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Live blog: Dolphins hope to make playoff reach

Tell me before kickoff ... Will the Dolphins show up today?

Will coach Joe Philbin have them well motivated to the point they play fast and jump on the Jets?

(Peanut Gallery: But Mando, if they can't get motivated for a big game like this, when can they? They don't need the coach motivating them.)

Dear Gallery, did you catch the Buffalo game last week?

Have you seen this franchise's recent history?

The Jets have not won consecutive games this year. They won last week. Just saying.

The inactives for the Dolphins today are: Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Will Davis, Jalil Brown, Danny Watkins, David Arkin and A.J. Francis.


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Suggestion for this week's poll: Which performance by a So. Florida "football team" was the most disgraceful?

1. Miami Dolphins vs Buffalo
2. Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets
3. Miami Hurricanes vs Louisville in the NobodyCares.com Bowl

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7:8 points to quarter ratio.

Yes, indeed, Franchise QB numbers if I ever so them.

I haven't gone to a fins game in years, and I won't until competent management is installed vs. nepotism and retiree halfway house residents.

Have a great New Year everyone....end to another disappointing season....

how many of our draft picks taken in the first 3 rounds have contributed at all this season .. explain that Ireland

Jpao...thill cant throw the deep ball...its been two years. Any qb that could would of had a pro bowl year this year with the way Wallace was blowing by the defense game after game. You can rely on thill but not me...johhny football.

I wouldn't give up on Tanehill yet either. But Philbin, Sherman and Coyle... goodbye.
If the cadence issue is due to Tannehill, then he should go too. Have to wonder which coach or player is at fault for the cadence being exactly the same all season long.
I think TH can can get his timing and deep ball accuracy issues fixed in the off season with some serious practice.

Well, I don't want to say I told you so, but I told you so.

Thill really regresses badly after a small turnaround. Iam now 40% to believe that Thill is our guy.

The coaches are equally as pathetic. Philbin pretty much put his loyalty to his friend over the loyalty to this team.

Sherman put his loyalty to a poor QB, with horrible instincts, arm and deep ball on his Thill Texas AM QB.

I attacked Beck and was right, I attacked Henne and was proved right. I attacked Thill and have been proved right.

The Bill A's and the MIT's followed all these guys and gave them the crown. Pathetic effort from the Dolphins coaches and the QB. What more do you D1cks need to see ?

Where r u mark in T.O.?!?!?!?! why u hiding? Or maybe ur jus disgusted in tanne's performance today? Yeah I'm calling u out and everybody else who likes to suck on nuts coz myself and everybody else said that tanne ain't the answer...... We need to draft a QB! No team will succeed with a "YES MAN" attitude...... What a F***in robot tanne is.....

I wonder how many teams in the history of the NFL have started the season 3-0 and not made the playoffs......?

Just another black eye infamous stat that this team can have to be proud of.......

i was not for this before but this coaching staff needs to be FIRED!!!
they make tony s look like a risk taker!!!
where is the uptempo offense we've been promised from day one with this spineless coach???

ireland should be gone too but philbin is worse than ireland by far!!!!

Good Lord, thank you. The torture is over.
If you think that this team will improve next year, you're wrong, and delusional. Somehow the Dolphins managed to win 8 games, which get us fooled again. They should be 3-13, no more than that. This franchise is a compete mess. It's rotten top to bottom.

3RD PLACE IN THE DIVISION bwhahahahahahahaha

I really wanted to see another 62-7.



The kicker ?

Hartline torn ACL, will miss 2014, WQAM reported.

Philbin's teams: 1. Leave the least litter and 2. Have highest % of shoes always tied.

Keep him.

Another very disappointing season,this one really stings.At least there will be some new coaches,I hope.

Need a New owner, GM, Head Coach, and QB, nothing has changed.

oh well I guess we'll just have to wait to hear the lame a*s excuses from our lame a*s coaches on why they couldn't beat 2 bad teams to get into the playoffs ... the only way I have respect for Ross at this point is if he steps up to the post-game podium and tells us that the GM and entire coaching staff is gone

If there is one consolation that might be given to us after this season it is that we may actually be rid of the tick that is Jeff Ireland.

You know it's really bad when coaching is WORSE than Ireland

Don't want tannehill unless a back up mayb. All coaches got to go. Thigpen, carrol miller, ellerbe, wheeler, wilson, Dan thomas, most of the o line.
haha GO MIAMI still. Lol

Bills and Jets with soph QBs EJ and Geno should ensure Fins of 4th place finish in 2014

73 percent of teams that start 3-0 make the playoffs.
Thank fully will still have 1972!!!

I hate you.

Posted by: whiner | December 29, 2013 at 04:06 PM

We wasted 5 years on Henne and could see he was crap after 2 years aas the starter.

