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Live blog: Dolphins at Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH -- Dimitri Patterson is active today. Daniel Thomas is active today.

The Dolphins are in the snow.

Nolan Carroll still starts at CB. Lamar Miller still starts at RB. (Obviously, Patterson and Thomas are available).

The flurries are falling steadily.

The media that reported Daniel Thomas was out for the year (The Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post) were wrong.

The inactives: Pat Devlin, Jamar Taylor, Will Davis, D.J. Campbell, Danny Watkins, David Arkin, and A.J. Francis.

There is a live blog today. Join me on twitter @ArmandoSalguero:



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This is going to be a very low scoring game.

Posted by: Vegas Mike

For for the visiting team. This has blowout written all over it.

Another day at the beach for the Steelers....Miami being pushed around and looking incompetent as usual.


Henne's opening drive on Thursday

Tell me why we watch this team after Twenty Years of Suckitude?
Adverse weather & an urgent situation =Steeler victory. In their worst season they havr tons more character and heart than our losers. Here comes the pain!

Check out the Philly game. You can't see more than 3 feet the snow is so thick.

Missed tackles killed us on that drive...But it's only the first quarter...

The fins may get blown out today.

Philbin's offense is flawed. Not built to play in December. You need big TEs, FBs, and physical OL to play in this type of weather. The Dolphins do not have that.

Shocking D. That just made our D look like high school players.

It could be a long day for us if Thill can't get something going.

Its real early but this look of coming out flat has been seen before this year, many times in fact.

Fear not fin fans. Coach Philbin is doing his part to raise the temperature at the stadium. He is walking around with his jaw wide open.

A 3 and out on offense here, stick a fork in this bird, because it's done.

No way I see this defense coming right back onto the field.

This game could very well end like this, 7-0.

I say throw a bomb to Wallace every single play.

Big problem for Miami today is you have to be able to run the ball north-south in these conditions...And that's not Lamar Miller's strength...

We have heart.

We just don't enough talent.

The season ending loss is in motion.

The only real question is whether or not Tannereach musters an offensive drive for the first time in half an NFL season.


Phins can't stop the run again...they lose.

It's obviously early but it doesn't look good so far. We are going to have to run the ball, complete some short passes and play better run D.

There will be some turnovers as well. Hopefully it won't be us turning it over.


Rothe fumbled in the endzone and Phins recovered but the ref gave the ball back to Pitt and they scored game winner on next play.

The fins are going to have to build a team that gets home field advantage though out the playoffs. They are not going to win games on the road when it is this cold.

I will not judge he fins based on this game. It is clear that the elements are affecting the way the fins are capable of playing.

Tannebust cant hold Big Ben's jockstrap.

12 plays 75yds 7:05 off of the clock.

Judge the Fins on the other 6 games they lost

Looks like the Dolphins, just want to go home already.

Come on Vikings we need your help today. I wouldn't be shocked to see heads go down on our sidelines. We need our QB, to live up to the optomistic views of all the Thill fans. Jury still out on him but he has many believers on this blog right ?

Where are you guys today ?

Do the steelers have special cleats on? Their running game seemed to have more traction.

Orlando @ 1:27

I agree with you.
Let's hold off cold weather judgement until after we play in Buffalo in 2 weeks.

Truth thill hasnet shown any flashes of greatnes even in a loss i try to see if he shows any signs of progression. None. Thill is not the answer, when the commentators are pointing out the wrong things hes doing its emberassing. Its plain to see he doesnt have it.

Thigpen sucks!!!

ETF, the fumble game was in Miami.

The last time the Phins played in Pittsburgh. They lost the rain game in 2007, 3-0.

The patented Hennehill undethrow.

The fins are just not physical. This finesse crap that Philbin is building here makes me sick. The defense gets pushed around and they cannot run the ball up the gut.

Yes tanne under throws in the snow too

This game could very well end like this, 7-0.

I say throw a bomb to Wallace every single play.

Posted by: Elmo | December 08, 2013 at 01:24 PM
Just what I was thinking except not just to Wallace...get it to Hartline also but throw long everytime. 3 & out? Keep trying

Under thrown again!!!!!!!!!!!

These games in the snow don't look fun at all

Nice job Thill. Thats what we will need today.


Care to comment on RT's two great runs for first downs?

Tannehill 2 carries 5yds. Huge boost to running game.

Thill says kiss his a**!

What sucks is he was told to run that. Wish he wouldve made that decision on his own

Take a knee and let's get the missed fg over with.


I would like to see Tannehill run a game. Forget about passing the ball. This is not a game to throw the ball in.


LMAO at some comments in yesterdays blog...."cold weather snow doesn't make any diff"
Where are you now?

Great run but all for nothing. Time for a field goal.

This game is SO over..... Heartless gutless putty butt fins vs men with pride & strength. FIRELAND & Casper Phailbin & start anew.

Let's see if Sturgis can make a kick today.

Marco won't comment on RT's good plays, only his bad ones.

So don't waste your time taking the bait for his silly arguments,

The Happy Dolphins score 3 lol

typical. no flag on the personal foul out of bounds.

Absolutely great call and execution by Tannehill.

Why not run the read option the whole game and if something opens up throw the ball. I can see a win with that

Posted by: Wait and see | December 08, 2013 at 01:34 PM

Having problems reading today are we... ha ha !!!

Miller can't evade even one defender

We need some turnovers now.

FG! Fist Pump!

Ive lost so much hope for my team. I really cant and dont have anything good to say about my phins sux man....

WTF !!!

Where the hell was the flag for the late hit. Philbin should be in the refs face for that one !!!

That was what we needed from the O. Now the D should get after that ball.

Horrible kickoff by inconsistent Strurgis

Why can't Thigpen return a kick like that???

Everyone is so Damn negative on this blog

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