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Marrone: Thad Lewis to start vs. Miami Dolphins

Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel was hobbled a bit after suffering a minor knee injury against Jacksonville last week. He practiced Wednesday on a limited basis.

And after that practice, head coach Doug Marrone decided Manuel wasn't well enough to play against the Dolphins.

So Marrone announced this afternoon that Thad Lewis, the one-time practice squad quarterback, will start at quarterback for the Bills against the Dolphins Sunday. Lewis started the teams' first meeting Oct. 20.

The Bills beat the Dolphins 23-21 in that game.

Lewis is excited, obviously. "We want to play for the city of Buffalo," he said today. "This should be a great game."

The Bills did not shy away from throwing the ball the first meeting against the Dolphins. Lewis threw 32 times and completed 21 for 202 yards with 0 TDs and 1 INT. His quarterback rating that day was 70.1, which is unimpressive.

Lewis started three games for the Bills while Manuel was out. He completed 60.2 percent of his passes in that span, threw 3 TDs and 2 INTs.

Obviously, the fact Lewis beat the Dolphins once will cause some Dolphins fans to think this is bad news. This is most definitely not bad news for Miami.

Lewis is a backup and a project for a reason. Manuel, a rookie, was the starter for a reason -- namely he's simply more talented.

The Dolphins are living right, friends.

I will say this: The Dolphins, frankly, respected Lewis too much in that first game. You'll recall that the team had a 21-20 lead and the ball at their own 48 yard line with 3:39 to play. Run the ball three times and use Brandon "flips the" Fields to punt Buffalo deep and the Dolphins are forcing Lewis to drive 80 yards for a TD or maybe 45-yard for a field goal with less than 2 minutes to play.

But Miami coaches trusted throwing the ball more than they trusted their defense.

Ryan Tannehill on second-and-eight stepped back to pass and was crushed by Mario Williams, who caused a fumble. The Bills recovered at the Miami 34 yard line. Dan Carpenter eventually connected on a 31-yard field goal to give Buffalo the lead.

Dolphins coaches afterward said they threw because Lewis had success the week before against Cincinnati, throwing an improbable deep pass for a TD. The Dolphins feared he would do that against them.

They thought Mario Williams vs. Tyson Clabo was a better matchup than the Miami D vs. Thad Lewis with less than 2 minutes to play.

I hope if that choice pops up again this game, the Dolphins will have learned a lesson. Trust the D. Force the young QB to beat you. Don't let Mario Williams beat you. 


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Nice to see you darlin, get your Bristols out for the lads !!!

Have you wondered when mom kisses you goodnight she may have just orally pleasured dad?

If I've offended you tonight, excellent !!!

Good evening America !!!

I would like to show you my flap jacks.

I hope he gets the start soon, if we get into the playoffs.

Jones and Wheeler are a liability for us.

Posted by: Marco | December 18, 2013 at 08:13 PM

Phillip Michael Thomas may have bought himself some more playing time, he's yet to be here long enough to digest the entire defensive playbook. It's yet to be determined if Sunday's performance was the "REAL DEAL", or simply "BEGINNERS LUCK".

As great as Thomas' Sunday performance was, I'm not ready to anoint him anything just yet. Right now, I place his performance in "MUCH NEEDED" category. Don't want to rush him into a situation where he could just as easily go from "HERO" to "GOAT".

Will there be some sweet syrup on them?

Where is Darkoak and Phins78 to feed these litter bug bloggers who can't beat out a fart when it comes to having something to say?

Posted by: Mildred | December 18, 2013 at 08:33 PM

Even Dying Breed has gotten so lonely in life that he seeks the attention of Marco.

another huge game is almost here

We shouldn't lose to Manual or Lewis. We are more talented and our QB is settling in. Although our linebacker position is worrisome.

If we lose its because we made too many mistakes like the last game.

dusty I have to agree with the many posts you made for the last few months. We need to lose for better draft picks.

Who is this Marco? Marco Rubio, the next President of the US?

agree rick bills running game gets going look out. have to slow that down

Steve Smith and Fred Jackson also likely out for the Bills.

We lose this game it would be 3 steps back.

So finally what is it, Manual, Maunel, what? In any case, he's off the board this week.

s smith? u mean johnson. jackson where u hear that??

jackson is playing sunday, has sore ribs is all

He's one of the Batista guys, but we'll take him.

One thing that is encouraging dusty is we seem to handle the run better when there is less of a threat of a passing game.

Confusion seems to get us more than lack of ability. That and hand tackling attempts like Wilson's whiff last week.

yeah weather could play a part also. right now sunday is calling for 43 degrees and 80 pct rain

Yep meant Johnson. My bad on Jackson. Just read he didn't practice today and was doubtful.

Good test to see how focused the coaches have them. Its a good spot for a let down.

