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Live blog: Dolphins vs. Patriots

Are you ready for a statement game?

Are you ready for a game that will decide the different between pretender and contender?

That's the Dolphins vs. the Patriots. Today.

The Patriots have both their starting OTs active today. Both LT Nate Solder and RT Marcus Cannon are up after missing practice much of the week.

There's a live blog today.

Join me.


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Miamis offense making NE defense look like rockstars today....

Philbin gets out coached in every game. Win or lose. He sucks

Even worse than the team are the bloggers.

I can't get game streaming on radio or tv. Any links I can use guys?


Philbin, has been coached most of the season and Bill B, will school him.

Here come the refs, helping out as nornal, this is a joke.

Doode poop - lets ignore history OK??? When was the last time the fish beat that pats and let me see who was the qb and coach... today history predicts they wil be outplayed, outplayed and out of the play offs

its a penalty when we do it but not when the patriots hold right?

If we win today, it will be because of the players and despite the coaching staff.

I can not take this. This team lacks heart and killer instinct.

We look like the New Jersey Generals out here today.

now a sack PLEASE

Good hold!

Philbin needs to work the refs. I am sure that the DBs for the Pats are holding the fin receivers but the refs are not calling it. We already saw it on the throw to Mathews earlier.

Excellent defense (minus the PI). Offense must get something going here

They are covering Clay with a db. Will be up to Tannehill to take advantage.

the refs are like... "oh please can't we find a way to give this back to the patriots??"

Surprised, no roughing the Brady call. He was actually touched.

Thigpen has to go, really he is such a weak minded player and has terrible decision making.

Another drive beginning inside of our own coffin.

Everything is pointing to ne favor right now...NOT good for a team that has lost seven st8 in series....

Whining about the refs is a form of denial that your team sucks.

Should get Thomas involved again is he active?

for the love of god get a first down

Thill needs to get a rythme going, where is Hartline ? Thats his man and gets open.

Another 3 and out will keep us in the Thill nervous zone.

Go Dolphins !!!

Finally a good call!

go go run up the middle

Lets see some D Thomas !!!

go go exact play


2 1st downs....

Got to throw that away !!!

Throw the f'in ball away dude!

sheeee ite

Miller cannot pass block.

Dumb hesitating play

Blog working? On Atlanta...falcoms only game on...how do the Fins look?

They still doing that "Go Go" crap?

Sherman you f"cking idiot, please leave !!!


Tannehill holds on to the ball way too long. Look at how quickly gets rid of the ball. No wonder Tannehill gets sacked a lot.

did they know that play was coming? how could they? they always rush in that situation and the one time we try something new, they knew it?

Could pin them back now at least

good job by offense to get field back


beautiful punt, now d has to get a 3 and out

Time for interception now

You need 13 yards and you run an 11 yard route. Brilliant.

nyphin we tried something new on thigpen play and it worked

Whats the point in throwing short of the sticks again ?

Do they want to win this game ?

Fields playing at a pro bowl level. Thill is getting some line from the line.

we should just lose this game and get a better draft pick.

its obvious miamis offense is just not able to overcome the 31st rank rushing defense...lol...

Omar Kelly on twitter says that the call to run that draw on 2nd and 14 was Tannehill's not Sherman. Tannehill decided to run the ball instead of pass. It was a pass run option (according to Kelly).


Safety tee tee
Dance Dance Dance Dance

huge poss here kill him d

Horrible play calling already!

The draw on 2nd and 14 was a BS call. Sherman is a master at those.

D Thomas not on the field, we give the ball to Miller after his head injury.

omar kelly hates miami

hopefully we lose this game and get a better draft pick

Typical offensive showing thus far for the Dolphins. Absolutely no creativity. Tannehill gets sacked one first down so they run it for no gain right after that. Great play call, Sherman.

nice stop

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