yards but it’ll be more about the points than the yards for Tannehill, who is coming off his first poor December performance of the season. The Jets were not able to cover Mike Wallace in the first meeting. He was open on short and intermediate routes all day in part because Antonio Cromartie had a hip injury and wasn’t able to get his weight under his hips as quickly as he usually could to react to short routes. The Dolphins took those short completions but were unable to connect on longer routes because, well, Tannehill and Wallace don’t connect on those very often. Brian Hartline schooled rookie Dee Milliner in the first meeting and Milliner was benched, but he’s coming off his best game of the season – one in which he had his first NFL interception and had five passes defensed. ADVANTAGE: Even.

When the Dolphins run the football: The most important person connected to the Dolphins running game doesn’t wear a uniform and hasn’t gained a yard this season. Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman first must decide he wants to run the football before the Dolphins can actually attempt it. Last week against Buffalo, Sherman decided he didn’t want to run the ball. He called only 12 run plays all game. How’d that work out? The Dolphins have run the ball only 327 times this year and only Dallas and Atlanta have run the ball less. This despite the fact the Dolphins average 4.1 yards per rush, which is tied for 18th in the NFL. The only game Sherman has been persistent running the ball this season was the first meeting against the Jets when Miami ran 36 times. If and when the Dolphins run against the Jets this game it’ll be Lamar Miller getting not enough carries followed by Daniel Thomas, hobbled for a couple of weeks with an ankle injury, getting not enough carries.  The Jets rush defense is No. 3 in the NFL. ADVANTAGE: Jets.

When the Jets run the football: If offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg is smart, he looked at what the Bills did last week (51 rushes for 203 yards) uses a Xerox copy of that plan against the Dolphins again because his situation is the same as Buffalo’s: Young inconsistent QB and decent running game. The Jets are the No. 2 run offense in the AFC. Running back Chris Ivory rushed for 100 yards last week. The Dolphins have a problem that has been getting worse, not better, in defending the run. The Dolphins haven’t shut down or even considerably slowed down an opponent’s running game in 10 weeks. Look for safety Reshad Jones to spend a lot of time in the tackle box near the line of scrimmage. ADVANTAGE: Jets.

When the Jets pass the football: When quarterback Geno Smith plays well, the Jets win. That’s why the team is 5-0 in games Smith has an 80-plus quarterback rating. The last game the teams met, Smith was terrible and was benched. Not surprisingly, Miami won the game. The Jets passing game has been inconsistent in part because primary receiver Santonio Holmes has been injured most of the year and gets only limited practice repetitions with his starting quarterback. Tight end Kellen Winslow Jr., dealing with knee issues, is also mostly a name but not much of a threat anymore. The Dolphins can take solace that Olivier Vernon had his best game of the season (three sacks) against the Jets. ADVANTAGE: Miami.

Special teams: The Dolphins tried a fake field goal two weeks ago. This game, with a playoff spot and the season on the line, might be another time for the team to try something special from the special teams. Outside of Brandon Fields, Miami’s special teams haven’t been special this season. The Jets are slightly better than Miami statistically in kickoffs and punt returns. The Dolphins are better at covering kicks and punts. ADVANTAGE: Even.

Coaching: Rex Ryan is coaching for his job. He’s reportedly told his team he’s going to go down fighting and they should do the same. That suggests an emotional coach and team on the opponent sideline. Joe Philbin’s team is coming off a game where they showed no urgency at Buffalo. The coach is not emotional but rather a planner and detail-oriented guy who doesn’t want to get too high or too low. ADVANTAGE: We’ll see.


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This organization will never recover from that shambolic Buffalo performance. Playoffs on line. Chance to establish both consistency AND improvement. Win fans back. Tannehill's arrival on big stage in meaningful game.
All this & more lost in a morass of poor coaching & lousy, Heartless, gutless performances by key & not-so key players.

You got attacked by the Wolfpack, Bodine? Pay no attention to them, they are trying to deviate the theme. Keep on writing your stuff, the harder the better.

The Pats would have never hired Belichick if MORON Bodine had a say!!! LOL

Ok, well it really has been a sheer pleasure debating with you clowns and juveniles. I'll leave you to play with your toys now.

Have fun.

Go ahead and impersonate me now while I'm gone with more of your adolescent gibberish. I'll take it as a compliment that I've reached you.

p.s. Don't think about anything I've said. It may hurt you.

Good Riddance MORON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHA

Anybody got a link?

just sayin, will you play with me tonite?

All these anti-Internet Wolfpacks have been developed and written down by Paul and I, and of course, We have passed them down to the right channels.