If we play as well as were capable it shouldn't be close. The Bills aren't very good yet to start with and injuries are slowing down their progress.

bills 3-3 in buffalo beat carolina,balt. lost to pats by 2, had kc down in 4th, lost to cincy in ot

Best thing would be to lose out and get a better draft pick.

Darn, LV has us by only 3. Seems my prediction of 10+ is going to be wrong.

oscar 10??? lol come on man, buffalo tough as nails to play there. u knew it wouldnt be much. opened at 2, now 3 cause lewis playing miami rarely wins there

Well' I have to think a little more about that, dusty. For now, barring mistakes on our part, Buff won't score more than 10 points vs our D. We know Thad Lewis now.

bills have scored less than 10 once all year. our d hasnt been anything great. seems to choke a lot also. im going miami 20-16

If we lose we get a better draft pick. We aren't going to win the SB so think about next year.

(p.s. My daddy never learned how to use capital letters)

Dolphins beat Pats. Heat beat Pacers tonight.

What a great week to be a Miami sports fan!

Go Dolphins, go Heat!

Oscar, gotta be very careful playing Bills. Definitely have great weapons on offense, they are never to be taken to lightly.

dwade welcome back

Dolphins have WON @ tough road games this year:


Next W@Buff

So quit crying about "tough place to play" and start believing

Wow, yes, that heat game tonight was jacked up!

If the lowly Dullfins sneak into the playoffs they'll get clobbered 62-7 .

Anyone want to donate to my fund to teach dusty how to use capital letters?

at cle and ny are tough road games. stop man just stop

new Orleans lost in ny did they not

Fins win this one 35 to 24....don't care what Vegas says........you heard it here first...

GO FINS!!!!!! JUST KEEP WINNING!!!!! 6 more wins to the Lombardi Trophy !!!!

pats lost in ny

ravens lost in cleve

ok maybe im pushin it a little with ny and cleve


We are better than we were the first time we played them....we will win this one handily....

Be prepared for circumstantial weather conditions...

Excuse my spelling, lol

God Bless the team that's standing in our way because we coming!

The slaying of Buffalo Bill...
Sincerely, Clarise...


Let's just play philbin ball

Or joe ball

Or Jew ball.

No matter how well the team does these sissy fans here worry about every team. Now all of a sudden Buffalo is a big threat???? That game was a fluke, won't happen again.

We are winning out.

Guess what?

Joe Philbin. Coach of the Year.

Someone kill me if the Dolphins lose to a Thad Lewis QB lead team again!
Posted by: Craig M | December 18, 2013 at 02:30 PM

Someone kill me if anyone loses to someone named Thad.

Someone kill Darkoak the troll feeder and Craig Moron the blog Moron

Some of you need to listen to yourselves. You sit around and worry about every little thing like a teenage girl on her first prom date. We could play the Mayberry MasterWankers and you guys would be saying oh they are tough we better watch out.

What sissies you are.

I picture each and every one of you as a middle-aged housewife named 'Mildred' who long ago stopped caring about your appearance and only receives love and affection from your mangy old cat 'Dinky.'

The bathrobe you live in reeks of urine, too.

It's very hurtful to call someone a sissy.
Just because many remember Thad Lewis beating us at home, or the gallant but unsuccessful battles of Marino & co. in many Buffalo snowy winters of yesteryears, and thus are nervous, is not a sissy thing. I for one am very anxious about Sunday.
I also fear that the players may be sad if it's a gray wintry day.

Were only favored by 3 because the game is in Buffalo. We were actually underdogs against the Jets and Steelers on the road but we were able to win those.

I like the way Not a sissy Fan thinks!

Can't do it, dusty. I don't see any way that Buff scores more than 10 points against us and we don't score 20+ against them. Sorry.

This will be a cakewalk Fins 27 - 6


Tomorrow we shall go to Aventura Mall together and get plastered. You will vomit in Pottery Barn and I will throw pizza slices as a security guard in the food court.

It will be a magical day.

Nahhh, I changed brands, I prefer Pilon now.

Seriously? We had no wake, gave up a pick 6, fumbled at our 35, missed an easy FG and still only lost by 2.
I can see not being overconfident, but come on, you got to be pretty optimistic about winning. Plus I know it's gonna be near 60 here in pittsburgh Sunday so how cold can it be a couple hours north?

First Bills game we had 120yds rushing. Tannehill was 19-37 194yds 3tds 2ints.

Tannehill did have the pic 6 but. it was also Tannehill's 1st career 3td passing game. He's now coming off of 2 straight 3td passing games, for a total of 3 for the season.

Could Tannehill get his 3rd straight 3td passing game against the team he got his 1st career 3td passing game? I say its very possible.

Maybe even pick up his 1st career 4td passing game. GN fellas.

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