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Live Miami Dolphins chat at 1 p.m.

It's been a while since I've spoken with so many of you. It's been a while since many of you have spoken at me.

Yeah, kidding.

In truth the change to the gameday live blog every Sunday has disconnected us somewhat so I figure today would be a good day to get on here in live chat fashion and exchange ideas.

Come by at 1 p.m. and I'll meet you in the comments section for the chat. As always, no Dolphins subject is taboo.

If you cannot be here at 1 p.m. leave your questiions, comments or kudos early and I'll address them soon as I can.

See you at 1 p.m.

[Update: John Jerry (concussion), Dimitri Patterson (groin) and Daniel Thomas (ankle) practiced at least on a limited basis in practice today.]


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Nolan Carrol was a fifth round pick.

Greyhound, don't misunderstand my statement on Jerry as me saying he's a priority.

I see him as a guy you can sign for another year or two because you don't love him but you can live with him because he's OK and you have bigger priorities to fill.

That's exactly what the Dolphins did with Chris Clemons this year and it worked out. I guess it's kicking the can down the road on a significant upgrade, but there simply are bigger priorities -- like OT.

hindsight, really wish they would have shut down patterson longer early in the preseason and the 1st couple games even. when he is out there the defense is much better. i'd say he is better then grimes when actually playing. did he have chronic injuries with cleveland? or is this hammy a 1st? i'd imagine based on this season he would not be very expensive. i'd like to see a healthy patterson resigned. he'd be cheaper than grimes. signing both would be great but cap?

Thanks for the response, Armando.

I would certainly not be averse to them hiring anyone from the Ravens organization. As well-run and fundamentally sound team as there is in the NFL. Anyone who apprenticed under Ozzy Newsome is ok with me.

Maybe with an exceptional mediator and unbiased organizer of Football operations, most would not need to go anywhere, including Ross.

Do the Dolphins use football analytics like football outsiders kind of stuff? Philbin or Ireland? If not that tells me a lot.


ODIN, if you go by college then egnew is a better pass catcher than simms. college isn't the NFL. also egnew is out there to block a lot. even as a fullback so not sure what your "simms is the better blocker" comment comes from??


Can we really count that long ball to Marlon Moore as another missed long ball opportunity missed. Wasnt Tannehill just getting rid of the ball as he got plowed?


Is there going to be a push to re-sign Odrick? Or are they going to let him walk? Which imo would be a mistake. I do believe Soliai and Starks are up as well, who do you think ends up being the odd man out?


Interesting interchange, Armando, interesting interchange.

NJ, My explanation for OL being ok recently is this:

1. Tyson Clabo has seriously stepped up his play. He is a different player the past three weeks. Finally playing like he did most of last year.

2. Nate Garner is undervalued. Remember that in 2010, Garner was expected to compete for a starting job and then got injured. And he got kind of labeled as a backup ever since. He is not grading as well as Incognito was in run blocking but is every bit as good in pass pro.

3. Bryant McKinnie has been an upgrade over Jonathan Martin at LT.

NH, Pouncey wasn't indicted he was subpoenaed. So I think that gets taken care of after the season. I don't know where that will lead.


Thanks for doing this.

I blame Ireland for Reggie not being back but was B Marsh being traded him a little also or all Philbin?

Since we ALL know the Fins will not make the play offs can you give us odds of Ireland being fired and odds of Philbin being fired when it happens?


jason, there are 4 games yet to be played, let's not count them out yet.

Cocoa, the folks giving Ross advice include Matt Higgins, Nat Moore, Tom Garfinkel, Carl Peterson, Tony Dungy and others.

Is Jamar Taylor bad or just till hurt? Had a Will davis sighting a couple of games ago...do these rookies have any bite, Armando? What grade do you give Nolan Carroll this year? He has been a pleasant surprise at time don't you think?

Short field goal kickers are out of style..Caleb Sturgis is the Keebler Elf!


Do you think they'll re-sign Tannehill or let hm walk like they did with Henne?

Another trade scenario: Wallace for Antonio brown straight up?

