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Live Miami Dolphins chat at 1 p.m.

It's been a while since I've spoken with so many of you. It's been a while since many of you have spoken at me.

Yeah, kidding.

In truth the change to the gameday live blog every Sunday has disconnected us somewhat so I figure today would be a good day to get on here in live chat fashion and exchange ideas.

Come by at 1 p.m. and I'll meet you in the comments section for the chat. As always, no Dolphins subject is taboo.

If you cannot be here at 1 p.m. leave your questiions, comments or kudos early and I'll address them soon as I can.

See you at 1 p.m.

[Update: John Jerry (concussion), Dimitri Patterson (groin) and Daniel Thomas (ankle) practiced at least on a limited basis in practice today.]


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What positions do you feel the Dolphins will target in the first three rounds in next years draft? Who do you think will target in selecting? Also what are your thoughts on free agency next year, who's in and who's out?

Look at the replay beginning around the two minute mark then please tell me.....What did the replay official think he saw that was conclusive enough to overturn the call on the field?

Any word on Dustin Kellers progress? Do you think he can comeback, and if so would the Dolphins anticipate his return or do you think Charles Clay has stepped up enough to be our full time TE?

thank me later Dolphins Fans
Best games in Dolphins history? (Top 10?)

The O line seems to have played better in the last few weeks. They have had a problem with cohesion since Sporano was coach. This also coincides with Incognitos arrival. Do you think Incognito could have been more of a detriment than previously believed and that maybe some team mates are actually happy with his departure?

Tannehill seems to have progressed, but do you think coaches are weary of him potentially having a low ceiling? That being said, if one of the top QBs falls in this draft, say Bridgewater for example, to the Phins at around 16ish, do you think coaches at least consider the prospect of drafting him, or even actually draft him?

Defensively the Fins front 7 and Coyle have to be chomping at the bit to get onto the field on Sunday. The Steelers oline is down to 3rd stringers etc. Do you see Coyle using Jordan more so in coverage on tight ends this week to unleash more dlineman or bring extra blitz packages?
Or is it the same ole game plan, Jordan will be used 19 or so reps

Im curious to all of the Tannehill bashers.. If the Fins had moved up to select Andrew Luck would you be bashing him just as hard, comparing him to Henne?

Any chance the dolphins pick up a legitimate/experienced QB Coach?
Who thought it was a great idea to hire Sherman's son-in-law? Is he qualified?

Do the coaches have anything to say about the struggles in short yardage? Every time I see the Pats run a qb sneak or a hurry up offense to avoid letting the other team sub in their short yardage personnel I have to wonder what our coaches are doing. We end up in the shotgun throwing fade patterns.

Kellers prognosis was excelent. Doctors said there was no structural damage usually associated with this type of injury.

Of those that suffer this type of injury, Keller was extremely lucky. He'll return......for somebody.

Should we consider this year's CB draft picks (Davis and Taylor) busts or would you consider their progress in line with Dolphin expectations? If it's behind the team's expectations, how does that impact the offseason needs of the team? For example, does re-signing Grimes become a very high priority?


Why hasn't Dion Sims been a bigger part of our passing game?

I see him wide open against zones all the time. He has better hands than Clay also.

They shouldn't penalize the kid just because he can block and Egnew and Clay can't.

Mando....the JMart story seems to have died down a bit but I'm still curious as to what the NFL front office will do with regards to punishment if JMart was in fact harassed in the workplace.

The media were all saying Ireland is toast...is this still true? Is he dead man walking if they make the playoffs? How bout Jim Turner?

Any "insider info" is appreciated.

I would make re-signing Grimes a top priority regardless.

He's basically a shut down corner. You need at least two Grimes on your team.

Patterson looks awesome as well. But with his injury problems, I wouldn't count on him for spit. Frustrating!

This off season isn't going to be very sexy. It's all going to be about offensive lineman, offensive lineman and then some offensive lineman.

They'll try and find a playmaker herre or there, but all about the O-Line.

odinseye...Sims has better hands than Clay? WTF? I've seen Sims catch one ball all year...granted it was for a TD. I curious why you think Sims has better hands than Clay?

I don't think they'll find much that constitutes harrassment. In the end I think they find Martin over reacted to they same kinds of hazing/messing that he himself took part in.

They'll find fault with Martin and exonerate Cogs.

Will the Dolphins make the playoff?

just Kidding. I already know the answer to that one.

First of all, Pittsburgh is a very well coached Team. They won't make many mistakes. We will have to beat them, one on one.

Aren't the Dolphins glad the Sports media has such a short attention span. In between Winston and Tomlin, Incognito being falsely accused by a money hungry honey bear is not that important anymore.

oscar...if the Steelers are so well coached why do they have 7 loses?

