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Live blog: Dolphins at Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH -- Dimitri Patterson is active today. Daniel Thomas is active today.

The Dolphins are in the snow.

Nolan Carroll still starts at CB. Lamar Miller still starts at RB. (Obviously, Patterson and Thomas are available).

The flurries are falling steadily.

The media that reported Daniel Thomas was out for the year (The Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post) were wrong.

The inactives: Pat Devlin, Jamar Taylor, Will Davis, D.J. Campbell, Danny Watkins, David Arkin, and A.J. Francis.

There is a live blog today. Join me on twitter @ArmandoSalguero:



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That's why failbin needs to be fired. He is a f#$@in idiot!

WHY DOES PHILBIN do this EVERY TIME... we never make field goals beyond 50 yards. Go for it... it's fourth and short and will likely pick up the first.

Dusty, Steelers wouldnt have had time to try a fg.

Johnny, it was a terrible call by Philibin because he chose a play with 0% chance. With 22 seconds left, he could have easily picked up a first and called time out.

That really sums up Philbin.

Thill has been running all over that D and we almost give away aTD.

Sturgis is a complete joke the last two months and you get cute.

WTF Philbin !!! Thill had a shot to get the two yards.

That was looking like a TD. Sturgis is really horrible. I'd look to replace him in the off season.

We booted Carpenter out for having a much better season in 2012. At least bring in a FA to challenge.

This kid is killing us, but Philbin is a joke. What a weak strategy to have when you need only two yards.

If you don't make the first down, do you want to give Ben another shot at mid-field?

philbin is plain awful. look forward to new gm firing him

WTF? You don't take a timeout to save some time and then 4th and 2 you don't go for it but give us a heart attack with the stupid FG / return!!! I guess Philbin didn't watch the damn Auburn return!!! MORON!!!!

We need more read option, but I doubt Sherman will see it's there for the taking!

Almost had an Auburn miracle on or hands. The conditions absolutely does not support trying LONG FG's today.

Good kickers in good weathers don't make this kick, yet Philbin thinks... what? Does he think?

sam what r u talking about. they would of had 19 secs with 3 timeouts if he misses fg and they get ball at place of missed fg

exactly johnny

Johnny, a missed field goal is worst than not picking up the first because you get the ball at the spot it was kicked from - not the line of scrimmage. Philbin had no business kicking an FG there.

NYfinfan......yup...that's a college OC for you.....

u heard the announcers only one kicker has hit a fg over 50 at that end of stadium in the history of the stadium

This is the type of game where you have to try and get inside the 20 to kick FGs. You have to control the ball and kick short FGs in this type of game. So far we are winning the important TO battle.

this team has some talent, but so hard to win games when gm ignoires the oline and we have one of the worst coaching staffs in nfl

Midfield? We were at the Steeler 34yd line. Go for it and Ben has about 17 secs or less, just to try and get into fg range. On a day not built for passing deep.

I can only laugh at Philbin about that decision. Are the pretend fans making decisions for the guy? That was BAD but all will be forgiven if the team can win. Can't defend that...other than to say it didn't hurt us. LOL

dusty... correct and that included when the WEATHER WAS GOOD! Not to mention that Miami hasn't made any field goals over 50 in a long time, regardless of weather.

Even try to see if the Steelers jump off sides ???

Thill has been running great we have TO's.

3rd and 5, we throw a 4 yard pass and Matthews goes OB, man you have to stay in and fight for that FD.

Philbin burns a TO as the clock clicks down, but doesn't even try to draw the D off. A joke of a coach. Compared to Philbin, Thill looks like a lock for HOF.

Philbin has his team 10-7 up, but that was a big miss after the block and letting the clock run down was a huge mistake.

We coul;d have got the ball back around the 30 with 125 seconds left to work into FG range. We need Philbin to get a hold of a coaching manual soon.

