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Mercury Morris takes on Al Michaels, Jamal Charles and impersonates Jim Brown

The Dolphins today added four new members to their Walk of Fame. Linebacker Kim Bokamper, receiver O.J. McDuffie, guard Keith Sims and running back Mercury Morris were added to the place where team alumni, coaches and fans who have made significant contributions are added and honored.

And in accepting the honor, Mercury Morris went all Mercury Morris on several subjects.

In the video below, he takes on Jamal Charles, Al Michaels and does an impression of Jim Brown:



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Jeff Ireland, worst GM ever?

Jeff Ireland, worst GM ever?

Posted by: Jason | December 10, 2013 at 11:05 PM

Jason, worst poster ever?

I regret the day I gave birth to Ape Tamer.

Been reading some of the earlier back-n-forth regarding the Martin/Incog Soap Opera and believe given the fact the team leaked the under the table sexual harassment (which was quietly payed off/away) by Cogs which had little to no barring on the Martin Nat'l circus was a VERY CLEAR signal that his days in a Dolphin Uni were done! This would have NEVER seen the light of day otherwise given it had been swept under the rug Months prior. Add the fact it's now common knowledge that Philbin wanted him gone afterwards but was over-ruled by Ireland who was an Antonio Brown half step from still being on the hot seat (in this particular case unfairly given Philbin should have put the game out of reach instead of playing for 3 with 2:23 left to go) and it's my simple assumption that NOBODY associated with the F.O. or Coaching Staff want anything to do with him anymore.

I also believe Martin was looking for a way out of Miami while keeping his pay (maybe) while hitting FA a few Yrs ahead of schedule steaming over being moved to the less glamorous RT spot which makes on the average roughly half what the LT's make. I think his actions were calculated looking at them in hindsight, he just NEVER bargained on the 3-ring-circus he opened up. Some feel he maybe dealt at Yrs end but can't for the life of me see any team parting with picks on a Locker Room whistle blower because while players and Coaches League wide might say the right things in the Press, I feel in my gut they see Martin as the wrong sort and his presence in any NFL Locker Room would only serve as an un-needed distraction. I hope for his sake he really cracked those books because what he has now is about 1.4 Mil after taxes and that ain't a life times worth!

No Coach Turner started using more POWER-BLOCKING with the guys left and they've responded playing more cohesively than the team did, exclamating it with impressive performances Vs. a stingy Jets front-7 followed by last weeks in Pitt. NO, Cogs is gone and be done with him because in reality to me he was a weakness who moved slower than molasses! Martin was WEAK! I mean that both literally and figuratively! Be done with them! If NEEDED in 2014 trade our 2md Rd'er and make a move on Michigan LT Taylor Lewan, I also say sign Asamoah from K.C. and pay Pouncey! And somebody tell Ireland to draft himself a POWER RB as well for our 2014 run at the AFC!

Richard Incgnito is a DISGUSTING human being for racism and extorton and putting Martin, the team, and the fan base thru all this BS

I never said a word about Cogs being resigned. I do believe the players strongly support Cogs without question and the Phins could have some mutiny if he's released.

Posted by: TruthhurTs | December 10, 2013 at 09:59 PM

I don't think so! I think releasing a report about Incognito paying off some young girl (at a charity function of all places) for his actions is widely viewed as a sign of guilt! It had happened months before the Martin incident and unless he sexually harassed Martin there's only to things to consider really.

1) The Org. (which had suspended Cogs before any investigation) purposely leaked this and made this move to insulate themselves from Cogs and his grievance suit and eventual termination from team!

2) It was after all Ross himself praising Philbin for his action later while omitting mentioning Ireland in his public appearances. They heard the recorded message and came out in front of this thing burying Incognito further in the Court of public opinion.

If the players have a "MUTINY" as you say it will be more because of there dislike of the H.C. Because I really wonder if Choir Boy Philbin has ever had the Locker Room to begin with. I feel alot of Coaches would have this team a couple of games better. If it were my call I'd have a sitdown with Stanford H.C. David Shaw who I view as a future NFL H.C. with exp. as an NFL Assistant already before his impressive showing in the NCAA, JMO!

Did Ross pay Martin 'hush' money already??

Did Ross pay Martin 'hush' money already??

Posted by: Hmmmm | December 10, 2013 at 11:50 PM

Placing him on IR for personal reasons answers that question. Everybody whether injured or placed on the Non-Football injury IR collects every dime of their respective pay!

Great job Armando. Great story about the Dolphins not being scared of the Patriots.

Anyone who thinks Mike Wallace shouldn't be on the team is retarded.

No sorcerey please, thanks!

Philbin is liked in the locker room. He is the ping pong champ. He seems like a good guy. Little slow with the timeout decisions on game day but that will certainly get better with a bit more experience.
I wouldn't screw with the line right now by allowing Cogs to start. I would keep him until the end of the season in a limited backup roll and only after a tough interview where the law is firmly laid down.
His ego needs a beatdown. Wasn't he on NFL today in September with all sorts of adoring media kissing his butt asking this mental midget about teamwork? Yeah he was.
They just fed that inflated ego.

Cogs aint ever coming back here. Its not worth the media baclash, plus we don't need him Brenner has been a pleasant surprise and outplayed RI.

I just read some schmuck's opinion that OJ McDuffie was over rated. LOL!

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