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Marrone: Thad Lewis to start vs. Miami Dolphins

Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel was hobbled a bit after suffering a minor knee injury against Jacksonville last week. He practiced Wednesday on a limited basis.

And after that practice, head coach Doug Marrone decided Manuel wasn't well enough to play against the Dolphins.

So Marrone announced this afternoon that Thad Lewis, the one-time practice squad quarterback, will start at quarterback for the Bills against the Dolphins Sunday. Lewis started the teams' first meeting Oct. 20.

The Bills beat the Dolphins 23-21 in that game.

Lewis is excited, obviously. "We want to play for the city of Buffalo," he said today. "This should be a great game."

The Bills did not shy away from throwing the ball the first meeting against the Dolphins. Lewis threw 32 times and completed 21 for 202 yards with 0 TDs and 1 INT. His quarterback rating that day was 70.1, which is unimpressive.

Lewis started three games for the Bills while Manuel was out. He completed 60.2 percent of his passes in that span, threw 3 TDs and 2 INTs.

Obviously, the fact Lewis beat the Dolphins once will cause some Dolphins fans to think this is bad news. This is most definitely not bad news for Miami.

Lewis is a backup and a project for a reason. Manuel, a rookie, was the starter for a reason -- namely he's simply more talented.

The Dolphins are living right, friends.

I will say this: The Dolphins, frankly, respected Lewis too much in that first game. You'll recall that the team had a 21-20 lead and the ball at their own 48 yard line with 3:39 to play. Run the ball three times and use Brandon "flips the" Fields to punt Buffalo deep and the Dolphins are forcing Lewis to drive 80 yards for a TD or maybe 45-yard for a field goal with less than 2 minutes to play.

But Miami coaches trusted throwing the ball more than they trusted their defense.

Ryan Tannehill on second-and-eight stepped back to pass and was crushed by Mario Williams, who caused a fumble. The Bills recovered at the Miami 34 yard line. Dan Carpenter eventually connected on a 31-yard field goal to give Buffalo the lead.

Dolphins coaches afterward said they threw because Lewis had success the week before against Cincinnati, throwing an improbable deep pass for a TD. The Dolphins feared he would do that against them.

They thought Mario Williams vs. Tyson Clabo was a better matchup than the Miami D vs. Thad Lewis with less than 2 minutes to play.

I hope if that choice pops up again this game, the Dolphins will have learned a lesson. Trust the D. Force the young QB to beat you. Don't let Mario Williams beat you. 


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MIT If the weather is good I will be the older, grayer, fatter guy with a black coat on. As we spoke about earlier the dummy Bills fans attack anything in Aqua and or Orange!!

I see I missed a lot today. Mandy pointing out what we already know. This team still isn't that good.

Mandy pointing out that what I said from day 1 about Incognito was "Much adu about nothing" was indeed nothing, but, still defended the media

Craig making a donkey of himself as usual

Ask old bloggers like X0X080, joe schmoe & #1 Montreal etc...

All good bloggers we've lost over the years because of this blog idiot, M. Toronto can point to good bloggers we lost as a result of people abusing M or we can look at great bloggers we lost as a result of his girlfriend. It goes both ways!

They'd be proud of Armando for his post to him today. In the 6 years on this blog, that was the biggest beat down Mando has ever laid on a blogger & Moron thinks he's welcome here.


Exactly Bill, I will eb wearing a red coat ... no allegiance to the British tho

Mark in an earlier post you said youll be decked in Dolphins gear from head to toe... Lol now since Bill going without Fins color you changes your mind??? Lol what about custom made Dolphins shoes. Markey Mark backtracking guys lmao

I do have to admit that Mando di issue a public beat down....he gave Craig the chance to take his medicine in private but Craig kept on going publicly then all we heard was a HUGE biotch SLAP!!

Blog, I would make you my gf. Treat you the way Oscar used to treat Canadian "women" in his day!

We only mean to Teach, you know.

Posted by: Mike J | December 18, 2013 at 04:35 PM

Mike earlier in the week we were all discussing Ralph Stadium fans and how violent they are and Mark said then he would be wearing a red coat. I have to defend him on this one.

I said no such thing Michael. I said Nike sent me an email saying they shipped my custom made Miami Dolphins shoes. I won't wear them because the weather will be crap. It's dbm that goes full out in phins gear.

Even if I did, I doubt I will have a problem where I will be sitting - the club section. The yahoos who cause trouble can't afford those seats.

However, I do not want to leave my auto unattended to those yahoos ...

It got to the point that they ran out of time to cover what they were supposed to be doing....you know, talking about FOOTBALL.

Posted by: Craig M | December 18, 2013 at 03:31 PM

WOW!! Fantastic words of wisdom.........

...now what was that quote ?...oh yeah...."Physician , heal thyself" !!!!!!!!!!

Torontonian, we all know you tricked your wife into believing you don't crave the man pole. I'm gonna have to pass.

WIll be fun to hear the story about how she left you like M's left. You guys are the perfect match. I'm sure he goes your way & he' local to you too.

You are only tolerable because you don't flap your gums like your fellow countryman. Mando shamed him like we all have for years. Was great to see!

