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Live Miami Dolphins chat at 1 p.m.

It's been a while since I've spoken with so many of you. It's been a while since many of you have spoken at me.

Yeah, kidding.

In truth the change to the gameday live blog every Sunday has disconnected us somewhat so I figure today would be a good day to get on here in live chat fashion and exchange ideas.

Come by at 1 p.m. and I'll meet you in the comments section for the chat. As always, no Dolphins subject is taboo.

If you cannot be here at 1 p.m. leave your questiions, comments or kudos early and I'll address them soon as I can.

See you at 1 p.m.

[Update: John Jerry (concussion), Dimitri Patterson (groin) and Daniel Thomas (ankle) practiced at least on a limited basis in practice today.]


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Do you believe there is a "disconnect" between Philbin and Ireland?

....Armando..What up? Are you going to P-Town this weekend? Much better place to stay now that the Fairmont built a hotel downtown. Beats the Westin.

Anyway... Do you have a feeling about who has more of a stamp on this offense between Philbin, and Sherman. My opinion is that Philbin is the straw stirring the drink as far as the scheme on offense. Sherman is running the show, but under Philbins direction. Am I close. Or is this farthest from the truth?

That team is literally starting guys off the street, they need to bring in talent at every position.
I predict they draft best available player regardless of position and draft a QB to develop like Logan Thomas 6'6" 250 lbs in a later round.

NeMo, I think the question with Philbin is what he cannot do to get fired. The Dolphins cannot tank the final month. The NFL investigation cannot somehow pin responsibility for what happened between Incognito and Martin on him.

If Philbin avoids those two, I think he returns.

Ireland is a tougher situation. He's obviously had a longer tenure. I think he is not held in as high regard by the owner as the head coach now. I think, however, if the Dolphins make the playoffs, it would be hard for Ross to fire Jeff Ireland.

The Signal,

Short answer? Yes. Some.

Longer answer? It is a situation owner Stephen Ross gave rise to when the kept the GM and fired the coach in 2012.

Ireland and Philbin try to work together. But are they joined at the hip? I don't think so.

Brent, great question.

Remember that Sherman said there's no time to work on that stuff BUT he also said Mike Wallace is dealing with tendonitis. He also has the hamstring injury he's been protecting. I think that's also a big reason other than just time.


Historically we used to jump out of the gates quickly and then fizzle in December.

I blame the stupid bubble for ruining our home field advantage.

What do you think?

Mando, Can the NFL force Ross to fire Ireland if they determine he issued a "Code Red" on JMart?

Yes, Darryl, I'll be in beautiful Western PA this weekend.

As to the offense, obviously, Philbin hired Sherman knowing what his old boss was about and was going to run. Philbin obviously has veto power and he sets the message generally of what the team wants to do.

But as far as the straw that stirs the drink, as you say, that's Sherman. The calls are his. And Philbin does not order him to change course, I'm told, during games.

Sherman makes sense. To really work on it, you'd have to run 5-10 long pass plays in practice each week atleast. Really per practice if you really want to work on it. Wallace would be dead come game time.

Thanks for answering Armando.

The simple fact remains that you can't have all-stars in every position...

You've seen people build their team around their key skill positions and succeed, you've seen others start with the line as a foundation and succeed. The key isn't which direction/philosophy you start with outside of looking at the draft and finding the RIGHT playmakers that you feel can execute at any of those positions. It's dynamic based on the talent pool available.

That's one reason I really liked the Dion Jordan pick even though I didn't think it was a great need for this season necessarily. They're thinking big picture every year and doing their best (especially with the early picks) to select outright playmakers/gamechangers. Dion's already shown his talent-> 1-3 years from now I have a feeling he's gonna be a dominating presence that will impact games on a weekly basis.


Is Reshad Jones having an off year or is he just being used different--He doesn't seem to cover that well and not too many big plays?

NHFINFAN, no the NFL has no actual authority to force a team owner to fire an employee.

The NFL can suspend and even ban people -- as they did in New Orleans and with the St. Louis DC. But fire them? No.

By the way, Ireland did not call a Code Red on anybody, far as I know.

Armando, what do you think the consequences for our Team will be when this JMartin affair is over?

Biggs, I don't understand why you blame the bubble. Please explain.

I expect dolphins to get lots of sacks on Sunday. Steelers O line is in worse shape than Fins currently. They gotta wrap up Big Ben or he will just throw them off.This is the worst Steeler team in years and a game the Dolphins should win.There defense is old and slow. I hope Tannehill has studied on film the tricks Troy P. does pre-snap.