Keep Thill, because no-one would trade for him, that says it all. Bring in Cutler, McCown, Schaub, TeddY B, someone who can make plays throw lead for Petes sake.

Look Thill is about the 27th ranked QB in the league and those wimpering B1tches.

Wonder if Shula still thinks Philbin is the man ?

Wonder if Marino still thinks Thill is the man ?



The offseason ain't gonna help Tannehill. He carries himself like a kid playing a video game on the field. He strikes fear in no one. Now, if we had a real running game, he would be OK. But just OK. He is nothing special, and is only here because his FIRED COLLEGE HEAD COACH talked Miami into picking him.

I am absolutely correct on this. Do not question me.

Why hate Ross? He just puts up money for players... it's these sorry coaches that cannot get it done.

Nice holiday lump of manure. Mr. Ross.

Tannehill runs one time!!! ONE TIME!!!

That 4 inches to Charles Clay was the worst call of the year!!!! A NON RUNNING TAKING THE BALL TO RIGHT SIDE.


i don't think tannehill was the reason for today's loss. it was the coaches. tannehill made two big errors.. overthrowing wallace and not running for that 1st down. don't freakin' slide!!!! last 2 int's were in slop time and wallace fell down on the 1st pick. mathews dropped a big gainer. that hurt.

but the coaching staff is a MUCH bigger problem than the players!!! gutless!!! vanilla!!!! fire all of them. bring in a uy willing to go for it!!!

i'd rather lose while actually taking risks than playing for the last possession. we had that with sporana and now again with philbin!!!!

I tell you what I'm going to do from now on. I'm going to stop worrying about if Tanny is for real, or Ellerbe, or Carroll, or Miller, or whoever.

I'm gonna stop saying we need this or we need that. I just hope we would hire someone that has the pedigree of being a winner where we don't question his moves.

What ya going to Ross... give out bonuses and contract extensions. This team and roster needs a do over.

Dolphins quit when it matter the most…Philbin needs to go and Ireland,,Bring Jim Mora and promote Brian Gaines to GM.

But Ross has no clue

Earl at 4:03 you too emotional and unrealistic, I see alot of pissed off fans venting here that is all. Changes will be made starting with Ireland being let go. If you can't see what is really going on here you don't know JACK about football.

Ireland keeps his job, he's going nowhere.

Get that out of your heads.

Ireland stays.

This team is Sterile.

The big question is who would really want to come to miami. Their are going to be a ton of opening so you are going to get probably fourth or fifth best available coach.

Philbin probably has to readjust staff. But No one wants to work for Ireland and Ross.

I think I would offer Norv Turner the head coaching spot and try to get Bates back as DC. Gruden and Shula would be my second option that probably would never happen.

The talent is on this team. Fix O-line and buy a proven RB and go to work. Philbin probably needs to go but I think we are in it for the long haul. Sigh.....

And Rossputs up the money for the douch bag coaches

To be truthful...they were really not a good team this year...couple of 3 game win streaks but just not a really good overall team...average at best. hopefully we get rid of a few coaches, players....can't blame ross unless he keeps Ireland. Maybe we'll trade up to number 3 again and draft a player who can't even see the field.

All the Dolphins had to do was win one of their two final games and they would have been in the playoffs.

Instead, they scored 1 TD in 8 quarters.

Fins are still an average team. 8-8 says it all.

Fins changes required.
1) an o-line (been trying to build on for years and still below average)
2) a RB (Miller, Thomas and the rest don't have IT)
3) a QB - T-hill needs to have some competition next year
4) The defense needs to go back to the 3-4

Richard simmons could have coached a better game

Soft players with Noooo stones, An idiot GM , who moved up to the 3rd overall pick to pick a nobody that has done nothing and a polite coach...This team with these parts are headed nowhere ever, End of story!

Ross make the changes this club needs.

Bad axe,
Changes can be made buy hitting Ross in the wallet

Well guys as I've said the other day and I will say it again. Ireland has done nothing to show this team is any better than it has been in the past few season. His personnel decisions have been spotty and failures. Eller be and wheeler. Guys coaching is an attitude and emotion. Look at Rex today and look at philbin. Who had their players ready to play?. Wasn't the guys in white.

We have seen the ceiling in how far this regime can take this team. It isn't good enough and changes need to happen. Colossal failure today and last week

Please rename team to South Florida Sea Cows and move to W Palm. Thank you.

Complete Joke top to bottom..... Can Mark Cubn come buy this team??????? Please!!!!!!!

The Dolphins have more problems to address than QB.

First and foremost the front office and management is a joke!!
Case in point...passed on Drew Brees for Culpepper and Pennington. Wes Welker, Brandon Marshall, and Reggie Bush no longer in Dolphins uniforms. Not Sean Payton, not Rex Ryan, not Pete Carroll, not Jim Harbaugh, but rather a long list of average at best head coaches and coordinators. That's on management (or lack thereof)!!

