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Live Miami Dolphins chat at 1 p.m.

It's been a while since I've spoken with so many of you. It's been a while since many of you have spoken at me.

Yeah, kidding.

In truth the change to the gameday live blog every Sunday has disconnected us somewhat so I figure today would be a good day to get on here in live chat fashion and exchange ideas.

Come by at 1 p.m. and I'll meet you in the comments section for the chat. As always, no Dolphins subject is taboo.

If you cannot be here at 1 p.m. leave your questiions, comments or kudos early and I'll address them soon as I can.

See you at 1 p.m.

[Update: John Jerry (concussion), Dimitri Patterson (groin) and Daniel Thomas (ankle) practiced at least on a limited basis in practice today.]


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..So this is a doozie. We debated weather and how it may or may not have an effect on teams..Cold weather v Warm weather teams. ETC..

So it is -32 degrees on my porch right now. Cold right? Coastal Carolina plays Montana tomorrow. Not that an of you care. Here is where this story gets "funny"

One Father of the Coastal Carolina wrote a letter, or e-mail to USA Today that was published yesterday. He was complaining that the game should be postponed because it wasn't fair to the CC team. He went as far as to say the NCAAA should be liable for any sort of injuries from the cold that players from any team suffer. And that games should not be played when the weather is freezing...It is an entertaining piece to say the least.

Game time temps tomorrow..Missoula -3 wind chill -25
Those guys are doomed.

Incidentally dusty,

Was that Chad Henne winning QB last night and winner of something like 4 of the last 5 games for Jacksonville? Is that the SAME Chad Henne you said 'will never start another game in the NFL', while still with Miami? Oh I know....you're going to put a big exclamation mark on it and say you said 'unless there's an injury' (which I'm not buying you said, btw) but did you see Gabbert on the sideline fully dressed last night as the backup, dusty? Who do you think starts next week for the Jags, dusty? Just curious.....

Soliai and Starks were essential to the Run. The Fins are ranked 25th in rush defense. That is worst than Tannehill.


Mike Evans. That would be a good use of a First Rd Pick. Evans adds that missing dimension to this offense, A Red Zone Threat, Someone you can throw a Fade to at the Goal line. But he is probably a Top 10 pick. Ireland would have to trade up again. He would be worth it.

Also, Your assessment of the Sherman Offense is Correct. He was running more of a Spread Option at A&M, A College Attack. Sherman still kept A 50/50 Pass-Run Ratio. Sherman's Offense is more of a Traditional Offense. Sherman installed the Offense in Houston with Kubiak when he first got there. He likes to runs Screens. But how can you throw a screen when you don't have any Guards that can Pull.

We still haven't seen what this Offense is Fully Capable of. Just Recently they have finally allowed Tannehill to run more at Will.

This Offense is more than Tannehill to Wallace. T-Hill threw for over 300 Yards to 9 different Receivers. More than 4 People had a rushing attempt.

Wait til we have an O-Line and Sherman can throw the whole Book at the other team.

Craig, do not disagree on the line or with the assessment of Eifert. But I don't want this line fixed through the draft when we have that much cap space at our disposal. We don't need stars out there on the line. I mean, a Michael Oher, Jon Asamoach and this line would be fixed...

Draft is for playmakers when you ahve the cap luxuries we have...

DD, I would agree that the overall team offense for the year is not improved but the passing game is vastly improved. I'd rather be in the psoition of having a decent pass game and trying to get the run game up to average than the vice versa. I think in the overal state of things, the offense is in pretty good shape going forward.

As far as McKinnie goes, I've always been a fan. he's not a star but he's A MAN and he will put up a good fight. I wouldn't be disappointed with a line of McKinnie, Oher, Pouncey and Asamoah next year. Not a stacked line but I think it's one that wouldn't get run over.

DD, not sure anybody shoudl eb doing anything right now in that weather. I mean cars won't even start in that weather unless they are plugged in. I bet people in Florida don't even know you can plug in your cars, haha...

...I have to reset this computer..Catch up a bit later..

L.Miller is Still the Future at RB. He just needs to keep keep getting his 20-25 Touches a game. Splitting carries with D.Thomas was helpful in the sense that L.Miller hasn't been hit a lot. But L.Miller can do more with the ball than D.Thomas. Heck, M.Gillislee can do more with the ball than D.Thomas.

L.Miller can still get close to 1000yds which the Godlike Reggie Bush only reached Once in his Prime.

L.Miller is only Averaging 11 Carries A Game. There was more than a couple games this season that if they would've gave L.Miller 15-20 Carries he would've had a 100 yd game.

Just wait til he has an O-Line next season and a better compliment to split Carries with than D.Thomas and M.Gillislee.

And After this week. L.Miller in his Second Season in The NFL will have had a better Rushing Season than R.Bush in his first 5 Years in the NFL.


