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Live blog: Dolphins at Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH -- Dimitri Patterson is active today. Daniel Thomas is active today.

The Dolphins are in the snow.

Nolan Carroll still starts at CB. Lamar Miller still starts at RB. (Obviously, Patterson and Thomas are available).

The flurries are falling steadily.

The media that reported Daniel Thomas was out for the year (The Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post) were wrong.

The inactives: Pat Devlin, Jamar Taylor, Will Davis, D.J. Campbell, Danny Watkins, David Arkin, and A.J. Francis.

There is a live blog today. Join me on twitter @ArmandoSalguero:



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Wow, I hate to say this but it looks bitter cold in Pittsburg. This is the type of game where you play stout defense and run the football. This is smash mouth football type game. The fins are not built to play in that type of weather. If they can pull that game out they will really show me something.

Let's not slam the fins if they lose this game. These are miserable conditions. Let's not judge them on this game. This is why those losses against the Bills, Ravens, and Panthers at home and the loss in in Tampa Bay hurt so much.

I looked at Caleb Sturgis' face and he looked like he was going to crap his pants (he was freezing his butt off). I expect him to miss a least 3 FGs.

Here goes another letdown for Miami!!!

Let's not slam the fins if they lose this game. These are miserable conditions. Let's not judge them on this game.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 08, 2013 at 01:00 PM

Breaking news..the Steelers have to play in the same conditions. Don't give us the dumbo cold weather team nonsense. 95% of all NFL players grew up in the cold and have played in the snow.

Hell yeah we are going to slam them if they lose.

Walt has way too much faith in people who have the title "professional."

When incompetence runs rampant in the work world...and especially the Miami Dolphins organization.

Overestimating the intelligence of an NFL coach is a good way to go broke.

Dan Le Batard once wrote that most NFL coaches could never make it in any other area of life.

He was correct.

Phins lose today...I am correct.

Yea baby Soliai and Starks.

Good stop D!

Well, that's a start.

The start is not the problem, it's how we finish!

Phins lose today...I am correct.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | December 08, 2013 at 01:04 PM

Wow that is a bold call, taking the home team favorite on a snowy day. LOL.

The snow is already bothering Tannehill. Horrible pass.

Not so good for Us.

After a terrible pass, he waits forever to get sacked on 3rd down. Long day for the defense today.

The Dolphins have to play tough defense and run the ball today. They have to avoid mistakes and turnovers. No one is going to put up a of points in that terrible weather. Run the ball, play tough defense, and NO TUROVERS. You cannot give up easy points. I hope Sherman understands that.

Thill was so lucky there. Horrible first pass, also he needs to step up in the pocket there and he goes down so easily.

He doesn't look happy in the snow. He has to step up his game today. The slow start we had against the Jets won't work today.

Polamalu is much more versatile than Ed Reed. You MUST keep an eye on him.

This is the closest thing to a playoff game since 2008. Pathetic franchise.


No more excuses

No flag on that sack?

Tannehill looks pathetc


Wussup you silly f@ggot!

Bell looks good.

Anyone still think Hennehill is the answer?

Wish we had true full back....

You can tell the Steelers know how to play in this weather. They are running up the middle and throwing short passages.

It will be a miracle if we win this game.

Marco will be sure to announce every bad play Tanne makes, yet not give him credit for anything good he does.

You can tell I'm not a fan of a cold weather team. I hate games like this. No way to get a real feel for who has a better team.

Of course I really don't like games in the pouring rain either.

Early indications are the best running team will win this one.

No different than any other weather, the better team usually wins.

You cannot judge the fins on this game. The Steelers know how to play in this mess.

Rick, that could be true. If so we are in trouble with Thomas back getting carries injured.

Gillislee has to better than an injured underachiever ?

Wish we had a Rothlisberger.

Jay, that would be nice.

Marco will be sure to announce every bad play Tanne makes, yet not give him credit for anything good he does.

Posted by: Wait and see | December 08, 2013 at 01:13 PM

That's cuz T-Hill sucks. Anything he does good is luck.

This game is over!


You too need a lesson in how to read. Faith in pro coaches was not remotely my point. It was lack of faith in those forming opinions without nearly enough information to make them.

None of us see the practices, so how can one assume Gillislee is better than Thomas? Maybe he will be, maybe he won't. None of us are in a position to assess his abilities beyond sheer guesswork.

You cannot judge the fins on this game. The Steelers know how to play in this mess.
Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 08, 2013 at 01:14 PM

Well, you certainly judged them when they won in the scathing heat in Miami...

Coach Philbin is already congratulating the Steellers. Their fans and coaches too. He also wants to thank the good lord with blessing them for the opportunity to play in snow.

See more of a chance of the full back wish coming true..

Soliai down. That is the game, and the season.

Posted by: Wait and see | December 08, 2013 at 01:13 PM

What I should give him a pass then, as you do my friend ?

What has he done well so far ?

Something that has to be improved this offseason...Our run defense...How can these guys get pushed backwards like that? Soliai, Starks among others...Amazing...

Looks bad. They can run thru the middle and it seems we can't.


In bizarro world

Going to be a run and dominate game. Team running best wins. In these conditions looks like the only way to pass will be to run effectively.

If we can't run the ball today, it may start getting ugly progressively fast.

This is why you have to win your games early in the season. You cannot give away games like the fins did early in the season. The fins will not make the playoffs if they lose this game and I cannot see how they win this game today.


When the Steelers run the football: Le’Veon Bell totaled 136 yards from scrimmage last week against Baltimore (73 rushing, 63 receiving) and the Steelers want to build off that performance by continuing to feed the rookie. The lack of chemistry due to injuries and lineup changes along the offense front has hampered Pittsburgh’s run game this season. Indeed, it’s been a long time since the Steelers were a classic running team. The Dolphins continue to look up at much of the league in the run defense rankings. They’re 25th in the NFL in the category, but they are coming off a solid performance in which the Jets managed only 99 rushing yards. Of course, the Jets averaged 4.5 yards per carry but they had to abandon the run because the Dolphins had such a wide lead. Running the football and stopping the run is not what either of these two teams do best. ADVANTAGE: Even.

The Steelers are no Jets.

We need help today from the Vikings, big-time. If we can get something going on offense we have a chance. Thill has to settle down and get some rythm going.

D weakness = giving up the big play

Nice tackle, NOT!!!

Wake with a missed tackle...Could of stopped them short...

Steelers OC calling a beautiful game thus far. gotta give credit where it's d

What has he done well so far ?

Posted by: Marco | December 08, 2013 at 01:17 PM

Don't play dumb. I'm not talking about the first minutes here. You do the same thing every game. You throw objectivity out the window because it makes you happy to bash RT.

Poor tackling again !!!

Wow if your think that it is cold in Pittsburg. The eagles game in Phily is REALLY COLD. My it looks awful in that game. You cannot even see the players on TV.

The tackle like flowers.

This is going to be a very low scoring game.

Had him in the backfield...But again, can't bring him down...Missed tackles...

The Dolphins look cold. They cannot tackle Steelers.

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