Steelers are a great franchise but not the same powerhouse they once were.

IMO....Close game and just pray it does not come down to a late FG to win it. Sturgis is struggling and he's not had to kick a FG in Dec, off the turf with ice pellets & wind.


Resign Grimes and Carroll. D.Patterson is to injury prone to get anything more than a 1 year deal.

I'm starting to feel that the Fins don't need to resign either Starks or Soliai. Their best years are behind them. It is all downhill for both of them now. We can use the money elsewhere.

Dashi...I disagree, Soliai is a key component to stopping the run up the middle. Granted we get burned on the edge rushes, Soliai is rock solid up the middle.

Mando...please tell us that Ireland is DEFINITELY gone after this season and I know you have said Ross likes Philbin but that if the Fins don't make the playoffs he will at least think about firing him too. As a fan I really don't care that Philbin is a 'good guy'...so am I but just like him I am not a good NFL head coach!!!! Thanks!


Yeah, Tomlin seems to have fallen on some hard times. Still, I wouldn't count him out yet.

Of course, the Special Player that is maintaining Pitt more or less together is Big Ben. You shut him out, we win the Game.(easier said than done)

How do the Dolphins draft in 2014?

The obvious answer is oline but I'm tired of seeing so many high picks go there. I think the skill positions have suffered for this. As an alternative why not spend the #1 on one of the beast W that will be available, and use the remaining picks/FA to get bodies in to fight out for the open oline jobs. And a "power back"/DL project.

At the end of the day the O needs some beasts at the skill positions. Wallace may be that next year; it wouldn't hurt to draft more.

Soliai and Starks best years behind them? That's just silly. DT's are "done" at 31 years old.

...Dashi..Good post. I would be hesitant signing Soliai. He doesn't play enough downs to warrant a big extension..

..I disagree that Ireland has to be fired. I think that he has put some talent on this team. My issue is HC Philbin and how he has IMO gone about our offense in a forward thinking manner, but backwards in the approach. We are still at Sparano level efficiency offensively..I vomit at the thought of our offensive design for this group in particular. OC Sherman gets the blame..But I would bet a pretty penny. if you could get an honest answer from him(Sherman) he would be more commited to the run, the offense would be tougher, less finesse. Sherman IMO has credibility that Philbin does not..Yet Sherman takes all the blame for a system that I don't think if he was in charge..That we would be running.

Thanks for dropping in ... always an event you bless us with your presence ... Friday afternoon should fly by now ...

HEY MORONS ! yes You, Armando wont be on untill 1 pm do you stupid people know how to read eh? typical Dopephins.
Steelers 48
Dopephins 3
It's the QB imbeciles Eh?

Regarding Zac Taylor, I don't know where the hate comes? Tannehill has come along quite nicely since he was drafted and is already a better pro than he was a college quarterback. Sherman, Philbin, and Taylor are doing a good job with the guy.

Also Zac Taylor was an accomplished college Qb who was known for his smarts and game management more than physical skill .. I think he's qualified. I mean Ken Dorsey is of a similar mold and he was never a coach before his current Qb coach duties.

RE: 2014 Draft....while its too early to talk draft I'm agreeing we need play makers on offense, not OL.

I'm still pissed we let Reggie Bush walk and kept D. Thomas on the roster. Ireland should be fired for that move alone.

It's obvious Miller is a one trick pony and for every 20 yard run, there are 30 runs under 5 yards. Therefore I suggest we grab WR in 1st round and RB in second round.

RB - I'd go with Carlos Hyde, OH State or Andre Williams, BC

WR - Mike Evans, TX A&M - Sherman recruited him and he's the tall receiver we lack at 6'5" 225 lbs

..One more thing. Before the peanut gallery chimes in and tells me how this is the same system that Tannehill ran @ A&M, and how Sherman got fired, and how he kicks puppies, and hates babies.

It isn't..Do you want an idea of what A Sherman offense is.. There was a telling interview with Luke Joekel before the draft. He was asked why he should be the first pick. he went on to say that he owed all of his toughness to ex HC Sherman. His style of play which was a run first offense. It was a physical brand of football. The reason why he went to A&M..

He went on to give credit to Kevin Summlin. Coach Summlin brought a more finesse passing offense. An uptempo 40 plus pass system..This haleped make me a more rounded tackle, as the system was much different then Coach Shermans..

Sherman is a tough guy. Philbin I'm sure has his own brand of toughness. You just do not see it offensively.

Posted by: Ape Tamer | December 06, 2013 at 09:18 AM

Maybe youre the one that needs to learn to read as it clearly states "If you cannot be here at 1 p.m. leave your questiions, comments or kudos early and I'll address them soon as I can."