We've always disagreed when it comes to the line and even the draft. You say the draft is for playmakers. I'd argue in some cases its hard to identify those playmakers. I know you're a measurables guy but that doesn't always translate to the next level.

Yes we have cap space but that will get eaten into quickly with guys like Grimes, Soliai and Carroll. I'd like to see a guard added in FA. Not sure who is available. I'd add my tackle 20th or so in the draft and move on from a guy like McKinnie. Not sure Oher is that great (or that Baltimore will let him go) and I don't know the other guy you're talking about in Asamoah.

Craig, the tackle you will get in the 20s... really they haven't fared well at all recently.

I may go guard if it is an Mike Iupati type. But as far as getting the cap eaten into quickly, see last year as to what $35M in cap space can buy you. We went binging and only ate $10M into the cap last year...

I know people will think I'm reatrded but I'd like to ,
Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 06, 2013 at 09:51 AM
We Don't think,We KNOW ! you are Eh?

Daytona, you finally understand what this means, you mental midget?

"If you cannot be here at 1 p.m. leave your questiions, comments or kudos early and I'll address them soon as I can."

It's been about an hour since one of your stupid comments so I figured you're almost comprehending the statement ... EH?!?!


I don't care how we do it, we just have to get the OL right. I'm not a. Big fan of what you are proposing, ie. Bringing guys like McKinnie back. I don't believe that line will hold up over a whole season. When you look around the league you see guys like Cutler and Rodgers getting hurt because their line isn't holding up and guys like Ryan, Eli Manning and even Big Ben are seeing their numbers down because they are running for their lives each week and making too many mistakes. On top of all that, our line isn't opening the holes necessary for the running backs to get their gains. So to be honest Mark, I don't care if draft a guard or tackle first round, I just know if the line doesn't get better Tannehill won't improve.

Craig, I don't know but I have a hard time finding the last OT drafted in the 20s that came in and nailed the position hitting the ground running. Maybe Joe Staley? I don't see many day one decent starters draftted here. Guard is a different proposition, granted...


Like I said, I'm OK with that. But we need a tackle or two as well. If that means FA, then so be it.

Looks like it will have to be ... or trade.

It would be nice to draft a big receiver or tight end match T-hills skill set to attack the middle. Like how he gets the ball to Mathews (If Mathews had more speed we would have the guy already) Evans will be long gone when we draft and I don’t see a tight end around the 18-20 th spot.

Safety, OL and linebacker look like the biggest needs. Perhaps a power running back as well but not in the top rounds.

Who do you think gets resigned out of grimes, patterson, caroll,clemons,solai and starks. Fairly certain none of the OL free agents will get signed. I would resign grimes plus the cheapest other CB. Would resign clemons and only one of the DT's.

When will people give Tanne the respect he deserves for being #11 in the league in passing yards despite this offensive line and running game and Wallace dropping 9 balls?

LV has Pitt by 3. So.

It is sooo nice that they are letting Thill throw the ball so we can sneak in a nice run.

But have no illusions. The running game sucks and will not work when you HAVE to have a yard and third and 13 will get Tannehill killed. All big runs this year have come on 2nd or 3rd down.

If Clay was 4 inches taller those lasers over the middle would work so much better. Which is why we drafted Egnew. It is beginning to look like that dog won't hunt. We need to re-load that position with height. Tannehill would be almost unstopable if he did not have to "drop it in" over the middle to short people.


Why do the Dolphins avoid the quarterback sneak?

clee, LB? I do not want to see another LB ... we already ahve Jenkins and Jordan who should be getting more snaps there...

Incognito was not wrongly accused. He is a dirt bag. IMO if the dolphins don't make the playoffs failbin needs to go with irescum. I believe movie smith would be an upgrade. As for gm? Not Peterson or pioli.

patterson is already signed, only question is ... is he worth the $5M he is due because he's off more games than he plays. Grimes is priority #1 among internal free agents, higher than Starks or Soliai...

Oscar, LV is telling us it's a toss up when you factor in 3 points for home field...


...Mark in Toronto. Group G looking tough. Group F..A joke. Group D very difficult...

are there any indications from any sources that sherman and ireland will possibly be gone next year?

Not happy with the coaching and hope at the very least Sherman is gone and someone better brought in.

DD, USA draws Portugal this summer .... interesting!!!

Group B is dam tough, D is tough, as is G

C is a laugh, E should be dismantled immediately, F is crap,

...I would take the Phins this week. Bet the money line. I have a real good feeling about beating Pittsburg. There is nothing they do that is so special that a win is a huge upset here. They stink running the ball, they stink @ pass protection. They are missing guys on the defensive line...A perfect spot to come in, smack them around at get above 500...