Yeah...gotta give Mando kudos for showing some public bollocks....

Try posting something relevant or speak about something you may have some knowledge about. My wife leaving? Dude, you have no clue....

And the way I want to treat you has nothign to do with sexuality, it involved dominating and humiliating you... but then again, you might enjoy it.

Mark said he'd be wearing a red coat and black toque, if I remember correctly. I attended a few games in the Flutie era with 8 other Dolphins fans, all of us geared up in aqua & orange. Very close to some big brawls, but no real trouble came of it because Miami lost:( Nowadays getting stabbed is a real concern.

The Blog

Mark in Toronto is very fair. He comes with stats and facts and really doesn't abuse anybody. The other guy can get condescending and ornery at time but not MIT.

It's supposed to be snowy in uffalo on the weekend....

...great...based on the Pittsburgh game, the whole season should be snowbound !!!!!


Yeah Jj that exactly what Mark said and Mark if we meet Sunday I hope you aint dominating and humiliating me....;) ;)!!

Haha, no chance of that!!!

Toronto idiot, posting about your irrelevance is entirely relevant.

Also, dominating me? Please child. I'd beat you with your accounting textbooks & your wife would total get off on it.

Go get your pom poms & defend the Mouth, your bestest buddy.

I was in Buffalo once....picked someone up at the airport; it was snowing.....
....The next day we drove to Syracuse....still snowing when we arrived , it felt like we never left friggin' Buffalo!!!!!!!

.... like we drove in a gawdamn circle !!!!!!

Mark & Bill, get a room...eww.

Hey Blog Mark isn't hiding in the shadows...in fact he just told us all where he is sitting on Sunday....so my brain tells me he pretty much can handle his business. Just saying.......

Jj fun kneeeee

I cant cross the border...I carry a weapon!!

Oh, got me now, Blog. internet tough guy...my favourites.

Maunel is not the answer either at quarterback for Bufalo. It like are brain trust. Tannehill cant throw the deep ball, but he is a hell of quarterback. So silly.

Noooo you play a Psychiatrist on this blog....I called the REAL DR Canosa's office. They know not of this blog!! Anyway you need to learn to read I NEVER questioned your manhood....do you have buried feelings in regard to your manhood. Lie down we can talk about if you like??

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 18, 2013 at 04:17 PM

You actually admit calling and asking this question to these people? HAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAha

Posted by: Youguysaretoads | December 18, 2013 at 04:26 PM


Yikes...Armando obviosuly stole this blog directly from the Dolphins Truth site at http://www.dolphinstruth.com/billsoct20.shtml

It took Armando 2 months to realize that we should have run out the clock vs. Buffalo??

Syracuse weather is just as bad as Buffalo. Just north of 'Cuse is some of the snowiest in the country, I believe. I live just east of Syracuse, and the weather here is consistently inconsistent. 75 degrees one day, 35 the next...

Yup hilarious that you keep posting it and get no response!! Guess its time for you to do what you do best and troll....change your name and agree with your self....geesh whataloser!!

Jj what do you hear fro Sunday...I get mixed forecast and cannot decide to drive up or not.

Once again, Mark in Toronto, we are only a small nucleus of Cuban Americans in SoFla but extremely powerful and, most of Us, have been against the US embargo against Cuba since we came of Age. It is outdated and We believe an impediment for the Cubans in the Island to develop. But, every time, that embargo has been tried to be lifted off, Fidel Castro has done something to prevent it from being so. I guess you know why, don't you, Mark?

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 18, 2013
Oscar, that's simply not true. The Cubans in Miami...not to be confused with Cuban Cubans, go ballistic any time the subject comes up. The politicians want their vote so....fill in the blanks

45, wet snow/rain mix.

Oscar is filled with non truths cocoajoe. Where is this power he speaks of?? They control a small portion of the vote in Miami that's about it!! ohhh yeah and West New York, NJ

yeah see that snow scares me cuz its a long drive in cold regions...Albany, The Cuse then Buffalo area.

I gotta go and will not be back tonight...so when "somebody" starts insulting people with my name know is not me....seems to happen on occasion.

Bill, I was born and raised in Miami and I get from what I read from you, you know better too. Remember the Elian Gonzales thing a few years ago?

People from all parts of North America talking Dolphin football and football in general. More info then my mind can assimilate.

Posted by: oscar canosa | December 18, 2013 at 03:10 PM

Oscar, I have PERSONAL knowledge that (back inn the 40's- 50's to (In)Fidel, the University of Havana was one of the most respected universities in the civilized world.
How do I know this personally? because a young piano student from there, named Horacio Guttierez emigrated in 1962, then studied with MTY piano teacher, then proceeded to kick my ass pianistically every chance he had! He was obviously taught at UH at a very high level as a youngster.
He has been one of the most respected concert pianists in the world. At least I was destroyed by one pif the best.

In the 70's, hospitals in Miami were staffed (mainly as orderlies) by DOCTORS who graduated from U of Havana, while they waited the 7 years necessary to be licensed. Miami citizens were the better for it.

Meant MY, not MTY.