No OL. No running game (see no OL). No QB (see no OL). A locker room that lacks guts and heart and can't beat the Bills or Jets in must win situations when they got the help they needed from Cincy (see no OL). And the most overrated overpaid WR in history.

Ross has zero credibility and Ireland is a clown!! As long as they are the leaders this is what the Dolphins will continue to be...average coaching, inconsistent play, lacking heart, and hard to root for!!

Sad for Wallace. Only guy on the team with heart, and he is stuck with this. Ross's credibility is indeed on the line. If Ireland isn't replaced now, while we have great cap space for next year, the eventual next GM will be saddled with more duds and no cap space to maneuver.

In order of action items for Ross:

1. Fire the GM tonight
2. Fire Head coach and rest of the coaching staff Monday PM. I'm not heartless give them some time to say their good byes.
3. Hire Mike Shula as head coach after Carolina makes their superbowl run.

There is an action item 2.5 not sure who I would select as the new GM but the new person needs to be in place ASAP so we can look for a starting QB. Tannehill at most a top tier backup.

Wonder if Nat Moore would be interested in the GM job? They also need a Football CEO to manage the Football Operations and Business side who reports directly to Ross. Marino comes to mind (see Elway @ Denver).

Fans know already what to do. Go to the Dolphins headquarters and demonstrate our anger. We deserve to be refunded all the tickets, souvenirs and most of all, the time that we wasted watching play this heartless and awfully coached team.
I need an antibiotic, my stomach hurst so much, I cannot stop the vomit. I ate Ross product.

Well said Tim.

Days like today remind me that. The year that andrew luck and RG3 came out. We where sold on the fact that we would end up with Peyton Manning and the back up plan was either of them given that we where 0-8 at the time...........

turn the clock two years later. we draft a wide reciever due to the relationship that he had with our OC who happens to not be that good when he is not riding the coat tails of brett favre.......

The talking heads have it right. "if you dont have a quarterback than you are just wasting your time"

How can anyone say that tanehill has shown anything?

Since that bum came into the league we have a sample size of other quarterbacks that have progressed more than him:

Andrew Luck playoff as rookie
RG3 play off as rookie
Russell Wilson playoff as rookie
Geno Smith 8-8 first season

every year is the same stuff, we end the year with no hope and sadness for the next year.

What is there to look forward to for next year?

-our 60 mil wide reciever diva with no heart?
-our incumbent 3rd year qb that has made little no progress?
-our offensive line debacle (oh yeah pouncey made the pro bowl)
-Dion Jordan.......?

maybe it is matthew thomas, what an awesome story but still indicitave of the sad mess of a team that I am a desgusted fan of.

Great story of more descriptive that a guy that could not get on the field for the 9ers could make a play to win a game that no body on our team could (a side from brent grimes)

hate this feeling, but shoot i sould be use to it.

we are pathetic and sad franchise, with out the wild cat gimic we would have had literally nothing to root for since Dan the Man Marino.

I wonder what the committee comes up with after the last two games where they only visited the Red Zone one time in two entire games.
Ross they will tell you what you want to hear especially if you pay them.
I bet Ross stays status quo and prospective season ticket buyers keep their money in their pocket.

My Brother Jeff Ireland and the coaching staff stink more than I do

Wallace is a complete waste.....games 1-16.....Austin, Patterson or Allen....We moved up for a kid who plays 10-15 plays a game....Enough said..... I am done. Ross you POS loser.......Worst owner in Miami history!!!!!!

mike matthews @ 4:18 I totally agree with you on that one, very good point.

This season was a complete failure. After all that money spent on FA in the off season, to finish 3rd in a bad division and a losing record within that bad division.
Ireland has to go. The almost complete lack of contributions by this year's rookie class was the most glaring thing this year.
Jordan - invisible again - a total bust so far.
Odrick - disappeared towards the end of the season.
Tannehill - forget it, he'll never lead this team to the SB.
Wheeler - horrible FA signing.
Ellerbe - another bad FA signing, he is not MLB material.
Miller - really only a 3rd down back.
Thomas - really only a zero down back.
Egnew - bust
JMartin - worst 2nd rd bust in NFL history.
The list goes on and on. But I think Ross is too much a football idiot to get rid of him.
Coaching Staff - failed this year.

Now the Jets are bringing Rex back. I hate the guy but wouldn't it be nice to have a coach with some fire ad the desire to win like he has.

A coach who builds some camaraderie with his players.

All he Philbin,and Sherman talk about is character. Well I don't think your going to win anything with a bunch of choir boys. Ireland has been talking that crap for six years. This is football for petes sakes.

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