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Marrone: Thad Lewis to start vs. Miami Dolphins

Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel was hobbled a bit after suffering a minor knee injury against Jacksonville last week. He practiced Wednesday on a limited basis.

And after that practice, head coach Doug Marrone decided Manuel wasn't well enough to play against the Dolphins.

So Marrone announced this afternoon that Thad Lewis, the one-time practice squad quarterback, will start at quarterback for the Bills against the Dolphins Sunday. Lewis started the teams' first meeting Oct. 20.

The Bills beat the Dolphins 23-21 in that game.

Lewis is excited, obviously. "We want to play for the city of Buffalo," he said today. "This should be a great game."

The Bills did not shy away from throwing the ball the first meeting against the Dolphins. Lewis threw 32 times and completed 21 for 202 yards with 0 TDs and 1 INT. His quarterback rating that day was 70.1, which is unimpressive.

Lewis started three games for the Bills while Manuel was out. He completed 60.2 percent of his passes in that span, threw 3 TDs and 2 INTs.

Obviously, the fact Lewis beat the Dolphins once will cause some Dolphins fans to think this is bad news. This is most definitely not bad news for Miami.

Lewis is a backup and a project for a reason. Manuel, a rookie, was the starter for a reason -- namely he's simply more talented.

The Dolphins are living right, friends.

I will say this: The Dolphins, frankly, respected Lewis too much in that first game. You'll recall that the team had a 21-20 lead and the ball at their own 48 yard line with 3:39 to play. Run the ball three times and use Brandon "flips the" Fields to punt Buffalo deep and the Dolphins are forcing Lewis to drive 80 yards for a TD or maybe 45-yard for a field goal with less than 2 minutes to play.

But Miami coaches trusted throwing the ball more than they trusted their defense.

Ryan Tannehill on second-and-eight stepped back to pass and was crushed by Mario Williams, who caused a fumble. The Bills recovered at the Miami 34 yard line. Dan Carpenter eventually connected on a 31-yard field goal to give Buffalo the lead.

Dolphins coaches afterward said they threw because Lewis had success the week before against Cincinnati, throwing an improbable deep pass for a TD. The Dolphins feared he would do that against them.

They thought Mario Williams vs. Tyson Clabo was a better matchup than the Miami D vs. Thad Lewis with less than 2 minutes to play.

I hope if that choice pops up again this game, the Dolphins will have learned a lesson. Trust the D. Force the young QB to beat you. Don't let Mario Williams beat you. 


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How dare you Armando ;P

You challenged us in the last post to debate the validity of an overblown media creating a mountain out of a mole hill. And we came up with MULTIPLE points, I thought some really great thought provoking posts, and you cover it up with this little thing!

Hahaha you're too funny! Answer the posts darn you!

ps so proud of my fellow fans and their thoughts on the last page. Kudos to everyone who spoke on the subject. Great job you guys!

Oh boy, this just got better. Now the Dolphins have a poster boy. It's time to get back at Thad Lewis and properly welcome him to the NFL! GO DOLPHINS!!!! (PLEASE?!)

It's On! Doesn't matter whoz out there It's Phinz Time!

Have a great day all. Armando thank you for the distraction, you make it fun (but only when the team is winning, when they lose you suck ;)

Revenge game? Show the league why Thad Lewis is 10th string QB. They need to rough him up early. Rattle him into mistakes.

Thad scares me because he's beaten us once before. The anxiety I am feeling before this game is intense. We've seen our dreams dashed in the Buffalo Winter too many times in the past. I am already a nervous wreck.


This is indeed good news for us. Hopefully the team is fired up.

Methinks that mistake will not be repeated by our Coaches, Armando.

Someone kill me if the Dolphins lose to a Thad Lewis QB lead team again!

i think we blew that game more than Buffoolo won it. Tannehill hopefully won't start the gaem with a pick six and our line/Tanne won't give up 6 sacks.

Treat this bum like a bum....

I agree with you here Mando, Lewis is not good. miami did more to defeat themselves with poor Qb play and questionable coaching decisions and poor run defense than Thad Lewis did to them. In fact Lewis turns the ball over a tonne. Also has a number of fumbles to go with those INTs. There will be opprotunities for the defense to give the offense some easy points.

Great chance for this defense to VINDICATE ITSELF after being THOROUGHLY EMBARRASSED by Chad Lewis in the first meeting.