Please clarify someone:
If the Fins finish 10-6 are they in the playoff's REGARDLESS of what happens with the Ravens, should they both be 10-6? Even with the head-to-head advantage the Ravens hold?
is there some other factor I'm unaware of. I read here someone said if the Fins win out they are in.
Thanks…great blog, y'all.

Guess i could re-read Barry Jackson's column! LOL

Mark in an earlier post you said youll be decked in Dolphins gear from head to toe... Lol now since Bill going without Fins color you changes your mind??? Lol what about custom made Dolphins shoes. Markey Mark backtracking guys lmao
Posted by: Mike J | December 18, 2013 at 04:35 PM

Mike J,

I know this is a bit late but I just came home and am trying to get through the crap on the blog. This above post is the problem with some people here on this blog. MIT NEVER SAID HE WAS GOING TO BE DECKED OUT IN DOLPHINS GEAR. I said I was going to be decked in Dolphins gear at the game. MIT then responded that he was going to the game and his customized gear from Nike was being shipped. Then I took that as he was wearing the gear to the game, however he never said that at all. In fact MIT and I had a conversation last week on this blog about how bad Buffalo fans are and he would be at the game in NON-DOLPHINS colors. Misinterpretation at its best, huh Mike J. I won't even attack your spelling because I could care less about that. Lastly, as a father, I have watched my share of animated movies and thought your "Scar" reference was funny.

IMA- Yes, Miami is in at 10-6. If Ravens beat Bengals, Ravens win their division, and Bengals are out because Miami owns tiebreaker over Bengals.

Thanks, JJ. For me, that is a great scenario, as another patsies loss would be great, and perhaps get us a re-match with the Ravens, though Flacco is a beast in the post season.
Sure wish the Patsies-Ravens was the LAST game. Then, we'd KNOW who to pull for.
Still, I'd rather play the Ravens in Baltimore than the Pats inn NE.

Fins haven't been relevant this late since 2008. This team could be built a wee bit better for the playoffs, as the run game is sporadic.
But I had NO belief the Fins would be in it this late in the season. I'll take what I get!

I say ban CraigM and Dashi lol just kidding Dashi your a good diehard fan

But Bill A, if someone came and put you down personally and I was here, I would have your back.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 18, 2013 at 04:14 PM

Thanks MIT....I just wanna talk Dophins football cuz I live in NY and not many of us here. This blog gets so personal most of the time....its crazy. Section 212 on Sunday....I am going barring bad weather....I will try to find the quiet Dolfan in that section!

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 18, 2013 at 04:20 PM


Hey Blog Mark isn't hiding in the shadows...in fact he just told us all where he is sitting on Sunday....so my brain tells me he pretty much can handle his business. Just saying.......

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 18, 2013 at 04:57 PM


The Blog

Mark in Toronto is very fair. He comes with stats and facts and really doesn't abuse anybody. The other guy can get condescending and ornery at time but not MIT.

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 18, 2013 at 04:50 PM


I am going to have defend old Bill A. I have my differences with him and he is an assss at times but he does bring football knowledge to the blog. After all I think he was at the 1st football game ever played. Mates.
MIT is quite the bloke also. His stats are too much sometimes but he does use them wisely.

I cant cross the border...I carry a weapon!!

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 18, 2013 at 04:59 PM


Gay Lovers, Man to Man and Buffalo Bill A Wipe why do you not use 1 name to post under. What are you hiding? Are you a little girl?

Are you not man enough to debate with me? I thought as much. I don't care to speak with somebody as immature as yourself with the very obvious use of 3 different names at the present time.

Yes Bill A is a great ol fella, him and Red Grange fewer good ol pals and shined each others helmets after every game.

MIT, a gentleman and fair all-round good egg.

What was I thinking Mando ??? Apologies to one and all.

I thought Craig M was your only target? Now you go after MIT and Bill A? Yet you do not do this when they are posting? WHY?

Debate ? debate, you must be joking Marco, you are a TROLL, just as Bill A stated. Leave the blog right now and never return you filth !

Marco, I won't discuss anything with him. Not personal or anything, I just don't like the way he debates. he sticks to one naroow fact that proves his point and won't move away from it to see the whole picture. I have no time for people like that.

But Bill A, if someone came and put you down personally and I was here, I would have your back.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | December 18, 2013 at 04:14 PM

Posted by: Marco | December 18, 2013 at 01:50 PM

As I stated I could care less what you think of me buddy....I exposed you as a TROLL a long time ago....you seem obsessed with me...reading what I write when your not on here and then DEMAND I read what you write when Im not on here. You get very personal with anybody that disagrees with you. You have even posted stuff using my name, it has been pointed out to me, when Im not on here. I use my real name and do not hide in shadows. Yes I will defend exactly what I posted earlier and if that makes me Rush Limbaugh as you put it then so be it!
You my friend are a useless punk. You are not a man. You trashed Tannehill with false lies and facts for well over 6 months...now you just cannot man up. Just what I expected from a TROLL.
Please do not respond Im done with you...your like that gum that gets stuck on the bottom of my shoe!!

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | December 18, 2013 at 03:49 PM

Well what do you have to say Marco?


On to football ?

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