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Live blog: Dolphins vs. Patriots

Are you ready for a statement game?

Are you ready for a game that will decide the different between pretender and contender?

That's the Dolphins vs. the Patriots. Today.

The Patriots have both their starting OTs active today. Both LT Nate Solder and RT Marcus Cannon are up after missing practice much of the week.

There's a live blog today.

Join me.


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If I ever had an doubt football is a mental game it's confirmed after watching the fins play the pats today. This team knows the pats will win no matter who's on the field.

I hope it's not too little too late!!!

people keep talking trash about T Hill and he continues to step and make huge plays after a misfire to hartline.

this will be an interesting 32 secs unless bellicheat sits on ball like he seems to do a lot lately

Pile I'm just sick of the team playing scared against the Pats. Finally something GOOD.

Hopefully that wakes this team up!


You stupid boy !!!

Pile, you're a Pile of S^&* lol jk, but seriously....

Bout time! Nice move by wallace. Nice drive by the offense.

Holy sh*t a score, ill give some credit to tannehill on that one....nice throw

Marquise Cole is a scrub.

How bout that play ya whiney B*tches

wow thill having huge day

THe only negative thing about that play is that it might have prevented some of you from committing suicide at half time!

left them too much time. Brady only needs like 2 seconds.

i'm a fan only when it's convenient.

Here's he d playing like a half or game is over again. Sick of this defense doing this./

thank u bellicheat

hilarious that was actually funny pile,lol

We're still alive. Coaches need to come up with a plan for 2nd half and we can still win this thing

yea that was good Pile

Geez they make one good play in the entire half and some of you want to ignore that we are still playing catchup in a game at home that means a ton against an opponent who is without 800 starters lol

The team woke up. I see a very different second half coming up, hopefully in our favor.

There is still 2 quarters left to be played. Don' t get ahead of yourselves.

Hopefully this time the coaches will make the proper adjustments and turn the table on NE

I just hope that botched fg doesn't come back to hurt Miami. Let's see if coyle and philbin come up with adjustments to stop the pats short passing.

Does Philbin come out with a new game plan for 2nd half?

M.A.S.H Unit 10 Fins 7

Posted by: Pile | December 15, 2013 at 02:14 PM

Shut the hell up, whats worse than ppl like you are people that always show up when something good happens , run their mouth and when something bad happens ur gone Miami has overall played like crap barring that last drive, open your eyes to whats happening on the field buddy!!!

D needs to step and let us have the ball for over two minutes each quarter

they should swap the Go and the GO Go. that would be genius.

Thill will play well in the 3rd, thats his quarter this year.

Pats DB's look terrible and they are therre to be picked on. Hartline was open by a mile and will get open in the second.

Now its on the adjustments made by the coaches. Wallace is getting open, as is Hertline. D Thomas should be used more in the 2nd half.

Brady being able to set up in the pocket on the Pats TD, to easily beat Wheeler, get Jordan on the field for The Lords sake, he is the man to get Brady and hurt him bad.

The Dolphins now have the momentum going into the second half. The biggest question now is can the Dolphins coaching staff make better adjustments than Belicheck.

You really have to favor Brady in a close game against Tannehill. This is a defining game for Philbin and Tannehill. They need to be able to beat Brady and Belicheck today at home and with a short handed team.

one things for certain, they better find a way to pressure brady in the pocket, too much time to throw, and patriots running game is something Miami needs to be concerned about in the 2nd half.....


Miami has this no panic

Let's see if the referrees do their usual job in the 2nd half helping NE to win the game.
If they dont, the Dolphins should win. But, very often they also manage to do everything to lose when the referees are fair. Hope Philbin shows some character this time.

OD I believe MOMENTUM as yet to be determined. D must stop this 1st possession of 2nd half by Brady.

Then we have chance to seize MOMENTUM our 1st drive of the 2nd half.

Pile is a fair weather blogger.

Thats OK Pile, we all want the Dolphins to win, but lets hear you being objective and balanced for a change.

I never heard you on the Thill miss to Hartline ?

Private Pile is a Dads Army fans, a young Limey watching the Dolphins, ha ha.

Good Luck Pile !!!

Dolphins to get a turnover or two from Brady and Thill is now more settled. We should be in this one till the end and take it with a win.

Go Dolphins.

superPhin...a bit touchy today? what is so Super about a blogger who get's miserable so easily? Maybe change your name to WimpyPhin?


i know pats run d sucks but i think its time to take diapers off thill and let him win this game with his arm. hes got 170 yards already


aaarrrrggg let's try again..

course our d has to step up first

Marco you are about as objective as a nun in a whorehouse.

Brady's reading our blitzes like abed time story to his kids.

Pats will fumble on this drive, we have to go for the strip !!!

huge third down

can we get a 3?

Nolan Carrol is hurt. Will Davis in the game. Yikes!

Like I said, "What MO"?

Defense is awful

nobody in stands, no noise at all so sad


Ok mate you win.

hold them here and its only 13-7

OK let's hold them to a FG here.

I see very little discipline with our pass rush. Many times we get in our own way on the pass rush.

We really need a more experienced DC.

agree sam we havent touched brady


hugeeeeeeeeeeeeeee great field pos

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