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Live blog: Dolphins at Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH -- Dimitri Patterson is active today. Daniel Thomas is active today.

The Dolphins are in the snow.

Nolan Carroll still starts at CB. Lamar Miller still starts at RB. (Obviously, Patterson and Thomas are available).

The flurries are falling steadily.

The media that reported Daniel Thomas was out for the year (The Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post) were wrong.

The inactives: Pat Devlin, Jamar Taylor, Will Davis, D.J. Campbell, Danny Watkins, David Arkin, and A.J. Francis.

There is a live blog today. Join me on twitter @ArmandoSalguero:



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nyphin quit crying about refs

pleeeaase escape the half with the lead.

That's why Nate Garner is a good backup but not a starter...He's getting pushed around big time today...

Let's just not give up a TD on this drive. Play tough defense. This game has to be played carefully. Whoever wins the TO battle in this game will have a great chance to win.

Giddy is a stretch...

Posted by: Powhitetrash | December 08, 2013 at 02:12 PM
Hola PO!

Best case scenario is that we did run some clock. Now we have to keep them from scoring before the half.

Gotta stop the mistakes. We can't beat the Steelers in these elements if have mistakes as well.

We need Cogs in a game like this.

What up Joe!

Our D has been awesome after allowing that first score.

Steelers will look to go deep again.

Thill is going to run more in the second half folks, he is getting free quickly today.

i'm gunna cry. cy cry cry. now and fifty years...

patriots dont even try vs teams till second half. look asleep


Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 08, 2013 at 02:13 PM

It was a BS call, where was the hold, Miller had his guy held up with open palms !!!

baltimore only up 7-3


get his stop

cant be mad about 10-7 at half with ball coming out. now can the coaching finally make adjustments at half??

Some one on D was yelling itS BS... its BS...

Darn, where is the time out!

Season on the line.

Mando picked up on Thill running and the Steelers problems with it.

No TO.

Call To.

That is so dumb really. Now we take a knee !!!

Yeah Jimmy!

uh ohhhhhhhhhhhh take adv here

Yes BLOCKED!!!!!



Jimmy Wilson and Nolan Carroll are big time players this year...Unreal...


Philbin knew we would get the block.

Now get a TD and we are in business.

So no receivers can get open? Ever?

Thill has learned to throw the ball away at least..

Big 3rd down, terrible to waste this opportunity

Too fricken conservative philbin........ No wonder you are not successfull! Unbelievable

They need to get closer to kick a FG. Get a couple of first downs. That is what they need to do here. In this game point are at a premium.

go for it

go for it

Receivers don't know where 1st down marker is?

what is philbin doin>???

Gonna try the field goal. Seriously??


philbin u idiot, no chance and gives pitt shot to comeback with fg. this is beyond dumb

I would have gone for it. Too long for a FG. If you don't get the first down. You go to the locker room with the lead.

Need to go for it
Not FG!

Should have gone for it. Call running play and if not successful, runout the clock. Halftime leading.

Coach chaos. Go for the first down here.

Sturgis is having a terrible year !!! gives the Steelers a shot at a FG themselves !!!

U go for it Philbin! I wouldn't trust this kid if he was the last person on earth!

The hapless Dolphins


unreal philbin is so bad


jeez. that could have been a sports center rerun for years

At least take a shot to the endzone???

sam a running play wouldnt run out clock if they didnt get first down

That would of sucked...

All of is drama for Steelers to go into halftime feeling good about itself. Despite losing.

What is this coaching staff thinking at times?

It was a fine call. With the clock just about out, you take a chance at some points

Stupid clueless Philbin
Needs to be fired just for that decision

Dear Mr.Ross,

Please fire Philbin and his conservative staff after this season.... Thx! They leave too many points on the field....


Wasted a big block by st.
FIRELAND & FIRE PALEBIN & get a real GM & Coach.

johnny was awful call. go for first down

Why not go for it? Anything to lose with that time left and under those conditions? Shame on GB.

Very poor coaching:
1. Not burning a TO
2. It was easier to get the 1st down than the FG. If missed, worse field position for Pitt if failed to convert than if missed FG.

I don't have a problem (not much of one) of letting the clock run down. But not going for it on 4th and 2 is just plain stupid. If they didn't make it Pitts. would have only had 20 sec. Doesn't make sense.

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