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Live blog: Dolphins at Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH -- Dimitri Patterson is active today. Daniel Thomas is active today.

The Dolphins are in the snow.

Nolan Carroll still starts at CB. Lamar Miller still starts at RB. (Obviously, Patterson and Thomas are available).

The flurries are falling steadily.

The media that reported Daniel Thomas was out for the year (The Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post) were wrong.

The inactives: Pat Devlin, Jamar Taylor, Will Davis, D.J. Campbell, Danny Watkins, David Arkin, and A.J. Francis.

There is a live blog today. Join me on twitter @ArmandoSalguero:



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You said it Orlando...

Ok naysayers have a good day

absolutely unbelievable that Miami even was in that position

no kiddin gjpaou

You are a big man Sam I am!!! LOL..

Whew, no closer than that except for 2 inches.

I actually think Roth's pitch went forward.

baltimore wins. unreal

holy. my neighbors must think theres a murder going on over here. That was crazy.

Holy smoken!!! Very lucky Very lucky. It is about time. We owed them one anyway for that bs call a couple of years ago

yeah that was an illegal pitch from Ben.

just pathetic, only the dolphins could almost give that up i mean I know we won and played well but how do you even let that almost happen???

btw Ben's pass looked like a forward pass

WE WIN! What else counts...? WHAT A GAME....PHEW

Our deepest apologies to the Steelers for making them work so hard. We take no glee in their loss.

true jpao thill grew up today

Baltimore and Cincy both win. Ouch.

Illegal forward pass and about 3 instances of holding. Should've been laundry all over the field on that play.

that was one of the most pathetic things i;ve ever seen on a football field. they deserved to lose playing like the game was already over. half the team had quit on the play. clemons was a joke as the last man....did he even get a hand on Brown. Pure luck...if brown actually thought clemons was going to act like a football player and tried too hard to avoid him. unbelievable.

Big Ben forward lateral by at least two yards. Nice job refs.

..I just about passed out on that last play...Are you kidding me?????

Walt..I'm sure you will read this...I have to eat a big plate of crow concerning D. Thomas..He was nails today. Well done by him. I guess I missed on that one! What a game.

CROW CROW CROW... YUM YUM YUM... A1 sauce makes it go down easy...

please, don't crown tannehill after this. and roethelisberger made a forward lateral on the last play.

Have to give credit to the Phins for not giving up. That's the kind of victory you never forget. WOW...

too bad ravens won ..?$^$#*%&*&#%*%#(*

Our deepest apologies to the Steelers for making them work so hard. We take no glee from their loss.

No crown... Just due credit....

pats just got ball back amazing games onside kick

Refs give game to Ravens sick !!!

Thill came through in the end as did the D. Almost causing heart attacks all over Miami and the world of Dolphin fans.

How did the Ravens win that one. We really need the Lions to come through for us next week as we need to put it on the Pats.

Thill was great the second half. I knew he would do it.

However my haters will not read my comments early in the 2nd quarter and at halftime. So go and put some hating on old Marco my friends,,, ha ha.

We won and are still in it with three to go.

Go Miami, go Lions !!!

T-hill is our franchise QB. No doubt it. He brought it today and won us the game. He was great today no two ways about it. Eat dirt naysayers.

HALF THE TEAM QUIT ON THE LAST PLAY before it was over....watch the tape. Honestly, they deserved to lose on that play.

I was so wrong on Thomas though. He really showed how tough is he and what a hero for putting us back in the game.

why are none of the analysts bringing up the fact that bens pass looked like it was forward?????

I would have not kicked a field goal. I would have gone for it. Two things: u get the first down at over... Or, u turn the ball over and give it to them backed up in their end zone with no timeouts goin basically 100 yards to score a TD.........

and pats win

look miami has no excuse not to make playoffs now, balt has at det, home vs pats, at cincy

If u kicked a FG, u give the other team a chance to start at the twenty with a minute left instead of starting at their own end zone.....

Have to love the special rule book the NFL has for the Patriots.

Wow dat was wild


pats won miami fans should be happy, dont want to play at pats in playoffs, looking at cincy now

And once again the refs give the Patsies a weekly freebie call!!! SMH!!!

Sorry guys. Needed the smelling sauce after that finish.

wow patriots have the refs in their back pockets. Just pathetic how they get EVERY CALL

Couls someone tell me how this game came down to a Steelers' foot being 1" out of bounds with no time showing on the clock? Only the Dolphins can keep a team hanging close like that. FOR YEARS!

No question that was an illegal throw by Ben at end

Pitch by Ben sure looked like it went forward....that would have been some review!!!!

Philbin seems to do his best to lose us games.

He did the same against the Panthers and Buc when we have the ball at our opponents 10 yard line or inside and he kills the ball and goes for 3.

Thill shouted at Philbin to throw that flag and challenge the TD to Hartline. Thill actually dragged his game way beyond his masters.

A real coming of age game for Thill. After the pick 6, you could still tell he had more let in his game, he played tough for the first time in the 4th since the Falcons game.

Now with some help for other teams we can hang tough and maybe sneak the Pats, while the Lions kill the Ravens.

I am just getting off the floor from that last play! I had a heart attack!!! lol

This team could almost screw up a wet dream. Good thing Brown touched the sideline or I would have had to kill whoever that was that sat there waiting for him and then let him get by him.

If we would've lost this game...I would've lost it!!!
Next time Philbin, GO FOR THE THROAT!!!

What is happening with the investigation of Robert Kraft bribing refs/

marco just need to beat bills and jets. ravens will lose to lions and pats

59 yard fg att coming up for browns 1 sec left

And of course Cundiff misses. Pats win.

NFL officiating continues its death dive.

Squeaked one. Why it was a squeaker is known only to the football gods!

The real thing that sux bout this Fins win...is how much I gotta listen to FAT ASS Berman emphasize over and over how "just a foot" kept this from being the best game winning play of all time!!! F U Chris "Ethel Merman" Berman!!!
Strange...how ESPN didn't care to show Dolphin beating the crap out of the Jets last week!?
Yeah, don't forget ESPN when u keep replaying the Steeler play over and over...don't forget....THE FINS WON!!!

That lateral by Ben was illegal... should have been flag right there. The guys caught the ball two yards ahead of the hash that Ben was on. The whole play would have been reviewed anyway. FINS UP!

2013, Tannehill:

3,315yds 20tds 14 ints

Career best 3 tds passing today. Keep right on bashing, it's beginning to bring him good luck.

Where is that worthless Jets fan ape-tamer and his THill bashing? Where are you Kris?! How about you FIRE ROSS/KILL MARTIN/JAIL POUNCEY? Funny how when our young QB has a great game on the road, in the snow, his detractors disappear from the blog? C'mon on out you A-hole, Jets' loving piss-ants!

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 08, 2013 at 04:41 PM

We may have a shot at the Pats next week. There is nothing to lose and we are at home so why not.

Steelers almost killed us there and we have almost no chance. Philbin really has to go for the kill against Ben there.

With this mind set we will never beat the great teams. Ok we are young, bu there is some talent of this team as I've said, but the coaches are not getting the best from our players.

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