Speaking of code red, aren't you embarrassed over your fellow reporters and this Martin story ?

clee, the Dolphins are using Jones differently this year. He's become more of a line of scrimmage safety than he was in the past. He's not the free safety per se anymore.

The thinking was get him closer to the action, let him make more plays. Hasn't fully turned out that way.

Mando, do you expect a shakeup regarding assist. coaches this offseason? I think we can do better

Playing Pitt this week made me think of this question. Right now would you trade Tannehill for Big Ben straight up?

I hope I'am wrong but..I smell Big Ben..having a monster game...He loves showing off to young up and coming QB's always puts on a show..Also his Defense always makes a young QB look bad..see his last 7 matchups vs. QB's.that are getting some Pub -GENO SMITH..Remember when he said Henne had no touch ..Downhill from there..I think this guy and the Steelers have been waiting to put it on Wallace..I think he throws for over 400 yards gets 4 td's..I hope i'am wrong..but these QB's like him and Brees have huge ego's and always come out on top..Tannehill better be on his game cause Big Ben and his ego will have the Steeler players on Tannehill.OH AND DON'T FORGET TOMLIN'S EGO.

What can Miami do to fix their terrible short yardage problems? It seems they keep trying to bounce the runs outside which keep ending badly. Why dont they just do a qb sneak or clay up the middle? This was driving me crazy in the Jet game.

Armando, Who are some free agent lineman Dolphins can look at for next year? Have they negotiated with grimes at all or will he see what he can get on the open market?

Oscar, que pasa amigo?

Consequences? I think there will a lawsuit from Martin. I think, as I've reported, Incognito will never play for the Dolphins again. I think Martin will never play for the Dolphins again. I think OL coach Jim Turner might lose his job. I think there might be some other folks suspended.

I don't think either Ireland or Philbin will be suspended for the scandal specifically.

My guesses, without knowing the depth of "facts" gathered by Ted Wells.

Mando, what do you think the time will do with their big time internal free agents Grimes, Starks, and Soliai?

What's the progress looking like on Jerry's concussion?
If he can't go, who do you think coaches are going with to replace him. Garner or Brenner? I say stick Brenner at LG and let Garner take RG since he's more experienced at different positions. Your take? Apologies in advance if this question was already addressed here.

You think there was a rift between BP and Ireland, Armando? If so, Jeff has alienated Parcells and Philbin both and it might be indicative that his presence might not be welcomed here anymore.

Hey Cocoajoe, I don't think Jim Turner will be back next year and I think Sherman will "retire."

I find it interesting that no one ever says anything about QB coach Zac Taylor. I'll be very interested to see if he survives if Sherman, his father in law, indeed leaves.

Ks, yes. In a heartbeat.

Hi Armando,

Firing Ireland and keeping Philbin would be pure dysfunction. Because that means the next GM will have Philbin forced on to him by S. Ross. You KNOW that is a recipe for disaster (look at what happened in Chicago where they wasted a year while the GM was just waiting for an excuse to fire Lovie Smith). Does S. Ross understand this dynamic?

I find it interesting that no one ever says anything about QB coach Zac Taylor. I'll be very interested to see if he survives if Sherman, his father in law, indeed leaves.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | December 06, 2013 at 01:23 PM
Jeeze Mando, you must have missed several of my post about Zac Taylor. For the record: C'mon man, Tannehill needs POFFESIONAL HELP. Not to be confused with Mr. Tayor

Armando, first of all thanks for hosting this chat.

Agreed that Ireland is in a precarious position with Ross. I don't think he'll be back next year barring a playoff berth and a highly unlikely run in said playoffs.

The question would be WHO comes in. Everyone knows the long association between Ross and Carl Peterson but can you throw out any other names that might be a strong possibility at GM?

George, good question.

If it's third and one or less or fourth and one or less the answer EVERY TIME is a QB sneak. The Dolphins blew a couple such plays earlier this year and then finally got the memo, I think, against Cincinnati.

The Dolphins have given Charles Clay the ball on this situation lately. I don't like the short handoff because Clay is not a running back.

Finally, I think the Dolphins considered Daniel Thomas a tackle breaker for a while ... He is not. Am I wrong?


whats up....

Fake GM has a good point...same deal in jets land....

If one goes then I think hey all should....

but there is something to be sad for continuity....

Do you think the phins will use wallace as more of a decoy this weekend kinda like he was used against the browns?