Here come the adjustments by Tomlin. We have to adjust to that blitzer that has made our life miserable.

sam what r u talking about. they would of had 19 secs with 3 timeouts if he misses fg and they get ball at place of missed fg

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 08, 2013 at 02:33 PM

Youre confusing me with another poster. I said go or it on 4th down.

Truth... I agree that winning will wipe out the bad decision... but if the team loses, you HAVE to look at the poor choices that continually get made. The fins lost the game against Carolina because they attempted a 54 yard FG when they should have gone for it.

sam they dont get it on 34, they get it on 43

dusty... right - they get it from the spot it was kicked... which is why the fins should NOT have tried a field goal. If they go for it and don't get it, the Steelers would get it at about the 34 instead of the 43.

Need more read option they haven't stopped it

agree atklfin and big time philbin garbage

Still, I think Tomlin has been outcoached by Philbin.

OK boys lets move past the 1st half and focus on the 2nd. We have had the lead many times this year and blown it. Lets go Fins!!!

Man how big it would be to start the second half with a TD...

There was nothing to lose by going for it. If they don't get the first down Big Ben gets the ball at his own 35 with 20 seconds against our defense under miserable conditions.

If you get the first down you call a TO an have one left. With 10 more yards the FG would have been more reasonable. Let's hope that call does not cost us later. Points are at a premium in this game.

i sure dont oscar tomlin cant control turnovers

Second half run the ball.
Keep after Big Ben.
Don't have to go deep today. Play to his strengths.
Thill will be ok, he looks to have settled down since the 1st QTR.

My problem with Philbin is really on 10% of the time... it's clock management issues and the horrible decisions to keep kicking FGs from no-mans land. He needs to show some sack and let this team go for it on 4th and short.

Orlando, exactly. Some people are just clueless, what can you do.

Nice run. Let's keep running the ball!

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 08, 2013 at 02:37 PM

You're so confused. If we went for the first, line of scrimmage 34yd line, then picked up nothing. Steelers get ball at 34yd line.

You're in fg la-la land. Your scenario is a fg scenario. I did not want to go for the fg. Please catch up my friend.

Miller is too little.

Need that big back

philbin gotta go, u watch he wont make any adjustments at half while pitt does.

So let's see...arookie Kicker..who needs his confidence .....went to Florida..a warm weather conference.....longest FG in the HISTORY of the Field was 52....so we attempt it on 4th and 4 in their end on the 35....and risk a run back, or a weird play that nets them points....and fans still support this Coaching staff???????? DUH !!!


Charles Clay baby...6th round pick...How about that...

Miller needs to hit the hole hard. He tries to run the ball latterly too much.

OK here we go…..if nothing else that gives us field position

Thill sucks... LOL

classic 2013 miami drive in progress.

buster whos supporting the staff

Good start
Keep it up
No turnovers!

Clay - Hartline - Wallace?

Marco, you told us how awful RT started in the 1st qtr. But you are silent on his opening of the 3rd qtr. I wonder why.

Correct Buster... that's what Dusty and I have been saying the whole time. Stop trying to kick FGs in no-mans land. Go for it because if you don't get the first down, you're still in better shape defensively than a missed FG. Had Palamolu not run it out, the Steelers would be set up at about the 44 yard line with 20 seconds left.

Miller's last run shows why he isn't built for conditions of this type game. Always wants ot run east/west not north/south.

Good timing there Pow….

THILL sucks is your proclamation as he completes a 20 yard play on 3rd and 1.

Go back to your hole and cheer for the WETS

Orlando, that's because it's what he does best thanks to his speed. But in today's conditions, obviously it makes it that much harder. Look what he did last week against the Jets.

Clay was a great find by Ireland in the 6th round. Hartine was a 4th round pick. Two great finds by the GM.

Words you will never hear from Marco:

"Great pass by Tannehill."

Yep Sam... somebody needs to tell Miller to just go straight through the holes - especially in a game like this.

Thill getting so much time.

Line doing a job today so far. Go for the kill here.

JPAO... That was sarcasm... Dumb ass...

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