I agree DD. The only fly in the ointment for this game is ben is a legit top 5 Qb this year and only one of four QBs in the NFl to be above average in all major metrics (Brees, Peyton, Rivers). But we already beat one who has an average supporting cast - let's make it two!

If we can beat Pitt, then we get a chance to play with house money against the Pats where we would have everything to gain and nothing to lose...

...Mark.. Friendly bet on Uncle Sam v Portugal? Freekin Argentina. Those guys cheat even when they aren't cheating..Hello quarterfinals. At least you catch a little break if you come out of group G..I would rather play Belgium(even though I agree they should be tough) I can't get over Argentinas draw

Mark, find Jordon what Zack Thomas was too Jason Taylor. Our tackling is horrendous this year and I blame the regression of the run defense on linebackers more than front 7.

Same with 3 rd and long screens that for 15 yards. Good linebackers should sniff that out and lease slow that play down. Misi doesn’t have it. We will see with Jenkins.

All pending draft order and who is available.

DD, Portugal won't be playing Belgium, we are winning that group and wiping out Russia.

USA? Portugal owes them one from 2002 when they took the Americans way too lightly. Portugal loses and I buy this and wear it proudly ...


Groups A, H, and F already have the quarter particpants decided.

I think the key to beating Big Ben is not letting him get outside of the hash marks. We have to collapse the pocket around him and most importantly, FINISH the tackle on sack attempts.

I still believe in Ellerbe, clee

Hello folks, how's everyone doing today?

mm, Dustin Keller is on course with his rehab, but i'll be interesting to see if he ever returns to the Dolphins again.

He was on a one-year deal and the GM who picked him may or may not be here next year. So this has a long way to go before it plays out.


He has thrown for 4500yds and 19 TDs in Jville.

He is an UFA in 3 weeks.

..Mark in Toronto...Cool..I have to figure out something should the Yanks lose...

Kubiak out. Damn McNair wants to talk lovie smith.

So ETF, he was putting on an audition, for his new club the Houston Texans?

henne is Matt Moore'ing the jags. he's playing them right out of the first pick like Moore did to us in '11.

Mark---Prefered Dansby for run defense(granted age issue) although Ellerbe and Jordon have done well in coverage. Wheeler has been dissapointing. Also depends what we are playing next year 3-4 or 4-3.

Toronto Maple Leaf hat would do if you want to go tit for tat!

Agreed, clee.

Odin, the reason Dion Sims isn't a bigger part of the offense is he has not earned it in practice. This coaching staff does not like to project performance. In other words, they go by what they see in practice. As most rookies don't always practice consistently, many don't get much play for the Dolphins. It's been true the past couple of years.

Also, the fact Charles Clay has been having his best season, the fact Miami has other receiver options has not made this a priority.

Jorge, either Mark Duper or Mark Clayton would be special in today's NFL with the new rules that basically make touching a WR illegal.

Obviously they were different type of receivers. In Miami where Ryan Tannehill struggles with the deep pass, I think Mark Clayton would be a better fit than Duper.

I think the Jags will pay to keep him.

What does Philbin have to do to be back?

What does Ireland have to do to be back?

What do you think of Tannehill?

Any news on the internal free agents (Grimes, Starks, Soliai)?

Who would you add in the first round of the draft or free agency?

Is there any internal regret or feeling that you've picked up on about letting Bush or Long go?

Is it a Philbin philosophy to only use rookies sparingly?

Do we win at Pitt?

Whats our final record?

Do we make the playoffs?


Do you think Tannehill's inability to throw an accurate deep ball is a mental issue or is it a flaw in his mechanics?

ETF, they may have to considering there may be only one front line Qb available in the draft unless they go manziel ...

Keeping Henne and going Clowney is the option. not sure that's a recipe for winning, but ...

Marco, I don't believe Mike Sherman will be relieved of his duties. I think he might decide to move on, kind of like Dan Henning did.

The bottom line is Joe Philbin isn't going to allow Sherman to look bad because of his longstanding relationship and respect for the man.

I do not know who would succeed Sherman but obviously Gary Kubiak just became available.


Curious if why players are getting out of practice early, but there is "no time" to work on the deep ball.


I can't stand the Steelers and we owe them one. I hope Miami shows up and we don't see a comedy of fumbles and interceptions, unless it's by Ben.

Dolphins sign Kubiaka OC?

Zach, the deep ball issue is complicated.

As it pertains to Mike Wallace, Tannehill admitted he was afraid and was thinking too much about the issue. He said he didn't want to overthrow and waste a potential long completion. He admitted he needed to stop thinking and "rip it."

As to his other WRs, I think it has to do with instinct, some footwork and needing more reps.

I don't think the Dolphins rep the passes enough in practice. Sherman admitted that.

All those things factor.

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