Idiotic to say you'd trade Tannehill. How about we let him grow and learn. Same idiots who shove every ex dolphin in Miami's face when they do well.

Not that I think Ireland, although no Ozzie, is doing a bad job as Personnel man, but, could he be interfering in other areas outside of his designated one?

One more time...Tannehill needs professional help not to be confused with Zac Taylor

FIRE JEFF IRELAND!!!! only draft studs from the SEC!!! at leats we'll know that they know how to win and play in high stress/pressure games!!! Ireland is an idiot... Let's see what gillislee can do!!!! F daniel thomas

The elephant in the room is Caleb Sturgis.....is this guy a bust or what?

Jake, I have not looked at the potential free agency class yet. Obviously the Dolphins will be in the market for at least one T and probably a G, assuming they resign Jerry on the cheap.

As for Brent Grimes, that comes after the season. There will be a time period after the season and before free agency when the Dolphins can get it done if they want to.

No you are right. Daniel Thomas is below average. If Tom Brady can get 3rd and 1's, inches almost every time, then T-Hill should be able to behind Pouncey. Maybe over analyzing by the coaches? Scared Tannehill will get hurt? I don't know but they better figure it out. Thanks for the response.

Armando do you think Philbin will replace Sherman next season ?

Hey Mitch, how about you have some respect for other people's opinion?

You don't agree with me, that's your business. That does not mean my opinion is idiotic. Your daddy should have taught you some manners.

and as for the "go" or "go go" issue... unless they want to use it in the future by throwing off teams eventually, they need to stop cuz it does effect a defense's quick-twitch performances... when tannehill is running it, the defense knows right when he hikes the damn ball so if maybe somebody was going to drop back in coverage, can now play instinctually... so sherman is an idiot too...

Boulder, I think the Dolphins would be wise to use Mike Wallace as the dynamic receiver he is against the Pitts.

The Steelers will likely match Ike Taylor vs. Wallace every play. I believe Taylor has lost a step. I like the matchup in Miami's favor. I think you throw him a couple of comebacks and then set him up for the double move.

You see John Jerry returning? I don't. He's always had the potential to be a much better player but ultimately I just see a guy who just does enough to stay in the NFL but is basically an underachieving tub of goo.

Mike Charles used to make me feel the same way. A lot of talent that only occasionally surfaced because the guy was just too lazy to really care about his craft.

I think he's a goner.

Thanks for the answer Mando. cheers!

The O-line has show some improvememt over the past few weeks...how do you explain this with the loss of some key players and all the change that has occured ?


welcome to our world@ 1:33...and prior...

insulted for having a differnce of opinion....is that crazy or what...

Fake GM, Kris, obviously Ross does NOT understand the dynamic of firing one and keeping another.

He already did exactly that.

I've written how much of a bad idea that is. Yes, there are places where the move has worked but more often it leads to a disconnect, it leads to instant circus atmosphere of speculation about when the new GM will hire "his guy."

By the way, it also kept the Dolphins from being able to even attract guys like Gruden, Cowher and obviously Jeff Fisher.

I mean, who else except Ross would have ruled out Philbin's decision to get rid of Incognito, if not Ireland, if that story was true?

Mando...what's the latest with Pouncey and the Hernandez indictment? is there a chance he's caught in the web and has charges bought against him?


Mando, what/who is giving Ross advice these days?

Thanks Armando,
Fyi,big snow tonight. Field should be ok for the game. Only expecting some snow showers for the game. Shouldn't have a huge impact in way of snow. Gonna be cold though.

Telly, the strong GM candidates now are the No. 2 guy in Baltimore -- have to look up the name -- Scott Pioli, who basically built the Chiefs, and a couple of other guys.

My FEAR is that the NY based owner will give his team over to his NY sensibilities and hire someone like Mike Tannenbaum. Like Mike as a person. Don't want him leading the personnel dept.

odinseye...Sims has better hands than Clay? WTF? I've seen Sims catch one ball all year...granted it was for a TD. I curious why you think Sims has better hands than Clay?

Posted by: NHFINSFAN | December 06, 2013 at 08:39 AM

I live in Michigan and I saw just about every game Sims played in. He was a better pass receiver than he was a blocker. In his final year at Michigan State his blocking improved and he put it all together.

Sims can be a very effective receiver in this offense if given the chance.

Not right to say Caleb Sturgis is a bust. He's only a rookie.

But sure wish he hadn't come as a fifth-round pick. Zach Thomas was a fifth-round pick. Bryan Cox was a fifth-round pick.

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