The # 2 in baltimore is Eric DeCosta, son of Portuguese immigrants (like yours truly) that I've been touting for years on this board ... GO ERIC!!

drsamii, if Nolan Carroll weren't around the Dolphins would be in major trouble because neither Will Davis nor Jamar Taylor have proven able to stay healthy or practice on a consistent basis.

Does that mean Carroll is great? No. But he's been good enough.

(All that applies to games against teams other than New England because the Patriots beat Carroll like a drum).

the long ball...
more then just seeing an open WR and the ball being overthrown/underthrown goes into it. no doubt some are on tannehill, some are also on wallace. a WR has to be able to outfight a DB and bring a ball in. sometime a CB or S makes a great play. but in miami's case i'd blame the OL for a few too. tough for any QB to be accurate when he can't step into a throw. i've seen the games with NFL.com replay. you cn see camera angles they don't show on TV. there are quite few incompletions where RT had a guy in his face or draped on him. tough to be accurate in those circumstances. also isn't the west coast offense more about quick slants? maybe thats what gets the practice time?

Jay, we're a couple of years out from the re-sign Tanneill decision. We don't even know who will be in charge after this year.


Thank you Armando for the response.
I have another issue with Wallace.
I certainly appears to me that he takes plays off at times...or shall we say gives up on plays which recently turned into an interception because he did not attempt to knock the ball away from a defender. It really upsets me considering how much he is making...do you think he is more of a money guy, than a team guy?? Or do you feel the blame lies more on our QB not hitting him and he is frustrated ??

the folks giving Ross advice include Matt Higgins, Nat Moore, Tom Garfinkel, Carl Peterson, Tony Dungy and others.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | December 06, 2013 at 01:53 PM

Wow Armando,

Hope it is good advise and they are all on the same page...

Ross's head might explode while trying to figure this ownership thing out.

Mando, I should have been more specific. Who is giving Ross football (strategy, tactics etc) advice? I hget the idea Ross wants to be more involved for some reason.


Do you think they'll re-sign Tannehill or let hm walk like they did with Henne?

Posted by: Jay | December 06, 2013 at 01:54 PM

Armando is too polite to say it but I will:

That's completely ludicrous.


would you say the OL IMPROVED play is due to the fact that the ring leader is gone...and that perhaps his work ethic (or lack thereof) reflected poorly on the rest of the line man...

not saying that COGS play was the problem...as much as I am saying his possible nonchalant/i don't give an EFF attitude...enabled the other linemen to exhibit the same lackidasical attitude when it came to practice...and then rolled over into game day...

kinda long for a question....sorry....


First...is this Robbie? Ha ha

Second...let's be real. The Fins have not made it to the play offs since 2008 and that was ONLY due to Brady being injured. This year they lost to the previously winless Bucs and the Bills. In order to make the play offs they would have to most likely beat Pitt in Pitt and the Bills in Buffalo along with either NE or NY. Philbin has proven he is not a good HC in my opinion.

You must realize like me how tough it is being a Fins fan around New England when the Pats are in the play offs ALL THE TIME and the Fins take a 17-3 halftime lead and lose :(

I hope I am wrong and the Fins make the playoffs but we both know it is unlikely and would they really be able to make a run IF they make it?

Jason, I get that everyone is upset about Reggie Bush not being back. Guess what? I agree with that call.

The Dolphins never really used all of Bush's gifts until late last year when they got this brilliant idea to put him out in space. Wow, how'd they come up with that idea?

Detroit does this a lot.

But Bush has fumbled in like four games this year and he's been injured recently.

Look, as an organization you don't want to rely on free agency to fill your roster. You want to mostly draft.

The Dolphins had Bush but they had a No. 2 pick and a No. 4 pick waiting in the wings. It makes sense those younger, cheaper players should be able to step up and fill the position. That's how the Steelers did it for so many years. That's how Baltimore did it for many years.

Obviously, Thomas is something of a bust and Miller isn't given the ball enough. But would Reggie being around mean Mike Sherman suddenly gives him the ball enough? He didn't last year.