Shutting out the Bills and Chad Lewis would be an EXTREMELY STRONG statement of vindication.

So, oscar, if you received a European style education in Cuba, wouldn't that have been patterned after the Spanish style given the influence on Cuba's culture? Not provoking, just curious.

In the end I think the difference going into the end of the year and the playoffs will be Caleb Sturgis. The fins need him t step up. His missed field goals cost the fins games. Tannehill can play well, but will mean nothing if Sturgis misses clutch kicks.

Someone kill me if the Dolphins lose to a Thad Lewis QB lead team again!

Posted by: Craig M | December 18, 2013 at 02:30 PM

I would trade a phin loss to never see your condescending posts here again.

I gladly volunteer & I'm sure I won't be the only one!

Also Thad is a Miami boy, he will have a slow start functioning in that climate. We luckily got our first taste in Pitt a few weeks back - should be no surprises.

In addiiton, Buffalo has played nothign but warm climate games of late... perhaps winter climate games = advantage Miami???

Forecast right now calls for 39 degrees & 70% chance of rain. If that forecast hold up, I don't see either QB being the determining factor.

S. Johnson is also out & potentially F. Jackson too.

BTW, LOL @ 1 of many!

Looks like its kiddie time at 2:30 and 2:39pm......

Whats up son, you got nothing of significance to say, so you resort to impersonating people? How original!

The dream senario is the Pats losing both games and us winning both.

Fins win division and Pats miss playoffs due to tie breaker loss against Cincy.

if we win division i believe that would give us the 2 seed over Cincy and Indy....WOW, please lord make that happen...

The temperature is actually pretty good. A drizzle or a slight snowfall means nothing either but if the field is frozen and there is no traction then man it becomes a wild card.


Craig M:

You say I talked about Code Reds? Yes, I talked about how the Sun-Sentinel and Palm Beach Post reported that's what was happening ... And eventually, when I got to the bottom of it, I was the only one who reported it was not true.

You say I talked about Philbin not knowing what was going on? Yes, because Joe Philbin said he did not know of anything that was going on. And to this day, he maintains he does not know what was going on. So what is your problem with me reporting what the head coach said?

You say I talked about how Ireland told Martin to punch Incognito? Again, you don't have any idea what you are reading because that came from ProFootballTalk and I was the one who reported it was out of context. So did you miss that, too?

I reported these things as if they were facts? Another lie. I actually told folks here who was reporting it. ON the Code Red I initially said "if this is true" and then I was the only one who refuted the reports. So out of all that how do you get that I reported them as facts?

As for what posts on this blog, Craig M, you don't get to decide that. You are welcome to come here and misread as much as you like, but you don't have a say what I post. At the time this was happening, as the events were changing, as the news -- such as Martin leaving, missing the game, the Dolphins releasing statements (3 of them in one day, by the way), Incognito denying everything, then the Dolphins suspending him, then the owner going on national TV and holding a press conference, then the investigation being called by the NFL commissioner, Philbin making statements in press conferences, a grievance being filed, a national TV interview by Incognito, an appeals to the grievance, the suspension being extended, etc., etc., I suppose you would have liked for me to ignore all that and focus on Miami's kickoff return stats.


The fact remains last week I told you folks that the Dolphins were focused on football. I told you the investigation would come out after the Super Bowl. I told you Incognito would agree to extend his suspension so he didn't have to take a big punishment in 2014. I told you the way this was going.

The posts are the posts.

Your revisionist history of what I wrote or said or did Craig M is wrong. And offensive.

Posted by: Armando Salguero | December 18, 2013 at 02:44 PM

This is great news. There is no way that Thad Lewis wins this game. We have to keep Fred Jackson quiet though.

For once, I think we win a game that isn't close:

You heard it here first:

Miami 20 Buffalo 10

I'm picking Dolphins Defense on my fantasy team this week.


Kudos to Armando!

He's late to the party on the Mouth. He constantly misreads what is written. He has serious reading comprehension issues that he continues to deny.

His arrogance & idiocy has lead him to be blocked by multiple sports talk hosts on twitter & facebook(his own admission).

He constantly is in attack mode trying to make everyone out to be dumb & wrong.(none more thn him however)

ARMANDO, DO THE RIGHT THING & BAN THAT JACK*SS!!!!!!!!!!!!! For all of us babe! We'll all pitch in & throw you an xmas basket if you do!


