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Live blog: Dolphins hope to make playoff reach

Tell me before kickoff ... Will the Dolphins show up today?

Will coach Joe Philbin have them well motivated to the point they play fast and jump on the Jets?

(Peanut Gallery: But Mando, if they can't get motivated for a big game like this, when can they? They don't need the coach motivating them.)

Dear Gallery, did you catch the Buffalo game last week?

Have you seen this franchise's recent history?

The Jets have not won consecutive games this year. They won last week. Just saying.

The inactives for the Dolphins today are: Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Will Davis, Jalil Brown, Danny Watkins, David Arkin and A.J. Francis.


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Basically we are the Joke of the NFL......period. Cant expect anythin more if same coaching staff is back...

my dad said my high school team could beat the Dolphins

Philbin couldn't motivate a Mollusk.

Its not even about the guys that he did not get signed our draft. What about the guys that we got rid of?

B Marshall

Please tell me that elerbee, weaver, keller (i know he got hurt), and wallace have been better choices to keep around..........

Dont worry i'll wait......

Jimmie Brown,

You overestimate Ross two-digit IQ. Ross is unable to do not even half of the things that you propose. Nice try though !

coaches coach, players execute on the field and are responsible for their intensity not coaches, what I see is a lack of execution on a consistent basis, that's putting as nicely as I can.

How can we use social media to create a boycott until something is done to create a change for the better

Dion Jordan - 2 solo tackles
hardly gets in game even being a #3 pick

T-hill - 42.1 QB Rating
50% completion rate
still waiting to see if this is it for his upside

a-b-H-S-T @ 4:26, your entire HS football team would be in the emergency room after 2 mins. That's just ridiculous.

Posted by: Kent " bad axe " Baxter | December 29, 2013 at 04:38 PM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/12/live-blog-dolpins-make-playoff-reach/comments/page/20/#comments#storylink=cpyBad Axe, my dad is smart, he is right. My sister's softball team could beat the Dolphins. My point is "The Dolphins are a joke"

Bad Axe,
my dad is smart, he is right. My sister's softball team could beat the Dolphins. My point is "The Dolphins are a joke"

my dad hates dumb QB's(THill)

Thanks mike matthews

Teams become the attitude and demeanor of their head coach. The Dolphins lack that killer instinct and confidence and us against the world and to hell with all naysayers mentality because Philbin lacks it as well.

Just once wouldn't you like to see Philbin bow up and have some fire about him?!
We never get any Dennis Greene "We are who we thought they were and we let em off the hook!! You wanna crown em then crown their ass!!"
We never get any Jim Mora "we couldn't do squat! We couldn't do diddly poo! Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?!!!"
We never get any Mike Ditka "what do you wanna know?! It's none of your business who the starter is. Next?! You wanna know about injuries talk to the trainer! Next?! If you were 2 and 7 you'd be pissed off too! Next?!"

Instead what we get is typical Joe Philbin coach speak blah blah Charlie Brown's teacher crap and that's why we get the same thing out of the players on the field!! Those other coaches were passionate and their teams played that way. Joe Philbin is mundane and tiresome and lacks attitude and so do his players. Teams become their head coach.

Two words ... "Johnny Football". Sell the Farm, if that's what it takes!

To all you Tanehill lovers , two easy touch downs missed if he`d made the first one to Hartline he`d of never been injured, no pressure on either throw the guy is not NFL started PERIOD Moore is the best QB we had

I've been a Dolphins fan for 43 years. These last two games along with this entire season and the current pathetic state of the Miami Dolphins franchise have solidified my decision to terminate my annual DirectTV NFL Ticket renewal and most likely give up watching this team and the NFL. The Dolphins have been such a disappointment for so long that I have really begun to lose interest in the team and NFL football altogether. I'm tired of wasting my time on this team. At least I still have College football ... and I'm almost certain that my Gators will be back, which is more hope than I have for the Fins!

Another mediocre season ... another mediocre draft position. Hummm ... seem like Déjà Vu!

ive been one since 72 season myself , used to have season Tickets and stay at Shula`s Hotel in Miami Lakes , they were great times , he put on an amazing Sunday brunch buffet before game, and then we all got on buses that took us to stadium, and we had a coach that motivated the team ,and a QB that could thread the needle from 70 yards out , make Jet defenders run into each other while Duper or Clayton headed into the end zone, now we got clueless owner , retard for a GM , a Head coach with all the fire of a Lima bean, and an Offensive Coordinator that is a total idiot ,isn t fit for pee wee league, and a QB that can t hit a pass longer then 20 yds , my whole room here is Dolphins signed Masrino and Shula and Dwight Stephenson and Richmond Webb and Jason Taylor and Zack Thomas signed items , photos blown up of the glory days , its all coming down ,I`m done , just can `t take it anymore, if things were going to change it`d be different, but they will do the same with this bum as Henne , five years of mediocrity before they admit their mistake, no one worth a shit coach or play for Ireland , and Ross is too old and stupid to see it , so that`s it , no more destroying my Sunday`s , ruining my my holidays, not until someone with a clue owns and manages and coaches this team , jires a real talent scout , gets us talent that doesn t fold at the end of every season, just canm t do it no more

Big 2014 cap space = pull the trigger on gm/coach now, ross

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