HEY MORONS ! yes You, Armando wont be on untill 1 pm do you stupid people know how to read eh? typical Dopephins.
Steelers 48
Dopephins 3
It's the QB imbeciles Eh?

Posted by: Ape Tamer | December 06, 2013 at 09:18 AM

"If you cannot be here at 1 p.m. leave your questions, comments or kudos early and I'll address them soon as I can."A.S.
Evidently we can read better than you, Ape.

darryl...good insight and I would love to be in the room when Sherman & Philbin are game planning.

Sherman - let's establish the run early to set up the play action.
Philbin - Quick slants are just as effective as the run and yield positive yards
Sherman - what's positive about Ryan on his back 7 yards behind the line?
Philbin - If your OL could block someone Ryan can hit the quick slant for a net gain of 7 yards
Sherman - Now is "my' OL...you wanted Long gone because his attitude did not match yours...plus you said Reggie was a diva, and lord knows you hate divas.
Philbin - Cmon Mike, we both agreed Jmart was as good as Long, and Miller was quicker to the corner than Reggie.
Sherman - If Miller is quicker to the corner, then why aren't we trying to establish the run early?
Philbin - I hate you.

etc.....makes for fun banter!

NH, i have a huge man crush on Mike Evans and what he could do for our offense. Unfortunately I don't think we will be bad enough to get him. Eric Ebron, Te, UNC may be a get though. Or Marqise Lee, WR, USC.

I do not want the type of OT we will get with a 20 something draft pick... those guys are not day one left tackle starters 99% of the time ... not effective ones anyway ... 200 pound + WR or ultra athletic TE please.... O-line in free agency and trades for vets...

hey mando. which one of the marks brothers would have the most success in the nfl today with the way the rules are designed to help the passing game?


...NHFIN...Nice post!!!

Mark in Toronto...World Cup draw today!!!!

@ 9:29....Great minds think alike....Matty you must be an effin genius.
Sorry about mistakenly calling you a Panthers fan on a previous post.


I gotta disagree with your comments on Philbin. If i read your comments right you seem to be putting the blame for the offence on Philbin and giving Sherman a pass. Just who is the OC of this team anyways?

On top of all that, i'mnot sure what they are supposed to do with this offence with such a porous OL? Its hard to have success whenthe guy's up front aren't doing there job. To me that's on Ireland. He let Long walk, didn't add his replacement in the draft or FA, entrusted Martinto take over at LT and wouldn't let Philbinget rid of Cogs last year. All of this can be rectified this offseason but should Ireland be allowed to make those decisions? That's the million dollar question.

This is an offence that lost Keller and Gibson and has asked guys like Miller, Matthews and Clay to step up. Its not good enough right now but I believe with another offseason it could get better.

DD, big draw today. Still trying to figure out what Colombia, Switzerland, and Belgium ever did to merit being seeded especially over champions like France and Italy or perennial contenders like Portugal or England but whatever...

Let's see what the resulting group of death will be. There are teams in that third pot that are miles better than some seeded teams.

PS. Although I complain about belgium being seeded, they are a young, loaded team and will be fun to watch.

...Craig M..I most certainly could be wrong. Perhaps the offense has more of Shermans fingerprints on it then I think..Very possible. I am only offering my opinion as to what I think. I understand that Sherman is the OC..But I think that the offense that has been installed is Philbins brain child.

Now...I don't hate the system. I would love to see an exciting pass offense. My point. and I think I have probably made this enough that most are tired of hearing it. It is a bas system to be forced on a young quarterback. It is a difficult system. I would have perfered to see Tannehill brought along a bit slower.

It hasn't happened that way. And perhaps it all works out. Perhaps forcing Tannehill to be the focal point of the offense so early in his development will pay off. Certainly possible.

Again..Just offering my opinion as to what I see, And what I would like to see..Nothing I say is going to change how Philbin, or Sherman if in fact it is his doing. Run this offense.

I know people will think I'm reatrded but I'd like to see Ireland come back. I loved his last two drafts. Yes, he makes mistakes and I disagreed with him letting so many of our vets walk .. namely Long, Bush, Smith, and Fasano in that order... but I really think he should get one last year regardless...

I know I'm in the minority here...


I think you're kidding yourself if you think the Dolphins are grabbing a WR first round. Its not happening if Ireland's in charge. It's either an OT or a guard. Outside possibility its a TE. But lets be honest, we draft a stud WR, wHere does he play? We have Wallace, Hartline, Gibson and Matthews in the wings. Thats pretty good. What we don't need is another DIVA WR who complains about not getting the ball enough. We have one of those and those stud WRs are all the same.

