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Live Miami Dolphins chat at 1 p.m.

It's been a while since I've spoken with so many of you. It's been a while since many of you have spoken at me.

Yeah, kidding.

In truth the change to the gameday live blog every Sunday has disconnected us somewhat so I figure today would be a good day to get on here in live chat fashion and exchange ideas.

Come by at 1 p.m. and I'll meet you in the comments section for the chat. As always, no Dolphins subject is taboo.

If you cannot be here at 1 p.m. leave your questiions, comments or kudos early and I'll address them soon as I can.

See you at 1 p.m.

[Update: John Jerry (concussion), Dimitri Patterson (groin) and Daniel Thomas (ankle) practiced at least on a limited basis in practice today.]


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A sombrero and Mule...........?

It's not racist if it's true..........is it........?

Anyways, did anybody ask Armando if John Jerry got cleared to play Sunday?


The Dolphins offensive line remains one of the worst in the NFL and has only improved marginally over the atrocious level they were at a few weeks ago.

Don't kid yourself. They do not have the ability to "dominate" anybody and are in desperate need of upgrades at every position except center.


whats with the dots....

thats my thing....

Oops, Armando yweeted that Jerry passed his baseline tests and is expected to start.

That's good for Jerry.

Bad for Brenner.

I don't know if it's good or bad for the Dolphins.

Sorry Kris, I was just getting bored with all the exclamation points.


Patterson is questionable?

No surprise there, that's pretty good for him. It would be nice having Grimes and Patterson starting against Big ben.

its cool Odin...

I don't have excluive rights to them.... :)

anyway...good to see you around...its been a while....

i'm on my way out the door....

Good to see you as well........

My Friend........ ;)

Did Mando answer my question as to when Tannehil is going to get the respect he deserves for being 11th in the league in passing yards behind this O line with no running game and Wallace dropping 203 yards worth of catches?

Mark in Toronto

I don't need balls. I told it like it is. Dolphins have not made it to the play offs since 2008 and it doesn't appear they will make it this season.

You are probably think Ireland and Philbin should keep their jobs and that means I STRONGLY disagree with you and you should eat a dick..

Also...I said I hope I am wrong about the play offs this year. It goes to show what a sad state the franchise is in when fans of the team are calling each other out due to them having too many issues. Pathetic.

Haha, jason @ 3:26, nice of you to recognize you can get through life without balls since you lack as the great Mick Foley used to say "testicular fortitude"

Just checking in today, and yup, Craig M is still a moron.

I realize you prefer to suck on other guy's balls though.

I said I don't need them due to the fact I already have them...and unlike you not in my mouth.

Jason, you have to be a member of the Circle-jerk Club, otherwise your opinion (however valid it may be) will be attacked by a bunch of dooosh bags who spend the day striking each other.

Thanks M. Kind of figured that was the case.

Stroking each other!

I do find it sad that the Fins franchise (from owner to front office to coaching to play on the field and even bullying) has driven the fans to have to 'attack' one another instead of talking about how good the Fins are and which play off seed they might earn each season.

There are a few on here (who seem to live on this blog site) who think they own this blog. They complain about "trolls" insulting people, while they are the ones who attack those with opinion different from their own. Then they wonder why the trolls post here. The best examples are Craig M, Mark In Toronto, Kris...

Craig Moron is the biggest creator of trolls.

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