I agree woth the blog BAN CRAIG M!!

Here comes 'chirpy boy'......tag-teaming on my comments.

You're right, someone should be banned FOR HAVING AN OPINION'. We're all supposed to hold hands and sing 'Kumbha ya'......

Get a life, pal.....

I took Armando to task for some of the things he wrote. I STILL don't agree with how he's painting it. We see it differently. So be it. And no point did it come to name-calling, as it does with many of you clowns.

Nice try though.....

Gosh Craig M is so annoying. Coalation to Ban Craig M!!

Not so, Mark. It is not that common knowledge for Most but Cuba at that time not only had the Spanish influence but of other European Countries of that time, especially the French one. The perfumes, Guerlain, Liu(which my Mother liked) were easily available. Those great Cuban recipes, which apparently few in Miami know about, were inspired by French Chefs brought in by aristocratic Cuban Families after our Independence from Spain. But perhaps the best example of not only Spanish influence in pre-Fidel Castro Cuba was myself. Up to the 7th grade in Cuba, I was Educated at La Salle school, founded by Jean Baptiste de la Salle, a French Catholic institution run by "brothers", = to priests in vow of chastity except they couldn't perform Mass or confess and were strictly devoted to Education. Big difference from when I went to Belen to study with the Jesuit priests which were very harsh and even abusive with Us. In any case, We Cubans then were drifting away from the sphere of influence of the USA at that time and some of these gentlemen here in this Country apparently didn't like it, you know, Mark. This is all true. From my Life.

Here comes 'chirpy boy'......tag-teaming on my comments.

You're right, someone should be banned FOR HAVING AN OPINION'. We're all supposed to hold hands and sing 'Kumbha ya'......

Get a life, pal.....

Posted by: Craig M | December 18, 2013 at 03:05 PM

Coming from the sad, lonely blob, sitting on facebook & twitter, annoying people & getting banned while microwaving a Hungry Man meal every night.


Admitting, in a public forumn that you get banned by sports host personalities only fortifies the belief that you are an obnoxious douche of historic proportions Even Armando pities you!

Do the blog a favor & go nauseate a new group of fans.

I wonder if Craig believes Armando is YG/BD/Yesterday as he does every other name that takes him to task for being a ninny.

What is a "Coalation"???

A typo is one thing but when people are taking others to task, being unable to spell really takes the steam out of anything you are trying to accomplish.

Haven't posted in a while but I read every day.

Just wondering what makes you think you can take Armando to task, Craig? Also, how'd that work out for you when you had no facts?

The Blog,

Once AGAIN, I'll remind you.....you don't know ANYTHING about me.....like NOTHING. You THINK you do, but you don't. So keep making up whatever crap you want. You've never met me, you've never talked to me, you don't know where I came from and you don't know anything about my life.

Stop PRETENDING you know a thing about me and making stuff up. It's the SAME conversation I just had with, Armando. Are you one and the same?

Interesting stuff Oscar, thanks for sharing. personally, and I know this doesn't jive with opinion in South Florida particularly, I find Cuba extremely interesting. I think the time has come though where the country is not self sufficient anymore and needs to open up it's borders to the USA full blown.

Beautiful people, very friendly, and the most tourist friendly place I've ever known.

Mark, sticking up for your booty partner I see... As much misspelled words in your post im shocked you made a comment about mines. Gives us a favor and keep blowing the lil money you have on filthy strippers what are you 20???

Craig, forget "the blog" this guy just likes to chime in and tell people how to act or behave here. Thinks he's the blog police obviously by the handle he chooses and thinks he speaks for everyone.

'The Blog', get "The Life".

Seems like Craigy Poo cant handle the truth. Waaaa waaaaa!!!!😢😢😢😢😢

I know how to spell, i just can't type, there'sa difference.

And mines is not a word. Unless you are talking about a place to withdraw minerals from the earth or explosives placed at surface level. But in terms of using the word in a possessive sense, no. Got to school, jabrone.

Craig Mouth,

Allow us to remind you that you can't read, are angry, always condescending, rude, and always think you're right. These facts are INDESPUTABLE!

We don't care who you are, what you are, where you came from. We only care that you leave or you get banned.

You are the whiniest bay on this bog. All the traits that we KNOW about you, are traits shared by fat, ugly, lonely angry elves.