By the way, I like Lee a lot too.i just highly doubt he'll play for this team next year.

DD, you alluded to it, maybe those early bumps along the way early this year will pay off. i mean, Tannehill's last four games are veery strong by any measure...

I have to get to work and can't think of any questions on the spot but I hope to read some really good questions and answers in here when I get home later. Wish I could be here to talk with the normal people but duty calls. Have a great day guys.

Craig, this team does not attack the deep middle of the field enough. Clay can't get out there fast enough and is not big enough either to do it consistently. it's also where Tannehill is most effective passing. You see that dart Tannehill threw to Clay on that seam pass last week? How many QBs can make that pass??

As far as where., he'd play, that woudl eb the beauty of it ... you would rotate Hartline, Wallace, new guy, and Gibson through all the WR positions...

An ultra athletic TE would also do the trick... Ebron, Sefarian-Jenkins


I think this is a whole new offence with an improved group up front and some semblance of a running game. I've been a defender of Daniel Thomas since he got drafted but I think its time for us to move on from him and find another complement to Miller.

I think we've seen signs of what this offence can be the last couple of games. When things are caving in all around your QB and there's no running game you have no choice but to play it safe. If the other guys are doing their jobs THEN you can open it up.

...Craig M.. Anther point. I know in hindsight is how GM's have to be judged. I get that. Moves that make sense at the time. If they don't work out. GM's get fired. I understand this.

So I get why Long, and Bush were allowed to walk. Were these mistakes? Probably. Was Clabo a mistake?? I don't know. As bad as he was early. He looks like a good signing today. Especially if the line keeps playing at the level they have for the last month. I will give some credit to the coaches for what they have done with this group(O-line) I do not think it is coincidence that the group is playing better without Incognito-Martin.

But back to your point about what they should have done with the offense. We are commited to the pass now. We are going to live and die by it. I know that. My issue is that I think the makeup of this offense is a reflection of Joe Philbin. I think if we would ave been more committed to the run early..I'm talking preseason. some of the offensive line issue culd have been masked. Some of the mistakes could have been avoided. And some of the games lost, could have been wins.

I just think offensively, we lack toughness. I blame this on the HC. Could I be wrong? Of course.


With an well below par performance from our offense its conceivable Mike Sherman is relieved of his duties as OC right ?

If Sherman goes, how does this affect Philbin as his old pupil and how does Tannehill perform under a new OC ?


I'm as high on Ebron as you are. Eiffert was a guy I wanted for this offence. I even wanted them to spend money on Cook in FA and not on the linebackers. I just felt this offence has been missing that piece for quite a while now. Keller would have helped but I wasn't even convinced he was the guy. You're right about Clay.he's had a great year but he is somewhat limited in some of the things he does. They're still missing that piece in my opinion.

Priority number one this offseason though has to be to fix that line. Tannehill needs to have the time to do what we need him to do.


You're wrong......LOL.

...Have we seen improved offense? I would disagree. Yeah Tannehill is completing passes. We have ran it a bit better. The line is blocking better. The results on the scoreboard are the same. We still struggle to score points. The red zone offense is digressing. The kicker is going through puberty(Lets blame this one on Chad Henne) We stink converting on 3rd down. offensively the improvements we have seen perhaps individually, have not equated to the team.

4 more games...I would be ecstatic if their was an offensive epiphany.I know these things take time. I know that expectations get a bit unrealistic. We compare and contrast all the time. I am as guilty as any as far as knee jerk opinions. I just feel strongly that if we would have started with a different direction and slowly proved as an offense we could handle this system. We would have been better off.

..Craig M...@ 10:09 Your probably right.


This is a team that could. Be and should be 8-4, in my opinion. We're not. So who do we blame for that? The coaching staff? The players? The GM who put the team together? In reality it's probably all of them.

You're correct in your comment about the OL being better since Cogs and Martin have left but I'm not prepared to just go with the guys we have for next year. We're still not running the ball good enough (and yes I know we ran for something like 150 yards last game) but we're still not doing it when it really matters.

Mark won't like this but I think McKinnie is just a fill in. He's done fine since he's been here but he's what, 34 years old? I don't trust him health wise or weight wise. Follow the Niners model and invest in the line. I think to draft a tackle and a guard in FA would help this line a lot. i don't know who's available but that's what I would do. Is Brenner a candidate for one of the guard spots next year?yeah I think he is.


I think Mark's analysis is on the right track. Tannehill's TDs and passing yards and QBR are up this year. That to me is progress. I was tough on him earlier this year when he was making mistakes but I can see a lot of that was on the line and lack of running game. We're looking for more progress the last four games of the year.

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