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Live blog: Dolphins vs. Patriots

Are you ready for a statement game?

Are you ready for a game that will decide the different between pretender and contender?

That's the Dolphins vs. the Patriots. Today.

The Patriots have both their starting OTs active today. Both LT Nate Solder and RT Marcus Cannon are up after missing practice much of the week.

There's a live blog today.

Join me.


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Go Dolphins!!!

Go Lions (tomorrow).
Go Panthers.
Go Jaguars.


Whether Solder and Cannon start is not really a big deal. Whether they make it through the game is.

Hope we make Brady spend the day on his back like the 2-bit ho that he is.

Go Dolphins!!!!!!

biggest game in years, lets get over that mountain finally

panthers? jaguars? those are meaningless games

Dear Mr. Salguero

Don't expect sympathy, seek the silver linings playbook.

First off the old lady won't let me watch the game till I Dance with her to "Sweating to the oldies with Richard Simmons" on VHS tape, but then......

46 beers for for the number of times Ryan Tannehill has been sacked....check

Old lady is making her famous crabby hash brownie snacks....check

Betting envelopes numbered and stacked neatly on the table....check

Tom Brady voodoo doll with Ugg's wrapped in a photograph of Gisele Brady Bündchen with an Adams apple....check

Photoshop picture of Don Shula and Dan Marino blessing the pope.... check

Mike Wallace jersey on....check

TV remote controls and loaded Pistols with the safety off ready for action....check

Soiled :)

P.S. Excelsior !

Ignore all negative trolls today Fins Win today

Until the Ravens lose, we really can't get too excited. Destiny is not in our hands.

ravens will go 0-3 or 1-2 at best

Here we go, time to stand up and be counted. It's Week 15 and Miami controls its own destiny (that's a credit this year's team). All that's left is to make it happen. LET'S GO!

Well we have reason for optimism. We know we have some talent and Tannehill's rating has been good the last six games. The locker room seems to have come together since bullygate.

As Dolfans we all know how quickly things can go south though. You only have to look as far as last week to remind us how quick this team can lose a decent lead. Luckily we overcame it last week. Maybe it wasn't luck.

I just hope the coaches and players are on the same page we are as far as the importance of this game.

We can't have the defensive lapses we had last week and we need to make better decisions in the redzone. Damn the 55+ yard FG attempts.

dc miami doesnt control its own destiny yet

Run tannehill run! It was exciting watching him take off last week. Use your quicks kid and evade the rush! Roll out to the right and let loose a bomb to wallace! Find clay up the seam! Beat the Cheatriots and keep the confidence train a rollin'!

mostly cloudy 83 degrees feels like 86 66 pct humidity great weather to favor miami

Miami has a little say in there destiny by winning. That's puts more pressure on Baltimore.

ravens will go 0-3 or 1-2 at best

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 15, 2013 at 12:22 PM

you also told us b.albert was a done deal.

dusty was rooting for us to lose for how many games now? he laughed at everyone talking chance for the playoffs.

now he flip flops. no integrity. admit you were WRONG.

dusty, you're right, I was talking too soon. But my prediction is Lions beat Baltimore, so if we win and Ravens lose, then we'll control our destiny for real. First thing's first though, SECURE. THE. WIN!

The Lions will be out Ziggy and Bush. Not looking good for them.

earl u must of changed ur name again,lol keep doing it we dont miss u

no doubt dc i dont see ravens beatinf det or pats, or even at cincy if game matters to them at buff for us scares me

lions dont need bush, never plays anyways. lions on carpet should handle ravens quite easily

earl u must of changed ur name again,lol keep doing it we dont miss u

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 15, 2013 at 12:36 PM

we don't miss how you don't own up to your own nonsense. you are the stupid one thinking losing for draft picks is a winning strategy. dumb turd with no balls.

go finssssssssssss screw brady cbs on right now dolphins story

mnarino interviewing philbin

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 15, 2013 at 12:37 PM

More useless posts from a clueless idiot.


If we win then everyone will point out all of the Pats starters that were missing.

If we lose then the press will call it a statement game for NE.

bobbyd better get that crowd going, new endzones today are great

who cares what media calls it. why would that ever matter to u

Want to see 60 minutes of football from fins today...have a feeling we will so long as there was no koolaid in the locker room this week!

mnarino interviewing philbin

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 15, 2013 at 12:40 PM

wow you know how to watch tv. thanks for reporting what everyone is already looking at.

dc, why do you even respond to dusty-everyone-who-wants-to-win-is-a-moron?

GO charles clay, dion jordan, and Nolan Carroll.

all due respect to #12, but take his frigginn' head off.


Dang and I thought I was nervous last week. Wouldn't it be great to turn the corner and be relevant in December for a change.

Lets go Fins!!!!

I don't care what they say ETF as long as we win.

Key for Miami is turnovers, we cannot have interceptions today, no matter how hurt the Pats offense may be.

Big game tonight in Pittsburg. If the Bengals lose tonight the Dolphins will control their own destiny. Yes, under that scenario Baltimore is not a factor. Go Steelers!

Best chance we have had in a while to beat the Pats.

This could be a great Sunday. Thill just has to seetle down early and get the ball out quickly to his receivers. I'd forget going deep too often to Wallace, go to Matthews, Hartline, Clay and run as much as possible. Thill has to step up in the pocket the same way he did against the Steelers.

On D just keep the pressure on Brady, its all about Brady. Pats will run on us all day, with the injury situation to their receivers.

Can we stop the run and run overselves ? Biggest game of the year by far.

Go Dolphins.

Go phins

Fins 34-16

Run behind Sam Brenner!!

Yes, 1st down!

Tannehill just inks and dunks lol

Tanny throws nothing more than 5 yds!!

Here come the refs! That was holding!

lets see if they actually pick on these holds or let them go all freaking day

Thill always needs time to settle down. He usually goes alive late in the second and is at his best in the third. We really needed a score on that opening drive to set the tone early.

Now can we stop Brady from doing his thing again with no receivers, he has don't it all this year. Can't stand that guy, go get blood.

Tannehill is the worst in the league on 3rd downs

Pats have the refs in their pockets yet again. This is a corrupt league for sure.

Our run defense is a joke

Our run defense sucks!

As I thought the Pats put it down our throat.

Poor tackling.

Tannehill is the worst in the league in the 4th quarter (crunch time).

Our run D has sucked all year long. The much lauded front is actually not that great.

come on stop them!

Tannehill is the worst in the league in the 4th quarter (crunch time).

Posted by: There is no future with T-Fumble | December 15, 2013 at 01:13 PM


Going to be awful day with poor tackling. Guys need to loosen up, their to tense.

we need a shocking turnover

Philbin and Dolphins getting out coached so far. The Dolphins defense is on their heels. Pat running it down the fins' throats.

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