Just Sayin = Monte = 20 other names here.

Oscar canosa soon thse will be the good ole' days. Keep breathing, you'll see.

Dr. Oscar Canosa, if everything will soon be the good ole' days. Does this means the future really sucks?

You don't know it well, Sam.

Hell, Sam, you answered my commentary before I wrote it. HaHa!

And if we make the playoffs tomorrow?

Fire everyone?




Dr. Canosa, I get so confused at times. Some talk about the good ole das. Then some talk about having a good ole time.

Are the two related or interconnected somehow?

oscar, another lonely Saturday night on the blog? Sad.

Dr. Canosa, I'm at quite a quandary.

First my wife insisted I buy her a brand new Acura luxury car. Then I find Japanese beattles in the garden. Is she cheating on me with an oriental chap?

Why is it?

On the eve of a possible playoff berth

The bloggers are more pessimistic than when we've been mathematically eliminated in November?


It is the beetle not the Jap.

It is the beetle not the Jap.

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 28, 2013 at 11:33 PM


So, which beetle, Paul or Ringo?

truth and just saying arrived together and departed together. monte too? troll be us?

Posted by: Poll | December 28, 2013 at 11:24 PM

If we make the playoffs tomorrow, got to give these guys another year.

That said, I have little confidence that Philbin will do the right thing and replace at least three assistant: QB coach, OL coach, and OC. Probably DC as well.

If he doesn't shake it up, we will be no better next year then we are this year and that is unacceptable.


Do you give a flyin fk about your blog? It doesn't seem so. You've let this thing drift into the sewer. Have you no pride?

I'd be embarrassed to have my name associated with the derelict nonsense that goes on here.

If you can't do it right, don't do it at all.

We're negative because too much pain, too many false dawns, too many coaches & players tanking , a la Buffalo, at the most critical moments in Big Games.

Why would a single person on the face of the Earth have even the slightest interest in anything one of you tedious alcoholic losers has to say about anything?

The Dolphin decline began with Wannstedt. The subsequent succession of bad coaches and bad QB (other than the one healthy year for Pennington), bad drafts, no strategic concept, and randomness just led to inevitable decline. While I liked going to the Orange Bowl back in the beginning, most of the fan base is further North.

The bottom line is that Ross is doing the main thing an owner has to do - opening his checkbook to buy talent. Ireland has been OK, better than his predecessors but not outstanding, at acquiring talent to complement the team for whatever vision his master (Parcels or Philbin) had but has no strategic vision. Philbin has shown little - it is safe to say he is not a great teacher (a Chuck Noll) judging from the bad technique and slow progression of the young players, not a great innovative strategist (like Walsh or to a lesser degree Landry), not an inspiring leader (like Lombardi or Shula), not a guy who comes up with tactically clever game plans always putting his guys at situational advantage (like Belichick). I see no change that Philbin will be great. The fact that he filled his OC and DC ranks with cronies is all to the bad.

1. Get a highly driven guy who actually knows the modern game and particularly the passing game to oversee the operation. Marino might be a possibility if he has the desire and smarts.
2. Use Ireland as a talent scout bringing in people to complement the vision of the new head.
3. Replace Philbin and team ASAP

Gameday. Nothing like the last game of the season with the playoffs on the line. Last chance for these coaches and players to get it right....so much is at stake today. Ohhh the drama...Who's nervous?

Listen, I think there is a new blog going on.

PLEASE golden go to Penn state. You sucked as a player and you suck even more as a hc.

Listen, go to phins.com then trace the link to the new blog. I really don't want to be alone in there.

Why would a single person on the face of the Earth have even the slightest interest in anything one of you tedious alcoholic losers has to say about anything?

Posted by: Well, why would they? | December 29, 2013 at 01:57 AM

This blog is documented proof that too many people are seriously bored out of their fuchin minds, and/or have a miserable life.

Read the posts and tally up those that sound like happy, healthy people and those that sound bitter and frustrated.

It will be a shutout.

Me, Me, Me!

I posted last week before the Buffalo game that the Dolphins,traditionaly,play at their best against good teams and play horrible against losers. That is why I was worried about the Blls and they proved me right once again. Even in the Shula era they either lost or barely got by the lowly teams,but were great against winners. ie;85 Bears game,etc. So I am not as confident as others in todays game vs Jets.

The Dolphins SHOULD beat the Jets today, just as the Dolphins SHOULD have beaten the Bills last Sunday. But if the Jets play inspired, as they may defending their HCs job, what then? Do the Dolphins have enough talent, playing at a workman-like effort, to beat an inspired Jets team?

