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Live blog: Dolphins vs. Patriots

Are you ready for a statement game?

Are you ready for a game that will decide the different between pretender and contender?

That's the Dolphins vs. the Patriots. Today.

The Patriots have both their starting OTs active today. Both LT Nate Solder and RT Marcus Cannon are up after missing practice much of the week.

There's a live blog today.

Join me.


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When you have no confidence that you can get ONE LOUSY YARD that kind of crap happens. Sherman sucks! That was QB sneak time. Brady does that regularly. Falls on his center's back and gets a yard.

not sure why i put myself through this garbage every time we play these guys. why even watch

And as soon as something goes wrong, the debacle begins.

Lol. That's awesome. Right in the face!

What's wrong with this team. They are playing like it's the first preseason game.

He almost broke Fields nose!

R u kidding me?!?!?!

This team is NOT ready to play with the ELITE TEAMS.

Statement game?
The statement is that the DAAAFINS suck.

just pathetic, you cant give the patriots an inch and yet you screw up one of the most routine plays and change the game from being 3-3 to 10-0

Philbin will never beat BB. Simple minded

Philbin is getting schooled in this game. Getting completely out coached by a team that is completely short handed. For the Pats to be pitching a shut out is embarrassing.

If the fins lose this game, kiss the playoffs goodbye!

if they go up 10-0 and get ball second half its over

I have a feeling the team and coaches are as sure that they are going to lose as we are.

dusty maybe it is better we lose for a better draft pick?

Hey Pile! Philbin is the head coach. It's his fault when the game plan sucks and they lose. You're the idiot!

Pathetic playcalling, pathetic display of offense, and bad coaching today thus far....Philbin going against a defense that allowed Jason campell to throw all over them last week, and we cant even manage a 100....

Winning or loosing this team is a JOKE¡

Pats defense ranked 31st in the league. Injuries all over the place for them and this Miami team playing at home just same old same old against this division rival. Can't even execute a chip shot fg. For all they do well in a season twice as much is done bad. Will we ever be relevant agsin

not sure why i put myself through this garbage every time we play these guys. why even watch

Posted by: dusty bottoms | December 15, 2013 at 01:56 PM

Im with u my friend. I do it to myself every weekend like an idiot

Nice face snap!

Miscommunication on a vital play and down to go level and we are all over the place.

Thats on Philbin, I'd love to have seen him show balls when we need it.

Thill settled a bit, but his coach has him under the bus from a protection standpoint.

Come on D turnover now !!!

sad but true alex, i didnt expect to win game but iexpected a better showing

I was cautiously optimistic going into this game, but this is just unacceptable ...

doesn't take much to out coach coach go = pass,
go go = run

How is it failbins fault? Easy pile, he is the hc and he is making the dumbass calls.

Fools the score is 3-0, not 27-0. Stop acting like nervous grandmothers.

Using timeouts, I guess we are shooting for 17-0 or 13-0?

This could be 24 to 7 easily

Posted by: Pile | December 15, 2013 at 02:00 PM

the way were playing on offense thus far..it might as well be....

Not ONE penalty on the Patsies yet!

I'll give Belicheat credit. All the injuries and he adjusts by shortening the game. That's called COACHING!

Maybe the Fins are playing their no score second half in the first.

Pile, get real. It's only a matter of time.

so pathetic, man i hate this bs every year

I said this morning that this game will show weather we have earned our place in the playoffs or weather we are impostors. II don't think we are ready to play with the big boys.

I know its a 60 minute game but we've laid an egg so far. Gotta have a stop here.

Puzzling thing is Pats o not really beat us. We just seem to save them some of our worst games of the season.

Getting a late start today.
Ross' brown eye was more in need of attention than most days.

If our players had your pathetic wimpy attitudes we'd be 0-16 every season.

The game will be decided on what happens on this drive and what the D does when NE gets the ball to start the 2nd half. Plus the offense needs to get hot.

WTF are they thinking here????? lets give the patriots more time to score and less for an anemic offense to go three and out????

If the Dolphins lose this game, they can start making their offseason plans. No way that the Ravens will lose 2 of their next 3 games.

Oh well if we do end up losing, at least we will have a chance to have a winning season if we beat the Bills and Jets. 9-7 here we come.

Our defense has definitely given us a chance. But they need to hold them to a field goal here. That will definitely sit in their minds all halftime.

Where's all those eternally optimistic fans that were so excited when we barely beat a crappy Pittsburgh team? Where's Odinseye and Geometry? Phucking losers. Told you not to get your hopes up. Phins will inevitably phuc it up.

Philbin, not the guy for this team

Fans that are happy with 7-6 have to look long and hard at loses to Bill, Ravens, Bucs and Panthers.

Philbins players are good enough to be at least 9-4 at this stage, he and his buddy sherman have put the handcuffs on these players.

Ok keep Thill and get rid of Philbin, he will be here of course for another 2 years before we move on. This is Ross's team and we loves how Philbin has gone 14-15 with Bullygate.

u mean all of that ddw? lol

It's good the bloggers here weren't drafted in WWII, we'd all be speaking German by now.

Whatever amount of bad games we have in us during the season, we aways save 2 for the Pats.

Bellichik's no genius, this team fears winning against him. We see ghost that aren't even there.

miss yes

Tannehill is not the QB of the future. Better start praying for Winston.

false orlando balt just as bad as we are. no chance they win more than one of those games. but if we play like this is it worth it

Posted by: Pile | December 15, 2013 at 02:03 PM

and if they had your optimism every year, we would be would happy with 7-9 EVERY YEAR!!!

How depressing

where is doodle poop - NICE 10 point swing and history tell us how good FAILbin is a 1/2 time adjusments, but lets not over react and ignore the history of blowfish incompetence.... outplayed, outcoached and out of the payoffs!!

Wheeler again, gets beat by a third string TE.

i agree marco, philbin sucks. but i get called names if i say that. give me a new gm and coach please

And it will require Philbin and coaches to put coach the NE coaches

Pat scrubs > Dolphin starters

Wow 10-0 at home, in game where you need a win. This game is over!

Way to go Superphin hahaha

So glad we are taking advantage of the heat in the home Field.

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