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Live blog: Dolphins at Bills

ORCHARD PARK N.Y. -- It is looking likie a nice day here.

Yes, it's cold. But under slate gray skies it is neither raining nor snowing. It's only somewhat windy but nothing out of the ordinary.

The Dolphins have all their players they want today. Daniel Thomas, the only player who was questionable, is active as previously reported.

The Dolphins inactives are Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Jalil Brown, Chris Owens, Danny Watkins, David Arkin and A.J. Francis.

For the Bills, E.J. Manuel, Stevie Johnson, Aaron Williams, Ronnie Wingo, Brandon Smith, Mark Asper and Antoine McClain are inactive.

Jim Leonhard will start at strong safety. Robert Woods will start at WR and Thad Lewis will start at QB.

Now that you've done that, check out my column today. it tells you whether the Dolphins are a team you should believe in or not at this stage in the season.

There's also live blog here today. Enjoy:




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Finz up all day baby!!!!!!!!!!!

Armando, eat a garbage plate and send an angry wind back over the tail gaters will you Eh?

Fins Win Today!!!

When Irescum wasted 3 draft picks on D Thomas the entire draft room broke out in hysterical laughter! LOL

Phins Up!

hugeeeeeeeeee game. what we live for right here

Every game is huge Eh?

Phins 31
Jills 17

Hey Mando...
How about doing something different today...give us MORE comments and insight during the game

Mike Gillislee-Inactive.

go fins! go ravens!

Or is it

Mike Inactive-Gillislee

The weather is not too bad today in Buffalo. Given the fact that there is a 100 percent chance of rain, the fins need to be able to run the football. At some point in the game the skies are going to open up.

This is a game where you miss Karlos Dansby. The Bills are going to want to run the ball. Phillip Wheeler has been horrible this year. Karlos Dansby's departure is one of the main reasons that this rush defense is rank 22nd. I would like to see Jelani Jenkins in there instead of Wheeler.

lets hope our starting corners can make it through entire game

anyone know where I can stream the game?

ill never miss dansby

http://www.freefootballradio.com/Miami.html give that a try never used before


Fins-Bills = Snoozefest


Agreed. Miss Dansby was a horrible MLB for the Dolphins. At least this defense never gives up.

If we have 1 play to win the game, I prefer to it be with our defense on the field and not Sturmis. The O-line is still to suspect to have Tannehill lead a last drive.

They say we can clinch today but I don't want that scenario.
I wanna see this..
We win
Balt wins
Indy loses
Bengals lose

Then week 17
We win
Cols win
Bengals win
Then a completely healthy buffalo team with Manuel, Stevie Johnson, and Fred Jackson. Put up points while the defense sacks the crap out of Brady!!

1st week bye and second seed. It very well could happen. Based on tie breakers we may be the 2nd seed even if the ravens win the division tied with us and Indy.

It is a long shot but still very possible. Besides I don't wanna limp in 9-7 hoping for teams to lose and win just to be the 6th seed. We win our spot!! 10-6 or bust!!

Then why waste your time and ours? If you don't like the teams, don't watch, and do us all a favor, DON'T TROLL.

robert woods very good, goodwin can fly. there wrs are solid. plus 2 great rbs. this will come down to 4th qt like always. hope it doesnt come down to sturgis

Dusty, no fred' or Stevie. Spiller has to carry the load.


it will tell you that you need to download certain things, just ignore, X off of the ads that pop up;

K.Dansby would suck in this game. Dansby's biggest problem was tackling fast RBs. The Bills have CJ Spiller. Spiller is R.Bush on Steroids. Why do you think the Bills have rushed for over 140 yds a game the last 6 games against the fins before this season? K.Dansby.

jaison is fred officially out??

Go ravens. What an idiot.

I'm hoping I can make it through the whole game without the power going out ... we're getting hammered with an ice storm way up here in northern New York. So far so good.

Let's go Dolphins

From a fan in Minnesota

No doubt we miss Dansby, Bush, and Long. They're all having career seasons this year.

Go Bills!!

All I want for Christmas is a playoff spot. Go phins

Dansby is having a pro bowl season. 111 tackles, 6.5 sacks, 3 ints, and 2 tds. He has been a beast with the Cardinals. The Dolphins are 22nd against the run and the Cardinals are # 1 against the run. The fins were a top 10 team against the run last year and now 22nd. Last year the Cardinals were 28th against the run and now they are the best team in the league.

The common denominator is Karlos Dansby. The fins are not as good against the run this year and I think that can be attributed to Karlos Dansby's departure.

yes go ravens, lets win this div

Who said Fred Jackson is out? He's active.

A lil research before posting goes a LOOOOONG way!

bush has been awful, gotten benched twice for fumble after fumble. long has done nothing for last place rams. dansby is a joke

please don't let me hear one more comment about the weather or what a fear inspiring juggernaut this bill steam is (NOT)

they can have him orlando, dansby is garbage

Looking forward to a good game today. Go Dolphins

Dansby was playing out of his natural position in Miami.. He was a loud mouth that wrote checks with his mouth that his arss couldnt cash..

Mando is sitting inside. It is a light drizzle right now. Not bad though.

mando is 100 percent eating something right now

man it sucks manuel isnt playing, lewis much better

Looks pretty cold in Buffalo to me. Brrr. Lets go Fins!!

awful announce team for game

All I know is that Phillip Wheeler has been terrible this year and that Karlos Dansby is headed to the pro bowl.

I will admit that he never played to his contract at Miami. However, there is no comparison between Wheeler and Dansby. I will take Dansby any day over Wheeler.


Why do dolfans ALWAYS look for excuses to justify losing?

If it wasn't the weather, of course it would be the officiating(refs).

Officiating or weather not withstanding, this team still has to execute on a WINNING LEVEL to WIN games.

nut up Oline! go dolphins!!

Agree dusty. Never heard of the play by play guy.

Gee, thanks NFL (and/or CBS), great show of respect. You give possibly the worst announcing crew you got. I've heard of b-teams, this may be the firt z-team. You'll come around though, 4pm. The next big thing is here, it's called The. Miami. Dolphins!

I feel very positive right now ... I don't know if I can watch this game without an overwhelming cloud of impending doom hanging over my head.

ill pass on both orlando

Dansby? All I can say is:


Even if it's not in Miami where he finally lives up to it. Had he did it in Miami, he would still be a Miami Dolphin.

I feel very positive right now ... I don't know if I can watch this game without an overwhelming cloud of impending doom hanging over my head.


damnit dont want ball first

Phins up baby!

Staying positive for 60 mins. But picked the wrong week to quit smoking

hate that same call every first down

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