If Sherman retires as you put it, who will be on our radar for the vacancy?

Ross spends the vast majority of his time in Manhattan tending to his real estate empire.

It's quite a stretch to think anyone is giving him "tactical football advice" or that he really has any deep interest in that.

The advisors Ross has are there to offer guidance on the overall structure of the team and insight (presumably) on what needs to be fixed, not what the team should be running on 3rd and 7.

Kris, none other than Bill Parcells told me Richie Incognito "works like a mule" so his work ethic was not the issue.

I believe Richie is a problem when he starts to drink. I think when he's the loudest voice in the room, you have a problem. And when Jake Long left the team, Richie voice was the loudest in the OL room. Not good.

Here's another thing: Richie isn't a star. He ok. He's been solid. But is he elite? No.

(I don't want to hear about the Pro Bowls as he got there when other backed out plus the Pro Bowl doesn't really signify level of play all the time).

Armando, if you played in the MLB would you be a pitcher or a catcher?

OK everyone, I appreciate you dropping by today and every day.

If you guys want to do this more often, let me know and we will.

All the best.

pete g, try reading all of my question

Just got here, if you already got this Jeff Ireland question then never mind but if not... is he even accessible for questions anymore?

These chats with Armando are useful. Paul and I are taking notes of the offensive commentaries, and of their authors here.

I did. It was dopey.

mando....you are implying that sherman is 100% gone, either on his own, or not.
this is big news as I feel he has some weird control over tannehill that's slowing his development. he also has control over philbin dating back to their days at conn.
imo...i'll be happy to see sherman 'retire' so the training wheels will be fully off tannehill next year.

Why are the fin fans in New England such puzzies???


we are what we eat !!!

Hahaha, ETF @ 2:06, that is what they call a veiled question...

I did. It was dopey.

Posted by: pete g. | December 06, 2013 at 02:12 PM
"dopey"? Did you make it through the 5th grade or do watch a lot of 30s gangster movies?
In any case, go away

Mando, thank you again for totally ignoring odin. Many of us here are striving to do the same.

You're not so bad NH, but that jason guy should eat some balls if your analogy is true ... he's in dire need.

I must have missed the election where you were given the title of "Blog Nanny."

Sorry, but no dice. I'll post whatever I want whenever I want. Capisco, gramps?

Stephen Ross, the worst sports owner ever?

10 answers and 100 comments each from Craig and MarK...



thaks for the inside info....with the quotefrom Parcells....

It was just a theory of mine....i guess it doesn't hold water...

Mark in Toronto must eat a lot of Bacala. Capisci, pal?

Mando, thank you again for totally ignoring odin. Many of us here are striving to do the same.

Posted by: Bon Voyage, Pest | December 06, 2013 at 02:16 PM

ROTFLMAO - Armando answered two of my questions. He answered me second today.

It was YOU Dying Turd, that was totally ignored by Armando.

But hey, it's better than being "Outted" by him, eh.........DAYTONA!

Bhwaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaa!!!!


I was going compare holiday decorating notes with Armando and now he is gone.

Damn it all to hell. Life is just futile and pointless. I wish there was a puppy around to kick or a child I could burn with a lit cigarette.

Oh, well, time to make some cheese balls. Sigh.

Marc, waht's the problem?

Oscar, it's bacalhau, get it right ... and I don't. Stop being racist. I don't say you walk around with a sombrero and a mule everywhere

McKinnie is giving us our best play at Left Tackle since SpOranus got Big Jake injured late in a meanigless pre-season game. He has a lot of experience against Pittsville too.

Keeping McKinnie around will give us some badly needed latitude going into Free Agency and the draft. We need our future Left Tackle as soon as possible. But McKinnie keeps it from being our top priority. If nothing else, he buys us a little time to try and develop a Left Tackle.

Either way, McKinnie and Garner are playing tons better than Martin and Cogs. I'm looking forward to seeing them dominate a depleted Steelers defense.

Fernanda Lima, wow... just look at those pics from today's world cup draw makes my pants tight...

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