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Live blog: Dolphins vs. Patriots

Are you ready for a statement game?

Are you ready for a game that will decide the different between pretender and contender?

That's the Dolphins vs. the Patriots. Today.

The Patriots have both their starting OTs active today. Both LT Nate Solder and RT Marcus Cannon are up after missing practice much of the week.

There's a live blog today.

Join me.


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Hey wheeler turn around and maybe you get an int.

orlando we are a horrible home team, this cant be shocking to u

it just occurred to me that if we lose this game we will get a better draft pick.

Maybe next decade guys. Final score 24-0. Sad and pathetic.

We might not score a point today lol

so glad we called those timeouts..LMAO!!!

Against the Pats, we always seem a step slow or step off target to making a defining play.

This team at out plays "NOT LOSE" against the Pats, therefore forgetting how to play to win.

what horrible defense, how do you let that fat piece of garbage catch that? ofcourse we cant sack brady either

At least Ireland and Sherman will gone. We screwed up our draft position with those last two wins though.

Again, just enough to keep their jobs and the team mired in mediocrity. Mr. Ross, please sell the team to someone that cares.


Philbin is general Haig, sending his men to the death, by total lack of balls or brains.

We need a score here for sure. WE're not good enough against a team witha great coach.

Wheeler is a joke. Waste of money.

Glad I waited the whole week for this game!

And why is Thigpen still returning kicks? He's done......nothing.

Last meeting fins shut out in 2nd half, so now full game against one of leagues worst defenses and ZERO points !!!!

We need to get a new kick returner. Right now Thigpen is just occupying a roster spot.

We are eagerly awaiting Coach Philbin's rousing half time concession speech.

Say what you will, deepinside this team does not believe it can be the Pats.

The Pats are in our heads BIG TIME!

this is a disaster pats gonna be up 13-0 at half now ballgame

Dolphins give you false hope against weak teams, this is what happens when they a really good team.

Thill shows, why he is the worst deep ball QB in the NFL ,he is struggling to get short passes.

If we don't convert here, pats will likely score afain

ok. no response. not ready for next step.

Where is Breeze? You know the dumb loser that told us Belichek couldn't take Clay out of the game.

Wow Brady is going to have time to put up more points.

17-0 looking likely, the Pats get ball at 2nd half so that's 24-0.

Dear Mr.Ross,

Please please fire everybody I'm this miami's FO? Philbin A.K.A Mr. Conservative needs to go back where he came from........

man simms loves thill

Every year the same crap can we please get a team so that I can watch football instead of watching this team lose every single year.

Hahaha Sherman's Brown Tongue. Thats gangsta! Tannehill looking like his normal salf again.

I cannot believe he missed him.

that would a benn a TD

it would not have been a TD

No sacks Tannehill. They need to get some points here.

Tannefail, Phailbin and Loss. What a combination.

Uh Oh, Tannehill playing well. The losers here get quiet. Maybe they were wrong? Of course!

def wouldnt of been a td u have to find points here

Why do I feel this will end in ZERO points?

by far the most quiet stadium on every play either way

No field goals on this drive, for Christ's sake! Go for it if it gets to 4th down.

Tannehill throws picks just watch.

otay what evvs

Why can we all of a sudden move the ball when we're losing? Because now Sherman needs to come out of his shell and let Tannehill throw the ball. They aren't going to put up any numbers running the ball.

need to get a first here

Why go deep, we need the short stuff ?

Thill cant do this yet.

Hartline open forest 1at down


Hahaha suckers]

There we go!

did not expect that


Wow!!! Look what happens when you throw the ball.

Wallace speed too funny!

Where are the losers now?

Yes TD!! Nice job of picking up the blitz. Way to make them pay!

wallace da man now coach here do not let pats go get a fg

Terrible call LOL... don't you all feel as foolish as you look in the mirror now?


Yes, nice short pass and the Thill on the money short.

I said he would settle in the second.

Now the D and ST, just have to hold on till 2nd half.

Thank you Jesus!! Back in this football game!!

Tannehill's got GAME.

He doesn't RATTLE.

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