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Live blog: Dolphins hope to make playoff reach

Tell me before kickoff ... Will the Dolphins show up today?

Will coach Joe Philbin have them well motivated to the point they play fast and jump on the Jets?

(Peanut Gallery: But Mando, if they can't get motivated for a big game like this, when can they? They don't need the coach motivating them.)

Dear Gallery, did you catch the Buffalo game last week?

Have you seen this franchise's recent history?

The Jets have not won consecutive games this year. They won last week. Just saying.

The inactives for the Dolphins today are: Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Will Davis, Jalil Brown, Danny Watkins, David Arkin and A.J. Francis.


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How about a QB draw?




Yes !!!!!!

yes, TD! We are headed to the playoffs. I don't care if we get killed!


Eat that Thill haters!

Whew!! There we go!! And go Bengals!!

Ball right on target. Wallace must have run the wrong route.


Truth, do you comment when Tanne makes a good play or only when he makes a bad play?

Rhetorical question.

Great drive. Tannehill getting the ball out quicker than he has done all year. Thats what we'vve all been looking for.

They are too busy eating it #8...

Tanny made that happen!! He has been really pro-active today. At first, I thought hew was getting too involved and losing focus on his throws. Obviously he is on point now.
Hopefully, next year he can get things going in the 1st quarter, put pressure on the other team for a change.

Now we need the D to keep playing. Don't need the usual softening after we score. Lets go Wake and company!!

OD, hope you are right, brother.

Tannehill is the real deal.

Now the biggest concern is Hartline. Specially for next year. We were headed into next season with a great receiving unit. This changes everything for next year.

Get him an Oline and Thill will get us to the playoffs regularly...

To all the tanny lovers ,imagine if we had a qb that was more acurate

Now ... will the defense show up?

Yeah imagine if the Hulk was our running back...

,imagine if we had a qb that was more acurate

Posted by: Barron | December 29, 2013 at 01:48 PM

Imagine if we had bloggers that weren't miserable with their lives.


Would you still rather have Geno Smith over Tannehill?

Posted by: Powhitetrash | December 29, 2013 at 01:46 PM

Tannehill has great rating in the 2nd and the 3rd he plays at a top 10 level, as you say IMa he needs to work on that next year..

Now the D needs to hold. Its a pattern we have to break giving up a TD straight away.

Jones terrible season continues.

Nice drive by THill....Need defense to hold now.....stopping the run is critical....especially Geno

Here here Lennon

Right on cue giving up yards in chunks.

Teams run on the fins when Vernon is in the game. Vernon needs to improve in that area of his game.

Fins got a good spot, I thought

Stuffed em!!!!


Well ... you could blow me over with a butterfly wing in S. America ... I didn't anticipate our D making THAT stand.

Nice stand D !!!

That's what I'm talking about Misi and Odrick!!

Where are those that say Misi = bust?

Great stop. Bad call, good for us. Brady makes those 3 inches. You have a former all pro center in Mangold, and you don't go QB sneak?
]That's just dumb. (IMO)


Thill is a 2nd year QB...

3rd year will be the charm...

especially if we get an Oline...

Dis team is Fo REAL!

Ever notice how many times our RB's are arm tackled? The Dolphins need to look for a RB in the offseason just for that reason alone.

Best run stop short of the season.

Thogpen has not been challenged by anyone all season long as a return man. We have no-one else out there, who is the next man up, Matthews ?

3 years for QB and WR development..

Now if Sherman can just REMEMBER what just worked

Love my life dude,just dont believe in tannybust.......Aaron murray is a qb fins should draft

Trouble is, he doesn't all too often

Their Dline is not the Bills line..

Tanny under center was working. The quick stuff. Sherman is a problem

Wow Thill was as shocked as we were on that pocket


Hennehill cannot hit a deep pass.

At least he OVERTHREW Wallace this time. I'll take that vs the continual UNDERTHROWS!

But he usually UNDERTHROWS him....geez

Wow, he just missed him. Tannehill needs to work on that with Wallace next year.

Agree IMA.

At least Thill over threw him..

We are a better team. This game is a win.

This offseason ... Tannehill should move next door to Wallace and they should practice that deep ball 3 hours a day ... EVERY FREAKING DAY!

Bad offensive series there - they need to go with their high probability plays. Matthews is a stud - and c'mon Sherman get Clay in there churning!

Wallace may have slowed a gear expecting another underthrow. I'll bet my shorts on that.

Will they ever hit one of those long throws? Lord!

I can't blame Wallace anymore. 6 points left on the field. It HAS to be mental, no one as good as Tanny can be so incompetent so consistently on those long throws.
Reminds me of when the Dodgers 2nd baseman couldn't maker a throw to first, the entire season. Same with Rick Ankiel.

Agree zaphod...

Sorry but Hennehill fu$king sucks! This loser cannot hit wide open receivers. Start looking for a real NFL qb asap!

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