Buffalo's aggressive play last weekend- combined with some weather effects- left the Dolphins helpless. While M Moore's long pass to Hartline provided a much needed spark, it was immediately doused following an interception. So much for the dream of journeyman players rising to the occasion.

It seemed, before last week's game, that the Dolphins were developing their own playmakers and game-breakers. But rarely do those types get embarrassed like the Dolphins' players did against Buffalo. Who can we count on today?


Don't you ever have anything remotely original to say?

Bloggers ramble on endlessly when all's they want to say is that we've beaten some of the best teams and lost to some of the worst teams.

Now they want to make a win over the Jets, a team we destroyed, seem doubtful.

Many of you just aren't as miserable as you hope to be yet.

tick tock these 4 hours gonna take forever

..."Well, this is it" Blues Brothers quote that is appropriate for today.

We spend all year debating the finer points, the lesser points of the team. From free agency to trying to figure out which rookie prospects will be the best fits, to who should play, who we should beat, and who should be fired, or retained.

It comes down to this. Today. A game that means something on the regular seasons final day. All the bickering, all the self pats on the back for "calling one right" or "telling you so" get wound up today.

Is this season a disappointment, or failure if we miss out on the playoffs? I suppose it is hard to say. The season has been a roller coaster of emotion, highs and lows. Then 3-0 start had many asking where is the media respect? Well it went out the window as we lost the next 4. Then the "Bully gate scandal" and the loss to the winless Bucs on Monday night had many(myself leading the charge) to blow the firing horns, and have the whole staff replaced for their incompetence..Not only in the scandal(which looks like nothing) but for how we were a pass happy freak show with no legs.

A nice win on Thursday night, a tough loss to Carolina, then 3 wins in a row...Wow, things are looking up..Philbin for President! Coach of the year anyway. The Ryan Tannehill Army was marching loud...Victory to the doubters..We have our franchise quarterback. Anyone who ever had a doubt line up to be executed.

Then last week...No words really. It sort of leaves everyone in a state of disbelief. Not the loss, but how it went down...Fire everyone.......Again.

On to now...What goes down in a few hours..Who knows. I for one am excited. Can't wait. Will the hours of time spent pacing in front of the TV be worth it? Or will today be giant kick in the Pelotas? Oh to be a Phin fan...

The team was very quiet this week. Not a lot of chatter. That is a good sign. They are focused.

Look for the defense to show up. Look for an easy win.

The Jets are here. Looking to pull even with the Dullfins at 8-8.

How can we be anything but negative when the team has stunk for 5 straight years?

No win is easy, man.

go fins lets not become a joke like the hurricanes last night

Last nights Heat game was one of the best ever!!!

I guess alot of Dolphin fans are rooting for the Jets today to finally get Ireland fired.

tony its a win win for us, we win we r in playoffs. we lose and most think ireland will be canned!


I'm rooting for the Dolphins to win today but still get Ireland fired. Problem is, we probably can't have both.

It amazes me how many homers back a guy that couldn't find a single player from last year's draft to contribute more than an occasional play all year long.
After the season, we can break down all of Ireland's drafts. It won't be pretty fellas.

For now, let's just get the win. But Ireland should only be allowed to stay if this team makes more than a first round run to save his sorry arse

Well are we feeling it today? Doesn't look like a cake walk. Bad weather coming again, Jets supposedly are fired up to play for their coach.

We need this one or its another off season still wondering if this team will ever get it right.

Go Fins!!!!!

Well, if you want the best for the Dolphins future you want Ireland gone... so GO JETS! LOL

I will take us outscoring the Jets today. Please win.


Posted by: Rick | December 29, 2013 at 10:35 AM


Ireland's future with the Dolphins is not rosy even with a victory today. Ireland is not trusted by S Ross to be the face of the franchise as evidenced by J Philbin being the de facto spokesman for the organization during the Incognito-Martin affair. If Ross recognized that he couldn't trust his GM enough to bring the team through a crisis, it seems to me Ireland's fair game to become the scapegoat.

Big game for this season and the future of this franchise. Should win and should make playoffs. That should mean GM and coaches stay and their vision and plan stay in place and they continue on their journey together.

But a loss should mean change to GM and Coaches. That means another three year window of new GM, coaches, schemes, and players. That means uncertainty.

I have to hope they win and make the playoffs, as I really don't want to go though that process again. Playoffs equal progress in my mind and that should mean they crew remains in place to add to the nucleus built to date.

I am not an Ireland fan by any stretch but I have to agree with jpao.

Lord knows we have seen enough rebuilding attempts.

Go look up the other blog.

Pathetic. Hartline out is a killer. Philbin awful

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