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Live blog: Dolphins hope to make playoff reach

Tell me before kickoff ... Will the Dolphins show up today?

Will coach Joe Philbin have them well motivated to the point they play fast and jump on the Jets?

(Peanut Gallery: But Mando, if they can't get motivated for a big game like this, when can they? They don't need the coach motivating them.)

Dear Gallery, did you catch the Buffalo game last week?

Have you seen this franchise's recent history?

The Jets have not won consecutive games this year. They won last week. Just saying.

The inactives for the Dolphins today are: Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Will Davis, Jalil Brown, Danny Watkins, David Arkin and A.J. Francis.


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Kong ... I admire your optimism ... but we're all Dolphins fans her ... we're accustomed to catastrophic disappointment.

Hennehill is about the worst long pass QB in the league.

Thill did not see Miller open before - got appreciate desire to sling it . Thill once he gets on sync with long ball - watch out !

Well it wasn't under thrown. Keeping going there. Gotta connect at some point.

Terrible news! Brian Hartline is out for the season according to Omar Kelly. The reports are that the knee popped on the sideline, that indicates a torn ACL.

I think that they can beat the Jets without Hartline but they cannot go far in the playoffs without Hartline. I hope Hartline is back for the begging of next season. SMH

He shouldn't be under thrown or over thrown those passes

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 29, 2013 at 01:57 PM

I'll take neither, why not go for on target. Tannehill on those last two plays had a clear running lane and whiffed on that and then he again blows a wide open Wallace, this should be at least 14-0. Thats unacceptable when the season is on the line. RT is really far away from being a lock at franchise QB, those are the money throws you have to make.

Wallace would have had the best year of his career had not been for Thill

Go away Scott

no one as good as tanny...lol. hes average

Zaphod…LOL, and +1.

Smith getting hot...

Here comes the defense we all know and love ...

Is the defense getting that "We are getting sleepy" look?

Sitting back in zone - c'mon Coyle - pass rush man to man

Terrible News. Looks the Jets may score.

Were are our LBs...

Olrando, the idiot Omar said the same thing about Thomas. He is unreliable

Vernon sucks against the run! The Jets are abusing him.

As a qb, this is when you look for Nolan Carroll.

Team must have heard the hartline news. They are playing like they heard

We had a chance to almost put this game away on that miss, it was the equivalent of a penalty miss in soccer.

Jets at the door, with Smith.

Wow we have bad LBs - IT grimes

LB sighting...

Time for a sack guys !

jets taking control of this game now.

we'll be trailing by halftime

shameful performance

Good time out...

Pick 6 time ... let's see Grimes passed out in the end zone after running it 98 yards!

Ha ha !

Kong, LOL. I hope that you are right. That Hartline injury is making me sick.

Doomed - not a chance

Sherman's calling plays for the Jets. We gave up 203yds rushing last week and the Jets are throwing inside the 10.

Spillmar EAT a DI$K!

Bengals get another 3 - 10-6

Weird, an ACL is usually appears more painful. Are they SURE it's an ACL, our a dislocation?

hope u r right spillmar..........but i've seen this movie too many times

Tannyhill will never ever be elite,wake up and see him for what he is a wide receiver

Posted by: Sam I Am | December 29, 2013 at 02:05 PM

the screen pass looked like Sherman's call. Well they took Tony S after we ditched him, Sherman may go to the Jets.

Even. I knew that was coming


Any one see a LBer...

That's our defense, boys!

Wow, the DT scores. Sheldon Richardson is better than Thomas and Miller.

14 point swing

Did Jordan play any that drive? Bad feed here.

That,s all on the D and coyle,s conservative play . Why does the D always sink ? lBs do need to be upgraded.

That play where Geno ran it is why we needed to go up by 2 scores. Jets will do anything. Have nothing to lose.

We need take that same mentality. We're done for sure if we lose.

here comes da pain.
we cannot seize control of a game, regardless of the stakes.....or maybe because of the stakes.....

WOW terrible

Time for the dilphins to get stomped!

My concern now is that the Rex Ryan is going to adjust to the Hartline injury. He can now double team Wallace and play one on one on the other receivers.

Right now the Chargers are getting excited ... and the Steelers are becoming Chiefs fans.

Defense can't stop this pathetic offense? This is really bad.....Coyle should be embarrassed

Wow, the DT scores. Sheldon Richardson is better than Thomas and Miller.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | December 29, 2013 at 02:07 PM

Shermaan would never be creative enough to try anything like this. We have 300lb guys who could be short yardage plow horses too.

I still think the Dolphins have good match-ups THIS game offensively, even without Hartline.
Hopefully, halftime, Coyle will have a solution for the Smith runs.
If not, TROUBLE.

There you go. The Tannehill is now under pressure to perform on this drive. If we can't beat the Jets, then we have no business looking at the playoffs.

Tannehill has to take of and run when he has no-one open, he really struggles to make this decision, its another area he needs to work on big-time. Smith is a rookie and has it down already.

Need to take lead before halftime....need to go in on a mental high

C'mon THill - put Clay to work !!

Coyle should be fired if we lose this game. This defense has become mediocre with Coyle.

Does anybody need anything from walgreens?

Put Cam Wake in there for us at FB. Why not, its got to be better than what we have.

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