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Live blog: Dolphins vs. Patriots

Are you ready for a statement game?

Are you ready for a game that will decide the different between pretender and contender?

That's the Dolphins vs. the Patriots. Today.

The Patriots have both their starting OTs active today. Both LT Nate Solder and RT Marcus Cannon are up after missing practice much of the week.

There's a live blog today.

Join me.


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Wow nice rush !!!

You just cannot get to Brady. He just makes quick reads and does not take sacks.

atta boy grimessssss solai being out could hurt

wow what a punt

it would be better to lose this game and get a better draft pick

this game is flying by

Yeah, the play calling has been horrible all year. And they DO tip off their running plays.

Dolphins getting zero pressure- especially up the middle. Gotta fix that, cuz Brady will adjust and beat this D

God, why can't we score points ever!!!! %$#@!!!!

Thigpen is an idiot. Why did he not field that punt. Thigpen let that ball bounce right past him.

tape no pressure cause dropping back with bradys quick throws for short gains

Orlando Dolphan,

Thill has to learn from Brady. Im hoping now he will being to settle, its the 2nd and he really has to get rid of it today, no more fetal position drops, as we saw earlier this year.

Where is D Thomas, Miller not strong enough for the pound game.

orlando was great punt right on the sidelines

wow this oline is so bad

That's worked for 2 drives, but Brady will shred that eventually


Call a play quickly.

Nice throw.

what a throw and catch u da man wallace

go go same exact run up the middle

Tannehill almost threw that out of bounds too lol

Did Brain Hartline make it to the game?

Nice vision and fantastic block by Thomas. Nice play.

Let's get a TD. You have to get all the points you can against Tom Brady.

clay time down here

go go same play again! what the hell?

Het let's all repeat what the announcers say so we can appear smart.

Tanne soiled himself on that sack.

unreal could cost us 3 points

OL very sieve like once again !!

Tannehill holds on to that ball way too long. He just took them out FG range.

mckinnie getting killed

Hartline wide open. Thill needs to throw it away after a couple seconds.

short by 1

go for it


Bad team do these things.

are u kidding me we dont deserve this game and philbin get some balls and go for it

unbelievable!!! This is laughable!

That's what they get for playing conservative. Dolts.

Hey let's all repeat what the announcers say so we can appear smart.

blow the chance to tie it up

philbin u pos wake up

And that's why you always go for it in that part of the field.

WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW this team is a joke, cant even get off the field goal try. Just go for it jesus

We look like The Bad News Bears out there. Would have loved to go for it right there. Fields wasn't even looking for the snap.


They F*****G SUCK! Can't even snap the ball. Another waste of a Sunday watching this pathetic bunch of losers!

OMFG....do we need any more evidence that Miami is not ready to play a game today.....

Yes failbin is a f#$king idiot!

doodle poop - should we react to that fg??? Outplayed, outcoached and out of the play offs!!

just awful start amazing philbin cant even have them ready for this big of a game

Forget about 'blowing a chance to tie it'

They should've gone for it. You don't play to tie.

Can philbin start coaching with some balls? 4th an 1 an kicks another failed field goal! Offense gets going and bham! Here comes a sack. Come on miami! Play like this game means something!!!!

This team is not ready to play. That is on Philbin. The Pats defense has been decimated by injuries and they have 3 sacks in the first half and are pitching a shut out.

Playing not to loose,

How is that Philbins fault? You guys are jokers.


Eggnew was looking for the yellow line for the 1st down but he didn't see it Eh?

Jones, stinks he joint up yet again, get rid of him and draft a FS for the Lords sake !!!

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