Just leave already. Even Armando hates you yet, you continue to blog here. That's being a glutton for punishment.

It will get to the point here, like it did on Facebook & Twitter, where yet ANOTHER sports host bans you because of your incessant whining & rudeness.

Buh Bye blabbermouth!

Im out let Mark and Craig 69 each orher all day on the blog. Putz!

All of a sudden 'Mike J' is a regular here, who knows all the comings and goings of the blog.....COMICAL!

You asked us to comment, Armando....I commented. i'll let the freaks take over now.

And as for dope in Toronto is concerned, did you expect anything less than a mary sticking up for another mary? Honestly!

There is a point there. Old fashioned fact checking and due deligence on a story in the internet age is dead. Outlets are forced to jump on or get left behind and don't take the necessary time to properly review the facts. In yesteryear, media outlets lived in fear of libel and slander sharges. And I'm sure if the Miami Dolphins wanted to stick to a few outlets, they would have plenty of ammo.

Yea Mark "Jabrone" is a word. Hyprocrit much???

What I didn't like was the way everyone with a voice ex players especially acted like this was something that only happened in Miami, and all took the high road saying they never saw this behavior or would have allowed it to happen. Which is complete BS!!

craig, is there ever a moment you aren't complaining about something or someone? You are such a whiny lil bi*ch!

No wonder why you're single. Women want a man. If they wanted a man like you, they'd be a lesbian.

look, everything else aside.....to say we squandered the first Buffalo game is an understatement so if Thad Lewis beats us twice, we really dont deserve to be a playoff team--with the playoffs on the line, if we cant beat a lousy Buffalo team led by a 3rd-4th string practice squad-caliber QB....

Jabrone is a slang from the old school wrestlign days. it has an actual meaning. It was made famous by WWE Superstar Dwayne Johnson. It in short means loser ... see how it fits?

"Hyprocrit". geez, your mother should've spent more time reading to you than going out clubbing on Wednesday nights after your dad went for cigarettes and never came back.

People who followed wrestling = Automatic failure.


I don't know how half the players on the Dolphins have anything to do with Armando after some of the crap he wrote. Very simply, comments saying 'there's lots of fallout happening here, we're not going to get involved in this soap opera until the facts play out' would have been appropriate. But bad news sells. The Herald didn't want to get scooped by the Sentinnel and other media outlets, so we got drivel after drivel.....

All the major networks got caught up in it too. It got to the point that they ran out of time to cover what they were supposed to be doing....you know, talking about FOOTBALL.

Mark maybe if your mother wasnt a filthy stripper you wouldnt have an affection for them like you do now. Ask your wife what time she works tonight?? And im out!

A while back I was a grunt in a very hot environment. We all carried two canteens. On my first op I went through he two canteens of water before the exercise was half over. A month and a half to two months I could do the entire op with only 1/2 a canteen of water. The body adjusts to it's environment. It's remarkable.

So just because Lewis is from south Florida means absolutely nothing. His body has adjusted to the cold over the last month to month and a half. Additionally you can safely say that about all the players on the Bills. Will it be tougher on the 'Phins then the Bills? Hell yes! They're playing in THEIR element and we've just left ours 2,000 miles behind us!

The people from Michigan, Wisconsin and northern Ill., Ind and Ohio are used to their environment. I'm originally from Michigan and if I were to return to the north I would be very, very uncomfortable. I certainly hope we win but one of our main obstacles WILL be the weather. Lewis and the Bills will be far less effected.

Just curious,

Thanks for your concern about my PERSONAL life but I'm not single.

I know you're surprised to hear this, as you know SO much about me.

Nice try though......

We could talk about you but nobody knows who the Hell you are....wait a second......

craig, if the herald irks you so much, wtf do you come here? you are such a whiner!

it's pretty clear, you're not appreciated by the blog author or most of it's particpants.

you coming here, in spite of all the faults you have with it, shows you to be someone just out to stir the pot & contribute nothing.

mike j,how u doin?

hey whiney boys.....can you please stop clogging the "Dolphins in Depth" blog with the stirring back and forth conversation about Cuba, Spain, education.....perfumes, "you dont know nothing about me" (no I dont, and I dont care)....grammar corrections......Pluto....etc--takes the rest of us like 7 minutes to page down to get to a few of the actual pertinent Dolphins/football comments--seriously, the CNN blogs are probably wide open for you....go to it.

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