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Live blog: Dolphins vs. Patriots

Are you ready for a statement game?

Are you ready for a game that will decide the different between pretender and contender?

That's the Dolphins vs. the Patriots. Today.

The Patriots have both their starting OTs active today. Both LT Nate Solder and RT Marcus Cannon are up after missing practice much of the week.

There's a live blog today.

Join me.


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Suck it tannehaters!! 300 yards, 3 TDs, no ints. Great job back up secondary. Thomas on 4 days could be a starter next week.

Miami was spotted 6 points by refs on a bogus pass interference call. And they took away 6 points away from Pats on a real Miami pass interference. Refs also kept Miami drive alive on a 4th.& 5 by not calling a blatant hold on Miami.

I had to use my home defibrillator. What a win !!!!!!!!!
Come on Detroit and Megatron !!!!!!!

Play offs!!!

Pats been getting breaks too long, sometimes what goes around comes around!

Coyle has to stop running zone schedmes at end of game. Very hard to beat Brady with Amendola and Edelman on zones. So good to finally beat the pats and win on a pick ! who thought T-Hill would OUTPLAY bratty boy.

Lol @ spillmar. I hear ya bro.

Bridau9 Go Cry somewhere else - doesn't the globe have a blog for losers.

Awesome win!!

T-hill made the comeback drive and the defense bended but didn't break at the end. they finished.

How far can this team go?

Gooooo Lions!!!!!!!!!

Ooooooooooooh words from a man of faith PWT? You know the facts? You and Pile sit here thinking you are holier than the rest who might say something negative when the team is performing poorly... the same people who might say positive things when they are playing well. Nobody is more happier with the win that I am. You judge others all game long, then try to bite them at the end. Where do you get off, man? Classy.

What a win by the Dolphins...Yeeahhh!!!! Are you guys ready for the stupid posts of the day???

Are you kidding me bridaug6. You are a moron. The called ONE penalty on the Pats while Wake is being held on every damn play. Take those glasses off moron.

Praying Tannehill and the Dolphins can keep this going..The D needs to get a lot better quick!
R. Tannehill 25/37 312 8.4 3 0 120.6

Miami needs to win out.
I am thinking SD needs to win just in case we need a 3 way tie to get in later.

Ditto Bert - Wake and Vernon were constantly held and I am sick of those WR picks in zone coverage. Coyle needs to teach them to bump those midgets at the line.

That's right. What a game. Bring it on Buffalo and B-More. Tannehill is the real deal. The stadium was rocking. Bout time we get in a playoff push. I'm Syked

Great win

Blow me... You came at me a*s hole..

The only stat Brady had over tannehill was yards against a REALLY beat up secondary.

120.6 QB rating.

Sorry NY Phin so-called "Fan" - problem is they are not holier than though- they just are true fans while you're a ninny. Also I like them - you not so much. freakin' whiner. There is no realism in sports, you are either a fan or not; and wishing them to lose so you can gloat about your negative tripe - is just despicable and seen for what it is. Hell of a win boys, hell of a win !!!

Tanny throws nothing more than 5 yds!!

Posted by: WTF | December 15, 2013 at 01:08 PM

Another stupid post by a clueless blogger. Nothing more than 5 yards...He just beat Tom Brady by throwing nothing more than 5 yards eh? Fukkkk off you idiot. LOL!!

Thanks spillmar...

No phantom PI?

The refs are sooo going to hear it from Fidel Goodell.

I knew Thill would come through, I called it early 2nd quarter and Im glad he did it now and to the Pats.

My heart is pounding so hard and Im happier now thatn I've been in years, Im almost welling up.

Thill's deep ball is for another season, but right now he is a killer with those short passes.

His game has gone to yet another level and he really has me believing in him more than ever.

Two games to go and we need help from the Lions tomorrw and for Ryan Tannehill to continue this level of play.

Thomas was a great signing by Ireland, that also has to be said, the guy really made a name for himself today and a good job because we really needed help in our secondary.

YES FECKIN YES 8-6 with 2 to go.

Go Lions !!!

Oh hell.. Here comes Montreal.. LOL!

Phins can make it now - 80% chance to playoffs.
Philbin renewed my faith with that BALLLSSY call on 4 and 5. Good double reverse, screen pass to Thomas for the TD. Shaky Special Teams play, but hey tough to beat these Boston bean-turds.

Tannehill is the worst in the league in the 4th quarter (crunch time).

Posted by: There is no future with T-Fumble | December 15, 2013 at 01:13 PM

He just had 2 winning TDs in the 4th quarter against Roethlisberger and Brady. Worst in the league? LOL!! No future? Your future is being a complete moron for the rest of your life. LOL! Idiot!!!!

One thing I hate worse than Pats Fans; that's turncoat Phins Fans.

Love it Montreal - get em' good - Respect Man.

Go Montreal! Preach it man!




Enjoy the win, pop some cheap champagne (or Schlitz) and go buy a better bottle for two weeks from now when we get the wildcard and get to stick around another two weeks. Peace brothers. G'nite

Guess we should stay quiet untill the end of the season, we have been here before and blown it so, the Moet is on ice.

Welcome to Miami Michael Thomas.... we love you !!!

I think Philbin stole that from Rivera and the Panthers.

Their call was even more ballsy but it beat us. 4th and 10 at their own 20.

I still think we need get gutsy a little earlier though. I was praying for us to go for it before the botched FG.

Would also still like to see more rollouts from Tanny. Especially on the 2nd and 3rd downs when we need 3 or 4 yards. Someone please send Sherman an e-mail!

Been a real fan since I was 3. I certainly don't need your approval. You guys have been talking trash about fans all game. When the team is sucking you should expect people to say they are sucking. When someone says something negative it's because the team is playing bad. That IS negative. I made a comment about someone praising someone (gameball thing) for dissing the fans just because some of us get upset when the team is playing poorly and feel that emotion and then say something about it. To you, one can only be a real fan if you never talk about the bad stuff, only the good stuff. Hate me if you must. But them's the facts. This was the best win in a long time. And based on the comments Pile and you were making all game, it almost feels like a baiting thing to get someone to comment... like me. Ready to be attacked. I realize you may not see it that way... and that's fine. I don't expect you to see it from anyone but your own perspective. I've been around a while here but have been mostly quiet. And I'm not one to ruffle feathers. It just struck me today, and I guess I got sucked into the controversy. I'll go back to being a more quiet observer and leave the conflict to others. Thanks.

I could watch that Int all day.... think I will.

Pats had that one in the bag too, they and their fans, will feel pain, real pain tonight and probably all week, shame.

great win by the dolphins the biggest in years finsup what's going on with nolan and brent armando are they going to be ok?

Matthews really made a beautiful catch from Thill.

Next year he will be big for us.

All the pain we endured throughout the years pays off against the team that helped with the pain and today it heals all the sounds because we beat the Pats and right now are in the playoffs. Enjoy the win my friends.

Sorry philbin and Ireland. You guys some how renewed this team with the right picks and schemes.

Lions fan tomorrow!

Buffalo is taking it to us... again..

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