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Live blog: Dolphins hope to make playoff reach

Tell me before kickoff ... Will the Dolphins show up today?

Will coach Joe Philbin have them well motivated to the point they play fast and jump on the Jets?

(Peanut Gallery: But Mando, if they can't get motivated for a big game like this, when can they? They don't need the coach motivating them.)

Dear Gallery, did you catch the Buffalo game last week?

Have you seen this franchise's recent history?

The Jets have not won consecutive games this year. They won last week. Just saying.

The inactives for the Dolphins today are: Pat Devlin, Mike Gillislee, Will Davis, Jalil Brown, Danny Watkins, David Arkin and A.J. Francis.


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That late flag like the OSU/UM game. LOL

Jets are taking control of this one.


Must be a team luxury to have real nfl coordinators


That must be THILL's fault too....right?

Here we go bad call and drops. Holy cow.

This is our dolphins, scared of success

Fields looks bad today....how about a kick to the corner?

If the defense folds ... silly me, I mean WHEN the defense folds ... on this drive, I'd say our hopes for this game are in the toilet.

Here come the refs! That was a clear pass int.

Now Rishard Mathews hurts us by dropping the ball. That Hartline injury was huge!

this team really knows how to choke its pathetic. you HAVE TO MAKE THAT CATCH

Fins have really lost focus. Philbin needs to step in…somebody does.
Even Fields having a poor game. Touchbacks.
Dropped passes, bad juju

This is bad....

Beginning to seem a waste of draft positioning for this team to make the playoffs.

Other than Hartline, Pouncy and Clay would you willingly keep any other players on that offense?

2 weeks in a row, Tannehill gets outplayed by 2 of the worst QB's in the league

This D blows!

Matthews ?

Lovie smith!

We will be lucky if we go in 7-7 at the half..

Bengals about to score again.

This loss today will be because of he Hartline injury. He is the heart and soul of the offense. Just bad luck!

Time for a Smith TO.

... Jets score ... AND they get the ball at the half. Hey, but the Bengals are taking care of the Ravens. Must be great to be a Chargers fan right about now.

And Philbin said that they would need to bring there A-game this week LOL

We have to man up and get a stop here. Jets get the ball after the half.

This team needs a complete overhaul,,,,,HC, GM, players.

But because they created the illusion of improvement last few weeks before Buffalo, there will be none......FIRELAND, CASPER PHAILBIN & the loser asst. coaches will be back.

That must be THILL's fault too....right?

Posted by: jpao | December 29, 2013 at 02:13 PM

Childlike statement.

The Dolphins mediocritynis breathtaking. They're playing as if they were 3-12. No courage, no focus. As usual, missing plays, droping balls, allowing big plays.
Gizz. This team has no spirit at all.

There are rumors this team practices.

Anyone knows if they're true?

Thill can only throw it he can't catch it too...

Fins win they should get in - Ravens playing flat today. They lose and I think Steelers get in lol

Philbin really has no clue to get this team into the playoffs. We have the players, yet he can't get anything more going than 1 drive in the entire half, weak coach.

Big stop here...

Here comes our famous 3rd and long defense!

No I'm getting sick of fans dumping on thill as the main scapegoat. This team in flimsy and these past two games expose that


Wow, the Chargers may get in. They have to be jumping up and down looking at these games.

this team simply cannot grasp as Big Game.

Buffalo debACLE & NOW THIS?!?!?

... and THAT, folks, was the famous Miami 3rd and long defense!

No pass rush at all today. Smith has all day.

Injuries are part of it. It's a game of attrition. next guy needs to step up.

Why is Reshad Jones covering Santonio Holmes? Has Coyle gone completely mad?

I cannot believe that the defense is laying a huge egg today.

Once again a confused and unprepared team.

Why a timeout there? This team is a mess right now.

Is hartline done?

Hey JPAO, did Tannehill overthrow Wallace on a would be TD or did I imagine that?

Pathetic cushion on the big 3rd down, all season long Coyle has done that... get that guy out of here.

Biggest problems? Sherman & Coyle

Powhitetrash ,tanny lost to a undrafted qb twice this season,see him for what he is a wide receiver

Wheeler stinks!

I see the Jets brought their Refs with them.

Wheeler again with another stupid penalty

Was just going to compliment Wheeler for making a good play. Well.....holding sure helps in coverage.

Cut Wheeler in the halftime locker room!

How many games is Wheeler going to cost us?
This could be 3, at least.

I am glad t see that the Jets are playing for the FG.


Wheeler stinks...

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