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Merry Christmas: God bless us, everyone!

Merry Christmas!

I wish you and yours all the blessings this day represents.

God bless us, everyone.





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12 XMAS presents for the fins


Santaqua in reference to previous post you forgot a very important xmas gift for fins HC

Joe must go

Ireland should be fired for thinking J Martin was a good LT.

$200 Million and no pro bowlers = Ireland's firing.

Ireland should be fired so Ross can save face.

2013 draft was a waste. Players rarely seen the field.

And he was conned by Sherman thinking Tannehill was better than Russell Wilson.

Santaqua, we also need a new QB.

How come when NFL Network shows the play-off standings Miami is #6 and Baltimore is in the Hunt? I thought they owned tie breaker?

Please Santa bring the Miami Dolphins a new Offensive Coordinator. One that is creative with current skills.

Thanks Santa

Ok, we have a better win percentage in Conference games.

Merry Christmas.

Lookidat, Kaepernik changed the call that Genius Jim had called in favor of the one Frank Gore suggested and they scored and won the Game. Same with McKinnie here "suggesting" to the Coaches to change the cadence of the snap count. These are veteran Players and they are ON THE FIELD. You must at least listen to the suggestions this kind of Player gives you.

Happy Festivus

happy christmas, armando, to you and your family. thank you for the blog, your columns and the information. it is much appreciated by this miami expatriate living in los angeles..

Even more preposterous and absurd than 99% of the drivel posts here by those that have the insight and articulateness of a tse-tse fly...is...

Every utterly silly fantasy story emanating from all these new-fangled fabricted religions. Yes. New. Brand new. Relatively speaking, like yesterday new. Why? How? The world ain't 2013 years old. That is only when the West's mass control religion began to inseminate the population. Relatively speaking, 2013 is freaking yesterday compared to the hundreds of thousands of years of our presence.

So for the first 99% of mankind's existence...there were no stories of seas parting, or someone coming down from the mountains with scriptures (versions 1.0 - 3.xxx and on), or a guy with a boat load of animals, or of a woman being made from a mans rib (huh?) thereby suggesting we are all brothers and routinely engage in incest for recreational purposes.

No confessions.
No prayers.
No my religion is better than your religion.
No jesus freaks
No childish ideas of heaven and hell (which place do you think would really be more fun? picnics bobbing for apples or strip joints and rock and roll?)
No sins.
No sinners.

All was fine.

Do we really need any of this Merry Stupid Christmas nonsense which in the grand scheme of things exists for the SOLE purpose of crass commercialism?

Christmas is only really about profits for the big corporations and China - shopping, selling pretty wrapping paper and ribbons and turkey and greeting cards and ornaments and every knick knack and widget in a box in another little box ever created...a 'full press' media event to extract as many $$$ out of your wallet as possible, and then some.

Nothing more.

Same to Mando. Thank you. Happy holidays.

You certainly have the correct ID..."Mr Fool". I'm sorry your life is so shallow and devoid of anything of redeeming value. You are truly a sad and misguided pitiful soul.

Jesus said, " I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me."

Merry Christmas to all.

I sent this Christmas wish list off to Santa this year for gifts to my favorite team:

Steve Ross - blank check from State Legislature for stadium upgrades
Jeff Ireland - Madden NFL 2014
Joe Philbin - a hoodie
Mike Sherman - a Dan Henning bobblehead doll
Kevin Coyle - Jadeveon Clowney
Ryan Tannehill - shark cage on wheels
Matt Moore - a football with a handle on it.
Pat Devlin - his own Dolphins uniform for those "inactive" Sundays
Richie Incognito - more medication
Jonathan Martin - An "I'm Documenting Everything" t-shirt
Mike Wallace - a basket
Nolan Carroll - eyes for the back of his head
Dolphins OL - brass knuckles & pepper spray
Dolphins LBs - tackling dummies
Paul Soliai - tuition for Barber's College
Randy Starks - bus ticket to city of his choice for 2014
Dolphins safeties - BluRay discs of the 2012 season
Brian Hartline - a gyroscopic implant to help keep him upright
Mike Pouncey - a "Free Cecil Collins" baseball cap
Dustin Keller - 2 unbreakable knees for 2014
Brent Grimes - a multi-year Dolphins contract
Dolphins fans - some running backs

Merry Christmas! and thanks, Armando...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. May the season find you and your families happy and healthy.

billcale brings it on X-Mas morning!

Merry Christmas to all...

Dear Santa, I have been a loyal and good fan this year. I have watched every game and enjoyed this season with all the ups and downs. This year I would like the team that played against the Pats last week to show up this week vs. the Jets. So we can get in the playoffs.

Feliz Navidad !!!

December fools day
Ill be nice your point stating how the world isn't 2013 yrs old is correct as we all know even the bible states so. So take your holiday hate and christmas jeer, give someone a hug and go have a beer

To All, but Special Merry Christmas to my fellow bloggers here, odin and YG(sometimes called Daytona).

Players have a huge advantage over Coaches regarding the setting and development of the Game as they are/ were on the Field. There is no better QB than the one who is able to call his own plays as, either from the huddle or at the line, he can see the defensive alignment and then attack it properly.

Well put Armando. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Merry Christmas to all. Not blogging today. It is a day to reflect and spend time with the family.

Christ lives !!!!

When he returns he will clean house....
All those who are so so clever will be laughing out of the other side of their faces at that point.

So Merry Christmas to all

Just because you heve eyes doesnt mean you can see...

Phins have a lot to work on....

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